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trying to remember all of my past groups and ocs in order esketit (2015-2018)

✨ echoclan- ravenstar, finchstar, eaglestar, northernstar, frostedtuft (first clan i made that lasted the longest and was remade later on. i found most of my friends there, pretty epic with a lot of good memories)
✨ bearclan- vixenfrost, ferretmask (left ec for this clan that was in my system, made some more really good friends that followed me. i joined again later on after atlantis)
✨ hazeclan- cloudedfoot (people from ec and bc helped me make this but then bue created too much drama and double clanned smhsmh #iaintforget)
✨ archaic memories/play pen/wicked- vincent, idk, idk (rowan, blake, and i went on an indecisive spree. there were more irrelevant groups we planned but i can't think of them all rip)
✨ risingclan- conjuringlight (i don't remember much, although my oc was mates with octoberslip/blake and vortexblitz/rowan which was pretty fun!)
✨ atlantis- bermuda (that one pack i made that actually gained 50+ members and i ended up writing a book about the creation but it never officially opened for rp #isuck)
✨ disney- oswald (it was a roleplay on another wiki and on discord and the concept was really cool, i made a lot of good friends there)
✨ twistedclan- cloudedstar, shallowtide, scorchstar, pumpkinspice, venusgaze, gatorstar, roachbelly (a memorable group that disbanded and reopened 2 or 3 separate times throughout my time here. it was pretty successful and i was super proud of this clan)
my memory becomes pretty hazy after twistedclan cause i think i was on a hiatus and eased back into roleplay
✨ lakeclan- opossumbelly, antstar (met a bunch of new friends there and i love em god dammit, that clan was sick)
✨ sierraclan- mothstar (people from lc helped me make this, i hardly remember much tho)
✨ amazonclan- idk (couple friends helped me put this together, big planning but never opened)
✨ saharaclan- idk (same as amazonclan, although we really went into depth with planning and i was forced to leave this community before i could open this clan. i was excited for this project but oh well)

when i returned (2020)

✨ yellowstone association- antstar (big planning, never launched, still planning maybe?? idk i just don't have the time)
✨ fallingclan- rabbitdash (never roleplayed with em but they're a tight knit family i wish i could've gotten to know better. they are the clan i wish i could have created in my years contributing to this community, and they deserve all the recognition they could get)
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