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Valuable Items

While all items are useful in some way, here are some high quality items.



Ribbon is a long, silky material that can be found anywhere twolegs are. It comes in different colors, lengths, and patterns. It is useful for holding things together, binding broken bones, help prevent severe bloodloss (note- should only be used in an emergency, may cause serious damage), and can be worn as a decorative piece. When worn at night, it is reflective and may prevent monsters from running you over.


Hollowed out Rocks

Hollowed out rocks are things that can be found outside of twoleg homes on Quiet Street, but if you're daring enough they can be found inside, too. Sometimes they may also indicate if a dog is present. They are kind of heavy to carry and it's suggested two strong cats carry them. They can be used for gathering water and storing food and herbs in. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.


Flat Rocks

Flat rocks are small to medium sized disks with different colors and patterns on them. They can be found inside Quiet Street houses and sometimes at the park. They are very light weight but are quite a mouthful and may be hard to hold. If dropped, they will usually break. They can be used for holding prey on.



Cloth is a red and white checkered pattern. It can be found at the park. It can be used during leafbare to keep cats warm at night.



Baskets are little wooden containers. They can be found in the park. They are light but quite large, so they are cumbersome to move. They can be used to store things.

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Bindweed- The vines help mend broken bones

Usage- Fasten with sticks to a broken leg to help keep in place

Time of growth- Late green-leaf/early leaf-fall

Location- Almost anywhere

Borage leaves- Produces more and better milk; also helps treat fevers, stomachaches, and relieves tight chests

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- Mid green-leaf

Location- Forest

Broom- Used to make poultices for broken legs and wounds

Usage- Made into a poultice

Time of growth- All year round. Ideal to be collected throughout green-leaf

Location- Forest

Catmint- Best remedy for greencough and whitecough

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- All throughout green-leaf

Location- Mainly found in Twoleg gardens

Celandine- Soothes damaged eyes

Usage- Juice is trickled into the eye

Time of growth- All throughout green-leaf

Location- Forests; can be found near water sources

Chamomile- Strengthens the heart and soothes the mind. Can also be given to traveling cats for strength

Usage- Eaten

Time of growth- Mid green-leaf/late green-leaf

Location- Twoleg gardens

Chickweed- Treats greencough

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- Mid green-leaf

Location- Forests

Cobweb- These are wrapped around wounds to absorb blood; also used to bind broken bones

Usage- Press over wound. Tie around broken limb and stick.

Location- Anywhere

Daisy leaf- Eases pain of stiff joints and soothes sprains

Usage- Chew into a poultice and fasten on with cobwebs to help ease joint pains. Eat to soothe sprains. Can be mixed with tansy

Time of growth- All throughout new-leaf and green-leaf

Location- Anywhere

Dandelions- Soothes and heals bee stings; can be mixed with borage for a fever remedy

Usage- The liquid is applied to the stinging area. The leaves may also be eaten to act as a painkiller

Time of growth- All year round (note- cert

Location- Anywhere; more commonly found in meadows and fields

Dock- Soothes scratches; It is known to sting when being applied; Soothes sore paw pads and also eases the pain of wounds

Usage- Chewed up and applied to scratches. Place in nest to ease the pain of wounds

Time of growth- Green-leaf through early leaf-fall

Location- It is able to be found anywhere; though grassy areas are an ideal place to collect them

Fern fronds- Not necessarily an herb, but it can be used to cover herbs to help keep them fresh

Time of growth- Mid green-leaf

Location- Forests

Feverfew- Reduces body temperature for cats with fevers, chills, colds, and coughs; may also be used for aches and pains; especially good for headaches

Usage- Eaten

Time of growth- Mid green-leaf

Location- Riverbanks

Honey- Soothes infections, smoke-damaged throats and or sore throats; helps swallow other concoctions; soothes coughing and gives energy

Usage- Eaten or given moss soaked in it

Location- Found in honeycombs or bees nests up in trees

Lavender- Cures fevers, chills and headaches; also hides the scent of death

Usage- Place under patients nose and is to be inhaled constantly or place in nest. Rub on cats body to hide the scent of death

Time of growth- Green-leaf

Location- Twoleg gardens; may also be found in sunny spots with sandy or gravelly soil

Warnings- Poisonous when eaten

Marigold- Stops infections; stops bleeding; Use for inflammation of stiff joints; also used to treat flea bites

Usage- The petals or leaves are chewed into a poultice, or can be rubbed on wounds. The juice can be used as well

Time of growth- All throughout green-leaf. They are able to grow during leaf-bare, but only if it’s mild

Location- Near water

Mint- Hides the scent of death; can also help prevent fleas

Usage- Rubbed on dead body. Rub on the cats body to get rid of fleas, or put it in ones nest

Time of growth- Late green-leaf

Location- Twoleg gardens and in forests

Mouse bile- Use to kill ticks and fleas found in cats pelts

Usage- The liquid is stored in moss and dabbed onto the fur

Location- Can be found anywhere there are mice present

Oak leaf- Stops infections

Usage- Store the leaves in a dry area until the time of usage. They are chewed into a thick poultice and spread onto the wound

