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about the blessed isle...
the blessed isle is a system consisting of four groups: dorchae, litavis, taodí, and spéir. located in a mythical ireland, each group worships a particular figure from celtic/irish mythology, which forms the basis of roleplay in the blessed isle.
the dorchae worships the morrígan, a goddess of war and fate, especially pertaining to death, with the sacred symbol of a crow. their leader, the flamekeeper, has a singular orange eye, glowing with the fire of the phantom queen.
the litavis worships the dagda, a master of agriculture, seasons, and time, with the sacred symbol of the deer. their leader, the earthspeaker, is adorned with antlers as a symbol of their appointment.
the taodí worships dobhar-chú, a mythical beast said to be part-otter, part-cat, with the sacred symbol of the otter. their leader, the wavewatcher, is gifted the gills and fins of a fish, making them at home within the sea.
the spéir worships taranis, the god of thunders, storms, and the sky, with the sacred symbol of the owl. their leader, the windbearer, is granted the gift of wings, a symbol of their dedication to their god.
history and plotlines

pre clans.

the tale of the blessed isle is an interesting one.

the four founders of the blessed isle, emberfoot, blackthorn, thymebreeze, and seawalker were once all trusted warriors of their former clan, owlclan. although, the atmosphere of the clan was… uneasy and tense. owlclan had been like this for a while, though. with the rise of their new leader, russetstar, the clan had changed. russetstar was known to the clan as a bloodthirsty, malicious cat who only cared about his own success.

the clan had turned into a hellscape rather than a comfortable home.

russetstar had hoarded prey, denied care to sick and injured cats- it’s like he wanted this clan to fail.

emberfoot, blackthorn, thymebreeze, and seawalker were all close friends in their clan- and it seemed like they were the only cats who weren’t at eachother's throats. the four were uneasy- nervous for what was to come within owlclan. multiple cats had died in the camp under russetstars guidance, and he had done nothing to stop it.

the four cats had gone out for patrol one night- although it wasn’t uncommon for the cats to find any excuse to get out of camp, even for a little bit. during the moons of russetstar’s reign, the four had grown rather close in their disdain for their leader.

while out on patrol, the four cats were unexplainably pulled to the far corner of the owlclan territory. the sight wasn’t terribly unfamiliar- it was on that the cats of owlclan had seen many times in their life. however, this time it was… different. there was a thick fog that wafted over the land- an unusual occurrence for the clan.

the four cats cautiously ventured into the fog, only for them to vanish, never to be seen by owlclan again.

although, this wasn’t their end.

when they emerged from the fog, the four cats were greeted with an unfamiliar land. it was calm- and very different from the home they had found in owlclan. the isle was almost vacant, granted a few other cats who were equally as confused as the four.

early clans.

although their start at the isle was rocky, it didn’t take long for each of the cats to found their own clans on the isle. each cat claimed their own respective territory for their clan with a common land in the middle, wishing for their clans to live in harmony. despite their different ideas of a “home”, the four cats remained friendly and diplomatic with each other.

emberfoot, leader of burntclan, made her home within the mountains. she made herself a fearless leader, vowing to protect those in her clan.

blackthorn, leader of primroseclan, made a home within the hills and valleys. he was a kind, caring leader who pledged himself to the cats in his clan.

thymebreeze, leader of gustclan, founded her clan in the cliffsides of the isle, and made the greatest commitment any cat could. she promised for their clan to prosper.

seawalker, leader of tideclan, settled in the shipwrecks of the coastline. seawalker bonded themselves to the lives of the cats of tideclan, providing shelter to those in their care.

the four leaders of the clan, although separated, had never been closer. even though their duties as leader kept them apart, the four leaders vowed that their relationships would remain the same. after the first four-clan gathering, the leaders declared that every year there would be a festival. it was deemed the four friends celebration, where each year the clans would come together to celebrate the alliances of their clans- of their leaders who gave them a home.

and everything was perfect.

the burnt war.

well.. it was. even though the clans alliances were strong, nothing could prepare them for what happened next.

the disappearance of emberfoot was one that shocked all of the clans. burntclan became closed off and suspicious of the other clans. burntclan accused gustclan primarily due to their bordering territories, but burntclan also accused primroseclan and tideclan for being accomplices to their leader’s murder.

