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The Grassland's Sunset
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Species: Aardwolf Religion: TBA
Lore: TBA Naming system: M + F name mixed
Lupu: Rottenvine Tergu: TBA
Auxiliu: TBA Elite Pugnatu: TBA

The land was damp, and itchy. Insert name here was growing hungry. They couldn't last much longer without shelter or food, so they finally grew brave enough to cross the lake. Insert name here hopped across the rocks to the other side of the lake, almost slipping off of the rock they had stopped on, but gripping on fast to save themself. As they stood up, a silhouette was caught in the corner of their eye. They looked over, but did not see the wolf-like creature. Insert name here crossed the lake, despite persisting worry. As soon as they cross, they are tackled by another aardwolf. "Who are you?!" They shout. Insert name here struggled under their paw, whimpering. "I-i'm... Insert name here.." Insert name here said, weakly coughing. "Get out of our territory! You're unfamiliar to our land!" The growling aardwolf barked back. "Please! I need to eat food and get shelter!" Insert name here pleaded. The aardwolf's grip weakened, then they let go. "Fine." They said, walking away. "Consider yourself lucky. By the way, my name is Rottenvine." Insert name here sighed with relief, quickly finding a burrow to nest themself in. They smiled. They could finally stay calm, a day without needing to search for the smallest scrap of food. They chomped down on a plump rabbit, then drifted off to sleep.

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  1. Pippy~mouse
  2. Member
  3. Member
  1. Visitor
  2. Visitor
  3. Visitor
  1. Person
  2. Person
  3. Person
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General Policies
  1. No making people uncomfortable.
  2. Censor things that may be triggering.
  3. No NSFW may be posted.
  4. Follow AGRW and discord's TOS.
  5. The Grassland's Sunset is a main group. If you are in another main group or a group you roleplay in like a main group, you are not allowed in this group.
Roleplay Policies
  1. Follow our general policies.
  2. Do not roleplay without filling out a form.
  3. Keep it real... Or as real as this group is. Don't let the animals pull stuff out of nowhere, teleport, or stuff like that.
  4. No controlling others' characters.
  5. No roleplaying as someone in a different clan/group/as a loner.
  6. Keep your character an aardwolf or hybrid between an aardwolf and another canine.
  7. Keep your character's colors natural. However, if you are an elite pugnatu, lupu, or tergu, you may go through a ceremony to change your character's color palette to a dark blue palette, orange color palette, or yellow color palette.
  8. If your character has a disability, mental or not, it needs to be shown. They can't just get automatically cured when they start roleplaying.
  9. If you read this far, add your favorite animal at the "Other" section of the form.
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The lupu is the leader of the group, being able to change their color palette and hosting events and ceremonies.

Tergu Auxiliu
The tergu is the second in command. They speak alongside the lupu during events and ceremonies.
Rank description
Charname Charname Charname Charname Charname
Owner Owner Owner Owner Owner
Pugnatus are the protectors and fighters of The Grassland's sunset.
Charname Charname Charname Charname Charname
Owner Owner Owner Owner Owner
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Taken Prefixes (A-M)

A: Prefix

B: Prefix

C: Prefix

D: Prefix

E: Prefix

F: Prefix

G: Prefix

H: Prefix

I: Prefix

J: Prefix

K: Prefix

L: Prefix

M: Prefix

Taken Prefixes (N-Z)

N: Prefix

O: Prefix

P: Prefix

Q: Prefix

R: Rotten

S: Prefix

T: Prefix

U: Prefix

V: Prefix

W: Prefix

X: Prefix

Y: Prefix

Z: Prefix

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Physical Limits

Fully blind (0/2) - Open

Partially blind (0/2) - Open

Hybrid (0/3) - Open

Fully Deaf (0/2) - Open

Partially Deaf (0/2) - Open

Albino (0/1) - Open

Heterochromia (0/3) - Open

Mute (0/2) - Open

Selectively mute (0/2) - Open

Paralysis (0/2) - Open

Amputee (0/2) - Open

Dwarf (0/2) - Open

Lame Limb (0/2) - Open

Lazy Eye (0/2) - Open

Taken By

Character - Limitation

Character - Limitation

Character - Limitation

Mental Limits

Depression (0/3) - Open

Anxiety (0/3) - Open

PTSD (0/3) - Open

OCD (0/3) - Open

DID (0/2) - Open (must include the info of the alters in your form, and specify which alter you are roleplaying)

Bipolar disorder (0/3) - Open

ADD (0/3) - Open

ADHD (0/3) - Open

Narcissism (0/2) - Open

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Event explanation

Event explanation

Event explanation

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Joining/Adding OC

OC Name:

Discord name + Tag:

Your Pronouns:

OC's Pronouns:

OC Limitation(s):

OC Alters (If they have DID):

OC Hybrid Species (If hybrid:

Desired Role:



OC Name:

Discord name + Tag:

Spectator or roleplayer?:

Your Pronouns:

OC's Pronouns:

Chance of joining:


Leaving/Removing OC


Discord name + Tag:

Reason (opt.):

How can we improve? (if leaving):

Rating of your experience (out of 10) (if leaving):


People you'd like to know about your departure (if leaving):

How the OC Died (if removing OC):


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Lupu Rank Rank Rank Rank

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This format was entirely coded by Spacedoutdolphin and is F2U with credit. You can find a blank version of this format here.

Thanks to you, <insert name here>, for taking a look at this page!

Complimentary accepting/declining forms are below, feel free to change any/all text within

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Congratulations, (name)! You have been accepted into The Grassland's Sunset as a (rank).
We're very glad to have you here at The Grassland's Sunset! We do hope for you to stay!

-(Name), Lupu/Tergu of (group name tbn)

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Sorry, (name), but you have been declined from (group name tbn) for the following reasons:

  • (reason1)
  • (reason2)
  • (reason3)

Once these things are achieved/removed, you will be accepted.

-(Name), Lupu/Tergu of (group name tbn)