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Thornblaze Art By Loomify


Created 08/22/2020


Name: Thornblaze

Nickname(s): Thorn, Thorny

Past Name(s): Thornkit, Thornpaw

Gender: Female

Species: Unknown x Maine Coon

Age: 30 Moons

Age Cycle: Every Month

Status: Active/Alive


Wiki/FANDOM Username: XBlueJaysX

Platform: Animal Jam & Discord

Animal Jam User: Solexplo

Discord Username: Harleyy#1102

Affliction: None

Rank: Loner

Past Affliction(s): CascadeClan

Past Rank(s): Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Elite Warrior


Thornblaze is a large she-cat. She's taller and bigger then her siblings. She is not nearly as big as her father but she is a medium size over the average size of a normal cat. She has silver fur with darker grey tabby patterns. She has her mother's beautiful yellow eyes along with a large scruff of fur. White paws with a red fore-leg and a red colored right red ear along with a long plain grey tail with a white tip.

Eye Color: Yellow

Pelt: Light Grey

Fur length: Long & Sleek

Scars: A Scar Down Her Right Shoulder

Build: Lean & Tall



Trauma: Watching Her Father Get Shot, Killing Her Little Brother, Finding Her Loved Ones Dead

Positive Traits

  • Loyal: Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.
  • Determined: Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
  • Calm-Minded: Can most easily occur for the average person during a state of relaxation, but it can also be found during much more alert and aware states.

Neutral Traits

  • Fierce: Having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.
  • Hot-Headed: Having an impetuous or quick-tempered nature.
  • Bold: (Of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks.

Negative Traits

  • Emotionless: Not showing any emotion; unemotional.
  • Sly: Having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature.
  • Clever: Quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent.

Personality Description

Thornblaze was known as the oldest of her parents' litter and had earned the title of The devil's spawn. From the age of 1-8 Moons; She took after a young Ghoulpaw (Her father) and was known to cause trouble as an apprentice as-well. She was rude and seemed to have no filter of when to be kind. She's was known throughout her camp as a former mischief creator. She is also formally known for bullying her younger siblings. Mainly her brother Gingerflame due to him being the middle child of the litter and giving her joy in his annoyance. She has no respect for Starclan and tends to do things on her own. She's been told she's a hot headed, ignorant, rude, bold, honest and sometimes a bad influence on the other apprentices. If no one will do what Thornblaze wants, she will do it herself.. Overall her bad motives, Thornblaze was known to be compassionate, thoughtful, and kind in her own moments as she grew older. She was loyal to her clan and would've done anything to protect them. She lives with the "I don't give a crap" act but once you get to know her, you can see her soft side. She loved her family and tended to be hard on them because she wanted them to become stronger and survive until the end. Thornblaze also cared for her clanmates and would protect them even if she despised their guts. She also had one rule. No one picked on her siblings, but her.

Thornblaze became more stern and serious after her sister, Cinderspirit left to go find her own way. Thornblaze was also very aloof and apathetic to others, especially her best friend, Coffeebean. They both were each other's saving grace but even the world doesn’t care about feelings. Thornblaze watched as Coffeebean died, her throat being slit as the she-cat leapt into the fight to protect Thornblaze from the claws of an intruder. Coffeebean’s death had a huge impact on Thornblaze’s personality, causing Thornblaze to mimic some of her friend's cheerful mannerisms such as having greater concern for her Clan-mates. She has also had developed a somewhat carefree personality and is regularly late for anything, making obvious excuses just like her father did before her. This is often because she loses track of time thinking about her fallen friend. However, Thornblaze is still just as apathetic as she was during her youth, often speaking bluntly about sensitive topics.

Moons later, after the death of her father; Ghoulwrath by a farmer who shot her father right in front of her, Thornblaze became agile, losing interest in eating and becoming jumpy, hearing the gun-shot replay in her mind. Thornblaze occasionally ignored her fellow Clanmates, especially Lunareclipse, Briarsong, and Tinystream, whenever she passed by them. Thinking it would ease her pain, Briarsong convinced Thornblaze to join the patrols and stay busy. During her time patrolling and constantly hunting, Thornblaze gained a reputation for her cold-bloodedness, mercilessly torturing a she-cat instead of bringing her to the Leaders. Thornblaze was also easily manipulated  into betraying the Warrior Code & abiding by her own rules. Which caused problems between her and her brother; Gingerflame.

