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we don't expect anyone to see this but here is a lovely psa from an actual system. we're going to put some basic points first, then alter statements. statements are labeled by name. if you have any questions you can reach us on our message wall or get a quicker response by messaging us on discord (sliippinglately#4929)


stereotypical thinking, inaccurate representation, the dehumanizing/belittling of alters in favor of the host


spencer (they/he, host): can we please stop roleplaying characters with did/osdd and putting it on group limitations lists. ngl it gives romanticizing did vibes and that is not very epic. also the way it's presented (by just saying an oc has did/osdd without giving any recognition to the other alters in said character's system) implies that hosts are more prominent/matter more in systems which is not the case. the alters in our system are just as valid as i am. they have names, pronouns, their own feelings, etc. it's a bit dehumanizing. not a vibe. please stop.

mikey (he/him, co-host/social alter): hey shawty baes!! not gonna lie i've never roleplayed in my life but this whole oc with did/osdd thing?? not cool dudes. alters are people too. they're equal to the host. it's mega rude to just have a character with did/osdd and not recognize any of the others in the system. the character may be the host but that doesn't mean they're above the others. also i feel like a lot of people roleplaying did/osdd might believe stereotypes and not portray us correctly. like "alters are inherently evil/trying to hurt the host and the people around them" or maybe they portray switching/alter communication really incorrectly. also just roleplaying did/osdd is lowkey kind of offensive?? like bestie we're not here for your plot points/entertainment. not swag of you.

taylor (she/they): Hi!! I was the second alter to appear in our system (after Eli, our main protector) so I have quite a bit to talk about. What Spencer and Mikey said is totally accurate but I also have other points to add!! Singlets (people without DID/OSDD) that we're friends with tend to infantilize me and other alters in our system, especially our fictives (alters based off of characters.) Roleplaying a character with DID/OSDD feeds into harmful stereotypes and is often super dehumanizing. It's like when people will ask Spencer (and other system members) about a certain alter and ask that one to front because they're their favorite. We're not your toys. It's not fun to be treated as less than Spencer because they're our host. It hurts. DID/OSDD isn't something you can just add to a character for plot points. All of us would like to be seen as equal, and slapping a label on your character and giving them alters as an afterthought is just so incredibly hurtful/offensive. We're not afterthoughts. Please do better than this. Thank you.

eli and lee (he/him and they/he, protectors): stop

reid aka spencer 2 (he/they, introject/fictive): Often times when people think about Dissociative Identity Disorder and diagnoses similar to it, they immediately think of the many harmful stereotypes associated with it. Many people, including people in our host's life, don't believe it exists. Systems are often "fakeclaimed" nowadays, either by singlets or other systems. It's hurtful to have your system invalidated, and it is even more hurtful to the alters in said system. Imagine how it feels to have your entire identity invalidated by people saying that you don't exist or that your host is faking it. When people do believe in the diagnosis, it's oftentime accompanied by stereotypical thinking. Representation in the media paints DID and its counterparts as evil and harmful. Some people believe that alters are inherently evil and their main goal is to hurt the host and the people in the host's life. That's not true. This has, understandably, led to an incredible amount of misinformation about Dissociative Identity Disorder. All of the information that I've presented is part of the reason why we feel that DID and OSDD shouldn't be something for someone to roleplay. It feels almost inappropriate for a singlet to try to recreate how systems feel/function and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. It makes some of us, including myself, uncomfortable. We'd appreciate it if you all would refrain from doing it in the future. Additionally, the best way to educate yourself is to listen to either a medical professional (who's statements are supported by a system) or an actual system's own experience.

lev (they/he): roleplaying characters with osdd/did isn't a very good idea. it makes me and the rest of our system a bit uncomfortable and i would appreciate it if people stopped doing it.

more statements may be added eventually

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