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humility . generosity . honesty
established 05 . 01 . 2017
reestablished 04 . 15 . 2020
founder Licindac
status Active & Open
platform Discord
roleplay style Traditional Novelistic
species Felis Catus
alignment Lawful Neutral
members 37/50 visitors 10/10

beside Emily permanent
beside James permanent
beside Liv
beside Aster
beside Pip

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beside DISCORD

  • Make sure to practice proper Discord etiquette. Don’t spam or flood the chat and don't ping people excessively. Keep content in its designated channels and do not abuse the NSFW channel.

beside RESPECT

  • Respect everyone in our server no matter their mindset, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. Even if you don't like them, you can still respect them. Don't bully, harass or mistreat others. While swearing is allowed, please do not say slurs of any kind.

beside DRAMA

  • Do not cause drama. Take it to private messages if needed. Don't cause unnecessary stress or tension within the clan.


  • Be active within the chat and try to roleplay at least once a week. Activity is a major thing in StreamClan and we do a check every month. If you receive a message from Staff with an inactivity notice you'll have 5 days to respond before getting removed from the server. If you respond within those 5 days, then you'll have until the next month to show us you are active once again. If you’ll be busy/plan to be on hiatus, please post a notice in #updates to get the hiatus role.


  • Cooperate with people when you roleplay. Don't injure another person's character without their permission. Make sure to cooperate with admins! They control and maintain the server. You must listen to them. The current admins are... Payton, Kurtis, Roy, Ari, and Aaron.

beside REALISM

  • Keep roleplay realistic. Your character shouldn't have random powers or crazy pelt colors. If you would like a disability, you can purchase an available one with water tokens, and get permission from a staff member.

beside NAMING

  • StreamClan is generally a tradition Clan, but we do allow some wiggle room for names. Make sure the name is realistic – something a cat could plausibly know about, and something found within northern America that's relatively common. If we have to Google the name, there is a good chance it won't be approved if we don't know what it is. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the server or message a staff member about it. The prefixes/suffixes “stream”, “star”, "emerald" and “cave” are forbidden. In order to purchase a seventh OC, include your favorite canon warrior cat in the Extra part of your form!


  • Visitors are allowed a 1 month maximum to stick around in StreamClan. This period is to help you determine if StreamClan is right for you. At the end of the month Staff will message you asking if you wish to join. If you do not respond within 7 days, or you do not wish to join, then you will be removed from the server.

beside NEWBIES

  • All new members are placed on a one week trial period. Name a body of water in the Extra part of your form to prove that you've read our regulations. During this period, you may not submit a new form for a second character. If you leave during this period, you will only be welcomed back once.


  • StreamClan is not a hotel. You may go on hiatus but if you leave two times within the same year, you will be temporarily suspended from joining or visiting for period of time that is up to staff discretion. If it becomes a repeated and constant incident, you will be banned permanently.
staff contact us on discord for help! q&a
Payton (thecharader)
Kurt (fleetwood)
Roy (roygbiiv_)
Ari (arioxa)
Aaron (almosthuman046)

Make sure you read over this just in case your question is here.
beside Are we a main group or side group?

  • We don't identify as either. Just make sure you remain active enough within the server!

beside Can visitors roleplay?

  • No. Unfortunately, we don't typically allow visitors to roleplay in the clan. Doing this would be harmful to any possible relationships that need to be formed.

beside How many characters can I have?

  • You may have up to seven characters, however, for the sixth and beyond, you have to be an active and trusted member and the application will be reviewed by staff. For the seventh character, there's another code somewhere on the page... Remember to pay with water tokens!

beside Can I give my character limitations?

  • Yes, you may. However, you must buy them with water tokens, our currency. Additionally, make sure to get permission from one of our staff members, who you can ping in #inquiry!

beside I'm a leader of a clan, may I ally with you?

  • Yes, you may. Please contact our current leader, Payton aka Spiderstar.

beside Why was I declined?

  • There may have been something wrong with your form! You may have forgotten our code or rules. Usually, an admin will direct message you about it.

beside Why have I not been added to the page yet?

  • Usually our editors are pretty quick to add and remove things from our page, however, it still takes time. Please be patient about it. If you still haven't been added to the page after an unreasonable amount of time, you can ping the editors (@page pests) in #page-updates.

beside I want to add a new character or plot! Where do I put my form?

  • Forms have to be submitted on this page or DMed to a staff member via Discord.

beside How do I make a pixel for my character?

  • Some of the members in our group create pixels. If you need one, ping them (@pixel goons).

beside Can I be a medicine cat?

  • No. We will put a notice if we are recruiting for a medic, though.

beside Can I be leader, deputy, or an elite?

  • No, silly. Those ranks are earned.

beside Is there a cooldown for OC creation?

  • Yes! Currently, you must wait one week after your last submission to submit a new form.
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roleplay information
HINT: Scroll horizontally at the end
  • StreamClan is located in Colorado.


  • The Glistening Stream is a beautiful stream found in between the land of Sycamore Lane and the Stone Ledge. StreamClanners are more likely than not to be found near this body of water since they all adhere to swimming. It is StreamClan's main piece of territory, and one of the largest, second only to the meadow. StreamClan's camp can be found in the forest containing this water, which also wraps around and goes through camp. Besides the camp stream, this large river that runs through all of the territory often breaks off into small creeks and rivulets, turning into small hideaways you can find, where StreamClan cats, apprentices especially, often are found collecting water creatures, like sea monkeys.

