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general information

name: torntail

gender: male

age: 43 moons

group: waspclan

rank: warrior

mate: none

sexuality: homosexual

roleplayer: xglitch

personality traits

enigmatic: torntail is a mysterious, deceitful cat. he skulks around a lot and doesn't spend time talking to most cats unless they're close to him, which leads a lot of cats to believe he's up to something.

driven: he's very persistent when he wants something. he's ambitious and likes to shoot for the stars.

dedicated: torntail is incredibly loyal to anything that he finds himself supporting - whether it be someone or something.

aggressive: he's extremely hostile and loves a good tussle, which goes hand in hand with his irritability and hot-temperedness.

kind-hearted: despite his temper and overall hostility towards those he's not close to, torntail is actually very kind and sympathetic. he will always be willing to help a cat out.

critical: he shows a lot of distaste and disapproving judgments of many things, especially the decisions and ideas of his clan.

natural leader: torntail, without hesitation, is always ready to step up into a leadership role of some kind. he finds it's where he feels the most comfortable; telling other cats what to do.


Torntail by Fub

by fubsy

torntail is a huge, muscular, broad-shouldered tom with black fur and large paws. he has dark merlot/russet underfur and flame-colored splotches all over his body. he has light, dull orange eyes.

his tail is completely stripped free of fur. it is covered in scars with one large diagonal cut in the middle.

height: 10 inches

weight: 12 pounds

fur length: medium


= base [#363531] || = underbelly [#572A24] || = pupils [#ED7832] || = eyes [#FDC788]

= inside of ears + nose + paw pads [#402313] ||  = markings [#873B24]