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"Don't change yourself just because society said to"
Name Tea
Gender Female
Mate None
Sexuality Straight
The Range
Age A year and a half
Breed German Shepherd
Roleplayer autumnlovestea
Ranking Fighter
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Tea is an attractive Timberwolf who is decent in size. She has long fur and a medium length tail. She has amber eyes. Tea has a dark bundle of colors on her coat, Including black, gray and brown. She is mainly black with brown accents and gray splotches. She has very beautiful features. She doesn't look much like her parents.


Tea is very at peace with herself and is very calm and level headed. Tea tries to keep her guard up and is very skeptical of most dogs because she's lived in the city her whole life. She's very wise and chill if you get to know her, she doesn't let others know much about herself and keeps her emotions built up. She may seem calm for the most part but if she gets mad, she gets enraged.

Other Traits
 Mental Health | Stable

 Physical Health | Stable

 Fears | Spiders, Being alone 

 Current <3 Interest | None

 In Or Ex? | Extrovert 

 Kin | Deceased 

 Status | Active
Likes And Dislikes
 Dislike | Loneliness 

 Like | Rainstorms 

 Dislike | Overconfidence 

 Like | Sunsets

 Dislike | Sleeping

 Like | Social Interaction

 Dislike | Being Disliked


After being nursed enough by her mother, at a young age Tea's father took her to live in one of the gangs of New York, which he happened to lead. Being born in the Big Apple, she adapted rather well to her surroundings. Unfortunately, her father died when she was rather young as well, due to a gang fight. She was picked up by another German Shepherd named Lillie, who was rather old. She grew up in the gangs of the city with Lillie, but eventually, she strayed on her own, watching the poverty and pain through the alleyways all alone. Lillie had died of old age by now. She remained prosperous, as she'd grown up here, and was used to the harshness of the gangs, and hunt for food. She'd go on to join multiple groups, and travel at certain points in her life by train. One of her favorite groups being The Range, which was in home sweet home, New York.

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