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TawnyClan is a neutral-realmed, discord clan founded on 5/21/24 by Lexie. We strive to be an inclusive, mature, and safe server for all roleplayers. It loosely follows the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter, but this clan has a twist. Located in a luscious rainforest, TawnyClan was on the brink of collapse after a plague befell the land and Hawkstar's untimely death occurred. He was discovered by a she-cat named Cardinalcrown, who he sent to his clan on behalf of his dying words, but also shared some secretive intel with her. Cardinalcrown, proclaimed to be TawnyClan's savior and leader by the surviving cats, was bestowed her nine lives and promoted to Cardinalstar by StarClan. She may be the new leader, but can she hold her honor to TawnyClan as their leader, nurturer, and defender? Many felines are skeptical, but Cardinalstar is determined to lead TawnyClan in this new era.


  1. Lexie/sunkissed_rose
  2. Tobi/phoqnixx
  3. Debby/celestialx
  4. Brandon/gay.knight
  5. Morgan/_somniferous.
  6. Mist/Pimp_daddysam
  7. Jay/chaoticworld
  8. Lauren/random_nerd745
  9. Fez/fezzara
  10. Grace/grace_73989
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  12. Name
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  1. Mallows/colossal_wonders/2 weeks
  2. Eliza/microscopicxame/4 weeks
  3. Name
  4. Name
Establishment 5/21/2024 Founder Lexie
Status Open Species Domestic Cats
Roleplay Style Traditional Beliefs StarClan
Roster 10/30 Alignment Neutral
Leader Cardinalstar Platform Discord


1) Be kind to everyone! Any rumors, harassment, threats, etc. will be dealt with immediately and potentially could decide your fate within the server. You will first get a warning and your message will be deleted. The second time you will be muted and possibly kicked depending on the severity, and the third time you will get banned from the server permanently and exiled from the group due to misconduct.

2) TawnyClan will not tolerate racism, racial slurs, bigotry, or jokes containing material like sexual assault or discrimination due to sexual orientation, or religion. If you are found doing this, you will first get a warning and be kicked for a day, and the second time you will get kicked from the server permanently and exiled from the group due to misconduct. We are a family. We support and respect each other.

3) No inappropriate/graphic images are permitted in any chat. as well as sensitive topics, if discussing those please use spoilers with /spoiler command.

4) If another member of the server continuously makes you uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, or mad please contact a staff member of the server. They will deal with the issue; we hear and value everyone in our server, member or not.

5) While this server is sfw, we do allow uncensored fighting roleplay + hunting roleplay. This does not mean you have to censor it, if you are mort comfortable using spoilers over the roleplay then do so!

6) Art face claims are allowed within the server as long as the design is free to use or you can prove that the art belongs to you! No art should be left uncredited, even if it's your own!


1) TawnyClan's biggest priority is making everyone on the server feel welcome and included! Please DM a member of staff if you have any problems/questions/suggestions.

2) The Golden Rule, treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

3) No inappropriate or unsafe content--this includes links. You are only allowed to advertise art on art platforms or things on the AJGW in their respective channels.

4) Swearing is allowed.

5) No spamming. Spam is only allowed in our spam channel.

6) We'd prefer it if you kept controversial topics out of TawnyClan's server. Sensitive topics have a specific, locked channel on the server that is age-restricted.

7) Anything to target specific groups/individuals is strictly prohibited. This will result in an immediate ban.

8) Do not copy or claim other people’s art as your own!


1) Powerplaying and god-modding are forbidden. Your character cannot be morbidly strong and can kill a cat with one claw. Powerplaying includes manipulating someone else's character without their permission. you must ask someone before heavily injuring or killing their oc.

2) When interacting with other characters remember to uphold your duties. If you've been given an apprentice, train them. if you are an apprentice, find your mentor. No feline should abuse its power or duties. Apprentices should follow the training along with their mentor.

3) Although some plots are private, please remember to be nice to your fellow groupmates and let them join in on the fun if possible. Try to stay as inclusive as possible. yes, this means you can have personal plots to apply for. This does not mean your plot will be accepted right away.