the tension between the four clans arose, weakening the relationships of the four clans. the war didn’t start until a group of burntclan cats snuck into the gustclan camp, killing thymebreeze as an act of revenge.

thymebreeze was found in the early morning, although no one had found the culprit.

it was then that the cats of gustclan marched to the camp of burntclan, declaring war against the other clan. after moons of their accusations and the murder of their leader, gustclan couldn’t let this continue. the war started later that afternoon when the burntclan cats ambushed a gustclan patrol, killing three and injuring one.

blackthorn and seawalker were shocked- distraught by the deaths of their friends, they didn’t have a clue of what to do. although their relations with the other clan’s were strong, they couldn't help but be appalled by the actions of burntclan. the two clans gave their assistance to gustclan, although they felt like they had betrayed emberfoot by not offering their assistance to burntclan, but how could they after burntclan had killed so many innocent cats?

medicine cats and warriors were granted to gustclan until the war ended.

the burnt war was short lived. it wasn’t until one of the burntclan warriors stumbled upon emberfoots body in one of their cave tunnels. she had been crushed by the rubble in the tunnel once it had collapsed. a tragic event, but it was much simpler than what burntclan had accused gustclan of.

burntclan abruptly surrenders to gustclan late in the night, praying that they could gain gustclan’s forgiveness. although it didn’t come easy, gustclan treated their surrender with grace. the cats of gustclan had forgiven burntclan- even reluctantly- but were still on rocky terms with the clan after the war had ended.

the blight.

the blight affected all four clans, although it seemed to impact primroseclan and tideclan the most.

it started after winter began- which is expected. prey had become more scarce and harder to find, especially with many of the rodents the cats ate hibernating. the clans had prepared for this- or they thought they did.

when spring began, the rodents didn’t leave their dens. any stray prey hadn’t found themselves lost within the clans camps, either. no prey could be found for days. the winter supply of prey was running low, and all the clans had hungry cats to feed. primroseclan ran out of food first.

blackthorn was desperate to find any prey- even a small shrew to feed the cats of primroseclan. when blackthorn approached burntclan desperate for any help they could get. burntclan, still reeling from effects of the war, denied primroseclan. they had told blackthorn that they had too much to worry about, and they didn’t have enough time to provide primroseclan with enough prey to feed their entire clan.

distraught, blackthorn retreated to the primroseclan territory, scared for what was to come for his clan.

at the next clan gathering, blackthorn brought up his concerns with primroseclan’s lack of prey in their territory, but none of the other clan’s could help. tideclan, equally struggling with the lack of prey in their territory like primroseclan, burntclan and gustclan barely having enough prey to feed their clans.

the gathering ended without a clear answer of how to solve the problems. although gustclan and burntclan were able to maintain enough rations of their prey to survive, however, primroseclan and tideclan were left to the wolves.

both clans faced bouts of cats being malnourished, starved, even cats dying left and right for a period of time. neither of the clans had a clue of what to do. tideclan and primroseclan couldn’t support each other, and with gustclan and burntclan refusing their help, the clans wouldn’t be able to survive until the fall.

the blight lasted for months on end, most of the populations of tideclan and primroseclan diminishing. it wasn’t until the middle of spring, the prey began to come out of their burrows. although it wasn’t a lot, the cats of primroseclan and tideclan were grateful for this gift. it was almost like it was an act of divine intervention.

peace times.

after the end of the blight, the four clans were on purely neutral terms. blackthorn and seawalker, however, were increasingly disappointed with burntclan and gustclan’s response to the blight.

the clan’s relations become strained, but they remain diplomatic with each other. the clans don’t offer much assistance to each other, but they do work together when necessary. the cats of the isle were unsure of what to think of each other.

even though this was considered “peace times”, this era felt uneasy and tense to the cats of the isle, but no one could explain an exact reason. it seems like the clans had forgotten what they had been founded on- their community.

during the peace times, six of the four friends' celebrations had been canceled.

after the death of blackthorn at the beginning of the peace times, his second in command took over primroseclan- now the litavis- gaining her antlers. cardinalwhisker declared that she wouldn’t let the clans fall apart like this- vowing that she would somehow bring the clans back together.

