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WIWild Cats of Shipton

General Information

founder: kytovection
clans: SageClan, DuneClan, AlpineClan
platform: discord
species: domestic cats and wildcats
realm: neutral good (Sage) lawful neutral (Dune) lawful evil (Alpine)
members: 15/50
founding date: 8/19/2023
visitors: 13/50
total # of cats: 40/120
status: recruiting
location: shipton national park


It felt as though the world had been plunged into an era of torrid heat. Creeks dried up and heat waves became long and unbearable. The canyons had become completely uninhabitable with no water sources in sight. The mountains were no longer coated in powdery snow, and the alpine animals were rapidly overheating. Everything DuneClan and AlpineClan had known was reduced to sweltering heat, sun-baked boulders, sand dunes, and dead pines.

The cats living on the barren land evacuated to the nearby forest. The Clan living in the forest looked down upon them in sympathy and decided to share their water and territory until the rivers were fully replenished. The territory was much too small to hold all of them, and the Clans often broke out in fights, often with SageClan being the peacemakers.

During a particularly bad argument, thunder struck and a massive rainstorm let loose. The DuneClan leader interpreted this as a warning from StarClan that they should not fight, and insisted that they must learn to coexist. Unfortunately, AlpineClan's leader plainly stated they did not need allies, and they said they were heading back to their territory as soon as the storm ended.

AlpineClan and DuneClan returned to their homes, relieved to see that the water was back. As the cats regained their strength and confidence, the need for more territory and more prey was becoming clear. A war broke out when AlpineClan ambushed DuneClan with the intention of driving them out. SageClan found out what was happening, and decided to jump in and ward off AlpineClan. The all-out war was catastrophic. The deputy of SageClan was dishonorably killed in one bite by a AlpineClan cat, and three DuneClan warriors died from their wounds, driving a rift between the three Clans potentially forever.

The war was quickly over, and AlpineClan fled back to their territory. The war has had residual effects on every cat involved, and it has divided the Clans into their own withstanding beliefs and values.

Clan codes

These three Clans abide by their own individual codes. Read further to see where your character fits best.

All cats that break a Clan law will be punished within the roleplay, according to what the leader of the Clan sees fit.

These rules can be changed only if the leader of a Clan formally states the new/changed law in a Clan meeting (and then it will be edited here).


  • The whole Clan has a say in general affairs. All cats should have their opinions heard before final decisions are made.
  • Do not lie, cheat, or steal, or you will face punishment.
  • Kits, elders, and queens must be fed first.
  • Do not trespass on other territories.
  • A warrior should not kill others unless it is for self-defense or if it is for the good of all the Clans.
  • No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if they are from another territory.


  • The sheriff and deputy both hold the highest respect, and they often make decisions together for the good of the Clan.
  • Do not lie to the leader or you will face punishment. Do not steal prey from another territory without the leader or deputy's explicit permission.
  • Kits, elders, and queens must be fed first.
  • A warrior should not kill unless it is out of self-defense or for a noble cause.
  • No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if they are from another territory.
  • Do not trespass on other territories without probable cause.
  • Outsiders are treated with respect and kindness unless they pose a serious threat.


  • The leader holds the highest respect. The word of the leader goes without question.
  • Warriors have automatic permission to attack or kill trespassers, outsiders, and other veritable threats.
  • Do not steal from another territory without permission.
  • Kits are fed first, followed by the high ranks of the Clan.
  • A warrior should not act foolishly or out of line or they will meet punishment.
  • Do not trespass on other territories without explicit permission from the leader.

Clan traits


DuneClan cats are known for their agility and quick wits. These cats are highly intelligent and have a tendency to stay out of other clans' business unless they are in need of a paw. They are polite and understanding when they need to be, and are able to view things free of judgment. It may come as a surprise that they have a sardonic, droll sense of humor, often cracking the wittiest jokes with a deadpan face. They are very observant, wise, principled, proud, stylish, kind, and intuitive. On the other paw, they are more prone to being pretentious, argumentative, dishonest, or cynical.