4) When a character has a disability/illness please remember to roleplay them with said disability. Do not magically let it heal, some are permanent and some heal over time. If your character is the one in question, be sure to thoroughly research and understand what you'll be portraying.

5) Roleplay responses and replies need to be at least 4-5 sentences long with proper punctuation.

6) Despite the server being based on a fictional story, please keep your characters someone realistic. here we are very open to letting people be creative with their designs but ask someone on the staff for limitations/other inquiries.

7) It is required that, if assigned an apprentice, as their mentor you must train your apprentice for 3 sessions before they can graduate to their adult ranking. If this requirement isn't met, you must bring it up to a member of staff before your apprentice's ceremony for discussion.

8) The allotted time to visit TawnyClan is 4 weeks maximum. By then, your visitation will expire and you will be kicked from the server, or you must submit a joining form. This is to prevent visitors from lingering in our server for months upon months without a decision.

9) There is now a 1-week cooldown period before bringing in new ocs. This is to prevent an overflow of new characters. You must develop and roleplay your current oc once before adding in a second, third, or fourth oc. This same rule applies to removing characters.


TawnyClan cats come in different shapes, sizes and colors, their pelts ranging from blacks, grays, browns, and reds, but they all share some important and distinctive traits. It is said this variety of dark-furred pelts helps them to blend in within the rainforest. They have slick muzzles and lithe legs for agility and swimming in the lake. They also have sleek, short fur with an exceptional skill to fish and wrestle with larger specimens such as other cats or small foxes, but the occasional TawnyClan cat has longer, thicker fur. They often use the quick skill of fishing for attacking and hunting. Rational and quick-thinking, the cats of TawnyClan are known for their loyalty, calmness, and devotion toward one another. The felines here rarely complain and aren’t ones to question high ranks unless necessary. TawnyClan is a group wishing upon peace rather than violence, and though they don’t wish to engage in any quarrels, they will choose to fight if they have to. While battling another clan in their territory is somewhat rare, these cats have a tight-knit bond with each other, spending their days training, searching the tunnels, grooming, and following their traditions and beliefs.

The Daylight Warriors come in a mixture of both light and dark pelts, ranging from reds, browns, grays, creams, and whites. While the darker colors will aid these warriors in blending into the rainforest, the light pelts make them more noticeable and able to blend in surroundings near the lake. Their claws are long and jagged, supporting powerful jaws to catch prey or chase off any threats that come their way. They have lithe builds and longer limbs, sporting well-rounded faces and short-furred pelts.

The Moonlight Warriors come in a variety of dark pelts such as browns, blacks, grays, or a mixture to blend in with their surroundings. Because they work during the night, these warriors have larger builds and long, jagged claws for climbing or warding off any threats. Moonlight warriors have well-toned legs and fluffier pelts to keep them warmer during the evening hours, since the temperatures tend to drop.

The Tunnelers have similar pelt colors to the Moonlight Warriors, but they harbor more brown or black pelts. Normally, the darker shades of pelts work well to hide within the underground system. Their claws are long and jagged, able to dig their way through the tunnels or catch unsuspecting prey. They have lithe builds like the Daylight Warriors, but have average-sized limbs, sleek pelts, and slender faces, making it easy for them to navigate the tunnels due to their smaller sizes.



For 292 moons, all TawnyClan cats follow the belief that they are reincarnated when they die, so they see StarClan as impartial judges of what kind of life a cat should be reborn into, rather than ancestors.


With the reincarnation of cats comes the art of starbranding—a branding of stars received when a TawnyClan cat consults with the almighty magnolia tree to gain a star. The stars come in the traditional five-point marking and can be anywhere on a cat’s body. However, the closer a branded star is to the heart, the deeper the cat's relationship with their past life—whether it is attached to the individual cat, a certain memory, or a common quirk. TawnyClan cats can have a total of ten starbrands on their body.