COMMON PREY: Fish, water voles, birds
DANGERS: Drowning, flooding, slipping
COMMON HERBS: Coltsfoot, feverfew, marigold, water dock, watermint, etc.


  • Stone Ledge is a stretch of rocky terrain after getting past the Glistening Stream. The rocks are slippery and smooth, making a cat susceptible to falling. In between the giant cliff (which you can get upon to look over the entire territory if you have enough endurance), and the vast rocky terrain lays a wide stream. It is crystal clear, and cold-watered. It is usually the best source of drinking water in the winter. By the stretch of rocks is the forest of the Glistening Stream.

COMMON PREY: Water vole, small fish, small rodents
DANGERS: Slipping, falling off the cliff, drowning, flood, rockslide (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Chervil/chervil root, chickweed, yarrow, thyme, sage, etc.


  • Sycamore Lane is a vast forest with an array of mainly sycamore trees that provide an abundance of shade, shelter and coverage. Cats usually come here to hunt, talk in private and (occasionally) climb. Sycamore Lane offers a variety of paths and clearings to walk around, though the main path remains to be a wide and extremely beaten down path that cuts through the forest.

COMMON PREY: Mice, squirrels, birds, rabbits (rare)
DANGERS: Tree falling, foxes, snakes (rare), badgers (rare), bears (extremely rare)
COMMON HERBS: Borage, burdock, nettle, oak, poppy seeds, cobwebs, etc.


  • The Training Glade is where mentors usually take their apprentices to teach the ways of the warrior code and life. However, it can also be used to sun-bathe due to it's vastness and lack of shrubbery, and sun-warmed rocks. It does not have much prey, as the ruckus caused by wily apprentices has warded off most animals.

COMMON PREY: Mice (rare), small birds
DANGERS: Slipping on the ledge
COMMON HERBS: Little to none


  • The Rugged Canyon is a vast canyon with steep red cliffs alongside massive pillars, all falling down to a deep and dipping ravine. There are a few sparse trees few and far between that offers coverage from the sun as well as possibility for prey to hide. It is told that this is land is where many legendary battles ensued involving StreamClan's past leaders Bluestar and Duskstar against rogues and trespassers alike. It is also fabled that the canyon was formed by StarClan themselves, by dipping one great claw into the ground and dragging it through to form one of StreamClans most loved pieces of territory. Even despite being perhaps one of the driest spots in all the land, the Rugged Canyon still somehow has water running through it. You can find small waterfalls trickling down here and there, and at the very bottom of the canyon there is a small but strong stream running through it. All along the sides of the canyon are many hidey holes and caves that provide shelter from the heat. One of these hidden caves includes the Secret Tunnel!

COMMON PREY: Mice, thrushes, small birds, small reptiles, kangaroo rats
DANGERS: Overheating, snakes, thorns/thistles, falling, rockslide (rare), birds of prey (rare), foxes (uncommon)
COMMON HERBS: Rock wing parsley, vines, cacti


  • The Secret Tunnel is a long and wide tunnel hidden beneath some foliage and cacti in the rugged-canyon . It is found on the side of the cliff, along with many other caves, so it is hard to find. Inside, it is cool and dry, though it dampens more as you become closer to idyllic-lake, where it opens back up. It is said to be magic, as even though the trek from point A (canyon) to point B (lake) is very long (you must hike through the twisted path to get there), it takes what seems to be a much shorter time by using the tunnel. It is fairly dark in there, however you can come across 'air pockets' where small cracks of sky are seen that let in light during the day. There are also lots of smaller tunnels that veer off, so be careful you know where you're going! On the Idyllic Lake side, it is hidden behind a waterfall that pours into the lake, and you must either swim or tiptoe along the edge of the cliff to get to land.

COMMON PREY: Rabbits, small rodents
DANGERS: Flooding, suffocating, getting stuck or lost, getting crushed, badgers (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Cacti (at the opening on the canyon side), roots


  • The mossy dock stands low against the swamplands. It is... well... mossy. It is the most popular spot of the frog bog, as it provides a (slightly) stable ground over swamp water, and a good fishing and hunting spot. The wood is damp and rotting in some spots, and there are holes in some of the planks. It's rather dangerous if you don't know where you're stepping, so caution is needed. Around the dock lay lilypads and and water vegatation, and old weeping willows, tupelos, pin oak, and other swamp trees. Underwater (and sometimes on top) run many insects and water-animals, including sea-monkeys, water striders, dragonflies, and more! The swamp, despite it's droopy appearance, is full of life. Upon a post stands a warm-glow of a lantern (or so the kittypet-born cats call it). It dimly lights up the dock and surrounding swamp.

COMMON PREY: Frogs, insects, small amphibians, fish
DANGERS: Drowning, falling through boards, splinters, river otters (rare), raccoons (rare), red foxes (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Moss, lilypads, lotus, waterweeds, duckweed, cattails


  • If you continue walking after you come upon the Mossy Dock, you will begin entering the Swamplands. The Swamplands are a large, muddy portion of the Frog Bog with tons of life buzzing through it. The swamp is just muddy in some parts, while being an entire body of water in others. The Swamplands are fun to roam, but dangerous if unaccompanied so it is recommended you bring a friend. The swamps are very green and damp, a vibrant green canopy covering most of the sky, and tons of vegatation growing over the trails.

