f2u formats

i have a couple of f2u formats but to use them you'll have to follow my terms of use/TOU or else i can revoke the rights for your page to use it and it could be deleted.

1. under no circumstances will my credit slate be removed

2. you are allowed to change/add information sections but do not heavily modify any of the formatting.

3. do not use any of the character information that is found in the format previously; this could count as plagiarism.

4. do not try to claim any formatting as your own.

5. if you use sections of a formatting, please provide credit for that as well.

6. these formats are f2u; you no longer have to ask before using it but please make sure to follow all of my tou and do not remove any crediting!

7. there may be positioning coding that needs to be modified, and in that case you can do so. if you need any help i'd be glad to assist.



minimalist format
blank - reference

résumé format
blank - reference

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