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Character Owner ExtraaCookies
Character Designer CelestialSpirit
Current Group HoltClan
Current Rank Warrior
Current Mate PrimroseLight
Current Apprentice N/A
Species Felis Catus

TimberFang is a brown tabby tom-cat with coffee brown eyes who is currently residing inside of HoltClan as a warrior along with his mate PrimroseLight. TimberFang is known for being a humble tomcat and a good conversationalist. He tends to be easy to talk to and alot of cats have no problem opening up to him and asking him for any kind of advice. TimberFang, often nicknamed Timber, is currently 21 moons old and is looking forward to one day starting a family of his own in HoltClan with his mate, PrimroseLight.

  • Name: TimberFang
    • Prefix: Timber; wood prepared for use in building and carpentry; for his fur color
    • Suffix: Fang; a large sharp tooth, especially a canine tooth of a dog or wolf ; for his tiny fangs that tend to poke out
    • Previous Names: TimberKit, TimberPaw
  • Rank: Warrior
    • Previous Ranks: Apprentice, Kit
  • Current Clan: HoltClan
    • Previous Clans: None
  • Gender: Cis Male
    • Pronouns: he/him
  • Age: 21 Moons
  • Detailed Description: TimberFang is an average sized brown tom with a darker brown tabby pattern. He has sleek, beautiful medium length fur and a cream undercoat. TimberFang has distinctive little fangs, which poke out ever so slightly, however please note they aren’t overgrown fangs, and sometimes they aren’t even apparent. Lastly he occasionally wears little plant sprouts and he has soft, dark brown eyes. TimberFang has no physical scars at the moment.
  • Short Description: A brown tabby tom with a cream undercoat and dark brown eyes.
  • Physical strengths/weaknesses: TimberFang is known for being fairly agile and quick on his paws. He seems to have an easy time with tasks such as hunting, territory marking and even swimming. Sadly, despite coming off as intimidating to any intruders, TimberFang actually lacks in physical combat. Although he isn’t terrible at it, he does seem to have a struggle at understanding sometimes even the basic combat moves.
    • Breed: moggy/mixed breed
    • Build: sleek, slender and of average height
    • Pelt color/pattern: cream and brown with a tabby pattern
    • Height: 24.5cm
    • Weight: 4.2kg
    • Eye color: coffee-like brown
  • Detailed Description: TimberFang is a very humble tomcat who comes off as a great conversationalist. TimberFang is responsible, yet he tends to work himself too much at times. He is romantic when it comes to his partner, and has become almost a sort of poet with his words, as well as a good advice giver. Secondly, he is contemplative, often second guessing himself, no matter what he decides though, he is known for being gullible and will often fall for someone’s tricks. Lastly, the tom can be fairly defensive when it comes to protecting the ones he loves, he tends to avoid conflict, or even try to get rid of it entirely.
    • Positive: Responsible, Sincere, Humble
    • Neutral: Romantic, Conversationalist, Contemplative
    • Negative: Gullible, Defensive, Workaholic
  • Mental strengths/weaknesses: TimberFang has an easy time remembering the smallest things, ranging from someone's birthdate, to even territory scent marks. On the other end, TimberFang has a hard time to bring himself to hurt any cat. While this may seem as a good thing to others, it has stopped him from engaging in combat at borders, which can quickly result in a problem.
  • Sexuality:Unlabelled
  • Status: Taken
  • Mate: PrimroseLight
  • Crush:PrimroseLight
  • Cats he's attracted to: PrimroseLight
  • Cats attracted to him: PrimroseLight
  • Physical Preference: TimberFang enjoys pale, soft colors, often greys and blues. He is typically attracted to cats shorter than him, however it doesn't seem to be a requirement.
  • Mental Preference: TimberFang enjoys someone who he can talk to and spend time with, he doesn't often like cats who are aloof or prefer to spend their time alone.
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  • kithood:
    • TimberFang was born into HoltClan with his two sisters, CamelliaHoney and ThornBite. His parents also adopted a tom named QuailPond, who TimberFang grew very close to. The family has always been very close and constantly rely on each other’s support.
  • apprentice hood:
    • When TimberFang was made into an apprentice, he was given CarrotFur as his mentor, who was a gentle and kind hearted she-cat. It didn’t take long for TimberFang to mature and understand adult life well enough, especially since he was a very smart apprentice.
    • It also didn’t take TimberFang very long to notice a particular she-cat who now goes by the name PrimroseLight. He quickly befriended her, and his mentor could notice how TimberFang truly felt about this she-cat, however TimberFang would always deny it, saying that love was a silly idea.
  • adulthood:
    • TimberFang was the first of his siblings to become a warrior, however his adoptive brother found himself stuck, which was when TimberFang realised how much he could influence others and his brother to follow their goals and not give up on their dreams.
    • TimberFang finally told CarrotFur and his siblings about his feelings for PrimroseLight, which they all urged him to tell the she-cat how he feels. Eventually, TimberFang grew enough confidence to tell the pretty she-cat how he felt, which in return, she felt the same way. The two were overjoyed and officially became mates, however they have yet to discuss having a family of their own.
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