COMMON PREY: Frogs, toads, amphibians, birds, insects, waterfowl, fish
DANGERS: Drowning, getting stuck, tree falling, river otters (rare), raccoons (uncommon), red foxes (rare), beavers (uncommon), snakes (uncommon), badgers (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Moss, lilypads, lotus, waterweeds, duckweed, cattails, ferns


  • Somehow simultaneously dark + dingy and vivid + fresh, the cottonwood grove is a favored place of the Frog Bog. With tall, dark-skinned cottonwood trees that release a puffy cotton-liked seed, damp, muddy grounds, plenty of burns and creeks (including, of course, the large river that runs through all of StreamClan territory), and plenty of critters to catch, the grove is comfortable and loved by all creatures of the area. It is a good source of particularly amphibians, though there's many types of prey you can find here. It is a nice spot to hang out, and the air is fresh but comfortably humid. Almost everything about the grove is dark except for the vivid patches of grass, leaves, and herbs. The ground is dark, damp soil, with a sheen of dark moss, and the trees are near black and soaked with swamp water.

COMMON PREY: Any amphibians, though particularly newts, fish, squirrels, mice, small birds
DANGERS: Drowning, tree falling, red foxes (rare), badgers (very rare), river otters (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Nettle, juniper


  • The Sunlit Meadow is typically where StreamClan's medicine cats come to gather necessary herbs, as well as plant and grow anything that they feel they may need. It is the medicine cat's responsibility to keep up with their herb storage. Beside the river is a worn path sided by lilacs and cherry trees that cats can walk on. Due to it's remote nature and natural beauty, that path is usually taken by those with romantic notions. In the flower-bushes, many soft green clearings can be found, but further on the pretty plants sparse out and the meadow becomes more golden and wheat-filled. The meadow has many paths and trails weaving through the bushes, and many cats who enjoy running come here.

COMMON PREY: Rabbits, fish, mice, voles, shrews
DANGERS: Snakes, hawks (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Any herbs besides catmint can be found/grown here


  • The Rickety Cabin is an abandoned Two-leg nest. Made of wood, the cabin seems like it could crumble by just too loud a word. Luckily for StreamClan, this is not the case. A cabin table lays just outside of the house, similar to one ones you might be able to find near the campgrounds. Half the roof of he cabin is caved in, creating an easy way into the mysterious den. It is said a cat can almost hear their own pawsteps creaking across the floor, and that if you try hard enough you can still smell two-leg scent. A few two-leg items can be found here, though they are broken and dusty.

COMMON PREY: Mice, small birds, rats (rare)
DANGERS: Falling debris, splinters, broken glass, rats (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Catmint, lambs ear, dock, bindweed, lavender


  • The campgrounds lays between the Meadow and the Thunderpath. Cats can find a dirt road branching off from the Thunderpath. Following it will reveal a camp ground. Numerous tents, benches, tables, and a few firepits can be found here. Two-legs often leave items such as trash, food, and just random two-leg stuff scattered around. It is reccomended to leave it alone. Cats are encouraged to be wary of the camp grounds, and to report any two-leg sightings to camp. Twolegs have been spotted kayaking on the lakes, be cautious of the stream that runs through the territory

COMMON PREY: Mice, voles, shrews, squirrels, small birds
DANGERS: Two-legs + dogs (seasonally), snakes
COMMON HERBS: Little to none


  • The Thunderpath is tucked between the Sunlit Meadow a few miles down and the Cavefalls. It is what seperates the Twisted Path from the rest of the territory. It's not typically busy with monsters, however a few will come, time to time, so it is best to be wary of the place.

DANGERS: Monsters, twolegs


  • The Twisted Path is the large, hot mass of land in between both the Idyllic Lake as well as the Rugged Canyon and forest. It is split by the thunderpath in most parts. There is much to behold in this territory with it's dazzling scenic view and openness to the sight of the sky and stars. However, one must beware if caught in this area after the sun goes down. The Twisted Path stretches far and goes beyond StreamClan's claimed territory and is difficult to manage when it comes to border patrols due to it's sheer massive amount of land mass. Nature over the course of time has taken over the Twisted Path, inviting creatures of the night such as wolves, badgers, foxes, desert owls, and more. Even the most keen warriors ought to be with another if out here for an extended period of time.

COMMON PREY: Jackrabbits, squirrel, mice, kangaroo rats, small birds, small reptiles, fish
DANGERS: Snakes, thorns/thistles, wolves, badgers, foxes, birds of prey
COMMON HERBS: Vervain, black eyed susan, catmint, cacti, desert bush


  • The Idyllic Lake is a more secluded part of StreamClan's territory, it being surrounded by a dense growth of nature. One would have to trudge through many twists and turns that had been created from fallen logs, bushes with thistles as well as the surrounding rocky terrain to finally get to the heart of the territory, the lake. Once you do, however, it is worth the trek. The terrain is soft and fertile with riches and trinkets beyond any collectors imagination. The air is filled with scents of prey and water, and the sound of a gentle murmuring waterfall, and birds twittering about calmly. The water is iridescent, and crystal clear. Ancient StreamClan cats used to gather here to share tongues as well as partake in picnics.

COMMON PREY: Mice, small birds, squirrels, fish
DANGERS: Drowning, fallen trees, fallen rocks, slipping, rouges (uncommon), badgers (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Basil, lemon balm, rosemary, mint, thyme, lavender


  • While the Lakelands are filled with- well- lakes, perhaps one of the most notable one is Duckpad Pond. For whatever reason, ducks seem to flock to it when they're home. And, in all honesty, it is understandable too. The water is a crystal blue, with darkening splotches centered around the middle. There are tall, sprout-green, silver-wooded trees stood all around it, dappling the golden light onto the shining pond. And the grass shoring up the water is moss-covered and filled with clovers and other plants, giving the air a clean and comforting scent. It is truly a small paradise. Around the lake, you can find smaller still bodies of water (it is called the Lakelands, after all), though this tends to be the hub- and for good reason.