The way that they are performed is through sleeping under the magnolia tree and reciting their current good deeds that they have done. The starclan cats will see if the deeds are worth a Starbrand, and if they are; the branding will be internally seared into the flesh and soul of the cat. It will be placed in a random section of the body, usually first part will be at the core of loving and truth, which is the chest. It is a definite painful process and can only be seen when the cat possessing the sacred brandings is at their most emotional moment, whether it be angry, sad, or happy.

If the feline has over 10 starbrands, there is a rare chance of revealing a power through the power of ten stars. Starbrands are not to be taken lightly for they are a sacred symbol of the clan and Starclan. The power will be an overall reflection of the cat's personality. For example; a good listener and understander can harness the power of super-hearing or mind-reading. Or even a shell of water, earth, or wind; the rarest and most dangerous is a layering of fire. There are many possibilities for this unexplored power.


The current known powers that a TawnyClan cat can receive after earning 10 starbrands include:



a shell (earth, wind, water)

layering fire (extremely dangerous)

★Leader [1/1] ✩Wingman [1/1]

The Leader is the overall highest rank a feline in TawnyClan can have. It is the tradition that they hold the ceremonies, keep the order of the clan, and maintain balance. This feline is considered the chosen one, therefore they are to be treated with the highest respect.


The Wingman is the Leader’s most trusted, and loyal feline in the group. It is similar to that of a Deputy but slightly different due to the Wingman offering advice, protection, and much more to the Leader. The rank of Wingman is never open to just anyone in TawnyClan, and the feline for this rank is carefully selected by the Queens and Warriors through the process of Wingman Election before the final decision is made by the Leader. Any feline in this position is to be treated with high respect, and if not shown such, certain punishment could follow.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Apprentice
★ Cardinalstar female 38 Lexie n/a x
✩Scorchrunner male 48 Debby n/a x
✿Medicine Cat [3/4] ❀Medicine Cat Apprentice [2/3]

The Medicine Cats are the felines in charge of knowing all herbal and medical knowledge. This is so they can properly care for, treat, and heal the ill, injured, or pregnant she-cats of TawnyClan.


The Medicine Cat Apprentices in cats training to become full Medicine Cats. These younger felines are each assigned a Medicine Cat who will teach and train them on medical knowledge, terms, different herbs, and techniques to heal clanmates.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Apprentice
✿Embersnow female 43 Debby n/a Opalpaw
✿Wolfwrath male 42 Brandon n/a Marshpaw
✿Brokendust female 30 Lauren n/a x
✿Name x x player n/a x
❀Marshpaw male 10 Fez n/a Wolfwrath
❀Opalpaw female 10 Jay n/a Embersnow
❀Name x x player n/a x
✹Storyteller [1/1] ✈Elite Warriors [2/3]

The Storyteller is the only rank that is never involved with violence. The feline holding this position is responsible for keeping guard of The Starcliff's wall, connecting with their ancestors, and also determining which deceased souls are Typically, this feline can receive messages or omens from StarClan. The Leader and the Storyteller are to have a strong, solid connection between each other, and communication is key. This rank is never open to anyone, and the feline for this rank is also carefully selected by the Leader. Any feline in this position is to be treated with respect, and if not shown such, certain punishment could follow.


The Elite Warriors are the warriors who are voted for by the Queens and Warriors for their utmost loyalty, dedication, and skill to TawnyClan. They are trusted to act as advisors or oversee clan tasks when neither the leader or wingman are available.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Apprentice
✹Magnoliablossom female 42 Morgan n/a x
✈Finchsun male 48 Tobi n/a x
✈Tarantulacrawl male 43 Fez n/a x
✈Name x x player n/a x
✪Daylight Warrior [2/INFINITE] ✦Daylight Apprentice [1/4]

The hunters of the group who are asked with bringing prey and essentials back for the clan. The Daylight Warriors are trained in basic and advanced hunting skills, for they work primarily during the daytime before rotating shifts with the Moonlight Warriors. They are taught basic fighting skills, but their primary focus is finding food for the clan and defending the clan when the need arises.