the unity.

the events of the unity are just like it sounds.

cardinalwhisker, alongside the new leader of tideclan, otterheart, worked tirelessly to bring the cats of the isle back together.

through moons and moons of deliberation, the two cats managed to slowly- but surely- bring the four clans closer together. through small gifts and offerings at gatherings, the relationship between the clans began to mend.

the first four friends' celebration after the six year hiatus was… difficult, to say the least. the four leaders of the clans barely interacted with each other- and the majority of the clans members didn’t show for the gathering.

even though it was an official celebration, it just felt like a regular old clan meeting.

but through moons, and moons of persistence from cardinalwhisker and otterheart, the second four friends celebration was a success!

for the first time since the beginning, the clans seemed like one- united in a way they hadn’t been in years. it was like the start of the clans all over again. ever since the unity began, the clans had been closer than ever.

the unity is a testament to the four clans’ strength, perseverance, and resilience. thanks to the efforts of otterheart and cardinalwhisker, the four friends festival now stands as a symbol of the past and a reminder of the future yet to come.

current day.

thanks to otterheart and cardinalwhisker, the four groups have lived in peace for years. each clan had grown through several changes, developing their own traditions and culture as they grew closer to their home and the blessed isle.

burntclan became the dorchae, an isolated clan within the maere mountains focused on the worship of the morrígan. primroseclan shifted into the litavis, calling the blackthorn forests their home and the dagda their deity. gustclan became the spéir, dwelling on the cliffsides and worshiping the ever-present breeze of taranis. tideclan became the taodí, exploring the ocean with a vigor akin to the playful nature of their otter god, dobhar-chú.

now, the fate of the blessed isle lies in the current leaders’ paws. vireo, dorchae’s young and unsure leader still reeling from the loss of her family. vasa, adorned with the antlers of litavis but locked in a struggle to gain the clan’s trust. spire’s peak, dealing with a fearful clan after the death of their healer and religious connection. caligo, wrangling her sudden rise to wavewatcher after a strange mass disappearance that left taodí a shadow of its former glory.

where will the blessed isle lead you?

none! keep an eye out ...


june 13th the blessed isle is created!
june 14th the blessed isle begins development, and the page begins construction.
july 1st the blessed isle officially opens, and is open for new members!


the crowkeep ✦ dorchae camp
crowkeep's watch crowkeep's watch is the entrance to the crowkeep, a narrow tunnel that enhances the crowkeep's defensive capability. cats can only walk down the tunnel singlefile before it opens into the wider crowkeep cavern.
the hearth the hearth is a stone circle, placed meticulously around the stone basin in which the eternal flame rests. it acts as the meeting square for dorchae, where the flamekeeper will present their announcements, and a gathering spot for worship.
flamekeeper's chambers a private area only accessible by a small hallway, the flamekeeper's chambers are located behind the hearth and are only used by the flamekeeper.
crowdoctor's hollow next to the flamekeeper's chambers is the crowdoctor's hollow. it is akin to a carved out niche in the cavern wall, hidden away by a carpet of hanging moss.
combatants' pit the combatants' pit is a deep dish within the ground of the cavern, filled with moss for the comfort of the warriors.
novices' den the novices' den is next to the combatants' pit, and is in a similar set up.
the nursery like the crowdoctor's hollow, the nursery is set within a wide niche on the wall and hidden away with hanging moss.
veterans retreat the veteran's retreat is in a special spot of the crowkeep, where the den is open to the fresh air of the maere mountains. many cats frequent the retreat despite not being veterans.
the underworld ✦ dorchae territory
main avenue the main avenue is the main exit tunnel leading from the crowkeep into what dorchae calls the underworld.
moonlit mere the moonlit mere is a massive underground lake. there is a sound of water that echoes from somewhere much deeper within the mountain. there are some special species of fish that dart around under the surface of the mere's water. the stone shores are wet and slippery, so exceptional balance and excellent swimming skills are required.
the chasm the chasm is probably the largest cavern under the maere mountains, even more spacious than the crowkeep. in an effort to light the place, some embers from the eternal flame can be found flickering in the shadows.
glowing gulf the glowing gulf is a much smaller cave, fitting at most only three or four felines at a time. the reason why this is such a popular place, however, is its large glowworm population, lighting up the small cave in pale blue light. a small stream trickles through the cave.
various side tunnels from the main avenue stem off several different side-tunnels. a lot of these end in dead ends- smaller caves and niches, but some lead to locations such as the moonlit mere and the glowing gulf. unexplored tunnels are marked with the symbol of a crow, and it is forbidden to venture down those tunnels.
maere mountains ✦ dorchae territory
crowkeep ledge the crowkeep ledge is immediately outside the crowkeep's watch, a long slab of stone where cats can perch on to watch the sky.
the morrigan's cross the morrigan's cross is a flat area near the top of the maere mountain, accessible by scaling the mountain face. however, generations of walking have revealed a steady path, so it is one of the least dangerous spots to visit on the mountain.
maere pass the maere pass, opposite to the morrigan's cross, is located beneath the crowkeep ledge, the only way to access the deadlands. the path down the mountain is winding and exhausting, but there is little to no danger involved
the deadlands the deadlands is a massive area that borders both litavis and speir, on either sides of the maere mountains. dorchae cats rarely go this far down the mountain, but the brown plains sometimes hold more prey than what they can find on the mountain.

