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Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki

ugh i got too many ideas and not enough slots for these groups

Roxy and kits
  • Roxy-queen with two kits cypher and hmm still gotta figure out other name(either switch or hex or something like that). two brothers. She joins the group, isn't a theif came just to keep her kits safe(is pregnant when joins). she comes from a gang who would've killed her kits (use dutch slang for them she'll be a native to amsterdam)
  • Cypher(right)is the older kit. Cypher has a darker orange fur like his mom and green eyes. He's quite bold and loves bossing his younger brother around and being the leader. He's also very curious and often leads him and his brother into trouble
  • name(left) is the younger kit. name has a lighter orange almost tan fur, a white belly and light green eyes. Even though he's younger then his brother he's slightly bigger then his older brother. He's quite shy though and is a thinker. Often when the two kits are about to get into trouble he'll realize it he will try to stop them. So basically he's a shy goody-four paws

possible roxy image

possible kitten images

  • Jinx a scottish fold whos slow in both ways. Hes never been a good runner and often moves slowly, and can often be always confused never connecting the dots. He has allergies and is often sneezing or has snot hanging from his nose and is often messy. SOme wonder hwo he's a good theif but he can eb a whole new person when he's doing theiving work. He seems to notice the little things like what others will hear, or if something is actually valuable.
  • use inspired by ferret

credit to archy's wild cat creator on picrew

  • Riddle is a beautiful and lithe black cat with two white cirles around her grey eyes and little black dots across her nose. SHe also had a small scar on her nose and wear little skull earings. Like her name she cna be quite a mystery with many personalities that she likes to fake. Her main one is mischevious and flirty but she can be any personality that she decides to fake that day.

credit to flipwish on picrew

  • CrowShimmer