COMMON PREY: Waterfowl (mainly ducks), birds, mice, squirrel, voles, thrushes
DANGERS: Drowning, slipping, rouges (uncommon), foxes (rare)
COMMON HERBS: Clover, cinnamon, rosemary, water mint, lemon balm, lavender, sorrel, duck weed, lotus, cherry trees


  • The Cavefalls are strictly to be used by medicine cats and leaders as it is where they share tongues with StarClan. Ancient StreamClan cats Bluestar and Duskstar, then, Duskstorm found this place many moons ago. It has a stairs made of stone, perhaps left by twolegs that the cats go down before touching their nose to the water to dream with their ancestors. Its rock is rough and tinged with green and yellow, blue lights bouncing off the high walls from the lapping lapis-toned water below. Above, there are massive, glittering stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Sometimes you can find small crystals and gems embedded in the walls.

DANGERS: Drowning, slipping, hitting your head


  • The Emerald Pool is a cave-like system with peculiar red stones. The Clan cats are unsure as to it's odd color and texture, but have theorized it was due to StarClan's righteous anger after ancient StreamClan's rogue raid that led to many warriors either missing or dead - it is believed StarClan had turned their one direct form of contact with the Clan into a bloodied red as to ensure no one could forget StreamClan's dark history. The Emerald Pool is similar to that as the Cavefalls in the sense it offers a link to communicate to StarClan. However, not everything is as it seems for this celestial location.. A ghost from the past lingers here; Northerncreek. Murdered by one of StreamClans most brutal and monstrous foes, Yewtongue, the ghost of former Elite Northerncreek now resides here, haunting the red-stones as a reminder of what Yewtongue cost us. He is mainly docile, and prefers to be left alone, but if provoked he will attack. He is also forever searching for a way to get out of the caves.

DANGERS: Slipping, cave collapses, drowning, Northerncreek (rare)

current plots

beside PENDING...

  • plot information here


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prefixes suffixes

These are the prefixes you may not use.
beside A

  • Adder
  • Albatross
  • Alpine
  • Apple

beside B

  • Beaver
  • Brave
  • Briar
  • Bumble

beside C

  • Carp
  • Cascade
  • Cedar
  • Chipmunk
  • Cloud
  • Cobalt
  • Coconut
  • Comfrey
  • Corvid
  • Creek
  • Cypress

beside D

  • Dandelion
  • Dashing
  • Delta
  • Desert
  • Duck
  • Dusk
  • Dusty

beside E

  • Echo
  • Eclipse
  • Eel
  • Egret
  • Ember

beside F

  • Fallow
  • Fire
  • Fish
  • Frosted

beside G

  • Gibbous
  • Golden
  • Grizzly
  • Guppy

beside H

  • Hare
  • Hawk
  • Heat
  • Heather
  • Hope
  • Hurricane
  • Hydrangea
  • Hydro

beside I

  • Indigo
  • Iris

beside J

  • x

beside K

  • Kiwi
  • Koi

beside L

  • Leaping
  • Lily
  • Lion
  • Little
  • Lizard
  • Lotus
  • Lupine

beside M

  • Mackerel
  • Magpie
  • Mantis
  • Marsh
  • Marten
  • Meadow
  • Mink
  • Minnow
  • Monarch
  • Moth
  • Mud
  • Mulberry
  • Murky
  • Myrtle

beside N

  • Noon
  • Nymph

beside O

  • Oak
  • One
  • Osprey
  • Owl

beside P

  • Pale
  • Passerine
  • Path
  • Peanut
  • Pearl
  • Peony
  • Perch
  • Pheasant
  • Pickerel
  • Pollen
  • Pool
  • Puddle
  • Pumpkin

beside Q

  • x

beside R

  • Red
  • Reed
  • River
  • Rose
  • Royal

beside S

  • Sand
  • Sauger
  • Sepia
  • Shrike
  • Silver
  • Spark
  • Spider
  • Spider
  • Splash
  • Starling
  • Strange
  • Sturgeon
  • Sweet

beside T

  • Tetra
  • Timber
  • Truffle
  • Turtle
  • Two

beside U

  • Umbra

beside V

  • x

beside W

  • Wake
  • Waning
  • White
  • Willow
  • Winder
  • Wisteria
  • Wolf

beside X

  • x

beside Y

  • x

beside Z

  • x

All suffixes have a limit of 3 usages.

  • ant 1/3
  • bane 1/3
  • bite 1/3
  • blaze 2/3
  • bloom 2/3
  • blossom 1/3
  • blush 1/3
  • breeze 1/3
  • briar1/3
  • bringer 1/3
  • brook 1/3
  • call 1/3
  • charmer 1/3
  • chaser 1/3
  • chitter 1/3
  • chorus 1/3
  • cloud 2/3
  • crawler 1/3
  • creek 1/3
  • crest 1/3
  • crow 2/3
  • crown 1/3
  • cry 3/3
  • daze 1/3
  • dawn 1/3
  • dive 2/3
  • dove 2/3
  • drop 1/3
  • eye 1/3
  • eyes 1/3
  • face 1/3
  • fang 2/3
  • fall 2/3
  • feather 1/3
  • fire 1/3
  • fish 1/3
  • flame 2/3
  • fleet 1/3
  • flutter 1/3
  • fox 1/3
  • frost 2/3
  • fur 1/3
  • glare 2/3
  • gleam 1/3
  • glow 1/3
  • grin 1/3
  • havoc 1/3
  • hiss 1/3
  • leaf 1/3
  • leer 1/3
  • light 1/3
  • lily 1/3
  • lynx 1/3
  • mist 1/3
  • moon 3/3
  • moth 1/3
  • muse 1/3
  • patter 1/3
  • petal 1/3
  • plume 1/3
  • pool 2/3
  • puff 1/3
  • rose 1/3
  • rot 1/3
  • runner 1/3
  • scurry 1/3
  • seeker 1/3
  • serpent 1/3
  • shade 2/3
  • shine 1/3
  • skidder 1/3
  • skip 1/3
  • slayer 1/3
  • snap 2/3
  • snow 1/3
  • spirit 1/3
  • splash 1/3
  • step 1/3
  • stoat 1/3
  • sun 2/3
  • tears 1/3
  • thorn 1/3
  • tooth 1/3
  • tuft 3/3
  • veil 1/3
  • watcher 1/3
  • water 1/3
  • weaver 1/3
  • willow 1/3
  • wing 2/3
  • wish 2/3