the grove ✦ litavis camp
the gates the gates are the entrance to the grove. there’s a small pocket reserved for welcoming cats into the grove. although, there aren’t actual gates, the area is guarded to keep unwanted cats out of their home.
the clearing the clearing in the grove is rather spacious. the grove is surrounded by large, sturdy trees that protect the camp from unwanted visitors. each of the dens in the grove are visible from the center stump- the meeting stump. the dens are all made from clay, providing a sturdy home for the cats. the grove is beautifully decorated with flower beds grown by the litavis cats themselves. sunflowers, representing life. white carnations, representing unity and community. and azaleas, representing healing. although the camp has these flowers, they’re not to be picked or used until a ceremony arises. the fresh kill pile can be found off to the side next to the nursery and tree stump’s den.
earthspeaker burrow the earthspeaker burrow is quite roomy and spacious. one moss bed can be found near the back side of the den. the den is surrounded by flowers and small animal bones. along the sides of the walls, the previous leaders are hung on the ceiling with vines- although some are missing.
healing shelter the healing shelter isn’t the largest, but it’s quite comfortable. there are multiple beds for any patients the druid and the druid novice may have. there are beds for both the druid and the druid novice. the walls are simple and mostly plain, but there are vines as decoration. all of the herbs used to heal wounded cats are neatly organized along the back wall of the den.
the dugout the dugout is by far the largest den of the grove. there are multiple large beds that can fit all of the rangers in the litavis. each den is decorated by each member of the litavis, adding their own personal touch to make it more homey. although there are no decorations on the walls, the den is still colorful and full of life.
novice hollow the novice hollow is roughly the same size as the rangers den. each novice has a mossy nest decorated with an assortment of items that can be found in the territory- things like sticks and pinecones. the novice den is also fairly plain on the walls- but it’s still very homey and energetic.
the nursery the nursing den is by far the most cozy den within the grove. equipped with any materials a nurturer might need, the den is a safe and comfortable space for both nurturers and seedlings. the walls are slightly insulated with moss to keep the seedlings warm during colder months, as well as easily accessible prey.
tree stump cave the tree stump cave is relatively similar to the nursery. although small, its cozy. neatly decorated with animal skulls and flowers from the clearings flowerbeds, the den is made to ease the tree stumps into their retirement. the den is also slightly insulated with moss to keep the stumps warm in cold months.
blackthorn forest ✦ litavis territory
the dense forest the dense forest, like the name suggests, is very dense with big trees. because of where the grove is situated, the area around it is like this for quite a while. the dense forest is quite safe, but the amount of prey there is scarce.
the buck lake the buck lake takes up a rather large expanse of land. the area around the lake itself is marshy and muddy. the foliage around the lake is thick, and its often easy to get lost or stuck within it if you venture into it.
the novice clearing an open, wide expanse of land that allows novices to train with their mentors. there are few trees and bushes- and there’s no water for the cats to fall into. the clearing is open enough for multiple cats to train at once.
the muddy river the muddy river is a gentle, calm river that flows throughout the litavis territory. although the river grows harsh in storms, it’s mostly safe to traverse. it’s easy to hunt, although the trout that normally occupy the river seem to be missing. now, its lucky to find them there.
the whitetail meadows the whitetail meadows are a calm area bustling with life. the large pine trees in the area are full of birds- although it seems that they’re starting to vanish these days. the meadow is full of beautiful yellow and red flowers that are soft on the eyes.
evergreen mountains ✦ litavis territory
the wisteria tree the wisteria tree is where all offerings to the dagda are made. the tree is situated in a mountainous hollow, surrounded by boulders and pine trees. a clearly carved path was formed by generations of litavis cats, making it easy for the cats to find.
the crystal grotto the crystal grotto is a small cave with different kinds of crystals growing from the sides of the cave and the ceiling. the color range of the crystals goes from clear, white, red, and blue. although there isn’t much here, it’s quaint and cozy.
the doe plains although similar to the novice clearing, there’s a very wide expanse of flat land and rolling hills here. the amount of trees is scarce- there’s only a few trees that can be seen at any point in time.
the wastelands the wastelands is the space of territory that borders the dorchae. the litavis cats rarely come this far out into their territory, but they venture out if needed. it’s not advised for cats to venture out this far.