These cats have the most praised hunting abilities and the keenest sense of smell. They have short fur, small and wiry builds, angular features, and narrower faces. At most, they may have some small tufts of fur, particularly around their ears, face, and back legs. Their pelt colors consist of cream, fawn, chocolate brown, and ginger, and most commonly have ticked tabby markings, rosetted tabby markings, or spots all over their body as well as having ringed tails. They are especially likely to be oriental cats. They tend to have large ears, long snouts, and small paws. Their eye colors are typically brown, yellow, amber, or green. They are slightly more likely to have bobbed or curled tails.


SageClan cats are known for their tranquility and aptitude for learning. Their lax demeanor often puts them at an advantage when dealing with unfamiliar or hostile situations, allowing them to calm others down easily in times of danger. However, it can also work against them, where they let issues and other important things roll off of them, making them appear much more subservient to the ways of others. SageClan cats are the most humble of the Clans. They can't stand being patronized, and they can be fussy or bossy when provoked. They are fun-loving, determined, gracious, romantic, and free-thinking. On the other paw, they are more prone to being compulsive, disruptive, self-critical, and irrational.


Cats of SageClan tend to be graceful and well-muscled, with long limbs and gentler features. They have medium length pelts, with longer fur in the winter and shorter fur in the summer. SageClan cats can come in many different colors with the most common being calico, tabby-tortie, and colorpoint. They tend to have rounder eyes and ears, as well as having broader faces. Their eye colors are typically green or blue. They are slightly more likely to be born with folded ears.


AlpineClan cats are best known for their stealth and cunning. Some of these cats tend to be highly competitive and ambitious while some of them have a more icy, aloof demeanor. They have very little regard for cats outside their Clan and prefer to deal with most issues in combat. They can be stubborn and judgmental, quickly making up their minds about others. They are usually impervious to rude comments and criticism, unless it is coming from another Clan. When they have a disagreement among themselves, they usually like to wrestle it out and bet scraps on who will win. They are creative, dedicated, methodical, contemplative, and courageous. On the other paw, they are more prone to being crass, devious, dogmatic, greedy, dishonest, and impatient.


They have thick, long fur and larger than average builds. Their tough paws are built for scaling the rugged mountains, and their pelts keep them warm during harsh snowstorms. Their pelt colors are typically white, seal point, lilac, fawn, or blue, with white patches and/or tabby markings. They usually have short snouts, tufted joints, and thicker tails. Their eye colors are typically grey, blue, or brown. These cats are slightly more likely to have certain genetic mutations, such as chimerism and vitiligo.

Available Ranks


  • Leader: 1/1
  • Deputy: 1/1
  • Healer: 1/1
  • Soldiers: 6/20
  • Scouts: 3/10
  • Queens: 0/3
  • Kits: 0/10


  • Leader: 1/1
  • Deputy: 1/1
  • Healer: 1/1
  • Soldiers: 5/20
  • Scouts: 1/10
  • Queens: 1/3
  • Kits: 0/10


  • Leader: 1/1
  • Deputy: 1/1
  • Healer: 1/1
  • Soldiers: 4/20
  • Scouts: 3/10
  • Queens: 0/3
  • Kits: 0/10


  • Kittypets: 0/15
  • Rogues: 8/15

Current Plot

Recently, foxes have been roaming around SageClan territory, posing a serious threat to the prey population as well as the Clan cats. They will need to be clever enough to lure the foxes out of the territory without getting hurt or killed.


current clan relations
  • alpine > sage: neutral
  • alpine > dune: neutral
  • sage > alpine: dislike
  • sage > dune: neutral
  • dune > alpine: dislike
  • dune > sage: like


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  • desired rank:
  • appearance:
  • personality:
  • limitations:
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