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Swanthroat is a sweet and graceful caregiver of BrightClan! She is an Oriental Shorthair and American Longhair mixed cat with silky white and black fur and honey-colored eyes. Her body type is small but lanky, and she carries herself swiftly and quietly. Her distinguishing characteristics are the long jagged scar on her throat and the swan feathers she adorns herself with. Her scent is sweet and soft, a combination of honeysuckle and petrichor.

General Information[]

Name: Swanthroat

Prefix: " Swan " - / - a large waterbird with a long flexible neck and typically all-white plumage. - / - Given for her feather-like fur, and to signify similarity to her mother, Dovewhisper.

(Future) Suffix: " Throat " - / - Given when becoming a scout of RootClan to signify her regaining her strength and voice after recovering from her throat injury.

Nickname(s): Swan, "My Feather" (by her mate, Embersoul)

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Queer

Birth Date: October 7th

Zodiac: Libra

Alignment: Neutral Good

Voice Claim: Lauren Ambrose as KW in Where the Wild Things Are

Theme Songs: Karen O- Hideaway | Perfume Genius- Normal Song


Positive - Tender, Loving, Sweet, Dedicated

Neutral - Quiet, Selfless, Playful

Negative - Self-Conscious, Anxious, Overcautious

Swanthroat is a gentle and graceful she-cat with a nurturing soul and a kind heart. While seemingly small, quiet, and unassuming, Swanthroat is an opinionated she-cat with fierceness and strength that she uses when necessary. She cares deeply for her Clan and for her family, and overcomes her passivity when it comes to defending those she loves. Swanthroat dedicates her life to providing for others and sharing her wisdom and grace with those in need of it. After regaining her voice back from an injury that left her voiceless, she has promised herself that she will use her voice to do good.


Trigger Warning: Mild descriptions of abuse and violence.

(0-5 Moons) Swankit was born to Dovewhisper (presumed alive), a MereClan warrior. She knew of her father, a rogue named Bear (presumed alive), but had not met him yet. She enjoyed being raised in clan life.

(6-10 Moons) Swanpaw began her training with Flowskip, much to her excitement. However, at 8 moons old, her father returned and demanded he take her to live with him as he didn't approve of clan life. Her mother allowed this, not wanting the trouble he and his allies might cause for the clan. Bear took away her clan name and she was known as Swan for some time.

(10-18 Moons) Swan tried to gain her own independence despite her controlling father, who ingrained into her a perfectionist and self-doubting mindset. At 19 moons she left her father and her young half-sister, Aster. She moved in with a cat she fell in love with, Oscar (presumed alive). Their relationship did not last and feeling defeated, she went back to live with Bear.

(18-23 Moons) Swan's resentment frustrations with her father grew. She began to get reactive rather than quiet and obedient, and this caused a lot of hardship. She was at a breaking point. One day, Bear got so aggressive that Swan ran away with her throat severely injured. She managed to make her way to RootClan territory where she collapsed and was saved by Sagestar and the cats of RootClan. While she healed, she could not speak. The RootClan cats were only able to discover her name when a swan flew overhead, shedding some swan feathers which landed onto Swan's fur (a small omen). After finally healing, she was given the name Swanthroat, and became a scout of RootClan.

(23-29 Moons) Swanthroat's time in RootClan is something she will always treasure. While there was horror and violence to endure, there was also love and tenderness. From adopting a feisty red-furred kit to falling in love with a scarred and tough warrior, her proudest accomplishment is the love and care she has been gifted the opportunity to provide. When the leader of RootClan was killed, and the clan was subject to the terror of rogues, Swanthroat knew that she had to flee for the safety of her family. With the remaining cats who agreed to escape, she helped form BrightClan, where she hopes to see sunny skies and a peaceful future.

(29 Moons-Present) Swanthroat is uncertain where her future may be headed, but she hopes that it's a bright one. As long as she has her mate and son by her side, as well as the surviving cats of RootClan, she knows that she'll be alright. She's grown tired of fighting, though she's still got a fire in her heart! Swanthroat has decided to become a caregiver, focusing on tending to the kits in the nursery and only fighting when she needs to. She's extremely proud of her mate Emberstar for stepping up as the leader of BrightClan! She trusts in him and her friends within this new safehaven, and together, they'll thrive!


:) - Swimming, Fishing, Teaching, Playing with kits, Storytelling, Spending time with loved ones

:( - Arguments, Aggression and Gossip, Feeling left out/alone