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Founder(s): DesirableChance/#4989
Founded: 19-03-2022
Leader: Tigerstar
Alliance: N/A
Realm: Neutral, Dark Lean
Species: Felis Catus
OC Limit: 4
Status: Open
Roleplay Style: Traditional
Beliefs: StarClan/Dark Forest
Platform: Discord

The sun has been setting for a while now and the beautiful colours of twilight are peering through the redwoods coverage showering the ground in an array of oranges and purples. You knew you weren't far now, the scent was stronger. Your eyes flickered up to see the curious look on your guides face, "So where are we going?" You could hear yourself ask as you approached a tall wall of bushes, "Camp." Was the simple reply as they pushed his way into them, with a calming breath you push your way after them only to be met by a tall ginger tom cat, "Hello stranger, my name's Pepperstar. I hear you want to join Twilightclan," He stepped back flourishing his tail showing the clearing bathed in an array of colors, "Is this true? Do you wish to join us?"

  1. Salem/Rätimusprime
  2. Kay/archdukehamchops
  3. Dork/just.another.dork
  4. Nezu/kineticchaos
  5. Sydney/tbd
  6. Froot/fruittie
  7. Rem/theratatouilles
  8. Swirl/onigiriowlet284
  9. Akechi/galaxydust18
  10. Eight/frutiiger
  11. Castor/catboycastor
  12. Space/spacecaddeta
  13. Luc/kypria
  14. Sunny/sxnsettrr
  15. Flynn/DeathOfBeauty
  16. Wren/atrocitiess


  1. Atticus/tbd
  2. Froot/fruittie
  3. Sal/Rätimusprime
  1. Bord/bright.wings
  2. Mavis/maven.melodies
  3. Silas/Silas_So404
  4. Luc/kypria
  5. Vale/th3val3
  6. Kody/legosheesh
  7. Kae/floatinglights
  8. Eliza/microscopicxame

Respect: Respect is something we take very seriously here in TwilightClan. This Ranges from respecting your high ranks to respecting your fellow clanmates wishes. High Ranks should be respected at all times as they are not only high ranking in roleplay but work hard to keep the server a safe place for everyone. Some of your classmates may request that you use tone indicators when communicating with them. We have a list of indicators on our discord server for those who don’t know what they are!

OORP Drama: This should be kept in your dm’s at all times. Drama with your fellow classmates won’t be tolerated in the server, with the exception of banter/civilised arguments. Anybody causing unnecessary drama in the server will be muted and issued with a warning. If you hit three warnings you will be kicked from the page and issued with a two week cool down period before you can rejoin. If you have any issues with another member please report this to the High Ranks, it is recommended you take it to one of the three following, Leader, Deputy or the Head Medicine Cat.

Activity: We require you to roleplay at a minimum twice a week. We understand that our personal lives are much more important than roleplay and all we require is an absence form filled out and posted on either the page or the #forms-here channel on our discord server. We would also like you to try and engage in OORP chats, it’s not required but encouraged! Building friendships within the clan can help improve your roleplay and make your time with us much more enjoyable.

OCs: Here in TwilightClan we have a four day ‘trial period.’ This essentially means for the first four days you cannot create a second character as we want to see you roleplay your OCs as much as possible! In order to get permission to create another OC after the four day period you must have role-played with your original OC at least once. Our OC limit is stated at the top of the page and the maximum amount of OC’s you may have is three. After creating your second oc please wait two weeks before creating a third, but, before you do please contact a High Rank (Elite+), to give you the go-ahead.

Respect: Respect is something we take very seriously here in TwilightClan. This Ranges from respecting your high ranks to respecting your fellow classmates wishes. High Ranks should be respected at all times as they are not only high ranking in roleplay but work hard to keep the server a safe place for everyone. Some of your classmates may request that you use tone indicators when communicating with them. We have a list of indicators on our discord server for those who don’t know what they are!

