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《 Free Formats! 》
19-191533 aj-cursor-enlarged-animal-jam-cursor-png1 Free Formats You Say?!
Oh heck yeah! I've decided to take it upon myself, to introduce some new free formats for the every day wikian to use. I've found myself making tons of formats and templates that I'm never going to use, so might as well give them to everyone else to use!

Of course, please (and I mean please) read the rules. They're very important and vital to using my formats. If you fail to read these rules/if you break them, I will ask an admin to remove them from your page for stolen coding. So please, just read the rules lovelies.

19-191533 aj-cursor-enlarged-animal-jam-cursor-png1 Rules:
1. Keeping the "watermark" underneath your coding

  • Please keep the credit underneath your format, it's fital to make sure that your page is properly credited, even if you edited it. If it's still reminescent of the original empty format, it still requires credit!

2. Don't edit the "watermark"

  • The watermark is simple as can be, so there's no need to change its wordings! You may change the font style, text size, borders, colors, etc., but you cannot edit what it stays. I will kindly ask you to keep it the same, but please, just make it easier on yourself and let's leave the crediting be. :)

3. Remember the policies!

  • Remember to credit the art in your edited format and to overall just be nice about my formats. You can share them around, or you can simply just keep a lookout for those who are breaking the rules regarding my formats and the AGRW policies. Please, just be kind about it!

4. You can edit it, silly!

  • YES! You can edit it! You can change the colors, add new tables, insert new art (as long as you credit it!), add your own designs, etc. Just please remember to put credit where it's due!

5. No stealy!

  • Please don't plagiarise or steal my writing in the pages such as FallenClan and Mageleaf. It has to be written completely by yourself; you can't just change a few words. Don't steal my concepts either! Be nice and don't plagiarise!

6. Use on other websites

  • If you use my coding on another wiki, please still make sure to credit me! While you don't have to use the slate, please at least state it’s by FANDOM user:WonderousDreams and/or link these rules!

7. Do not gain profit off of my coding

  • Do not use my coding for commissions. It's not allowed. :)

19-191533 aj-cursor-enlarged-animal-jam-cursor-png1 List of Templates:

  • OC Page format - Full Banner
    • Level of Easiness: Easy, you have to have some experience and be able to read and understand the code, otherwise it's very easy to use.
    • Used Example: Mageleaf
  • OC Page Format - Side Banner
    • Level of Easiness: Piece of cake, you don't need as much experience with coding as the full banner (you'll still need some).
    • Used Example: Shallowedheart
  • Clan Page Format - Medium #1
    • Level of Easiness: Challenging. I had trouble going through this and simply recoloring it because of how long the coding is. You have to have a experienced understanding of how to read code and understand what it does. Thankfully, the coding is clean and easy to read. There's just a lot of it. After you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use!
    • Used Example: GorseClan
  • Clan Page Format - Medium #2
    • Level of Easiness: Hard. It's not as complex as Medium #1, and it's a lot easier to sift through. It can be a little challenging or more tedious trying to add the images in under the rulers table (If you ever need help with that just ask!), otherwise it's a piece of cake! It's just as nice as Medium #1, just not as smooth, but also not as complex.
    • Used Example: FallenClan
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