Young Daylight Apprentices of TawnyClan in training to become worthy and skilled Daylight Warriors. These cats are each assigned a Daylight Warrior to teach them basic fighting and hunting skills to find and bring back prey for the clan and fight off any threats.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Apprentice
✪Wolverinepeak male 54 Morgan n/a Flutterpaw
✪Mudflower female 33 Jay n/a x
✪Name x x player n/a x
✦Flutterpaw female 9 Grace n/a Wolverinepeak
✦Name x x player n/a x
✦Name x x player n/a x
✦Name x x player n/a x
𖤓Moonlight Warrior [3/INFINITE] ✧Moonlight Apprentice [2/4]

Known as the clan's guardians, the Moonlight Warriors also may make up the bulk of the clan. These felines are warriors tasked with protecting the borders, The Starcliff, and overall territory from outcast cats or larger threats - specifically during the hours of the night before they rotate shifts with the Daylight Warriors. Any unusual or suspicious activity should be reported to the Leader or Wingman.


Young cats of TawnyClan in training to become Moonlight Warriors, and learn fighting techniques to defend the clan. These cats are each assigned a Moonlight Warrior to train and teach them similar techniques to the Daylight Apprentices, but not the same, as they’re job is to patrol and help protect parts of the territory during the night.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Apprentice
𖤓Shalehound male 63 Lexie n/a x
𖤓Macawpurr female 49 Fez n/a Coyotepaw
𖤓Mareprance trans female 37 Lauren n/a Rainpaw
𖤓Name x x player n/a x
✧Coyotepaw female 10 Morgan n/a Macawpurr
✧Rainpaw female 9 Jay n/a Mareprance
✧Name x x player n/a x
✧Name x x player n/a x
❂Tunneler [5/INFINITE] ✫Tunneler Apprentice [1/4]

The Tunnelers are responsible for navigating TawnyClan's underground tunnels and reporting unusual or suspicious activity to the Leader or Wingman. These cats are willing to learn more about the tunnels themselves, new locations, or items found in the walls or dirt ground of the tunnels.


Young cats in training to become Tunnelers of TawnyClan. These cats are each assigned a Tunneler to teach them how to navigate the tunnel system, find hidden items, and patrol the tunnels. All in all, Tunneler Apprentices are crucial when the winter and rainy seasons come along, so they know where to go through the system.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Apprentice
❂Quailwarbler male 37 Lauren n/a x
❂Mousechirp female 33 Debby n/a x
❂Scarabdust male 33 Morgan n/a Warrenpaw
❂Rabbitbriar male 26 Mist n/a x
✫Warrenpaw male 9 Tobi n/a Scarabdust
✫Name x x player n/a x
✫Name x x player n/a x
✫Name x x player n/a x
♥Queen [2/5] ♡Kit [0/8]

The Queens are the caretakers of the kits, whether they be nursing or expecting kits. A Queen will return to her previous ranking once her kits are promoted to their Apprentice rank. Currently, the Queen rank is limited. We have a limit of two permanent queens. (permanent queen = ❦)


The Kits are TawnyClan's next generation and newborn felines of the clan. They remain in the nursery until they become of age to be promoted to an Apprentice.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate Mother/Kits
❦Fossilcry male 57 Lauren n/a x
❦Nectardrizzle female 35 Lexie n/a x
♥Name x x player n/a x
♥Name x x player n/a x
♡Name x x player n/a x
♡Name x x player n/a x
♡Name x x player n/a x
♡Name x x player n/a x
❥Elder [2/INFINITE]

Elders are the oldest felines of TawnyClan. They are normally known for being the wisest and experienced ones, making them rather fun to tell stories to Apprentices about their upbringing. This rank is for any feline who is old, permanently injured, ill, or cannot fulfill their duties any longer. This rank is to be respected, and if not shown such, certain punishment could follow.

Name Sex Moons Player Mate
❥Warrick male 115 Lexie Dustdance
❥Dustdance female 109 Brandon Warrick
❥Name x x player x
❥Name x x player x

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Credits & Staff


name: lexie
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role: founder/admin
name: debby
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★ Banner Credit | Chromethemer backgrounds [1]

★ Coding | Lexie

★ Writing & Lore | Lexie