Sensitive subjects: People will have things they would prefer you not to talk about, this comes under our respect rule as-well. Please respect your classmates wishes. Furthermore any role-plays including NSFW content, mating, r*pe, incest,  cannibalisim will not be tolerated under any circumstances in our server. If you truly wish to have your character preform any of these acts do it in dms. We would prefer if you have any doubts about a roleplay you wish to have you contact a High Rank, subjects that would need to be approved are not limited to, minimal gore, self deprecating tendencies (as we understand the want to display certain limitations accurately,) violent subject manners etc. If something needs approval it will most likely require censoring, please adhere to these rules.The code-word is the third letter of your wiki user. We have a channel dedicated to venting, please censor any heavy subject matters that could be triggering here, you can also indicate if you wish to have it followed up in dm’s by someone willing to talk with you. <3

Naming System: Our naming system is  semi-traditional. We still require a traditional name with a suffix and prefix unless you have a rogue name limitation or kitty pet limitation, which you can only gain after three active months in TwilightClan. Despite needing a suffix and prefix they do not have to be completely traditional, e.g. Spottedleaf, Thunderpelt. We allow names that would not have been originally found in the book series, e.g. Caramelbliss, Sprinklepelt. (I am aware these are both dessert themed.) The names can include, human things wild cats wouldn’t have heard of, exotic plants and fruits, astronomy and any more.

Orientation: We are a neutral orientated clan leaning neither way. Despite this your OCs do not have to be strictly neutral, we will allow cats leaning a lighter way or darker way as long as it is remembered when it comes to plots we are neutral. Some plots will lean to the lighter side and some will lean darker. Dark realmed OCs are only permitted for specific plots as temporary OCs and do not fill an OC slot.

Swearing and chat rules: Please try and keep swearing at a minimum as we may have younger members! Words such as Crap, damn, shit and piss are allowed uncensored but any heavier wording will need to be censored. This includes in roleplay as well, words that are the four mentioned will need to be censored. The exception to the four uncensored words are if they are directed towards someone then censor it. Remember to think before you send, if you think it could offend someone either use the aforementioned tone indicators or don’t say it at all. Slurs will not be tolerated under any circumstances and you will be kicked from the server by either the Leader, Deputy or Head Medicine Cat. Please understand if you were kicked once for a slur you will only be allowed two opportunities before getting banned and exiled.Respect: Respect is something we take very seriously here in TwilightClan. This Ranges from respecting your high ranks to respecting your fellow classmates wishes. High Ranks should be respected at all times as they are not only high ranking in roleplay but work hard to keep the server a safe place for everyone. Some of your classmates may request that you use tone indicators when communicating with them. We have a list of indicators on our discord server for those who don’t know what they are!

Warrior Code: As always you and your OC must uphold the warrior code within reason ;) , if you need a reminder there will be a channel on the discord server with the warrior code.







Fully Blind [0/x]

  • Cat here

Partially Blind [4/x]

  • Dahliaflame, Evangeline, Antidote, Rainrune

Cross-eyed [0/x]

  • Cat here

Fully Deaf [1/x]

  • Weepingangel

Partially Deaf [0/x]

  • Cat here

Chronic Illness [1/x]

  • Shadedpaw

Heterochromia [0/x]

  • Cat here

Albino [0/x]

  • Cat here

OCD [0/x]

  • Cat here

PTSD [2/x]

  • Morrigan, Clawveil

Anxiety [2/x]

  • Wobblesong, Deadowl

Depression [4/x]

  • Shadedpaw, Deadowl, Morrigan, Duskpaw

Bipolar [0/x]

  • Cat here

ADHD [0/x]

  • Cat here

Autism [0/x]

  • Cat here

Paralysis [0/x]

  • Cat here

Amputee [1/x]

  • Riverpaw

Hairless [0/x]

  • Cat here

Gigantism [0/x]

  • Cat here

Missing eye/s [1/x]

  • Rainrune

Reincarnation [0/x]

  • Cat here

Cataracts [0/x]