Time of growth- All year round; ideally they are best collected in leaf-fall

Location- Forests

Parsley- Stops a Queen from producing milk. One leaf is taken each day until the milk stops; may also be used to soothe stomachaches

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- All throughout green-leaf

Location- Grows best in moist, well-drained soil, with full of sun; twoleg gardens are also an option

Poppy seeds- Puts cat to sleep; soothes shock or distress and eases pain;strong painkiller

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- The flower will grow from late new-leaf to mid green-leaf, and the seeds will soon be ripe a little after the flower blooms

Location- Anywhere that there are poppy flowers

Warnings: Do not feed to nursing queens or a queen that is giving birth. Giving too many seeds to one cat may cause coma or death.

Ragwort leaves- Treats aching joints and gives a cat strength

Usage- Crushed and chewed

Time of growth- All year round, though it’s ideal to be collected mid green-leaf through late green-leaf

Location- Anywhere, especially areas that are cool and wet

Raspberry leaves- Used to help stop bleeding during kitting; also works as a mild painkiller

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- All year around, though it is ideal to be collected late new-leaf throughout early green-leaf

Location- Twoleg gardens or forests

Rosemary- Hides scent of death

Usage- Rub on dead cats pelt

Time of growth- Mid new-leaf throughout late new-leaf; it will sometimes grow in late green-leaf

Location- Twoleg gardens and forests

Sorrel- Given to cats who don’t have an appetite

Usage- Eat

Time of growth- All year round; is ideal to be collected in late new-leaf

Location- Twoleg gardens

Sticks- Used for dislocated bones and help mend broken bones

Usage- Fasten sticks with a poultice to help keep broken bone in place

Location- Anywhere there are trees

Wild garlic- Prevents infection, especially rat bites; also useful for disguising a cats s

Usage- Roll in it

Location- Forests

Willow bark- Eases pain

Usage- Chewed

Location- Twoleg nests and water sources

Willow leaves- Stops vomiting and calms upset stomachs

Usage- Chewed into a pulp then eaten

Location- Willow trees; water sources


Apple Seeds- Small black seeds found inside the apple fruit. Apples can be found anywhere there is Twolegs.

Effects: Difficulty breathing, which may be fatal to elders or kits.

Cure: Inducing vomiting, will usually kill kits anyways.

Death Berries- Elliptical red berries that grow on trees.

Also Known As: Yew

Effects: Frothing at the mouth, seizures, vomiting, heart failure which may lead to death.

Cure: Inducing vomiting may help, but it may not always help.

Starclan's Wrath- A tall plant with a flat, white flower at top.

Also Known As: Giant Hogweed

Effects: If touched it will cause severe burns and hairloss, if eaten it will cause burns in the mouth, if come in contact with the eyes it will cause permanent blindness.

Cure: The cat must stay in the dark, as the sun will cause the burns to get worse. Cats may need to be treated for infection.


While they do have traditional warrior cats, they also have some traditions of their own!


When two cats officially become mates, there will often be a ceremony. The two cats will choose where it's held.

Once there, a medicine cat or the mayor will have all the cats gather around, with the two cats in front. Then they'll say:

"We are gathered here today for a special occasion. Today, (cat1) and (cat2) are becoming mates, a very special day in their lives.

(Cat1), do you promise to love and care for (cat2)?"

(Cat1) will say "I do."

"(Cat2), do you promise to do the same?"

(Cat2) will say "I do."

"Then, from this day forward, you two shall be known as mates."

Afterwards, the two new mates will be given gifts, such as rocks, flower crowns, or any other cool item.

Costume Day

In the middle of leaffall, twolegs often dress up in strange costumes and go door to door. Cats of Townclan have also adapted this tradition. They will dress up in whatever they can and then go to twoleg houses, often to steal whatever they have, as a lot of twolegs will leave out nice baskets. At moonhigh all cats will go back to camp and have a feast and exchange stories, usually faerytale-type stories.

Newleaf Celebration

When the snow melts and the plants start to grow, cats of Townclan celebrate. The warriors, apprentices and commoners go out and gather as much food as they can while queens and kits gather any sort of plant they can. The elders and queens will arrange the plants into nice decorations. After the hunters come back, everyone will usually play games like hide and seek and competitive mossball. At sunset, everyone will feast on the food they gathered, and afterwards will tell stories of long ago.

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Beings are animals who are believed to have powers or knowledge that we don't.


Frogs are considered lucky creatures. The closer they are to camp, the more luck they bring. Kits often build small houses for them out of mice bones.


Owls are considered mysterious creatures. They are considered an omen of death, but a feather from one is believed to extend your life.


Butterflies are troublesome creatures, always pulling tricks on cats. They will often lead cats to dangerous or embarrassing situations, but sometimes may also lead them to new opportunity.

White Deer

White deer, also known as ghost deer, are rare animals. Seeing one means you will have good fortune and a safe leafbare. Getting an antler of one is believed to make you hunt better, but it's unknown if this is a myth or not.