the lagoon ✦ taodí camp
the deck the deck operates as a clearing area for taodí. the wooden surface is surprisingly untouched by the salty water, resulting in a solid platform for many cats to lounge on.
wavewatcher's post above the deck lies the wavewatcher's post. a living area exposed to the sky, the wavewatcher's nest faces the anchu sea, with little to no protection from the ocean breeze.
first mate's den below the wavewatcher's post is the first mate's office, accessible by a wooden entryway with a door that has long since fallen off its hinges. inside are multiple nests, as the first mate and the officers both sleep here.
quartermaster's chambers the quartermaster's chambers is the first den underneath the main deck, and takes up the front half of the ship. sectioned off by a carpet of hanging seaweed, the quartermaster's chamber makes room for several nests and herb storage, away from the water and other elements.
crewmates deck the majority of the rest of the secondary deck is taken up by the crewmates' room. both cadets, shipkeepers, and voyagers make their nests here, and there is a sizable hole nestled just above the shore that allows for easy access in and out of the ship.
nursery on the third and final level of the ship, buried deep within the sand, is the nursery. accessible by a hole peeking into the crewmates' deck, the nursery shelters droplets and nurturers away from water and wind.
seadogs' haven on the other side of the third level lies the seadogs' haven. it is nestled in a part of the ship that has started dipping into the shallows, creating a pleasant mini-cove for elders to enjoy.
the golden shores ✦ taodí territory
the woodlands far from the sandy coast, the treeline looms overhead. the woodlands acts as the border between litavis and taodi, and sometimes taodi patrols will venture into the trees for herbs and prey. the healthy relationship between litavis and taodi means that this area is well-traveled by both groups.
anchu coast the anchu coast spans the entirety of the golden shores. anchu's sea gently laps at the sand, and sometimes seagulls can be found hopping along the coastline.
sending shoals the sending shoals is a secluded area on the far end of the anchu coast, where the ocean has bled into the beach. there are many gentle pools here, constantly fluctating in size. the shoals earned its name due to the popularity of sending stones found here, as the pools polish many pebbles to an impeccable shine.
dobhar's drop the wild stream and waterfall separating taodi territory from speir is referred to as the dobhar's drop. taodi cats rarely venture this far from their beach, but some species of fish can be found here. the dobhar's drop is also a popular location for finding sending stones.
the anchu archipelago ✦ taodí territory
dobhar's cove the first of three islands that taodi mainly inhabit, dobhar's cove is a small isle. unnatural stony features rise from the sand, curling in on each other to form a hidden cave. within the cave lies dobhar's pool, crystal clear water that rarely shifts. the dobhar's cove is where wavewatchers go to earn their title, as well as a popular place of worship for the dobhar-chu.
misty meadows the misty meadows is a longer isle, a fair distance away from dobhar's cove. there are no trees on the misty meadows, and the island seems to be constantly foggy and misty. within the meadows sometimes live various rodents, but the meadows is mainly used as a place of relaxation and rest.
anchu atoll anchu atoll is the furtherest island taodi has explored. the atoll is a small piece of land, almost simply a large rock, but is used as a checkpoint for future taodi expeditions. the atoll offers an excellent view of the ocean, but the sea seems to be mysteriously foggy nearly all of the time.
the forgotten keys the forgotten keys is the title given to unexplored lands of the archipelago. cats are not allowed to venture past the atoll, except on sanctioned voyager expeditions.