  • Cat here

  • A - Allure, Antidote, Avocado
  • B - Bay
  • C - Casabian, Cecil, Cedar, Cereus, Chickadee, Cinder, Cherry, Cobalt, Copia, Cypress, Claw
  • D - Dahlia, Dead, Dew, Dusk
  • E - Echo, Evangeline
  • F - Fawn, Fool's Gold
  • G -
  • H -
  • I - Ichthys
  • J -
  • K -
  • L - Lucifer, Lute
  • M - Marmalade, Morrigan
  • N - Nobody
  • O -
  • P - Parsley
  • Q -
  • R - Rain, River
  • S - Shaded, Shroom, Solen, Sycamore
  • T - Tiger, Tsukimi
  • U -
  • V -
  • W - Weeping, Winter, Wobble, Wolf, Wolverine
  • X -
  • Y -
  • Z -


Leader Deputy
1/1 [Closed]
Leaders are in charge of their Clan. Their personality is similar to that of their Clan values, and it explains how his or her Clanmates treat others. The warrior code states that the Clan leader's word is law, and all other Clan cats must obey it. They are aided in their duties by a deputy. They are in charge of the whole Clan, including organizing Clan meetings, promoting cats to new ranks, and making the most difficult choices.

1/1 [Closed]
A Clan's deputy is the second-in-command. Deputies are in charge of the Clan's patrols, such as hunting and border patrols. If a Clan leader is temporarily unable to lead a Clan due to illness or absence from the Clan, the deputy will step in. If a deputy becomes ill or is injured, an Elite Warrior will temporarily fill in. If the leader dies, the deputy will accompany the medicine cat to Moonstone or Moonpool to share tongues with StarClan and get his or her nine lives.

Icon Name Player Pronouns Moons Mate Apprentice Rank Patron
Tigerstar Kay She/Her 83 N/A N/A Leader (6/9) Nemus
Rainrune tc pixel by swirl
Rainrune Akechi He/Him 35 N/A N/A Deputy Festivum
Medicine Cat Med-Cat Apprentice
1/4 [Closed]
The medicine cats are the healers and spiritual leaders of the clan. They're in charge of keeping the Clan alive and well. They are also one of the closest to Starclan, and can communicate with and receive messages and prophecies from those who have passed on.

2/3 [Closed]
Medicine cats under training are known as apprentices. They are similar to ordinary apprentices, but instead of combat training, they focus on the skill of herbs and spirituality. The suffix '-paw' is always added to the names of medicine cat apprentices.

Icon Name Player Pronouns Moons Apprentice/Mentor Mate Rank Patron
Dahliaflame Nezu She/Her 35 N/A N/A Head Med. Cat Vitamor
Chickadeepaw Dork He/She 12 N/A N/A Med. Apprentice Patronless
Updated lucifer pixel tc by sal
Lucifer Salem He/Him 18 N/A N/A Med. Apprentice Patronless
Elite Warrior Warrior
0/8 [Closed]
The elite warriors are a group of Twilghtclan's most loyal, competent, and trustworthy cats. The title has some influence but is typically used by the Top Hierarchy for recognition.

25/? [Open]
The warriors are Twilightclan's bulk and backbone. They are in charge of the Clan's fundamental functions, such as hunting, fighting, and so on. They carry out these responsibilities until they retire are promoted or pass away.