Though her Youth-hood was riddled with numerous despairs that took those dear away from her, Thornblaze was on the best terms with her brother; Gingerflame and apprentice-hood friends: Briarsong, Lunareclipse, Tinystream, Silkdowny and Creekblaze. Thornblaze worked hard on keeping busy, making sure she taught the younger felines about battle tactics and focused on what she had. Thornblaze had an ongoing, one-sided, somewhat childish rivalry with Silkdowny. In trying to prove herself superior to Thornblaze, Silkdowny regularly would challenge her to competitions of questionable value, though Thornblaze took Joy in their little rivalry. The younger apprentices always looked to Thornblaze as they admired her "coolness & toughness" and would try to match hers.

Tinystream had confessed to Thornblaze, telling her he loved her. Thornblaze was confused and didn’t know much about her own emotions and told Tinystream he was just lying to himself. In order to prove Thornblaze wrong, he showed countless acts of his love for her until Thornblaze had a break-down, being comforted by Tinystream led Thornblaze to realize she loved him too. She grew less cold and became more understanding then she was before.

Thornblaze spent moons relaxed and feeling joyful, She even became an older sister to two young toms, known as Cherrykit and Bunnykit. Those 10 moons brought extreme joy to Thornblaze until the sudden death of her brothers and her mother. Thornblaze, Gingerflame, Cherrypaw and Bunnypaw all mourned for their beloved mother, crying for her to return to them. Thornblaze and Cherrypaw began to both lose themselves, leading Cherrypaw to betray the Clan and become Cherryblitz and bring rouges into camp in order to kill the clan who failed to protect his mother. Thornblaze begged her brother to stop, even though she lost Lunareclipse and wanted to forgive her brother. Thornblaze sadly was left  to battle her younger brother, while her clan-mates held her brothers back. Thornblaze killed Cherryblitz but developed PTSD; having major nightmares and waking up to run to a river, looking in her reflection as splashed water onto her face, the gory image of herself with the blood of her beloved brothers covering her muzzle and paws.

Thornblaze became dull and began to drift to a numb she-cat who had lost feelings. Becoming cold as she thought of all the deaths she endured. Losing Lunareclipse and her brother. Thornblaze couldn’t take it and locked herself away from everyone. Sadly later on Thornblaze had found out she was expecting, but due to the battle, her kits were born still-born. Thornblaze grew hurt and began to feel lost after the death of her kits, Twigkit and Violetkit. After Cascadeclan fell, Thornblaze was separated from everyone she’d loved and could find no sign they were alive. Thornblaze felt hurt and lost and became a loner, never loving anyone again and began to live as a loner and was k known as “The Devil” by other rogues and loners, due to her hard-core personality.

Currently: Thornblaze is currently traveling and trying to find her home, where she can feel happy again like she was moons ago in CascadeClan.


Kit (0-6 Moons)

  • Thornkit was born the oldest of her two other siblings.
  • She is the daughter of Ghoulwrath & Softbreeze.
  • She is the devil's spawn and pulls tricks on the other kits.
  • Thornkit tends to pick on her little brother, Gingerkit.
  • Thornkit calls Morningstar old and says she'll take his place as leader.
  • She gets into a fight with another kit.
  • Thornkit tries to earn her father's respect and praise by attacking other kits.
  • Thornkit acts innocent around her mother and acts like a devil's child when she's not around.
  • Thornkit tricks her brother and his friend into getting in trouble for biting a warrior's tail.
  • Snuck out of camp to explore a bit.
  • Attacked an apprentice named Coffeepaw for coming near her area.
  • Got into mini arguments with Coffeepaw.
  • Caused a rampage trying to sneak off, to go look for her missing father.
  • Hissed at the older warriors for trying to stop her from going after her father and called them useless.
  • Tried to watch her father bring in a huge bloody boar but her mother covered her eyes.
  • Watched as she witnessed a warrior's death.
  • Became an apprentice.