You must fill out an additional form to apply for a limitation. More information can be found in the server.
beside Mental

  • ADHD 2/10 • Guppygrin, Saugerbite
  • Autism 3/3 • Cypresspaw, Perchkit, Fishkit
  • Anxiety 3/36 • Albatrosscrest, Emberlight, Peanutpatter
  • Bipolar 0/5
  • Dementia 1/5 • Fallowbriar
  • Depression 1/24 • Heatdaze
  • PTSD 5/19 • Echopool, Egretmoon, Hawkrose, Truffletuft, Willowfall
  • Seasonal Depression1/6 • Albatrosscrest

beside Physical

  • Allergies 0/31
  • Asthma 1/10 • Guppygrin
  • Blind 0/4
  • Deaf 0/1
  • Declawed 3/10 • Briarsun, Turtlesnap, Sweetlily
  • Gigiantism 2/2 • Alpinepaw, Murkyglare
  • Hearing Loss1/40 • Fallowbriar
  • Major Missing Appendage 1/5 • Fireant
  • Minor Missing Appendage 1/5 • Cedarfrost
  • Munchkin 1/1 • Darkfawn
  • Mute 1/2 • Magpiepaw
  • Nerve Damage 0/10 •
  • Partially Blind 4/5 • Cloudwillow, Dustytuft, Willowfall, Sandstalker
  • Vitiligo 0/2
  • Haemolacria 1/1 • Twinsnake
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HINT: Scroll horizontally at the end
beside Earned 1/1

Our leader guides, protects, disciplines, and sacrifices all their needs for us. They will announce ceremonies, gatherings, clan meetings, holidays, and other events. StarClan blesses them with nine lives so they may defend, care for the young and old, honor our ancestors, and live each of their life with dignity.

Aaron Oakstar Male Hawkrose 9/9


Oakstar is ...

beside Earned 1/1

The deputy is the leader's right hand. They will organize daily tasks, border patrols, and hunting groups. If the leader is absent, the deputy will take over temporarily. When our leader passes away or retires, the deputy will take over as the new leader and attain nine lives. We must treat deputies with respect, as they keep StreamClan organized, well fed, and protected.

Ari Littlemoth Female x

Littemoth Stream

Littlemoth is a small, wavy-furred cream Bengal she-cat with blue eyes.

medicine cats
beside Closed 1/2

Medicine cats are the healers or doctors of the clan and are highly respected. StarClan sends them omens, predictions, prophecies, warnings, and guidance. They are very spiritually connected. Medicine cats must be intelligent, courageous and strong. They are trained for herb usage, labor, sicknesses and wounds.

Vincent Dustytuft Male x

Dustypaw stream

Dustytuft is a scruffy brown tabby tom with dark green eyes.

medicine cat apprentices
beside Closed 2/2

Medicine cat apprentices are the future medicine cats. StarClan sends omens to kits to determine if they should be medicine cats. Medicine cat apprentices are taught herb usage, delivery, sicknesses, etc. Medicine cat apprentices usually train longer than a regular apprentice.

Sage Nymphpaw Female Dustytuft


Nymphpaw is a silver-and-white masked bengal molly with blue eyes.

Roy Sparkpaw Male Dustytuft

Sparkkit StreamClan

Sparkpaw is a russet and blue tabby tom with yellow eyes.

elite warriors
beside Earned 5/5

Elites are the most skilled warriors of StreamClan. They are more likely to become deputy and train apprentices. Elites also lead border patrols, hunting groups, and attacks. An elite will have to go through a test and ceremony before earning their rank. This rank can be given to any cat if they have the right potential and strive.

Von Echopool Female x

Echopool streamclan

Echopool is a scruffy, black cat with white markings with one hazel eye and one dusty blue eye.

Lex Pearldrop Female x

Pearldrop Stream

Pearldrop is a beautiful silver-blue lynx-pointed molly with dazzling blue eyes.

Amaya Sturgeondive Male x

Sturgeondive SC

Sturgeondive is a tall grey tabby tom with green eyes.

Shrub Turtlesnap Female x

Turtlesnap sc

Turtlesnap is a stocky molly, with medium-length fur and hazel eyes

Solar Silverstoat Male Briarsun

Silverstoat StreamClan

Silverstoat is a small and pudgy silver tabby tom with round amber eyes.

beside Open 84/infinte

Warriors are the body and heart of StreamClan. Even though they have lesser power, our clan would be nothing without them. A true warrior will follow the Warrior Code and commit their life to the clan. They can be promoted to elites, deputies or even leaders.

