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Vocabulary Ⅱ

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This page is strictly for descriptive words. This isn't advanced vocab. This is purely to help people who need/want more detailed words/roleplay.

Your feedback is encouraged and appreciated.


⤗ C O L O R S ⬽

Red- scarlet, cherry, rose/rosy, brick, wine, garnet, crimson

Orange - peach, carrot, melon, apricot, saffron

Yellow - lemon, gold/golden, blonde, corn, bumble bee, honey, pineapple, butterscotch

Green - olive, pine, sage, lime, emerald, pea, pear, seafoam, shamrock

Blue - aquamarine, turquoise, cyan, lapis, sapphire

Purple - plum, lilac, lavender, violet, magenta

Pink - cherry blossom, hot pink, flamingo, watermelon, taffy, coral bubble gum

Black - coal, midnight, raisin, onyx, outer space, pitch, jet, licorice

White - cream, ivory, vanilla, pearl, bone, eggshell, daisy, snow, cotton, frost

Brown - coca, chocolate, chestnut, beaver, copper, tan, rust, wheat, coffee


⤗ E M O T I O N S ⬽

Anger - rage, fury, irritate, displease, annoy, wrath, outrage, temper, aggravation, bile

Sad - unhappy, sorrowful, bitter, blue, miserable, rejected, heartbroken, gloomy, mournful, woeful

Feeling bad - pitty, regret, sympathy,ruth

Relaxed - rest, lounge, idle, slump, unwind, soothe, calm, pacify

Scared - fearful, terrify, petrify, alarm, appall, disturb, unsettle, sicken, disgust

Crazy/evil - wicked, mad, insane, deranged, lunatic, unstable, demonic, nefarious, sinister

Love - admire, adore, affection, passion, lust, yearning, compassion

Sick - crappy, unwell, ill, barfy, queasy, nauseous

Cautious - aware, alert, attentive, wary, watchful, guarded, mindful, timid

Happy - Pride, joy, satisfaction, pleasure, merry, chipper, buoyant, carefree, blissful, euphoric, positive


⤗ M O V E M E N T S ⬽

Walk - stroll, wonder, saunter, amble, hike, trudge, march, stride, prowl, advance, mosey

Stop - halt, interrupt, immobilize, discontinue, pause

Jump - bounce, leap, prance, hop, skip, frolic, spring

Run - sprint, jog, sprint, race, dash, fly, trot, flee

Sit - collapse, perch, flop

Swim - dive, bathe, snorkel, dip, float

Other - swish, sway, amble, soar, settle

⤗ F I G H T I N G ⬽

Rip - tear, snatch, jerk, twist, drag, pull, pluck, seize, yank

Bite - chew, munch, chomp, grip, hold

Force - strength, power, energy, might, impact, pressure

Growl - snarl, snap, yap, bark, bellow

Throw - fling, hurl, toss, launch, shoot, chuck, propel, send

Hit - knock, punch, strike, smack, slap, thump, smash, swing, wallop, wack, clobber

Other - maul, break, snap, dislocate

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