Apprentice (6-12 Moons)

  • Thornpaw got her apprentice name later then her siblings due to being in trouble.
  • Thornpaw became close friends Coffeepaw.
  • Thornpaw picked on other apprentices.
  • Thornpaw began training.
  • Thornpaw had a short conversation with her father about surpassing him.
  • Thornpaw cheered Coffeepaw on when she became a warrior.
  • Thornpaw began to train with her mother mentor.
  • Thornpaw went into the woods with Gingerpaw and ditched him in the woods, leaving him all alone.
  • Thornpaw talked to her mother about making her proud and listened to her mother give her advice.
  • Thornpaw got in trouble by her father due to climbing onto the high-rock and not getting down.
  • Thornpaw learned to kill an adder by her father telling her what to do.
  • Thornpaw tried to help Little Fang find his missing snake pet/friend.
  • Thornpaw vows to find the fox who caused Coffeebean to become paralyzed in her back legs. Thornpaw begins to set pranks and get into some more trouble.
  • Thornpaw & Lunarpaw head out to catch a hedgehog for Thornpaw's best friend, Coffeebean. Thorn catches sight of a fox making a fatal blow to Lunar and jumps into action, protecting Lunar from the fox. Thorn and Lunar take some minor wounds but none that are fatal.
  • Thornpaw meets a new proper she-cat, named Silkpaw. Silkpaw drives Thorn insane and has now created a riverally with her. Yet Thorn shows kindness sometimes.
  • Thornpaw is taken on a patrol where one of Cascadeclan's warriors are caught in a rockslide and Thornpaw witnesses the real truth of what it means and takes to be a warrior. Thornpaw also watches her father say goodbye to his best friend Wolfstrike as Thornpaw felt a sense of fear, imagining it was her saying goodbye to Coffeebean.
  • Thornpaw attacks Silkpaw and pins her to the ground, telling her to shut up and for once think about others then herself and her looks and good manners.
  • Thornpaw attends her first gathering with her Clan along with Sootclan & LilacClan. Thornpaw began to talk with Lunarpaw about becoming a warrior. Thornpaw also had a talk with Batfang about how she and he felt about the gathering.
  • Thornpaw snuck a hedgehog into camp and gave it to Coffeebean as a pet!
  • 4/15/20 Thornpaw became Thornblaze and became a warrior of Cascadeclan!

Warrior (12-21 Moons)

  • Thornpaw is now Thornblaze!
  • Thornblaze goes out on her first patrol.
  • Thornblaze gets her very first apprentice, Sugarpaw.
  • Thornblaze went out hunting with Briarsong & Tinystream and were ambushed by some rouges where Briarsong was kidnaped.
  • Thornblaze works inside camp and takes her mind off knowing the rouges had her mother and brother held hostage.
  • Thornblaze watched as a queen named Shrike who was one of the rouges have her two kits. Feralkit and Fernkit. Thornblaze felt a special bond with the two.
  • Thornblaze went out to fix the camp wall and ends up hearing a yowl, ending up finding Briarsong all beaten and critically injured. She takes her back to camp quickly and visits her everyday in the medic den.
  • Thornblaze has a talk with Creekpaw and Azurepaw about hunting dangerous prey.
  • Thornblaze's day starts off amazing, spending time with her friends and her best friend Coffeebean before she lives through hell when she watched her best friend (Coffeebean) die. Thornblaze is refusing to eat or socialize, she's using work to keep her mind off her best friend's death.
  • Thornblaze lets out all her pain and sadness as she screams at starclan and is comforted by her best friends. Thornblaze becomes less cold and begins to heal and getting back into her old groove. Thornblaze takes apprentices out to train and ends up trying to hunt an eagle but it goes bad due to Thornblaze refusing to kill it due to it being a mother and having young chicks.
  • Thornblaze joins the large battle against the rouges and Cascadeclan and fights along side with her clanmates and best friends. Thornblaze comes out a winner and is proud of her clan and everyone around her. Thornblaze kills a rouge but kills her out of protection of her friend and shows herself she isn't a cold bloody monster.
  • Thornblaze takes over becoming Stormpaw's mentor. She also begins to spend time with Gingerflame and talk to him about his dark experience with the rouges.
  • Thornblaze and Briarsong play pranks on each other for an entire day!
  • Thornblaze and Sugarsnap begin to play in the forest as they spend some time together and get to know each other more.
  • Thornblaze and Briarsong go out hunting and are chased by a badger into a Two-leg town where Two kittypet's one being Riverwind's brother helps them back to the forest. They spend a day's journey and get to know more about the kittypet life and make new bonds.
  • 6/24/20 The day Thornblaze lost part of herself. Thornblaze watched as her father is shot by a farmer and taken from her and her family. Thornblaze is in complete shock and can only cry for the time of being with his limp body. Bringing him back to camp, Thornblaze is emotionless and hides her sadness as she tries to be strong for her family. Thornblaze is keeping her promise to her father to follow his steps and traditions and protect his family and look out for Gingerflame.
  • Thornblaze attends her father's funeral. Thornblaze and her siblings all received part's of their fathers collar at Ghoulwrath's funeral from their mother.