the great cavern ✦ spéir camp
the stepping stones the stepping stones are a series of rocky outcroppings leading up to the wall of the great cavern, the stones are just far enough apart that it would be slightly challenging for a non-speir cat to jump across quickly, though speir cats from fledgling on can jump the gaps as easily as walking.
cavern clearing the cavern's clearing is the large center of the great cavern, bordering from the wall alongside the edge of the cavern to the windbearer's perch. the clearing is used as a social space alongside a gathering location when the windbearer is making an announcement or performing ceremonies on the windbearer's perch. the perch is the tallest accessible point within the great cavern, it is a rocky shelf in the center of the back wall. It is visible from everywhere within the clearing, making it the best place for the windbearer to speak to the entire clan.
the windbearer's hollow the windbearer's hollow is a small cave beneath the windbearer's perch with a few small ledges leading up to the entrance. within the cave, there is a mossy nest on the right side reserved for the windbearer and occasionally their mate, though mates must still sleep in the proper place the majority of the time. on the other side, there is a cleared space used for the windbearer taking private meetings and conversations.
the breezespeaker's burrow the breezespeaker’s burrow has an entrance which is flush to the ground of the cavern to remain accessible to cats unable to climb due to illness or injury. there is a short tunnel to access the burrow, before opening into a den with room for about 3 nests on the right and natural crevices used for storing herbs along the back portion of the left wall of the burrow. on the left closest to the entrance, there is a nest for the breezespeaker alongside room for a second for a fledgling which are seperate from the other nests to prevent infection from cats they are treating.
the nest the nest is a cave on the left side of the great cavern, it is one of the two sleeping areas with an entrance accessible to the ground as nestlings cannot jump to the higher caves. Within the nest, there are 4 sections of soft moss along the edge for nestkeepers and their nestlings. there is also a small area of clear rock to provide the nestlings a place to play before they're old enough to venture into the clearing. the nest is generally a bit messy, as anywhere that always has nestlings is bound to have moss everywhere.
fledgling's loft the fledgling's loft is another cave found on the left side of the great cavern. unlike the nest, the fledgling’s loft is further up on the wall of the cavern, with a few stone shelves to climb in order to gain access to the entrance of the den. within the loft, there is plenty of room for many fledgling’s nests alongside a small pathway to access each nest without stepping through other nests. there is a bit of plant coverage in front of the entrance of the loft to provide privacy since there is not a tunnel between the cavern and the loft.
elders roost the elder’s roost is on the right side of the cavern with only a couple low stone steps to access it. the entrance to the roost is a bit wider than some of the other dens, with a bit of plant cover to provide privacy for the cats. within the den there is a lot of soft moss and feathers throughout alongside each elder’s nest for the comfort of the older cats.
the grotto the grotto is a cave on the same face of rock as the elder’s roost, though it is quite a bit higher than it. the entrance of the grotto is a tunnel about two cats wide about halfway up the wall of camp with rocky outcroppings leading to it before it widens into the largest of the dens. in the large den, there is room for a lot of nests with some pathways for easier access, the nicest of the nests are reserved for the most experienced raptors, the surveyors, and the quillkeeper.
the owl valley ✦ spéir territory
training plateau a large, flat, area of rock used for teaching the fledglings how to fight and hunt. it is close to the great cavern, but it requires a series of small jumps in order to access it due to its higher elevation. the jumps are safe enough that even the youngest of fledglings can safely navigate them. the plateau backs up jumps used to teach fledglings how to use their environment to their advantage.
spiraling path the spiraling path has a series of outcroppings spiraling both rocky walls of the path. this is used to test jumping skills of fledglings plus being a good hunting ground for birds searching for food as the cats of speir use the amount of alternating outcroppings to their advantage.
wooded highland the wooded highland is a large area of forest home to most forest prey on the territory. on the edge of the highland, the cavern’s entrance is visible when it is clear out, though it is much lower on the cliff side. this area is always green because the majority of trees are large evergreen trees alongside resilient deciduous trees. the speir cats use the tall trees to ambush prey beneath them and gather most of the moss and feathers in the cavern from this area.
the point the point is the tallest area of the owl valley accessible to cats. it is a small, flat area of rock that is quite difficult for less experienced cats to get up to. it has a view of the entire owl valley and parts of the further speir territory. being able to not only climb the point, but to climb it quickly, is a point of pride for any speir cat. fledglings and newer raptors are strictly not allowed to attempt the point, though that doesn't always stop them.
the cliff sides the cliff sides are throughout speir territory, though some have been labeled unsafe by the surveyors using feathers tied to rocks as a marker, birds occasionally nest along them, though speir cats must be careful near nests for risk of birds defending them.
windswept mountains ✦ spéir territory
echoing rift the echoing rift is the sacred place for the speir and their deity. there's a path worn into the rock from long generations of speir cats leaving their offerings. the rift is filled with an almost uncanny echo of their sacred animal, the great horned owl, despite there being no discernable source. the sky is easily visible within the rift despite the tall faces of the rocks surrounding the rift. this is where the windbearer will receive their wings, and where the breezespeakers communicate with the taranis and ancestors of the speir.
secluded ravine this small patch of trees is the most peaceful of the speir hunting grounds, though they are quite tedious to navigate to. the secluded ravine is in a very hidden spot of speir territory, and is a very common place for cats to find feathers alongside a quiet place to be alone. the ravine is a pocket of green and life within the rock of the mountains and houses ground dwelling prey like mice which are less common throughout the rest of the territory.
the cascade the cascade is the closest speir territory to the taodi, though it is at a significantly higher elevation than any taodi territory. It is the culmination of all the small streams running throughout speir territory merging into one, resulting in a large waterfall. the cascade is very dangerous as the fast-moving water of the waterfall causes all of the surrounding rock to be very slick with water, leaving speir cats unable to gain traction on it. occasionally, there can be fish to hunt within the waters of the cascade, though speir cats are discouraged from attempting to hunt there.
the barren plains the barren plains is a very large area that serves as the border between dorchae and speir. the cats of the speir very rarely venture down to the plains as it can be quite dangerous and cats are advised against it.

the four friends flatland ✦ the common grounds
the wastelands / the deadlands the border between the litavis and dorchae territory. a clear path can be seen, carefully carved out by the cats of the clans traversing the land on the way to their meeting spot.
the deadlands / the barren plains the border between the dorchae and speir territories. the path, similar to the others, is worn down from generations of cats walking to the meeting spot.
the cascade / dobhar's drop this is the border between the speir and toadi territories. although, its not recommended to travel this way due to the severe drop in elevation, as well as the waterfall that follows the cliff.
dobhar's drop / the wastelands this is the border between the taodi and litavis clans. the clans have worn down a path, although it’s not as visible or noticeable as the others.
the meeting spot the meeting spot is where all clan meetings are held. each moon, the four clans will meet and discuss with the other clans- things that need to be improved, their diplomatic relations, etc. real boring stuff like that. this is the only land in the isle that is shared wholly by the clans. any member of any clan can come here whenever they please, although it’s not advised.

the land beyond the territories is enveloped in a thick fog.. it appears that this area isn't ready to be explored yet.

the dorchae makes its home within the dark confines of caverns and tunnels, navigating with an ease that became instinctual over several generations. militant, strict, and dedicated, dorchae cats are equipped with superior nightvision and a nocturnal routine fit for survival in their harsh environment.
the litavis makes a home within the soft foliage of the forest. typically adorned with bone accessories, the litavis cats pride themselves in their preservation of life, as well as the spirits of those who have long since passed. litavis cats typically have strong builds to help them navigate the terrain of their home.
the cats of the taodí reside in the ruins of a shipwreck nestled on the golden shores. a relaxed, mostly care-free group with a penchant for play and exploration, cats of the taodí are equipped with sleek, shiny fur, strong tails, and webbed paws, suited for their watery home.
the speir reside on the cliffsides of the isle and have evolved an enhanced jumping ability and better speed over generations. they are often seen wearing various natural accessories and are generally taller than most cats, with a cultural focus on their history and religious connection.

