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Secret society of second-born royals
  • inpsired/based off the disney movie

All your life you've been in the shadow of you're older sibling knowing you'll always be a second-born royal and never a king/queen. Some get so angry and desperate and kill their older siblings so they can be the king/queen, some accept their life, and others rebel not even wanting anything to do with their royal family. But after so many dangers came after the firstborn royals, the future kings/queens, the secret society of second-born royals was created. This is a academy where the second-borns learn to control their powers that only the second-borns get. Then once they have passed their training, they will in secret protect the firstborns from dangers. These second born's work in the shadows and not even their family knows who they truly are.

More info
  • This roleplay takes place at the academy. Most classes would be 1 on 1 with a trainer but could also be team training together. You may roleplay yourself with a trainer,or in dorms, in the cafeteria, skipping class etc.
  • The campus of the academy includes dorms(see more info below), a cafeteria(has a normal lunch line plus a cafe to the side), the classes, various training grounds, a library, a lounge for the students, and much more but those are the main thing's you'll need. There is a forest bordering the back side of the academy but it is off limit to students unless you are with a teacher or have been given permission from a teacher
  • Your oc doesn't have to wear fancy royal dresses or suits. They can wear modern time clothing. But if you want they can wear fancy royal clothing. It's up to you really idc
  • There are simple dorms that have two bunkbeds in each room + dressers/closets. 2-4 people are allowed in a room, and I will let you choose you're dorms as long as it's with your correct age range.
    • ages 13-14 are in Dorms A
    • ages 15-16 are in Dorms B
    • ages 17-18 are in Dorms C
  • On the form there is a spot to put what kingdom the oc rules/are from. Please do not put a state or a specific area. Please put a country or a made up country(if it's made up please say so). For example say "I'm from a Japanese kingdom"or "i'm from Waterbrooke(a made up place). Multiple people could be from the same area and they're just separate royal families that rule over separate ares.
    • Roleplay will start just in basic academy stuff but later on once we've gotten to know each other I will assign teams. These teams will consist of 3-5 people. We will use these teams for future plots/missions!

General Rules

  • Please be kind and respectful to everyone. Remember hate the oc not the roleplayer
  • Romance is allowed but follow the wiki rules and no NSFW(not safe for work)
  • Oc limit is 5(may be changed later). Please wait at least 24 hours before making a new oc(bassically just no posting mulitple ocs in one day).
  • Please no cussing
  • Powers can't be too OP and you can only have 1 power
  • PLEASE try not to have multiple ocs with the same power! If you don't know who has what then look at all the ocs and don't use powers that are already there!
  • Age range for the students/second-borns is 13-18

Academy Rules

  • No harming academy property or other second-borns with your powers unless you are practicing sparring,fighting or you have been given permission from a teacher/trainer.
  • all students must be in they're dorms by 11:25. Lights out will be at 11:30. Any student found out of their dorm between 11:30 pm and 6 am will be punished.
  • Breakfast starts at 8:00 am and students are expected to eat breakfast before classes start. You are not forced to but it is highly recommended that yo eat breakfast,lunch, and dinner.
  • If a student fails to show up to a mission or a class they could be punished.
  • student's are not allowed off the academy's campus without permission or if they're on a mission.
Username-Name-Age-Gender-Power-Kingdom(✮ signify's it's a made up kingdom)-Dorm
  • Randombooklover-Couleur Laurent-17-Female-Dream Manipulation-Monde✮ (A French Kingdom)-1C
  • Mishka38-Corey Letterson-17-Male-Plant Manipulation-A Scottish Kingdom-2C
  • Fishsticcs-Suzette-17-Female-Time Travel-Saloman✮(a french Kingdom))-1C
  • TøastyPigeon-Ichigo Mori-15-Female-Healing-A Japanese kingdom-1B
  • Randombooklover-Scarlet Cadell-16-Female-Cloning-A British Kingdom-1B
  • WhitePanther8808-Kathika-16-Female-Shapeshifitng-Shadowvalley✮-1B
  • le1leonlyferret-micah edwards hattabaugh jr.(Junior)-18-male- hallucikinesis- iresia✮ in the U.K -2C
  • Katier52-Azaia Zaicha-16-Female-Tanuki Shapeshifter-Southern Wind kingdom✮-1B
  • Livistona-Vince Malcher-18-Male-Water Manipulation-Northon Varan✮-3C(by himself)
  • Amberbee Aj-Amelia Fern-18-Female-Mind Control-Kingdom Of South Korea-1C
  • Colossal Wonders-Ivory-15-Male-Crystal Manipulation-Fenrir Kingdom✮-2B
  • ^^RANBOOLOVESME^^-Kenji-17-Male-Dream Death-UK Vestige✮-2C
  • TøastyPigeon-Aoi Fujii-15-Female-Levitation-Korok✮(in Japan)-3C
  • Mishka38-Frances "Five" Adair-16-Male-Voice Manipulation-A Irish Kingdom-2B
  • Randombooklover-Hawthorne Goldman-16-Male-Fire Manipulation-A British Kingdom-2B
Dorm A ages 13-14
  • 1A-name,name,name,name

Dorm B ages 15-16

  • 1B-Ichigo,Scarlet,Kathika,Azaia
  • 2B-Ivory,Francis,Hawthorne,name
  • 3B-Aoi,name,name,name

Dorm C ages 17-18

  • 1C-Couleur,Suzette,Amelia,name
  • 2C-Cory,Junior,Kenji,name
  • 3C- Vince and only Vince
  • Name:
  • Age
  • Gender:
  • Description:
  • Personality:
  • Image(optional, but please provide credit with image):
  • Power:
  • Kingdom(please specify if it's a made up kingdom):
  • Extra: