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By ZandraArt on Tumblr
Based off of the popular Warriors series by Erin Hunter, SunlessClan is a neutral-realmed discord Clan that inhabits a large oak forest, hidden away from prying eyes and outside forces. Made to be a safe and relaxing experience for its members, SunlessClan prides itself on its inclusivity to all, and strives to build family-like bonds between all members. Despite differences that all of us share, we wish to be welcoming to all who enter the Clan, whether for long periods of time or just short timespans. The administrative team is always willing to accept criticism on how we can improve doing so, and will always provide listening ears to those who need them. All in all, SunlessClan strives to be a welcoming community, with the members within a family that accepts all.
Set far away from any outside forces, SunlessClan is well-known for its isolationism and desire to stay out of all foreign conflicts. They are set deep in the heart of an ancient oak forest, hidden away from all prying eyes and outside forces; it has been a great many moons since any outside felines or Clans have interacted with them, and they have developed their own customs and beliefs in that time, far different from those of a normal Clan. They have also become far more pure-blooded over the moons, and in fact shun outsiders away from them, despite the dismay of some of the younger felines, particularly those not in the Royal Family.
Taken Prefixes Members Visitors
Forbidden prefixes & suffixes: Sunless, Sun, Moon, Mottled, Star. Reserved: italics.




















































  1. Quinn [staggeredcrowns]
  2. Holly [hollyysv]
  3. Valkyn [val.kyn]
  4. Nikki [seeyounextcrime]
  5. Digital [digitalistired]
  6. Heisha [moon__th]
  7. Stell [eztil]
  8. Lynnia [lynnia]
  9. Sarah [saarbear]
  10. Jasmine [jasybomb]
  11. Icarus/Atticus [icarusandthesun]
  12. Dork [just.another.dork]
  13. Endless [_endless.]
  14. Stell [eztil]
  15. Sofa [chuchuachoo]
  16. Zedon [ratmuffins]
  17. Avery [averyiator]
  18. Name [username]
  1. Mallows [colossal.wonders] - indefinite
  2. Rue [Ruevolution] - indefinite
  3. Claire [Clarity4220] - 2 weeks
  4. Daesung [3nvisiond] - 1-2 weeks
  5. Rinne [Rinnaling] - 2 weeks
  6. Name/Nickname [username] - duration
By ZandraArt on Tumblr
Out-of-Roleplay Regulations
This should go without saying: everyone in SunlessClan should be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Discrimination or disrespect of any kind will never be tolerated within SunlessClan and will result in immediate punishment.
Please do not start unnecessary drama within SunlessClan. If someone else is making you uncomfortable or is being rude or disrespectful, contact one of the administrators about it in their DMs, as they are there to make sure that everyone is having a good time in the group and is being respected.
Do not spam anywhere within the server other than in the spam channel. This means no sending more than four unbroken messages, and no sending excessively long messages, except for in roleplay.
Keep everything you send in their designated channel. This keeps spam to a minimum, and keeps the various channels from becoming cluttered. If you do not know where to post something, ask about it; someone will gladly point you in the right direction.
Do not show excessive favouritism to any member within the group. If you want to have a conversation with one person in particular, have it in DMs, not in general, as that is where everyone talks. While you can have specific friends in the group, don’t exclude others from your roleplay or chatting; we’re a very inclusive group.
Swearing is allowed within SunlessClan, yet it should be used sparingly. Do not abuse this rule, as SunlessClan is designed to be a safe place for everyone, and if someone is uncomfortable with your language, respect their boundaries. The only exception to this rule is slurs, which are never permitted to be used; if we find out you’ve been saying slurs, there will be consequences.
Do not post any sort of NSFW content anywhere within the server. Many members within the server are minors, and even those who are not may not be comfortable with seeing or reading NSFW. This includes any sort of extreme gore, sexual content, etc. Make your own server if you want to post that sort of thing, yet make sure to not bring it into SunlessClan.
Code word: Sail to the east. Please post this in the extras section of your form.
Sensitive Subjects
If you wish to post anything that could be seen as sensitive, make sure to include a spoiler around it. Certain topics should not be joked around about either, including death, medicine, disease, grief, etc.
Discord & Wiki Rules
Follow all discord and wiki rules and terms of service. If you're unsure of what this includes, please go to their websites and have a look at them.
Common Sense
Use common sense about all of your actions, and ask if you aren’t sure. If you think something you're doing or plan on doing breaks the rules, ask an administrator. They’re here to help you.
In-Roleplay Regulations
Do not begin random plots without permission. If you have a small plot that only affects a few people, you can just ask an administrator about it, but please submit any larger plots into the plots category. These will be looked over and discussed by the entire administrative team, who will then decide if it gets put into play.
Make sure that all drama stays in roleplay and does not become obnoxious. Personal relationships should not be affected because of drama between characters.
You are required to wait at least one week in between creating characters, and you must have had a character for at least two weeks before you can kill it off. The current default character limit is two, although more may be bought with Starpoints. Only one of your characters may be a royal, and you may not join as a royal. Additionally, only one of your characters may be patronless, and you may not join with a patronless OC.
Please keep all roleplay in third person and in either past or present tense. Future tense is generally confusing to the reader. Additionally, try to keep dialogue and actions separated by at least quotation marks.
By ZandraArt on Tumblr
This serves only as a brief, incomplete summary of SunlessClan's beliefs. To learn more about SunlessClan's beliefs and history, read here.
SunlessClan's religion has been created by many moons of woven paths, twisting together to create their current beliefs. They follow in the light of Dao, the god of the sun, and the shadows of Lei, the goddess of the moon.
While every feline worships both, they each have one they favor over the other; their patron deity will watch over them and protect them far more than the other deity, and they often offer more sacrifices to their patron deity. The patron deity of each feline is often obvious, chosen based off their personality and interests, yet not always. Additionally, there have been occasions of a deity taking a specific interest in a feline and proclaiming themself their patron, although this is extraordinarily rare.
On the hierarchy, those with Dao as their patron god are marked with a sun [☀], those with Lei as their patron goddess are marked with a moon [☾], and those without a patron deity are unmarked.
The Royal Family
The Royal Family has stood since the founder of the Clan, Nightstar, and her mate, Locustblaze, gave birth to their kits and they discovered that they were all blessed by the deities with greater gifts of strength and speed. Ever since then, any cat who shares blood with Nightstar and Locustblaze are considered to be superior warriors- although some of the younger warriors have begun to question just how true this truly is.
The Royal Family demands absolute respect from all felines within the Clan, and have been known to kill those who do not respect them. They consider themselves to be higher than the non-royals, and, despite several attempts throughout history to abolish them, have stood for as long as the Clan itself.
Unfortunately, their arrogance can often be seen as being their downfall, and many cats have started to respect them less as they see through the web of lies the Royal Family has placed down in order to protect their position within the Clan.
There are severe divisions even between royals in the Clan, not just between the rest of the Clan. Royals who are born in consider themselves to be far superior to those who marry in, and those who claim Dao as their patron consider themselves to be better than those who have Lei as their patron, although they are all united in their superiority over non-royals. Additionally, the royals would do anything to protect one another, regardless of rifts between them.
All high ranks are usually royal, yet only the leader and deputy are required to be so. The leader and deputy must share blood with Nightstar, as decreed by Nightstar herself.
On the hierarchy, royals born in are marked with a full star [★], royals married in are marked with a star [☆], and non-royals are unmarked.
By ZandraArt on Tumblr
Monarch [1/1] CLOSED
The monarch is the head of the Clan hierarchy, and is considered to be one of the most respected cats in the Clan. They are the guiding factor of the Clan and shape much of how the Clan acts and treats others. Their word is law- as decreed by Nightstar- and they are to be obeyed by all the cats in the Clan. Much of the responsibility falls onto the Clan leader, and they have to make the most serious of the decisions for the Clan. The leader has three lives, one granted by Dao, one granted by Lei, and the third granted by their predecessor; these lives stand to represent the cats of Dao, the cats of Lei, and the patronless. The monarch must be related to Nightstar, due to her decree.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☀★Scorchstar staggeredcrowns Female N/A N/A
Scorchstar pixel SC

Scorchstar is a tall, long-furred russet tabby she-cat with bright green eyes and distinctive white markings.

Heir [1/1] CLOSED
The heir is the second-in-command and one of the most highly respected cats in the Clan, serving as the advisor to the monarch. They are highly trusted by the monarch, and are in charge of organising patrols and daily tasks for the cats. The heir will become monarch if the current monarch dies, retires, or is exiled by the Clan, and will step up to receive their three lives then; due to this, they are respected and listened to by the Clan. The heir must be related to Nightstar, due to her decree, and is often a kit of a previous monarch or the current monarch.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☀★Rowanflicker hollyysv Female N/A N/A
Rowanflicker pixel SC

Rowanflicker is a tall cream she-cat splotched with russet tabby. She has a large scar on her shoulder and bright green eyes.

Medicine Cat [1/1] CLOSED
The medicine cat is the healer of the Clan. They have an immense knowledge of herbs, and use this knowledge to heal the sick and the wounded members of the Clan, although they may occasionally be required to use other materials to do this. Generally, the medicine cat has an extreme knowledge of poisons as well as herbs, yet are not permitted to use poison's without permission from the monarch. They deserve extreme respect, and are one of the only cats in the Clan that can directly challenge the monarch.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☾Ravensight seeyounextcrime Genderflux N/A N/A
Ravensight pixel SC

Ravensight is a tri-colour black and dark grey cat with muted-creme markings on his chest, toes, and tail. She has sharp green eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice [1/1] CLOSED
The medicine cat apprentice is the medicine cat in training, and is taught various different herbs and poisons, as well as other healing materials. They usually train longer than ordinary apprentices, yet are still expected to perform apprentice tasks, especially if there is a shortage of apprentices in the Clan. Although they can receive their full names whenever their mentor deems them ready, medicine cat apprentices will remain apprentices until the death of their mentor, yet they still deserve respect.
Name Username Gender Crush Mentor Desc.
Umbrapaw saarbear Female N/A Ravensight
Umbrakit pixel SC

Umbrakit is a small, pretty twilight she-cat with rosette-bengal spots, some white markings, a speckled nose, and emerald eyes. She has an extra toe on both front paws.

Dancers [0/2] EARNED
The dancers are those in charge of communicating with the deities and pleasing them, no matter the cost. The dancers specialise in pleasing their own deity, one of them serving Dao, the Sundancer, and the other serving Lei, the Moondancer; they serve exclusively their deity, and are expected to worship only their deity. The dancers are the ones who declare when ceremonies are ready, who should be promoted and demoted, and perform sacrifices and dances, all for the deities. Due to this, this is the most respected rank in the Clan, holding power over even the monarch's decisions, although they must still listen to and respect them.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
Pixel base bc


Pixel base bc


Dancer Apprentices [0/2] EARNED
The dancer apprentices are the young cats learning how to communicate with and please the deities, taught by the dancers in all their knowledge. Like their mentors, they hold great power in the Clan, and are chosen by the deities' words, not personal preference. Any cat can be a dancer apprentice if a deity declares it so, no matter what their prior rank was. They typically train for a longer time than the average apprentice, as they must be taught all the methods to pleasing their patron deity.
Name Username Gender Mate Mentor Desc.
Pixel base bc


Pixel base bc


Senior Warriors [2/3] EARNED
Senior warriors are the most skilled and experienced warriors in the Clan. They are well-respected by other members of the Clan, and are often asked for advice by all members in the Clan, due to their experience. Additionally, in times of war, the knight senior warrior is in charge of leading one of the three sections of the knights as they attack and fight, and is responsible for training that section. Despite this, they are not given any say over the high ranks of the Clan, and are required to listen to them. Senior warriors are often royals, yet not always. There is one senior warrior for each faction of warriors.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☀Thistlesting val.kyn Male N/A N/A
Thistlesting pixel SC

Thistlesting is a large, muscular, sharp-furred black and white tom with green-yellow eyes.

☀Owltuft icarusandthesun Female N/A N/A
Owltuft pixel SC

Owltuft is a grumpy, anti-social nutritionist with tabby markings on a more beige-toned overcoat. She's completely blind with light blue eyes and has a bobbed tail and quite the array of scarring.

Knights [Infinite] OPEN
The knights are the soldiers of the Clan, responsible for patrolling the borders, fighting off enemies, and serving in wars. They are often children of Dao, as he graced all his children with superior strength and skill in battle, yet not always. The knights serve as one of the three factions that make up the unified warriors rank.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☾Gingerskip seeyounextcrime Female N/A Radiantpaw
Gingerskip pixel SC

Gingerskip is a long-furred black and ginger calico she-cat with amber eyes.

☀Dreamcatcher digitalistired Nonbinary N/A N/A
Pixel base bc


☀Goldenwasp staggeredcrowns Male N/A N/A
Pixel base bc

Goldenwasp is a massive long-furred golden tabby tom with amber eyes.

☀Eveningglow jasybomb Male N/A N/A
Pixel base bc

Eveningglow is a medium-fluffy fur tuxedo tom with a mustache type pattern. He wears a sparkling orange bow and a leafy crown on one ear which nests a few fireflies.

☀Stormbreaker icarusandthesun Male N/A N/A
Pixel base bc

Stormbreaker is a daunting, long-furred, battle-scarred black and dark grey tom with white paws.

Nutritionists [Infinite] OPEN
The nutritionists are the hunters of the Clan, responsible for feeding all the cats within SunlessClan, and can be found outside of the camp far more than within the camp. They are often children of Lei, as she graced all her children with superior stealth and hunting ability, yet not always. The nutritionists serve as one of the three factions that make up the unified warriors rank.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☾Swandive hollyysv Male N/A N/A
Pixel base bc

Swandive is a small, delicately-built gray lynx-point tom with large ears and watery, icy blue eyes.

☀Maficcavern ratmuffins Demiboy N/A N/A
Pixel base bc


☀Ghostchaser just.another.dork Demigirl N/A N/A
Ghostchaser pixel SC

Ghostchaser is a small slender black-and-white feline with amber eyes and white freckles.

☀★Fallowbriar saarbear Female N/A N/A
Pixel base bc


☾Emberglow averyiator Female N/A N/A
Pixel base bc

Emberglow is a gray cat with white paws, black stripes on her face, black freckles on her belly, and greenish-blue eyes. She is named for the orange markings in her tail.

☾Lichenveil lynnia Female N/A N/A
Lichen pixel SC

A light grey and silver she-cat with lichen-esque speckles and desaturated green eyes.

Scavengers [Infinite] OPEN
The scavengers are the gatherers of the Clan, responsible for scouring the territory for any items the dancers may need for their ceremonies, as well as for items used in the face and body paints and any decorative items the cats may need. They are often patronless, as they do not need any superior skill, and are the least respected of the three factions of the unified warriors rank.
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Desc.
☾Singingfinch digitalistired Male N/A N/A
Singingfinch pixel SC

Singingfinch is a short round tom with orange and white fur and dark ginger markings with yellow eyes, he has a sunflower at his right ear.

Rootdandy ratmuffins Female N/A N/A
Pixel base bc

Rootdandy is a slender lanky Javanese she-cat with short tan fur, dark brown gradient paws, an exposed half jaw, several claw mark scars littered on her body, and sharp hazel eyes.

☀Chrysalischime lynnia Female N/A N/A
Chrysalischime pixel SC


Apprentices [Infinite] OPEN
Apprentices are the future warriors of the Clan, trained by a mentor in all the ways of a proper warrior. They are taught mainly in their faction, although they are required to do some training with the other factions as well, to make sure all cats are well-rounded in the Clan. Apprentices are required to do various tasks in addition to normal warrior duties to keep the Clan running smoothly, including making sure the elders and queens have clean bedding and have been fed. Once they finish their training, they will graduate to their chosen faction.
Name Username Gender Factor Mentor Desc.
☀Radiantpaw eztil Girlflux Knight Gingerskip
Pixel base bc


Silkpaw staggeredcrowns Female Nutritionist N/A
Pixel base bc

Silkpaw is a thick-furred cream she-cat with rosy-colored color points and rosettes and bright green eyes.

Blightpaw hollyysv Female Scavenger N/A
Pixel base bc

Blightpaw is a fluffy charcoal tabby she-cat with cream points and pale cloudy-green eyes.

Lullabypaw staggeredcrowns Apathetic Scavenger N/A
Pixel base bc

Lullabypaw is a small, scrawny silver and white tabby feline with bright yellow eyes.

Bloompaw seeyounextcrime Female Scavenger Chrysalischime
Pixel base bc


Nectarinepaw _endless. Agender Nutritionist N/A
Pixel base bc


☀Podzolpaw lynnia Male Scavenger N/A
Podzolpaw pixel SC

Podzolpaw is a darker brown tom with lighter base, silver swirly stripes, and white accents. He has silver eyes.

☀Sheeppaw just.another.dork Genderfluid Knight N/A
Pixel base bc

Sheeppaw is a thick-furred brown tabby feline with longer white fur on their head, neck, and tail.

Caretakers [1/3] OPEN
The caretakers are the kit-raisers of the Clan. They are expected to take care of all the kits in the nursery as needed, yet otherwise have just a few that are their own to take care of. Most caretakers will chose to stay in the nursery only until their kits become apprentices, yet some will stay as permanent caretakers of kits. These permanent caretakers take in any orphaned kits, as well as helping any nursing queens with their kits. Permanent caretakers are a limited rank, yet temporary caretakers are not.
Name Username Gender Mate Position Desc.
☾Safflowerwink moont__th Female N/A Permanent
Safflowerwink pixel SC


Kits [Infinite] CLOSED
The kits are youth of the Clan, taken care of and raised by the caretakers. They have no responsibilities and are expected to remain inside of the camp unless they are granted permission to be escorted out by a warrior. Generally, they will become apprentices at the age of six moons, yet their ceremony may occasionally be delayed due to unforeseen events or as a punishment. Kits are treasured within the Clan, and any cat who injures a kit will be punished.
Name Username Gender Age Caretaker Desc.
Minkkit chuchuachoo Male 3 moons N/A
Minkkit pixel SC


Dazzlingkit averyiator Male 0 moons Rowanflicker
Pixel base bc

Dazzlingkit is a mostly off-white tom-kit. He has striped russet fur on his front legs, tail, and the upper half of his face. At the tips of his ears, tail, and front paws is a black coloring. His has pleasant green eyes.

Elders [0/5] OPEN
The elders are felines who have chosen to retire from their duties. They are well-praised for their wisdom and often have many stories of their youth that they can share with the kits and apprentices. Elders are highly respected for serving their Clan, and are one of the first of the Clan to eat, alongside of queens and kits, and they are often turned to advice by all members of the Clan.
Name Username Gender Mate R.F.R Desc.
Pixel base bc


By ZandraArt on Tumblr
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By ZandraArt on Tumblr

This format and all writing was created by Staggered Crowns exclusively for SunlessClan's usage and is not free to use. The banner was created by ZandraArt and is free to use with credit.