Aaron Adderstrike Male x

Addersmoke sc

Adderstrike is a large, scruffy mahogany tabby tom with amber eyes and prominent fangs.

Aaron Albatrosscrest Male x

Albatrosskit sc

Albatrosscrest is a dark-mottled tabby tom with white splotches and dark amber and coral eyes.

Eden Alpineglory Male x


A heather gray bengal tom with alabaster freckles and long, luxurious fur. He has gigantism as well as eyes with swirling heterochromia made of cerulean and veridian.

Noel Applespirit Female x

Applespirit stream

Applespirit is a tall orange and white tabby she-cat with round ears and orange eyes.

?? Bravecry Male x

Bravecry SC Pixel

Bravecry is a big cream lynxpoint tom with a bobbed tail and blue eyes.

Amaya Cascadepool Female x


Cascadepool is a small, longhaired, blue-gray bengal-and-white she-cat with blue-green eyes.

?? Cedarfrost Male Owleyes

Cedarfrost Stream

Cedarfrost is a small pale cream tabby tom with brilliant green eyes.

Fern Coconutleg Female x


A dark brown, tan and cream furred she-cat with several scars and tufted ears.

Miles Cobaltgleam Male x


Cobaltgleam is a grey tabby with beige markings and brown eyes.

Shrub Comfreyfur Male x

Comfreyfur sc

Comfreyfur is a black long-furred feline with an average build and blue eyes.

Berdie Corvidchorus Gender Apathetic x

Corvidchorus SC

Corvidchorus is a tall cat with split black and tan coloration, as well as amber eyes.

Payton Creekfang Male Vixenflame

Creekfang streamclan

Creekfang is a tall blue-gray tom with green eyes.

Roy Cypresswind Male x


A primarily black tom with pale, cream markings and blue eyes.

Shrub Dandelionsun Female x


Dandelionsun is a large tortoiseshell she-kit with patches of brown and gold, with honey-yellow eyes and folded ears.

Ari Dashingdove Female x

Dashingkit SC

Dashingdove is a white she-cat with black splotches and bright green eyes.

Lynnia Deltadive Male x

Deltapaw Stream

Deltadive has a pale cream coat with tan and storm cloud grey markings, and lime greenish yellow eyes.

Fern Desertthorn Female x


A tan and dark brown tabby with dark amber eyes. Her body is covered in burn scars.

Eddie Duckskip Male x


Duckskip is a cute brown-and-white tom with a stub tail and green eyes.

Lynnia Duskbringer Female x


Duskbringer is a gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Vincent Eelface Male Whitewater

Eelface Streamclan

Eelface is a longhaired smoke-black tabby tom with bright amber eyes.

Roy Egretmoon Male x

Egretpaw sc

Egretmoon is a black tom with faint stripes, a white face and dark coral eyes.

Lonely/span> Emberlight Female x


A brown and orange calico cat, shorter side for her age, with no fluff and blue eyes.

Davey Frostedleer Demimale x

Frostedleer Stream

Frostedleer is a tall and slender pale Bengal tomcat with blue eyes.

Davey Goldentears Female x

Goldentears SC

Goldentears is a large sienna and tan she-cat with amber eyes.

Kayla Grizzlytuft Male x


Grizzlytuft is a large tom with dense grey fur and tabby markings.

Roy Guppygrin Male x

Guppygrin StreamClan

Guppygrin is a stubby calico tomcat with one blue eye and one pink.

Foster Hareskitter Male x


Hareskitter is a fluffy, off-white and brown patched tom with bright blue eyes and a small-ish tail.

Ari Hawkrose Female Oakfall

Hawkrose Stream

Hawkrose is an elegant cinder tortie she-cat with auburn eyes.

Dew Heatdaze Genderfluid x

Heatpaw Stream

Heatdaze is a primarily off-blue and grey cat, spattered with orange-yellow markings and magenta eyes.

Ari Hopefrost Female x


Hopefrost is a broad-shouldered dilute calico molly with darker stripes and blue eyes

Amaya Hurricaneblaze Male x


Hurricaneblaze is a large grey tom with black tabby markings and a light grey underbelly.

Foster Hydrangeashadow Female x


A mainly black she-cat with blue eyes that are slightly smaller than average.

Eddie Hydrohavoc Female x

Hydrohavoc SC

Hydrohavoc is a tall, slender warrior whose coat resembles that of honey - ginger and speckled, with blue eyes.

Noel Indigoeye Female x

Indigoeye StreamClan

Indigoeye is a fluffy red Bengal she-cat with sky blue eyes.

Noel Irislight Female x

Iriskit Stream

Irislight is a fuzzy, smokey gray and pinkish she-cat with orange eyes.

Von Kiwichitter Male x


Kiwichitter is a pale cream tabby tom with brown and black markings, and pale green eyes.

Kurt Koiblush Female x

Koiblush StreamClan

Koiblush is a gorgeous, fluffy calico tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Miles Leapingcloud Male x


Leapingcloud is a lanky, tan tabby tomcat with sage green eyes.

Sage Lilyfeather Female x

Lilyfeather Stream

Lilyfeather is a curly-furred silvery Bengal she-cat with fiery orange eyes.

Solar Lionslayer Male x


Lionslayer is a sleek tom with a thick mane around his neck, pale ginger in color. He has icy blue eyes.

?? Lotusmuse Female x

Iris Stream

Lotusmuse is a slender, bobtailed rose-colored tomcat with long, wavy fur and green eyes.

Dew Lupinemoon Agender x


Lupinemoon is a muscular warrior with chimeric red, black, and white fur, and heterochromatic eyes.

Von Mackerelblaze Male x

Mackerelblaze StreamClan

Mackerelblaze is a muscular dark blue tabby tomcat with gray patches and amber eyes.

Amaya Martenhiss Male x


Martenhiss is a lithe dark brown and beige tom with fiery amber eyes.

?? Mantisfang Male x

Mantisfang stream

Mantisfang is a tall, slender solid black tomcat with piercing golden eyes.

Kurt Marshwatcher Female x

Marshkit sc

Marshwatcher is a dark gray she-cat with large dark markings.

Miles Meadowseeker Female x

Meadowkit sc

Meadowseeker is a fluffy brown tortie she-cat with soft yellow eyes.

Berdie Minnowbloom Male x

Minnow Stream

Minnowbloom is a fuzzy, smokey gray and pinkish tomcat with orange eyes.

Rose Monarchflame Female x


A fluffy orange and red bengal she-cat with violet eyes.

Fae Mothcry Female x


Mothcry is a near-black she-cat with peach mottled speckles down her back with blue eyes.

Sydney Mudcreek Male x

Mudcreek Stream

Mudcreek is a black Maine Coon tomcat with a brown stripe on his underside, and bright green eyes.

Tapeworm Mulberryrot Nonbinary x

Mulberryrot sc

Mulberryrot is a tall, marbled slate-gray feline with thick fur and amber eyes.

Rose Murkyglare Male x


Murkyglare is a long-furred red-brown, white-brown-grey mixed color tabby tomcat with red eyes.

Roy Onewish Female x

Onewish Stream

Onewish is a dappled black and orange she-cat with one amber eye and one blue eye.

Jae Ospreyglare Male x

Ospreyglare Stream

Ospreyglare is a tall dark grey tomcat with ashen cedar-brown tabby markings and orange eyes.

Kurt Owleyes Male Cedarfrost

Owleyes StreamClan

Owleyes is a lithe mottled dark brown tom with bright yellow eyes.

Soup Palenectar Male x


A tall, fluffy white tom with cream markings, scars and green eyes.

Dew Passerinecall Female x

Passerinecall Stream

Passerinecall is a soft eggshell colored she-cat with russet orange and dark soot markings and golden-green eyes.

Aaron Peanutpatter Female x

Peanutkit Stream

Peanutpatter is a cream colored she-cat with dark ginger spots.

Payton Peonysnow Female x

Peonysnow StreamClan

Peonysnow is a beautiful snow white she-cat with gray points.

Sage Pheasantfire Female x


Pheasantfire is a sequoia-coated nettle-tipped feline with sharp features and nectar eyes.

Shrub Pollenglow Male x

Pollenglow sc

Pollenglow is a russet hued tabby tomcat with amber eyes.

Solar Poolwish Male x

Poolkit Streamclan

Poolwish is a stocky blue-grey tom with one orange eye and one blue.

Solar Pumpkinpuff Female x

Pumpkinpuff Stream

Pumpkinpuff is an orange and black curly-furred she-cat with soft ruby eyes.

Eddie Redcrow Transfem x


Redcrow is a red and black tabby tom with green eyes.

Payton Reedweaver Male x

Reedkit sc

Reedweaver is a slim brown tom-cat with yellow eyes and a light underbelly.

Noel Rosefleet Male x

Rosefleet streamclan

Rosefleet is a small grey-and-brown tabby tom with twitchy orange eyes.

Eddie Royalserpent Male x

Royalserpent Stream

Royalserpent is a sleek, dark gray Bengal tom with clear gray eyes.

Soup Sandstriker Male x


A shorthaired tom with sandy-colored fur and yellow eyes.

Dew Saugerbite Male x


Saugerbite is a lean, brown and buff cat with heterochromatic yellow and blue eyes.

Eden Sepiaruse Female x


A beautiful, vain molly with shades of sepia and cream that caress her long, flowing pelt, paired with piercing gilt eyes.

Dew Shrikecrawler Genderfaun x

Shrikecrawler Stream

Shrikecrawler is a dark brown tabby cat with blue-green eyes, and smoky swirls in his fur.

Sydney Splashbrook Female x

Splashbrook Stream

Splashbrook is an all white she-cat with medium length fur, and piercing blue eyes.

Astrics Starlingheart Female x


A fluffy white cat with tortie markings and a grey fade on her back. She has light brown eyes.

Berdie Strangewing Genderqueer x

Strangewing sc (1)

Strangewing has white fur with brown patches across their body, and bright green eyes.

Amaya Sturgeondive Male x

Sturgeondive SC

Sturgeondive is a tall grey tabby tom with green eyes.

Rose Sweetlily Female x


Sweetlily is an elegant long-furred dilute-calico with murky green eyes.

Berdie Tetrasnap Female x

Tetrasnap StreamClan

Tetrasnap is a slim gray she-cat with a darker back, pale belly and pinkish-blue eyes.

Eddie Timberfox Genderfluid x

Timberfox stream

Timberfox is an ashy grey tomcat with a short bobbed tail and amber eyes.

Lynnia Truffletuft Male x


Truffletuft is a dappled grey-brown tabby tom with bright green eyes.

Lex Twocrow Female x

Twocrow Stream

Twocrow is a blueish black she-cat with dark red eyes and a fluffy tail.

Lex Umbraveil Male

File:Obsidiancrown Stream.png

Umbraveil is a tall, black, white and gray tom with marbled, leopard-like markings and teal eyes.

Sydney Wakeshade Male x

Wakeshade sc

Wakeshade is a grey-blue tomcat with brown markings and deep green eyes.

