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“Better thorns than flowers -- for flowers fade.” - Abram J. Ryan
species domestic feline platform discord
creation date 04/25/2020 creator pomelofruit
realm light-neutral leader bandedstar
location forest in southern kansas oc limit 3
Members Visitors Exiled
  1. Bandedstar | #8458
  2. Lotusprickle | #3217
  3. (hale) | #3739
  4. Fortuneseeker | #3791
  5. Seawhisper | #6631
  6. Mosspaw | #0655
  1. Indi | #6969 | TBD
  2. Kae | #0387 | Perm.
  3. Mars | #2458 | Perm
  4. Jams | #5684 | Perm.
  5. Paco | #6517 | Perm.

  1. Jozzy1265#5185 | disrespect, slurs
Lore News
The Foundation of Thornclan

The land outside this area is known for being harsh, dry, and unforgiving - no matter the season. Thornclan land is the only oasis for miles. After a cat named Jackalsun, along with her brother, Sorghumsnap, had a vision of the unsung potential of this land, they left their home in search of it. Traversing through the desert, through vast plains, to sparsely populated woods, they finally reached their destination. It seemed to be an area blessed by starclan itself. beautiful forests, marshes, ponds, and more. Cliffs overlooking it all, and an abundance of prey in every corner of the territory. They set to work in creating the clan, and they did just that.

There were hardships, of course. No place in such a heavenly setting is earned for free. floods, sickness, and land grabs made it difficult in the region to keep any sort of hold of the beautiful territory, and the group that had been established there. Overtime, Jackalstar and Sorghumsnap both began to falter in their mission. Soon, the group's power and unity fell away, and for many moons after, it was simply a dozen or so cats, hanging onto an idea that had died with Jackalstar's departure.

Two apprentices, Bandedpaw and Acornpaw, arrived as everything began crashing down, telling of their visions. They were destined to find themselves around the moonpool at one point. They were led to thornclan by these visions, and although their visions were ill-received as the clan continued to fall, they held fast. Acornpaw began an apprenticeship with the head medicine cat, and Bandedpaw began his apprenticeship with a warrior. Their vision was put to the wayside as they focused on their training. yet, it was never forgotten- especially by the next leader.

Cocoastar, Jackalstar's former deputy, attempted to take the mantle up once jackalstar left. He did alright, given the circumstances, but the group had a difficult time recovering from the loss of the founder and former leader. It was clear that his leadership was the in-between for someone else. Overtime, his health began to fail. he devoted his time into priming the young bandedsnail for leadership. Cocoastar appointed bandedsnail after the tom finished mentoring his apprentice into the position of deputy. Once Cocoastar finally gave in to his lacking health, Bandedsnail became the leader.

Will this be another sibling duo destined to go through hardship after hardship? Will thornclan find its unity once again? Will they be more successful?

Only time will tell.

We welcome Lake as a member with her oc Mosspaw! We also say farewell to Juni and her oc Turtlebriar.


We begin our first plot; a patrol stumbles across a group of rogues! They're allowed to stay in the camp for the winter. We also welcome a new visitor, Indi!


We welcome Ari as a member with her oc Seawhisper!


We also announce our first plot, which will start up on the 12th of December!


We welcome Juniper as a member with her oc Turtlebriar!


We welcome Merpy as a member!


We welcome new visitors Merpy, Jul, and Juniper!


Thornclan is being revamped! New members are welcome, and plots are beginning to be hashed out in preparation.
IRP Rules Thornclan Law OORP Rules

I. OC Slots. For the first two weeks of a new joiner's arrival, you are only allowed two characters. After that point, every member is allowed three characters. More slots will be added in overtime.

II. Please discuss killing off a character with admins. We are all for it! Just need to talk on logistics like mentoring, character plans, how they're dying and if it relates to a plot. Or if there are any logistics at all. Characters just disappearing is fun too.

III. High positions are earned, not given freely. This goes without saying, but please do not ask for a high position. The staff will most likely promote someone on merit, or it will be a position to apply for once you've become a full-fledged member.

IV. Please discuss killing off a character with admins. We are all for it, but we can use the death for plot ammo! we'll have a discussion, and of course, the decision on what to do with your character is always completely yours.

V. Characters can be in two places at once. To keep things moving and to take into account folks' busy schedules, an OC can be in two places at once. Please use this carefully.

VI. Please ask for permission before joining in a roleplay. There are plenty of channels to keep things from getting congested! Also, this is general decency for roleplaying servers. Please ask all parties to join in an rp before throwing your OC there.

VII. Tupperbox is a necessity. As we continue to allow more OC slots, things will get more and more complicated. Tupperbox helps prevent this, and it makes things easier! Please go to #tupperbox-information for general info and help, and if you still need help, ask an admin.

I. Defend your clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other clans and with rogues, but your loyalty must remain to your clan, as one day you may meet your friends in battle.

II. Welcome outsiders with wariness. Senior warriors are to assess all incomers when the leadership cannot. Newcomers are to meet with a high-ranking cat before they are to be chased out.

III. Elders, caretakers, sick or injured cats and kits must be fed before apprentices, medics, and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders.

IV. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to Starclan for its life.

V.A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

VI. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

VII. a cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

VIII. the deputy will become clan leader when the leader dies, retires, or is exiled.

IX. If a deputy is exiled/steps down/ is killed, the head senior warrior will act as a stand-in until the time should arise where a deputy can be found within the ranks.

X. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily.

XI. Newcomers have the right to keep their name, their religion, and their practices if they wish, so as long as they do not break the code. The renaming ceremony must not be forced, or actively encouraged, as it would mean a lack of actual want, which affects how Starclan sees them.

XII. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different group.

XIII. The word of the clan leader is Thornclan law.

XIV. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

XV. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

I. Don't be rude. This goes without saying, but it should be put here regardless. Use the right pronouns for folks (check their roles), no slurs, etc. We're here to have fun and have a great community, so keep it that way!

II. If you have an OOC fight with another member, take it to DMs. If an admin or high-rank (head senior warrior/head medic up) asks you to move an altercation to DMs, we ask that you take it there and out of the server. We're all for spirited debates, but there comes a time where it becomes too much for the server.

III. Listen to administration! The administration has been set in place for a reason. They're incredibly trustworthy, and know the server inside and out. If you're not a fan with what an admin has to say, please feel free to take it up with Clover.

IV. Take appropriate steps before leaving. Members must fill out a departure form before leaving the server. Visitors must contact an admin before leaving the server. Failure to do so will result in a blacklist.

IV. Cursing is permitted. No need to censor out anything when it comes to cursing, but please make sure that it isn't vulgar or directed at anyone maliciously.

V. Please make sure to keep things in the appropriate channels. Vents go in the vent channel, general goes in general, etc. You'll be warned if it's a consistent problem.

VI. If something can potentially be upsetting to someone in and out of RP, please use spoilers. Cursing is not included in this, but please make sure to be aware of other folks. Harder subjects should have spoilers with a trigger warning at the top so that people know what to be prepared for. If need be, please go to the NSFW or vents channel.

✵Leader✵ Deputy
The leader is the highest rank of the clan. They are in charge of ultimately making decisions with the help of their second in command. The leader receives guidance from Starclan as well and is expected to have a strong relationship with them. The deputy is the second highest rank of the clan. Their role is to assist the leader in making decisions, as well as arrange hunting and border patrols. If something happens to the leader the deputy is the next to step up into their spot.
OC Name User Age Gender Mate Apprentice
✵Bandedstar #8458 30 - -
✵Head Senior Warrior✵ Senior Warrior
The head senior warrior oversees the work of the senior warriors and plays a part in selecting them. They also work with the deputy to lead and organize patrols. They are to take up the role of deputy until another cat is promoted to that position. the senior warrior rank is an honored rank. they have been warriors of the clan for many moons and are recognized for their skills. they may be asked to arrange and/or lead patrols.
OC Name User Age Gender Mate Apprentice
✵Lotusprickle #3217 26 - Maplepaw
✵Head Medicine Cat✵ Medicine Cat
The head medicine cat oversees the other medicine cat, and is known to be the best of the group when it comes to healing. They usually have the strongest connection to Starclan, and they oversee the training of the medicine cat apprentices to ensure the future of the clan. The may receive prophetic dreams as well, of course. The medicine cat is the healer of the clan. They are responsible for helping cats with injuries, sicknesses, and other medical needs. They know all the different herbs and their appropriate uses. They tend to have a close connection with Starclan and may receive prophetic dreams.
OC Name User Age Gender Mate Apprentice
- - - - - -
✵Elders✵ Warriors
The elder rank is a highly respected rank of retired warriors, queens, or medicine cats. After gaining their life experiences, elders retire to a peaceful life bathing in the sun, telling stories to kits, and being cared for by apprentices. They are frequently sought for wisdom and are to be protected and cared for in the same way kits are. The warrior rank is earned thru many moons of training to learn the ways of the clan. Warriors are the bulk of the clan, using their time to train apprentices, hunt, and patrol the territory.
OC Name User Age Gender Mate Apprentice
Fortuneseeker #3791 26 - Mosspaw
Pinetwist #8458 63 - -
Seawhisper #6631 21 - -
✵Medicine Cat Apprentices✵ Warrior Apprentices
The medicine cat apprentice is the trainee of the medicine cat. They shadow their mentor to learn the uses of herbs and how to interpret signs from the ancestors. Generally, medic apprenticeship lasts longer than traditional apprenticeship. Warrior apprentices are trainees starting at the age of 6 moons, and will continue until their mentor and leadership feel that they are prepared for their promotion. Apprentices are given one mentor each which they are expected to regularly train with. Mentors will teach them how to be proper warriors, to hunt, and the way of the warrior code.
OC Name User Age Gender Sessions Mentor
Mosspaw #0655 9 0 Fortuneseeker
Maplepaw #6631 6 0 Lotusprickle
✵Caretakers✵ Kits
Caretakers are the parents of the clan. Their duty is to take care of their kits, assigned or birthed. Parents must do their best to share the workload as much as possible, and if need be, either party is able to discuss with the leader to mediate. Caretakers will remain caretakers until their kits are apprentices, yet they are able to resume most of their duties after their kit's third moon. Permanent caretakers are marked with a ☆ Kits are the youngest members of the clan and for that reason are under constant protection by caretakers and warriors. Kits are the next generations of warriors and are highly valued. Kittens must remain lodged in the nursery until they are apprenticed.
OC Name User Age Gender Caretaker/Kits Mate/Siblings
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