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You guys have probably seen this coming.

Bullfrøg and I are the same person. Just with different usernames/fake personalities.

Yes, I know, people are going to not be very pleased after seeing this, and I fully accept it. I wanted to start over on a new account, and at the same time wanted to make new friends and meet new people on Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki. I learned later that I made countless mistakes on that site, and I deserved to be blocked a couple of times. Plus, it was hard to control two accounts at the same time, on two different fandoms, especially when I liked Animal Jam at a certain period of time, and wasn't into Wings of Fire as much (and vice versa). I constantly tried to cover up that I was the same person, but in the end it was this big jumbled up lie that I kept inside of me that grew and grew as I replied to suspicious people. People started asking me if I was the same person, and I lied and said I wasn't.

Ban/block me if you want (since I probably broke the rules), but I just wanted to come out and say it. All I want is for people to recognize that I'm the same person, so I'll be disbanding my WOFFW account and continuing with my characters on Wings of Fire wiki on this account. On Bullfrog, I'll leave a link to this blogpost on my message wall, but other than that, I'll be continuing with my characters on this site and on Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki.