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Sweetlily, formerly known as Sweetpaw or Sweetkit, is a sweet, kind, beautiful, calico with with brown eyes, dainty paws, short figure, and resides SunsetClan as a queen. She is a fluffy, gentle, delicate, and beautiful molly.


  • Name: Sweetlily
    • Sweet- [having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey; not salty, sour, or bitter.; Given by her mother for her sweet and gentle personality], Lily- a bulbous plant with large trumpet-shaped, typically fragrant, flowers on a tall, slender stem. Lilies have long been cultivated, some kinds being of symbolic importance, and some used in perfumery.; Given by her former leader, Alderstar, for her generally good fragrance and demeanor.
    • Next Names: Sweetstar?
    • Nicknames: Sweetie, Princess, Cupcake, Sweets, Sweetheart, Kitlet (by her mother).
  • Birth Date: 02. 14. 20
    • Zodiac: Aquarius
    • Birth Season: Winter
    • Birth Place: A warm nursery in HollowClan (NPC).


Sweetlily Sleepyskies

Art by Sleepyskies!

Sweetlily is a small, elegant, beautiful she-cat. She is generally very tiny, only weighing up to 6 pounds. She is also very short, being half munchkin. Her breed is Dilute Calico and Munchkin mix. Her beautiful pelt and splotches consist of white, cream, grey, and strawberry blonde. Her eyes are a light brown. She has medium-length fur, and tiny white paws. Her tail is tipped with white. Sweetlily is also declawed, meaning she has no claws. Her teeth are very sharp, so she can fight no worse or better than a normal warrior. She wears a light pink lily flowercrown, that matches with her fur and name perfectly. Her flowercrown was given to her by her mother before she died a few days later.

Hex Codes[]

Primary / base.
(Inside) ear / tongue / paw-pads.
Lily Flower crown

Clan Standings:

Sweetlily by x stone song x

Art by X stone song x

"I miss GroveClan, with my best friends.. and I miss DuckClan too, and RiverClan, but SunsetClan is great and I'm happy to call it home!"

  • Clan: SunsetClan
    • Rank: Queen

"Even though I don't know anyone, SunsetClan sure is pretty!"

  • Teachings
    • Mentored by: Alderburst / Star (NPC)
    • Apprentice: Butterflypaw
  • Goals:
    • Become mates with Asphodelstomp (for later) x
    • Have kits
    • Train Butterflypaw to be a successful warrior x
    • Become deputy of GroveClan x
    • Make new friends


  • Traits:
    • Positive: Happy, Bubbly, Determined, Sweet
    • Negative: Sensitive, Gentle, Easily Forgiving, Insecure
  • Explanation on Positive Traits:
    • Sweetlily is generally very gentle and kind. She is determined, bubbly, and sweet. Almost always happy, she can be the therapist friend and cheer cats up when they need it.
  • Explanation on Negative Traits:
    • Sweetlily is very easily hurt and fragile. Her sensitivity is caused by mental abuse as a kit and apprentice. She is very gentle, as her mother taught her to be, which can cause her to be underestimated and bullied. She is easily forgiving, and can't stay mad at anyone for a long time. She is also very insecure, due to the fact that she was taught that appearance matters. Sweetstar doesn't think she looks good enough, and probably never will. She is scared to look at her reflection and see how she looks.


Prior to Birth:

  • Sweetlily was born to Honeylily and Brackentuft. She had two siblings, Tadpolekit and Marshkit, who died soon after birth due to greencough. As she was born on Valentines day, which is rumored to be why she's so sweet and loving.


  • She was happy, until another bigger kit came to DarkClan. Their name was Dapplekit. They mentally abused Sweetlily, at the time, Sweetlily. Not much else is known about her kithood.


  • Dapplepaw still bullied Sweetlily, (AKA Sweetpaw at the time). Her clan was disbanded due to a natrual disaster, and she was left to find a new home. She soon found GroveClan, and watched it with amusement. She was captured by a twoleg and got declawed, but son escaped, as she had swore to never take the soft path of a kittypet.