Icon Name Player Pronouns Moons Apprentice Mate Rank Patron
TC Longhair Base ex 2
x Roleplayer x x N/A x Elite Warrior x
Cecil pixelTC
Cecil Salem He/Him 85 Riverpaw N/A Warrior Celatum
Cypressgaze Sydney She/Her 61 N/A N/A Warrior Vitamor
Copia Salem He/Him 56 Marmalade N/A Warrior Patronless
Wobblesong pixel by froot
Wobblesong Castor He/Him 48 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Clawveil pixel tc by froot
Clawveil Froot He/Him 47 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Parsley Kay They/Them 45 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Lute Space She/Her 43 N/A N/A Warrior Celatum
Nobody pixel
Nobody Froot He/It 43 N/A N/A Warrior TBD
Cherryrose pixelTC
Cherryrose Akechi She/Her 43 N/A N/A Warrior TBD
Allure Rem She/Her 43 N/A N/A Warrior Celatum
Cedarcurl pixel by froot
Cedarcurl Luc She/Her 39 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Ichthys Nezu He/They 37 N/A N/A Warrior TBD
Fawnpetal Sydney She/Her 32 N/A N/A Warrior TBD
Cinderspirit by swirl
Cinderspirit Akechi He/It 31 Solen N/A Warrior Patronless
Wolverine Nezu He/Him 29 Baypaw N/A Warrior Patronless
Morrigan pixel tc by eight
Morrigan Eight He/Him 28 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Deadowl Eight He/They 26 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Avocado by nezu
Avocadopit Sunny He/Him 25 N/A N/A Warrior Nemus
Cobalt by nezu
Cobaltdusk Sunny He/Him 25 N/A N/A Warrior Ventus
Tsukimi pixel tc by eight
Tsukimi Sunny He/Him 25 N/A N/A Warrior Celatum
- Casabian Flynn He/Him 23 N/A N/A Warrior Patronless
Echoleaf by swirl
Echoleaf Swirleon He/Him 23 Duskpaw N/A Warrior Festivum
Antidote Eight He/Him 21 N/A N/A Warrior Nemus
Updated foolsgold pixel tc by eight
Fool's Gold Eight He/Him 19 N/A N/A Warrior Vitamor
Dewdrop Swirleon He/Him 15 N/A N/A Warrior Nemus
Elder Caretakers
0/? [Open]
The elders are Twilightclan's cats that have retired due to permanent/serious injuries or old age. They will spend the remainder of their lives in peace, passing on their stories, wisdom, and other knowledge to future generations. Elders may request that their names be altered to something more appropriate if they so wish.

2/8 [Open]
The caretakers are Twilightclan's pregnant parents/parents. Caretakers will stay in the Nursery with their kits until all of them have left; after then, the caretaker will resume their previous position and duties. Permanent caretakers are the same as regular caretakers, except instead of returning to warrior, they have chosen to spend the rest of their working days as caregivers. Kits who do not have a biological or adoptive mother are usually cared for by permanent queens.

Icon Name Player Pronouns Moons Mate Kits Rank Patron
TC Longhair Base ex 2
x Roleplayer x x N/A N/A Elder x
Evangeline Kay She/Her 79 Cecil N/A Caretaker Ventus
Weepingangel Salem She/They 67 N/A N/A Perm. Caretaker Festivum
Apprentice Kit
8/? [Open]
The apprentices are aspiring warriors. Each apprentice is assigned a mentor who will teach them the ways of the warrior  in order for them to become warriors themselves and serve Twilightclan to the best of their ability. The suffix '-paw' is always added to the names of apprentices.

0/15 [Open]
The kits are the young of Twilightclan. They will be raised by their queen or permanent queens in the Nursery until they are six moons of age, when they then become an apprentice. Kits names always end with the suffix '-kit'.

Icon Name Player Pronouns Moons Mentor/Parents Rank Patron
Marmalade Kay She/Her 19 Copia Apprentice Patronless
Shaded pixel tc by froot
Shadedpaw Froot They/She 15 TBD Apprentice Patronless
Riverpaw Flynn He/It/They 12 Cecil Apprentice Festivum
Cereus Wren She/Her 12 TBD Apprentice TBD
Winter TC Pixel by Froot
Winterpaw Dork She/They 10 TBD Apprentice Patronless
Dusk pixel tc pixel by froot
Duskpaw Akechi He/Him 9 Echoleaf Apprentice Celatum
Solen pixel tc by froot
Solen Swirleon He/Him 9 Cinderspirit Apprentice Patronless
Bay pixel
Baypaw Froot He/Him 7 Wolverine Apprentice Patronless
TC Longhair Base ex 2
x Roleplayer x x N/A Kit x


Group Name FIC(s) SIC(s) Realm Relation
VoyageClan Spiderstar/plasticr0adkill Kumara/fruittie Neutral Alliance
Joining Visiting Alliance/Enemy
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