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Spiderlilly from zoester

Status Active/Alive
Allegiance Streamclan
Rank Leader
Previous Ranks Kit, Apprentice, Warrior
Sex Female
Age 61 moons
Lives 7/9

Spiderlily is a smaller solid ebony bobtail, she possesses a large pair of bright golden eyes, giving her the prefix "-lily", like the flower. She is currently the Leader of StreamClan. She is kind, calculated, and protective.

  • Spiderlily:
    • Spider- an eight-legged predatory arachnid; given due to her shiny black coat.
    • -star - the prefix given to all Clan leaders
    • Former Names: Spiderkit, Spiderpaw, Spiderlily
    • Nicknames: Spidey, Kit, Dearest
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Birth Date: August 14th, 2020
    • Zodiac: Leo
    • Birth Season: Green-leaf
    • Birth Place: StreamClan camp: Estes Park, Colorado
  • Alignment: Lawful good
  • Date of Creation: August 14th, 2020


Spiderlily is a slightly below average feline, draped in a short, silky black coat that she keeps exceptionally clean. She has a thinner frame, being small and more petite, she was the runt of her litter of three. Spiderlily was born without a tail, instead she possesses a small bunny-like bob on her behind. Spiderlily has a very youthful appearance, her face always displaying a sort of smile or grin. Her eyes are somewhat large a tinted with a deep golden hue. There shape is also notable, showing off as round and wide. Surrounding Spiderlily's face are fluffier bunches of fur that she tends to keep fairly well-groomed in attempt to accentuate her facial features, such as her small upturned muzzle and pink nose to top it off.

  • Voice Claim:
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Breed: Japanese bobtail

Clan Standings

  • Clan: StreamClan
    • Rank: Leader

While her being chosen as deputy was somewhat controversial, seeing as she was picked over two elite warriors, she is well-liked as leader. Spiderstar is very interactive with her clan, she is constantly found conversing with her warriors and enjoying meals with them. She spends a lot of time in the nursery and the medicine den, exchanging gossip with the queens and gathering information from the Medicine cats.

  • Education
    • Mentored by: Hawkneedle and Koipool
    • Apprentice: Amberbell


  • Positive traits:

Kind - Intelligent - Loyal - Approachable

  • Neutral traits

Ambitious - Trusting - Protective

  • Negative traits:

Self critical - Vain - Shielded

Beneath the surface, Spiderstar is very friendly and humorous she-cat. However after leading her clan through several serverely impactful and--sometimes--traumatizing events, she is far more shielded and calculated. The once bubbly and emotional feline has done her best to create a hardened exterior that she wears as leader, Spiderstar tends to think more logically now and puts fourth her clan and family before all else.


Kithood (0-6 moons):

  • Spiderkit lived a fairly normal kithood, being originally born into a litter of three -her being the runt - however her older sister Sunkit unfortunately was a still born. Spiderkit and her brother Cypresskit were born to Applethorn and Murkysky, though Murkysky fled StreamClan after finding out Applethorn was expecting kits, though the clan was thrilled, it was there first litter in moons. When Applethorn wasn't around, Spiderkit and Cypresskit were looked after by Cloudwillow, who would be an important figure in Spiderkit's future. It would not be long before Spiderkit would advance to her apprentice days.
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Apprenticehood (6-12 moons):

  • Spiderpaw's life quickly shifted, the day of her ceremony Applethorn passed away. She was killed in Sycamore lane, a famous piece of StreamClan's territory that pertains to one particular landmark, a snake nest. Spiderpaw and Cypresspaw are shaken horribly, and they are given their names, but training would not start until they had grieved the passing of their mother. Cloudwillow steps in to comfort the pair. Spiderpaw moves past her loss, and begins to focus on training instead. Her situation wasn't your average apprenticeship, she was given two mentors instead of one, Koipool and Hawkneedle, both of StreamClan's elites. It was an honor for the young Spiderpaw, and she took on the challange with pride. However it was unbeknownst to the young feline that there was- and still is- a rivalry between the elites, and Spiderpaw's training would force them to finally work together. Spiderpaw would never find this out. Through her training, she grows apart from her brother and imprints on Koipool and Hawkneedle instead, creating a sort of make-shift family to replace the one she lost as a kit. With two mentors, her training is highly successful, and by the end of her apprenticehood, she would be an incredibly successful warrior.

