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The Horada Hounds is a post-nuclear canine role-playing group that operates in Discord.
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In 1950, humans began modifying and engineering canines with higher intelligence. They developed new breeds designed solely for war. The dogs created were kept as a top secret government tool, hidden from society until almost one hundred years later, in 2044. They were introduced into the canine workforce, and soon these GMO dogs were operating specially designed aircrafts and undergoing missions, from warfare to outer space exploration.

It was 2103 when nuclear and biological warfare ravaged the earth, and humans fled the surface of their home planet. They left their loyal creations behind to fend for themselves. In 2180, the earth has recovered, in it's own way, from the decades of war. The dogs left behind, with their tools and their mechanicals and their blessed gift of intellect, rebuilt their own societies.
The year is now 2184, with three distinct city-states having been build by the remaining canines. Outside of these cities are wanderers. They have no place of residence and no alliance with the leaders of the city-states or the ideals those leaders keep. Often, you can hear the wanderers murmur about a drifting gang of dogs, an allegiance with all walks of life in it's ranks. They call themselves the Horada Hounds.

The Horada Hounds are a gang of dogs located in the southern sector of the Wasteland, living with loose codes of conduct and a similar goal of post-apocalyptic survival. Complete with a ranking system and high ranking officers, the Horada Hounds seem to be a advanced gang of canines. Lead by Rover, the group functions in the Southern district of the Wasteland.

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