general rules
  • respect . treat all members of the blessed isle with respect and dignity. the use of hate speech in our server is strictly prohibited, and will not be tolderated under any circumstances, period. discrimination based off race, gender, sexuality, etc. will result in an instant and permanant ban.
  • swearing . while swearing is allowed in and out of roleplay, we do encourage you to keep it to a minimum! if someone asks you to tone it back, please do so. the use of slurs is prohibited, even if you're able to reclaim any slurs.
  • minimum age . you must follow discord's tos to be apart of the blessed isle. although coppa states you must be 13+ to have an account, we require members to be *at least* 15+.
  • nsfw . nsfw is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • advertising . keep all advertising in #📰:self-promo !
  • personal conflicts . if a personal conflict arises within the server, please don't continue it in the general chats. resolve any personal conflicts within dm's if possible! the password is promise.
  • channels . please use all of the channels for their intended purposes! this is just for organizations sake.
  • crediting . remember to credit any art you use, weather it be from picrew or another artist.
roleplay rules
  • realism . although this is a server that is loosely based on unrealistic concepts, please keep most things in the realm of realism. nothing like warping limbs in positions that aren't anatomically possible.
  • grammar and literacy . basic grammar and literacy is a granted. the blessed isle is a literate server, and it's recommended for 3+ sentences per response. latin (or "advanced") roleplay is discouraged for simplicity's sake.
  • powerplay . no character is extremely powerful. all characters are on an even playing field. no character can instantly harm or damage another.
  • oc injury/death . do not cause harm or kill other's ocs without permission! although things like minor injuries are permitted (scratches, sprains, etc.), any major injuries or death must be discussed between character operators.
  • plotlines . depending on the plotline, make sure to discuss it with the higher ranks!
    • ex. if you were going to suggest a plot that affects one clan, talk to that clans leader. same goes for two, and three. if you'd like a plot that affects all the clans, please talk to the four clans leaders and their seconds.
  • high ranks . you can not be a high rank in multiple clans. if you were, it would be unfair to other people who want to be high ranks!
    • ex . if you're the deputy in one clan, you cannot apply to be deputy in another clan.

if theres anything you need clarified, don't hesitate to ask!

member list
  • superstrs [2/5 ocs, vasa, larchlight]
  • hollyysv [2/5 ocs, vireo, kaila]
  • pinpricked [1/5 ocs, spire's peak]
  • seeyounextcrime [1/5 ocs, caligo]
  • caninecourtesy [1/5 ocs, mellan]
  • fjrd [1/5 ocs, hanspryia]
  • phrogbabe [1/5 ocs, arcelia]
frequently asked questions
q: how many characters can i have?
as of now, you can have five characters in the blessed isle that can be distributed as you see fit. a sixth oc slot can be purchased from our server shop.
q: do i have to join all four groups?
nope! while this may be the most common for members to get the most out of the blessed isle, you are not required to join all four!
q: can i have a high rank in more than one group?
as of now, you are only permitted to hold one high rank across all four groups. i.e. if you are a deputy in litavis, you cannot be a high rank in the remaining three groups. a high rank is considered to be medicine cat (varies depending on group) or above.
additionally, all high ranks will be filled out via applications. keep an eye out for that!
q: how do i become a pixel artist/page editor/plot writer?
undecided right now! we will most likely send out applications for these positions.
q: can i be sorted under a different group in the server list?
you will be sorted under the first group you join, which we consider to be the "main" group. however, the only thing this affects is your role color! if you wish to be sorted under a different group/have a different role color, feel free to contact a staff member for assistance.
the main page is coded by kilbyboy.
the individual pages are made in collaberation of kilbyboy and hollyysv !
all images on the main page belong to disney.
ideas and concepts
all ideas belong to the founders ( superstrs, hollyysv, pinpricked )
big thanks to beesp1t for helping us with the discord server and concept ideas!
thank you so much for considering the blessed isle! if you'd like to join, all of the applications are in the server. if you want to visit, just join the server straight up and verify yourself! we cant wait to see you there!