Warriorhood (12 moons-Present):

  • Spiderpaw becomes Spiderlily, ceremony goes successfully.
  • Patrols have been set out in small numbers, Spiderlily was not included for some reason. She begins to wonder why.
  • StreamClan finds out the infamous snake nest is still active, the same one that killed Applethorn. Spiderlily becomes anxious.
  • A patrol is formed in order to inspect the snake nest, and they are able to successfully seal it up. Spiderlily is still not included. She becomes upset.
  • Another patrol is set out to check on the nest, Spiderlily is sent out on her first patrol as a warrior, Koipool leads it, she is thrilled !
    • Members of patrol: Koipool, Spiderlily, Vineivy, and Curlybee,
    • Koipool is unaware of a snake following her near the nest, Curlybee pushes her out of the way as it attacks. Curlybee dies the same death as Applethorn.
    • Spiderlily develops a horrible fear of snakes.
  • The clan mourns Curlybee's death, Spiderlily wishes to avenge her. Though she is glad that Koipool made it out alive.
  • A few unimportant moons pass by...
  • Spiderlily begins to hang around Cardinalflame! The pair become good friends.
  • Cardinalflame and Featherdance develop feelings for eachother, Spiderlily is jealous.
  • Spiderlily suppresses her feelings for Cardinalflame's happiness, the pair remain friends.
  • StreamClan has gone through a timeskip, Spiderlily has aged 2 years.
  • Featherdance gives birth to three of Cardinalflame's kits, Mistkit, Firekit, and Piperkit, but dies shortly after
  • Spiderlily takes on the mothering role and raises the kits with Cardinalflame as her own.
  • After being mentored by two elites, Spiderlily has been chosen to be the next Deputy of StreamClan after Acornstar passes his leadership to Aspenstar.
  • Koipool turns up missing, Spiderlily leads out a patrol to the canyon in order to search for her, still unaware of the feud between Hawkneedle and Koipool.
  • Aspenstar and Spiderlily discuss Koipool's disappearance, Aspenstar suspects Hawkneedle's rogue story is false, perhaps he is at fault. Aspenstar explains the lifelone feud between her former mentors
  • Spiderlily leads another patrol to the canyon, this time without Hawkneedle, the manage to find Koipool and bring her home, however on the way back, her patrol is stopped in the forest by Hawkneedle and his mate Hickorytail. The pair have bad intentions.
  • Spiderlily stands up for her patrol, defending Koipool and Hawkneedle demanded he finished his job, and that he'd kill her. Spiderlily refuses, leading to a battle between Hawkneedle and Spiderlily. The tom lands a massive wound on Spiderlily's shoulder.
  • Aspenstar and Adderstorm intervene, fighting off Hawkneedle and taking Hickorytail as prisoner. Hawkneedle gets away, leaving an attempted murderer loose in StreamClan territory.
  • On a patrol on the search for Hawkneedle, Hickorytail, and Robinpaw, Spiderlily and three other members including Cardinalflame are ambushed by rogue leader Omen his goons. Spiderlily suffers bruising and and a reopened shoulder wound.
  • Omen tells Spiderlily during the battle that he was given an offer, that if he spared her life then he could take the rest of StreamClan territory for his own, the offer was from Hawkneedle. Spiderlily dwells on this.
  • She takes a few days, and regains strength with Cardinalflame before the rogues show up in camp and wage war on the clan. Spiderlily leads this battle while Aspenstar is out looking for patrols to return home.
  • Hawkneedle returns and tries to kill Koipool for the second time, Spiderlily saves her and alongside Cardinalflame they fight and in the end, she landed the killing bite to her former mentor.
  • Spidelily will need time to recover from this.
  • Aspenstar steps down, returning to Aspenpool. Spiderlily becomes Spiderstar.
  • After a few murders in the territory, Spiderstar declares this a threat to StreamClan.
  • Koipool is killed, leaving Spiderstar heart broken.