Elite Warrior (19-28 Moons)

  • Thornblaze became an elite on 7/7/20
  • Thornblaze and Lunar had a talk and Thorn let out her emotions and Lunar comforted her as they spent a few days talking out Thorn's pain and feelings.
  • 7/13/20 Thornblaze sadly says goodbye to Lunar as she died in a river. Where she brings flowers to her grave and now is begining to wonder if Starclan is all who they say they are.
  • Thornblaze adopted two abused she-kits, Fernkit and Feralkit and took them under her wing and ended up raising them like her own! Thornblaze loves them so much and they have now grown to become healthy apprentices.
  • Thornblaze became Tinystream's mate!
  • Thornblaze's daughter Fernpaw became a warrior and is now Fernflare! Feralpaw left on her own journey to be with her Bio Father.
  • Thornblaze watched Cherrypaw and Bunnypaw become apprentices!!!
  • Thornblaze comes on a patrol where she finds the cats surrounding something. Thornblaze pads closer as her heart sank, it was her mother. Thornblaze felt her heart shatter at the sight of her dead mother. Instead of breaking down she comforts Bunnypaw and tries to Comfort Cherrypaw.
  • Thornblaze and Bunnypaw went out on a small hunt where they came across Cherrypaw with some odd wounds.
  • Thornblaze worked on the den's, patching up any leak spots with Silkdowny before Leaf-bare hits
  • Thornblaze slowly found out she's expecting...
  • Thornblaze tries to adjust herself to the thought of becoming a mother.
  • Thornblaze got a new apprentice named Hawkpaw!
  • Cherrypaw went missing for a while after they encountered him with odd wounds.
  • Thornblaze and Silkdowny have an argument about Cherrypaw and Thornblaze watched Silkdowny run into the cold forest. Shortly after 3 days, Thornblaze and Hawkpaw go out looking for the she-cat, due to strong leaf-bare coming. They find Silkdowny and take her to camp where she heals.
  • Thornblaze watches Bunnypaw get his warrior name and become Bunnyfreckle.
  • Thornblaze leaves camp to go train Hawkpaw and has Veera, Whiteout and Tinystream accompany her.
  • Thornblaze begins to feel sicker and less motivated due to the kits growing.
  • Thornblaze returns to camp where she finds it under attack by rouges. Thornblaze runs onto the battlefield as she searched the clearing, she found Veera dead, she had lost one of her life's. Thornblaze pulls her Leader to safety in the med den before returning to the scene.
  • Thornblaze sadly comes across Cherrypaw, he was pinning Bunnyfreckle down. Thornblaze tried to talk her brother out of the evil mission but failed. He went by Blitz now and was the leader of the rouges. Thornblaze and Blitz fought till the end, where Thornblaze killed him.
  • Thornblaze spends some time away from her brothers due to them not currently accepting her choice to kill their brother.
  • Thornblaze spends some time talking with Veera, Arielstrike, and Fernflare in the canyon as they chat about family.
  • 12/29/20 Thornblaze wakes from a nap with sharp pain as began puking and her body felt hot. She winced as a warrior went to get Tinystream, sadly at the arrival Thornblaze gave birth to two still-born kits. Tinystream and Thornblaze grieved over the lost. They were known as Twigkit & Violetkit.
  • Had a long talk with Veera about life and the upcoming future for others and herself. Had a heartfelt bond.
  • Thornblaze talked with Bunny and told him the life differences that will happen and that they may depart one day.
  • Thornblaze notices Tinystream becoming anxious and acting different, always running around the med den then leaving and coming back late.
  • Thornblaze wakes up to find Tinystream had disappeared. She saw a vole with a rose beside it, her eyes narrowing as she raced around camp, looking for her love.
  • Thornblaze soon finds Tinystream, finding out he went to go get her a special rose.
  • Thornblaze returns from a solo hunt to find Cascadeclan camp destroyed by a flood, finding the bodies of her once beloved clan, leaving Thornblaze to be all alone.