    • Sweetlily soon joined GroveClan, and got an apprentice, Butterflypaw. She goes on her first hunting patrol with Badgerstar and Lotuschorus, and makes friends with them. While hunting, she catches a fish, and it flips onto her, matting her fur up. She then goes back to camp with them. After that, she meets the deputy, Minkshiver, and he tells her to patch up a wound she got on her head from hunting. Soon after, GroveClan disbanded, to her disappointment. She is now terrified of the thought of becoming a loner. Soon she became leader of DuckClan, by the approval of her clanmates. Shortly after, she was stolen by a twoleg. Asphodelstomp rescued and saved her, but as soon as they got to camp, it was invaded by rogues! She soon joined RiverClan with Asphodelstomp, and has a weird urge to tell him she likes him.



Father: Brackentuft

Mother: Honeylily

Siblings: Tadpolekit and Marshkit (Deceased)

Aunt & Uncle: Honeydove and Goldenmane

Cousins: Sweetkit, Dragonflypaw, Lionpaw, Nutmegpaw, Harvey



Other Relationships:

Format Adapted by Apricate

Bullet Guide
Bulletpink  // Attraction Bulletred  // Trusts Bulletorange  // Likes Bulletyellow  // Slight Curiosity
BulletpinkBulletpink  // Crush BulletredBulletred  // Envies BulletorangeBulletorange  // Trusts BulletyellowBulletyellow  // Major Curiosity
BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink  // Love BulletredBulletredBulletred  // Loaths/Regret BulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorange  // Idolizes BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow  // Interested
Yellowgreenbullet  // Shy Bulletgreen  // Acquaintance Turquoisebullet  // Unease Bulletblue  // Wants To Know
YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet  // Nervous BulletgreenBulletgreen  // Friend TurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet  // Aversion BulletblueBulletblue  // Misses
YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet  // Discomfort BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen  // Close Friend TurquoisebulletTurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet  // Disgust BulletblueBulletblueBulletblue  // Needs
Bulletpurple  // Relatives Bulletwhite      // Slight Suspicion Bulletblack  // Annoyed
BulletpurpleBulletpurple  // Family BulletwhiteBulletwhite    // Suspicion           BulletblackBulletblack  // Dislikes
 // Joint @ Hip BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite  // Distrusts           BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack  // Hate
Dead-0 // Dead Question-0 // Missing/Status Unknown Rose // Family
Heart-1 // Mate Roseblack // Fling/Ex-Mate
Format adapted from Apricate.

DarkClan (NPC)[]

  • Honeylily [NPC] (Permanent Queen)- BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink // Rose // Dead-0 "I love her, she's my mother.. I just wish she didn't go that soon."
  • Brackentuft [NPC] (Senior Warrior)- BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink // Rose // Dead-0 "I love you and miss you, dad, I always will."
  • Dapplepaw [NPC] (Apprentice/Bully)- BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack // Dead-0 // TurquoisebulletTurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet "I guess I miss you a little, but only because I miss the entirety of HollowClan. Why did you have to bully me like that?"
  • Alderstar [NPC] (Mentor/Former Leader.)- BulletblueBulletblue // BulletgreenBulletgreen // Dead-0 "Where do I start..? You were a great mentor, and I miss you dearly. Hopefully we can reunite in StarClan."

GroveClan (Sleepyskies)[]

  • Badgerstar [Sleepyskies] (Leader/Crush)- BulletgreenBulletgreen // BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow // BulletpinkBulletpink "He's a great friend, so far! He comforts me when I'm sad! I may have a little crush on him, though."
  • Lotuschorus [Vampielf] (Warrior/Best Friend)- BulletgreenBulletgreen // BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow // Bulletred "She's amazing, and my best friend!"
  • Waxfrond [Vampielf] (Warrior/Clanmate)- BulletblackBulletblack // YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // Yellowgreenbullet "He's kinda scary and suspicious.. I wanna stay away from him."