  • Yewtongue is discovered to be the killer after poisoning Spiderstar and taking her first life.
  • Spiderstar and the rest of StreamClan recovers from the attacks.
  • Spiderstar and Cardinalflame find out they are expecting a litter of kits!
  • They have five healthy babies, Mantiskit, Applekit, Timberkit, Webkit, and Briarkit
  • When a blizzard hits the clan, they have begun to get snowed into camp, however the ghost of the former villain Hickorytail lures the kits out of the nursery to various portions of the territory.
  • Spiderstar leads a fully fledged search party in search of her five children and the many others.
  • After days trapped in the Cavefalls, Spiderstar and her children return to camp, all are minorly or completely unharmed.
  • Spiderstar visits the ghost of the former Elite Northerncreek who resides in the emerald pool for the first time since his death, they develop a newfound respect for one another.
  • After her children become apprentices, Spiderstar's former apprentice Amberbell shares her complaints upon not receiving one to mentor. Spiderstar thinks little of this.
  • After a supposed rogue attack, Clovertail--Amberbell's mate-- turns up mutilated in the meadow. Most of the clan is quick to support to greiving she-cat, although Spiderstar keeps her distance with some suspicion.
  • With some continued strange behavior from Amberbell--like abandoning one of her daughters suddenly-- Spiderstar's concern for the she-cat grows.
  • Eventually, there is a patrol lead in search of the rogues who "killed" Clovertaill, Amberbell, Spiderstar, and a few of Amberbell's close friends are among them.
  • Amberbell ambushes Spiderstar, taking one of her lives and delivering her body to the Emerald Pool where she strikes a deal with the ghost of Northerncreek.
  • Spiderstar remains unconscious for a few days, until her spirit awakens and is trapped in the pool separate from her body. This enhances her knowledge of the sacred grounds.
  • Northerncreek takes good care of Spiderstar's body, seeing that it is fed and given water when necessary for her return.
  • Amberbell has since assumed leadership in the clan, spreading the rumor that Spiderstar asked her to takeover for Fireant, the current deputy.
  • Many in the clan refuse to believe this, and now the clan has split into three groups: One under Fireant's leadership, one under Amberstar, and one under Runningrain's leadership.
  • After two moons of the clan assuming she is dead, Spiderstar is finally able to return to her physical being. She waits in the territory for a few days before her daughter, Briarsun, finds her and returns her to the clan.
  • When she returns, it seems that the three groups had found themselves amidst a fully fledged battle. Spiderstar does her best to put a stop to it, but it ends only when Amberstar was killed by a fall.
  • The clan returns to Spiderstar's leadership, she currently has 7/9 lives at this time.
  • There has been a long period of peace since Spiderstar's return to the clan.










Spider family tree


  • Relationship status: Taken
    • Mate: Cardinalflame
    • Ex-mates: N/A
    • Offspring: Mistcatcher, Fireant, Piperfluff (Adopted), Mantisfang, Applespirit, Timberfox, Webspinner, Briarsun
  • Candy-Eye:
    • Physical: Spiderlily is fairly small, and in being so she usually finds herself attracted to larger, fluffier toms. She cares not about fur color, but she does think green eyes are very pretty.
    • Love Language: Spiderlily's love language is quality time
  • Attracted to: Cardinalflame
    • Formerly Attracted to: Cardinalflame
    • Cats attracted to Spiderlily: Cardinalflame
    • Cats formerly attracted to Spiderlily: Sunspire
  • Ships: SpiderXCardinal



  • Flowers
  • Stealth hunting
  • Swimming
  • Her family :)
  • Talking to taller cats.
  • Warm weather
  • Sun bathing


  • Being overlooked
  • Being seen as weak
  • Undermined
  • Snow


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