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Feel free to add your own ships and notes! Please do not use classic editor! You must be a Clan member to edit this page if not I will undo your edit.Thank you. ~Thunderstar


( None yet! :o )

Joke Ships:

Thunderstar x Willowpelt

Cloud x Bee

Icepelt x Flowerheart

Icepelt x Polly


I am a single pringle

~ Polar

I'm a pwetty kitty lookin' for a mate! Shecat? Tom? I don't care!

~ Vallyleap

-You are my sunshine! My only sunshine :)


Your eyes are like the flowing river,

Your heart as warm as the sun.

Your fur as soft as a kitten's coat,

Remember me, dear.


Uh... Did I just get shipped with Bluewing by some random person?


Umm no I am not random ;-;


Woah! Noblestripe just got shipped by some anonymous cat! *snickers*


Why am I shipped with my brother- OH COME ON! THAT'S JUST DISGUSTING! Also, he is a kit!


I'm a lonely tom looking for a mate - I've been lonely with no one to share my prey with. I'll take care of you if you take care of me :)


Looking for a mate?
If you are looking for a mate,look through the comments for a fitting form and contact them- or fill this form below:

OC name:




What kind of mate are you looking for: