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Creator Lillyhamster
Platform Discord
Discord Valentine#1780
Status Active
Rank Associate - Scavenger
Age 3 years
Affiliation Lux
Mate x

Zeus was once your typical dog, he was a guard dog for a child named Amber, who had chosen him for his signature amber eyes. He lived the life many street dogs would kill for, a warm home, food, water, and affection. He had shared his home with a female though, her name was Apollo.. a beautiful tan and white husky with piercing blue eyes. He could admit now that he had a crazy big crush on her, though he was glad that they were never mates before.. the incident.

One day Amber was walking Zeus outside, and suddenly two men came up behind her, which Zeus had thought had negative intentions. Zeus had bit one of the men in the forearm, just like his training, though as it turned out the man was simply Amber's uncle from out of town. Zeus had sealed his own fate after getting a taste for the mans blood. He was sent away, labelled as 'dangerous', left outside of a shelter. Though Zeus luckily managed to gnaw his way out of his leash, breaking his ties to the family who abandoned him. Though through the hatred he keeps Amber's favorite bandanna around his neck, a green and blue plaid bandanna with rough edges. Soon enough he ventured out into the rural town, coming across a small alley..


Positive traits: Kind, Compassionate, Brave, Trustworthy, Optimistic

Neutral traits: Honest, Trusting, Generous

Negative traits: Quick To Assume, Impatient, Short Temper, Indecisive


  • [Astrapophobia]- The abnormal fear of thunder and lightning, which is slightly ironic compared to his given name.
  • [Basophobia]- The fear of falling, which is quite common though hits him unreasonable hard.
  • [Autophobia]- The fear of isolation or being alone; Zeus, though he doesn't admit it, is highly dependent of other canines around him.


  • [✓]- Find a group of canines to call family and friends.
  • [x]- Find true love.
  • [x]- Protect his family/companions.
  • [x]- Take lead in an important role within Lux.
  • [x]- Find somewhere to spend the rest of his days comfortably, settle down.


  • The moon and sky, water, a soft breeze on a sunny day, companions, forests, gardening.


  • The cold, storms, thunder, hostility, isolation, bees, sticky substances.

Zeus is a black sable German Shepherd with long fluffy ebony fur with brown splotches around his eyes, inner ears, cheeks, underbelly, backs on legs and the under side of his long tail. His eyes are a beautiful amber which seems to illuminate the deep night. His build is not incredibly large, though he is rather strong with a medium structure which leans more of the large side.





"He seemed a bit intimidating at first.. though he soothed me. I just hope he truly can keep a promise. I am excited to see how our future grows after confessing how I truly feel.. I'm glad to hear you agree."

Zeus gave a soft smile subconsciously, hearing the words, "I promise.", play in his head over and over.

"I guess he is fit to lead us, though I'm excited to see how he grows as a leader."

Zeus observed the white and brown husky with a proud yet interested smile across his muzzle.

"He has quite a positive attitude and seems quite fearless, I definitely can respect that."

Zeus wagged his tail, picturing the two running together in a large field some day in the brighter future.

"She seems quite kind, it's nice to have another peacekeeper around besides me, it'll be refreshing in my opinion."

He looked over at her with empathetic eyes and a soft grin, picturing their friendship blossoming on in time.

"She takes more of a liking to Dutch, but I hope to raise her side by side with him... and I hope she knows I will always be looking out for her."

He gazed down at her with a proud smile across his face, watching her and Dutch play in the distance.

"He is still new to the group, though with him being a pup he immediately stole my heart. I hope to aid you in your journey to speech if you will allow me. "

He looked down at the wolf pup, not quite yet bonded but still finding himself with a strong urge to protect it.

"It's nice to have someone to relate to with our past lives- and our common fear of thunder. I admire your bright personality, I predict it will be useful in the future."

He gave the lab a playful bow, tail wagging side to side, domestic blood flowed through his veins after all.

Name/ Username/ Relation/Trust%



Name/ Username/ Relation/Trust%



Status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Mate: x

Ex-mate(s): x

Currently Attracted to: Heheheh...

Formerly Attracted to: Apollo

Canines Currently Attracted to Zeus: Dutch?

Canines Formerly Attracted to Zeus: Apollo

Eye Candy (Physical): Zeus loves big canines, especially those with dark fur and eye-catching features such as strange patterns, bright eyes, or an uncommon build. He want's someone who can keep up with his physically, they don't have to be some body builder, though he does like stronger and bulkier canines.

Eye Candy (Mental): He enjoys a bit of a mystery or something uncommon. He thinks simple canines are a quick road to boredom and clearly wants someone with life experience under their belt and a good story to tell. He also wants someone who will take care of him and protect him, just as he would for them, he would give his life for his lover.

Thoughts on crush/lover: ❝What is it you want from me exactly..❞

Looking for: [key: ✓ yes, ✘ no, ? unsure]

  • Adopted pups []
  • Own pups []
  • Long-term relationship []
  • Short-term relationship [?]
  • Any type of fling [?]
  • Hunting: 7/10
  • Fighting: 7/10
  • Climbing: 6/10
  • Swimming: 8/10
  • Intelligence: 7/10
  • Agility: 8/10
  • Speed: 5/10
  • Vision: 9/10
  • Aim: 6/10
  • Leadership: 8/10
  • Defense: 7/10
  • Stamina: 8/10
  • Birthday: March 20th
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Element: Water
  • Color: Shades of Blue and Green
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