Loner [Current]

  • Adding Soon

Father: Ghoulmask

Mother: Softbreeze

Grandparents, Mother's Side: Unknown

Grandparents, Father's Side: Unknown

Sibling(s): Cinderspirit (Sis), Gingerflame(Brother), Cherryblitz, Bunnyfreckle(Younger Brothers)

Aunts, Uncles, Mother's Side: Unknown

Aunts, Uncles, Father's side: Unknown

Cousins: Unknown

Nieces:  TBD

Nephews: Sandkit

Offspring: Fernflare(Adoptive), Twigkit & Violetkit (Deceased)

Grandchildren: None


Status: insert

Sexuality: Straight

Mate: insert

Ex-Mates: None

Past Flings: None

Past Crushes: None

Current Crushes: None

Crushing On Thornblaze?: Unknown

Thoughts on love: insert

Looking for...


✓ (yes), ✘ (no), ? (unsure), ❦ (maybe), ❧ (leaning to no)

[✓] Long-lasting Relationship
[✘] Short-term Relationship
[✘] Open Relationship
[✘] Quick Fling
[✘] Kits (out of a fling)
[✓] Kits (Out of a stable, long-lasting relationship)
Interpersonal Relationships

Ghoulwrath | Adreanliine | Father | 100% | Dead | Starclan |


Softbreeze | Forestfrost | Mother | 100% | Dead | Starclan |


Gingerflame | Countcoolpaw67916 | Brother | 100% | Alive | Unknown


Cinderspirit | Lizzy2025b | Sister | 100% | Loner | Alive | Unknown |


Cherryblitz | Littlebeeper | Little Brother | 45% | Rouge | Dead | TBD |


Cinderspirit | Lizzy2025b | Sister | 100% | Loner | Alive | Unknown |


Bunnyfreckle | Mythæ | Little Brother | 100% | Warrior | Unknown | Unknown |


Tinystream | Sweetkins | Mate/Best Friend | 100% | Loner | Unknown | Unknown |


Fernflare | Powerpuffles | Adopted Daughter | 100% | Warrior | Unknown | Unknown |


Twigkit & Violetkit | NPC | Son & Daughter | 100% | Kits | Dead | Starclan |


CASCADECLAN- (Former Clan)

Coffeebean | Daisy999b | Best Friend | 100% | Starclan |

"The night I lost you... It felt like I was on fire.. I miss you so much... I feel empty sometimes when I look for you or think of your scent and face. I miss your voice and that stupid starkly laugh. I loved the memories we made. Because of you, I'm going to work harder then you could imagine. It's been 14 moons without you. So much has happened... I lost my father, I lost Lunar, I said goodbye to Cinder. I even lost myself but... I'm okay because even in the brokenness and heartbreak I found good. I became Elite! I Adopted A Kit and I fell in Love! I Made so many friends! Briarsong, Creekblaze, Azureflight. And even a rival who is now a friend. I also have a fan! I wish you could see this. Cascadeclan is so pure. I hope when the day comes, you'll see it."

Lunareclipse | Littlebeeper | Close Friend | 80% | Dead | Starclan |

"After our little adventures together and our close to death fight with the fox, I grew to understand you better. You and I became the best of friends and I could never ask for someone to replace you! Your so smart and funny! I know one day me and you will be side by side in battle and when we go to battle. I will be there watching your back! Life is a battle and I am willing to beat this battle with you at my side until the end! I Miss you. Losing you was a real pain and I felt so heart broke but because of you, you made me happy! You helped me with my biggest battle... Losing my dad almost destroyed me but there you were. Right at my side. I know your in Starclan and I hope someday I understand the love you have for them and maybe, just maybe, we'll meet again."