  • Sootpaw [Randombooklover] (Rouge/Visitor)- YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet/Yellowgreenbullet/Bulletgreen "She's a bit weird, coming into GroveClan territory uninvited... but I feel bad for taking her leaf off her head. I didn't know it was special to her, like my flower crown. She's friendly, though."
  • Swallowface [Sleepyskies] (PebbleClan/1v1 RP)- ??/??/?? "Thoughts"
  • Goldenmane [Ahrinn] (SunsetClan/1v1 RP)- ??/??/?? "Thoughts"


  • Asphodelstomp [Symphonic Rose] (Warrior/Major Crush)- BulletgreenBulletgreen // BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow // BulletpinkBulletpink "I-I don't know what's gotten into me- He's just so charming! I want to spend my future with him! We've only known for a short time.. I don't know why I feel like this.. at all."
  • Sharkbite [Valeskan] (Warrior/Friend)- ??/??/?? "Thoughts"


  • Shellkit [Enchantedmoon] (Kit/Daughter)- BulletpurpleBulletpurple // Rose // BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink "Well duh, I love her! She's my kit! She's the sweetest little thing!"
  • Ridleykit [Juniperrabbit] (Kit/Daughter)- BulletpurpleBulletpurple // Rose // BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink "Aww! I love my clumsy little Ridley. She's quite playful, but sometimes is really lazy.. but hey! She's only a kit!"
  • Mauikit [Whitepanther8808] (Kit/Son)- BulletpurpleBulletpurple // Rose // BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink "My little hawaiian flower!! He's already quite the ladies man!"
  • Finkit [Eveningdreams] (Kit/Son)- BulletpurpleBulletpurple // Rose // BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink "My little adventurer!! He sure is brave! I wish I had my little ones courage and faith.."


“Laughter is sweet when enjoyed alone. But it becomes sweeter when you enjoy it together with the people around you. Your success must lead to the success others.”

Love Life:

  • Relationship status: Single
    • Mate: TBA
    • Ex-mate: TBA
  • Current Fling: TBA
    • Former Fling: TBA
  • Candy-Eye:
    • Mentally: Sweetlily generally loves toms who are flirty, charming, and romantic tom-cats. She like cats who sweep her off her feet, and generally just love her.
    • Physically: Sweetlily loves big toms with black, white, grey, brown, or cream pelts. She likes them to be tall and large, but also fluffy.
  • Attracted to: N/A
    • Formerly Attracted to: Voidpaw, Badgerstar
    • Cats attracted to Sweetstar: ?
    • Cats formerly attracted to Sweetstar: Voidpaw
  • Ships: N/A


    Key: ✓ (yes), ྾ (no), ? (unsure), ❦ (maybe), ❧ (leaning to no)

() Long-lasting Relationship

() Short-term Relationship

() Open Relationship

() Quick Fling

() Kits (out of a fling)

() Kits (out of a stable, long-lasting relationship)

Sweetlily In love:

When Sweetlily falls in love, she gets warm and excited, but also afraid, since her previous crushes have been somewhat tragic to her. She also gets clumsy, and starts to stutter. She tends to confess very quickly.


  • Sweetlily is half munchkin, meaning she's very short.
  • Her mother's eyes were violet, and when its dark, you can see violet in her eyes instead of brown.
  • Her pelt is usually warm, for some reason.
  • She is very sensitive, so please refrain yourselves from hating on her! :)
  • Her mother made her flowercrown as a "apprentice" gift before she died a few days later.


    "Mommy, wake up! Today you said you'd teach me how to make flower crowns!"

"Please stop, Dapplekit.. It's hurting my feelings.."

"Why are you doing this to me..?"

"I'll miss you.."

"Won't you come back?"

"Finally, I can learn to fight and use it against Dapplepaw!"

"Sorry, Mom, for being violent. I promise to be sweet."

"W-What's happening!? The wind is so strong.."

"Mom.. Dad.. Wake up."

"Well.. now I'm alone.."

"EEP! The fish! It's attacking me!"

"Nice catch.. but poor fish..."

"Poor little mousey."

"Dearie, I'm afraid you've got a leaf on your head."

"I- Don't leave me.. Please..?"

"I promise to be the best leader I can be!"

"I want to be with him the rest of my life!!"



Credit to CORVYD for the format, it is f2u. Minor edits added by Teacup Froggy. Quote by Israelmore Ayivor.