Fae Waningtide Male x


A small, pale and brown tabby tom with blue and yellow eyes.

Roy Willowfall Nonbinary x

Willowfall stream

Willowfall is a dark red and white cat with yellow eyes.

Noel Winterlynx Female x

Bunnyskip stream

Winterlynx is a sleek, white molly with bright, dazzling blue eyes and pointed ears.

Amaya Wisteriamist Female x

Wisteriafleur StreamClan

Wisteriamist is a small, long-haired dilute calico she-cat with vibrant green eyes.

Katie Wolfbane Male x


Wolfbane is a tall, slender grey tom with blue eyes.

beside Open 6/10

The Elders are cats who are past their prime and have retired from their duties. They are usually seen telling stories and watching apprentices or kits. They are highly respected and spiritually connected. We celebrate when a cat becomes an elder. We admire their hard work and take care of them. Elders are usually the first to eat along with queens and kits.

Miso Beavertooth Male x


Beavertooth is a large brown Maine coon tomcat with golden-amber eyes.

Von Bumblestep Male Cloudwillow

Bumblestep StreamClan

Bumblestep is a fluffy light brown tom with white markings and amber green eyes.

Solar Cloudwillow Female Bumblestep

Cloudwillow Stream

Cloudwillow is a fluffy calico she-cat with amber eyes.

Aaron Fallowbriar Female x


Fallowbriar is a nearly black molly with various dark markings, a tan underbelly, and various scars. She has pale blue eyes.

Kurt Fireant Male x

Fireant StreamClan

Fireant is a lithe russet tom with dark forest green eyes.

Amaya Lizardscurry Male x

Lizardscurry sc

Lizardscurry is a tall, lithe, ginger-and-white tabby tom with amber eyes.

beside Open 4/10

Queens are the mothers of StreamClan. They take care of the kits in our clan. Most of the time, queens will take care of their kits until they reach 6 moons and become apprentices. Occasionally, queens will stay in the nursery permanently to take care of future kits and help future queens during labor and raising kits. Five slots are always reserved for permanent queens.

Sage Briarsun Female Silverstoat Perm. Queen

Brairsun stream

Briarsun is a small black and auburn calico she-cat with bright green eyes.

Aaron Peanutpatter Female x Warrior

Peanutkit Stream

Peanutpatter is a cream colored she-cat with dark ginger spots.

Payton Spiderlily Female x Perm. Queen

Spiderlily streamclanny

A lithe black she-cat with a bobbed tail and yellow eyes.

Rose Sweetlily Female x Warrior


Sweetlily is an elegant long-furred dilute-calico with murky green eyes.

Kurt Whitewater Female Eelface Perm. Queen

Whitewater streamclan

Whitewater is a beautiful, scarred white she-cat.

beside CLOSED 12/15

Apprentices are the future warriors of StreamClan. They earn their "paw" suffix once they turn 6 moons old and will earn their warrior name at 12 moons. Apprentices are given mentors that will teach them StreamClan traditions, the Warrior Code, hunting, and fighting. When an apprentice is nearing their promotion, they will go through an assessment on their skills.

Fae Chipmunkpaw Male Truffletuft


Chipmunkpaw is a fluffy tomcat with curled ears and green eyes. He has a cream colored pelt with ginger markings.

Foster Eclipsepaw Female Pollenglow


Eclipsepaw is a muddy colored molly with dark tabby stripes and drooping ears, her eyes are a honey shade.

Solar Gibbouspaw Female Albatrosscrest


Gibbouspaw is a silky, white furred feline with silver stripes going down their back and green eyes.

Soup Magpiepaw Male Hurricaneblaze


Magpiepaw is a mainly white tom with oddly shaped black splotches across his pelt. He has brown eyes.

Payton Minkpaw Male Silverstoat


A cream tom with orange splotches and freckles and yellow eyes.

Fae Myrtlepaw Female Egretmoon


A primarily orange she-cat with white speckles and grey accents. She has yellow eyes.

Fae Noonpaw Male Hareskitter


Noonpaw is a fuzzy, golden tabby tom with muddy accents. His right side is entirely white and he has violet eyes.

Shrub Puddlepaw Female Heatdaze


Puddlepaw is a petite black she-cat with blue eyes and a bobbed tail.

Amaya Riverpaw Male Creekfang


Riverpaw is a tall, lithe, sleek blue-gray and white tabby tom with heterochromatic blue-yellow eyes.

beside Open 9/12

Kits are the future of StreamClan. They are taken care of by the queens of our clan. Kits range from 0 to 6 moons old. They remain in the nursery until they are old enough to explore but they are not allowed to leave camp. Kits will often be seen bothering the elders and queens. Any cat who injures a kit will be severely punished.

Soup Carpkit Male Whitewater


Carpkit is a golden-brown tabby tom with white on his chest and edges of his ears. He has green eyes.

Shrub Fishkit Female Spiderlily


A greyish brown she-cat with green eyes.

Payton Heatherkit Female Sweetlily


Heatherkit is a fluffy she-cat with hazel fur, darker markings, and notable white coloring on her face.

Codi Pathkit Male Sweetlily


Pathkit is a fluffy tom with splotched of mottled brown and stiped sand with blue-green eyes.

Aaron Perchkit Male Whitewater


Perchkit is a tall, spiky tom with silver-grey fur, including dark tabby stripes and white details. He has yellow eyes.

Solar Pickerelkit Male Whitewater


Pickerelkit is a tall, dark-grey spotted tabby tom with a lighter underbelly and green eyes.

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