Briarsong | Powerpuffles | Best Friend | 100% | Deputy | Unknown | Unknown |

"To be honest, I wasn't much of a fan of you but as I got to know you, I saw you were kind and had a great personality and I began to spend more time. I never forgave myself the day you got kidnapped but part of me thinks that when I got you back, the days and nights I spent in the medic den with you and talked. We became closer and before I knew it. I was able to be myself around you and hearing you stand up for me when I confronted Moonfire about Starclan... It meant a lot. Thank you. Even after Coffeebean's death, you were right there and I was able to talk to you and let myself feel safe to speak... You have this touch, like Coffee. Its like I look into your eyes and I see that everything will be okay and yet I see Coffee's smile. I don't know why. It could be you remind me of her but I vow to protect you at all costs! I am never going to let my friends die from my mistakes anymore. I also will die in a breath to protect your kits. They have my promise."

Sugarsnap | Lizzy2025b | Close Friend | 85% | Warrior | Unknown | Unknown |

"The first day I met you, Morningstar was calling me to become your mentor, you becoming my very first apprentice. I was so cocky and thought I'd make you the best with training. I was wrong. After your accident, we couldn't train due to your bad wounds. I felt I had let you down but as time passed, I began to visit you and bring you prey. Then the day finally came when I got to teach you to hunt adders. Then before I knew it. You were becoming an amazing warrior! I learned that physical training doesn't just make a good warrior. Bonding, playing, talking and being there for them is what helps you grow. I am glad I have a good relationship with you and I hope we have it until I am a nasty mean elder. You did good and I am proud of you! You may not be my apprentice anymore but I will always be there as if you still were."

Creekblaze | Powerpuffles | Good Friend | 95% | Farm Cat | Alive | Farm |

"Oh boy. When I first met you I thought of you as just another punny apprentice. You were but as time went on and I mentored you. I began to see the real you. You were odd and a smart-mouth. You actually made me feel happy at times. After you became a warrior I think we clicked and bonded a lot more. I don't see you as my "Former apprentice" I see you as a friend. A great friend. I always can count on you. Besides you know me as well as I know you. We're partners in crime and I like it. I'll always be there when you call or need me. Also, don't ever change who you are, your one of a kind. I miss you but I know you left to be with your love. I hope you both find happiness at the farm and I cannot wait till we meet again."

Azureflight | Mythæ | Sister-In Law | 100% | Elite Warrior | Unknown | Unknown |

"Azureflight, in the start I knew you'd become a good warrior. You've grown so much since I last trained you. You're doing good with Sagepaw but make sure you try to look from his view. Sometimes apprentice's need their mentor's to look through their eyes. You're an amazing Elite and I hope you keep it up. Also, you better treat my brother like a king because if you break his heart I will have no problem hurting you. I've got my eyes on you."

Silkdowny | Daisy999b | Good Friend | 85% |Unknown | Unknown |


  • This is my spot. Get away!"-Thornkit To Coffeepaw
  • "A warrior has to be reckless. That's what makes them a warrior silly!"-Thornkit to Lunarkit
  • "You think this is bad. Smh, Try being the only kit who is not dumb."-Thornkit to Lunarpaw
  • "You gotta learn to handle things on your own. Mother and Father wont be here to always save you."-Thornpaw To Gingerpaw.
  • "Stop freaking out!"-Thornpaw To Cinnamonpaw about the near by adder.
  • "Gonna tell? Go ahead. Go tell daddy I am being bad."-Thornpaw To Gingerpaw about him tattle tailing on her.
  • "Do you think I'm poison?"-Thornpaw To Coffeebean.
  • "No one is more amazing then my parents. I admire them both. But I don't think I can match them."-Thornpaw To Coffeebean.
  • "Shut up! A warrior is dying and all you care about is how "rude" that warrior was being for leaving without saying bye. Think of others for once!" -Thornpaw To Silkpaw, During Wolfstrike's death.
  • "I regret every moment I think of the times I bullied my brother. So I am warning you too not make the same mistake I made." -Thornpaw to Stormkit.
  • "Your family. I'd do anything for you."-Thornpaw To Coffeebean after her fox accident.
  • "Without A World Of Reckless Fools, You Just Get A Scum Bag World With No Entertainment. You Cannot Enjoy Life If You Stick To The Stupid Warrior Code! Stop Trying To Be Perfect And Just Let Go And Be A Wild Reckless Fool For Once!"-Thornpaw
  • "Don't worry. If Veera goes to starclan, I'll just go there myself and drag her back down here. If anybody in Starclan tries to stop me. I'll send them into the unknown."-Thornblaze to Stormkit about Veera being alright.
  • "Life ain't fair sweetie. Live with it."-Thornblaze to Azurepaw.
  • "If you have time too be afraid then there is enough time too be brave."-Thornblaze to Azurepaw & Creekpaw
  • "You were the first to love me for me, you never saw me as an evil she-cat. You were always at my side. You were like a sister... I am scared to live here without you... I cannot bare living in a world without you in it... Your a piece of me and your the only one who knows who I really am.. Starclan better treat you like a queen! I'll join you maybe when my time comes."-Thornblaze's Last Words To Coffeebean Before Her Death.
  • "I liked it and I felt relief after I killed her..."-Thornblaze to Juniper about enjoying killing the rouge.
  • "A warrior must know the time to kill and when not too. Same goes with hunting. If I'd killed that mother eagle. I would've killed her chicks and gave them a senseless death. I've killed and its not for enjoyment. Its for survival and protection."-Thornblaze to Creekpaw and Azurepaw.
  • "Not everyone you love will stay... Not everyone you trust will be loyal and some felines only exist to be an example of what to want and avoid." Thornblaze To Feralkit & Fernkit After Their Mother Injured Them And Abandoned Them.
  • "Why did they take my dad...-... He was the only cat here keeping me motivated... all my dreams... all my promises! They were to surpass him! I never wanted to surpass him like this! Why did Starclan take my father! Don't they know they're hurting my family and the clan! What's so great about this! Why should we be happy he's in Starclan! I may be greedy but I want him here! I WANT MY DAD BACK HERE WITH ME!" -Thornblaze To Briarsong After Her Father's Funeral.
  • "No one understands! Whenever someone gets close to me, they die! Can't you see? I'm poison."-Thornblaze to Lunareclipse.
  • "Sometimes our mistakes and fails aren't a burden. They are gifts given so when we try again, We succeed!"-Thornblaze to Stormpaw
  • "I may be broken, hurt, and beated down. I may sure as hell not have a good story or a happy ending, I may not make it to a good place but I will say this. I. Am. Not. Dead. Yet."- Thornblaze's words to Starclan.
  • "Success requires patience. Once you've learned that. Great things will happen over time."-Domino To Thornblaze After Their Journey.
  • "Do you love him?"-Honeyflower "Of course I love Tinystream... I-it's just hard for me to express my feelings... I guess I'm just afraid if I say I love you I'll lose him..."-Thornblaze to Honeyflower about his question.
  • "He was amazing! The best of the best! He always was making everyone around him laugh and smile. Some got annoyed but he was a great dad too. He loved mom a lot. He was courageous, smart, humorous, Sly, Ignorant and...-He was brave. Always fought hard. Never left anyone behind. He was my hero... I wanted to be just like him. I admired him. My dream when I was your age was to surpass him. He loves you and always will."-Thornblaze to Bunnypaw About Their Father.
  • "There ain't no me if there ain't no you! You are my other half. I can't do this without you!- Thornblaze to Tinystream about her feelings
  • "Thank You. Thank you for making me the best I can be. Because of you. I've gotten this far! Now I will do all I can to make you proud! I will do my best to keep Cherrypaw and Bunnypaw on the right path. I love you mom. I will never forget you."- Thornblaze's last words to her dead mother.
  • ”I’d do it all over again if it means keeping my brother safe.”-Thornblaze To Azureflight about killing Cherryblitz in order to save Bunnyfreckle.
Q & A / Trivia

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  • Thornblaze regrets the way she spent her apprentice-hood.
  • Thornblaze thinks Rift is the most beautiful/handsome tom she's ever seen, other then Creekblaze & Tinystream.
  • Thornblaze visits the spot where she watched her father; Ghoulwrath get shot by the farmer every new moon.

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