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SolsticeClan is a group of unique and diverse felines who inhabit the desert mountains of San Diego, California.

 Prey consists of mice, small birds, small-medium fish, and small reptiles. 

The risks are fires, raccoons, american badgers, cougars, bobcats, coyotes, stray dogs, mudslides, and rockslides.
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1.Have patience. Staff are not robots, and they will not always be on to accept an OC or verify an introduction. This applies to roleplay partners as well, people have lives, warrior cat roleplay is not someone's main priority.

2.Treat others how you would like to be treated. Have respect for your fellow server members and keep nasty comments to yourself no matter how entitled you feel to make them. 

3.Keep drama in DMs and do not add people into the server as a way to bully, mock, or harass them. no matter the circumstances.

4.Be sure to keep messages in the proper channels, media belongs in media-station , art belongs in creative-gallery and so forth. This also applies to spamming!! keep all spam in DMs or spam 

5.Personal information needs to be appropriate. Location, full names, and personal social medias are not to be shared here. While selfies and talk of strictly nicotine and marijuana are allowed, talk of any other drugs or any form of alcohol is strictly prohibited. 

6. Any form or bigotry will result in a warn and then a kick or ban. This includes but is not limited to profile pictures, bios, character interactions, messages, and pictures depicting (again, not limited to) racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or ableism.

7. This is an ENGLISH server, to keep things running smoothly we ask that you only speak english when interacting with server members and in roleplay.

8.For your own safety, please refrain from venting, asking for medical advice, or leaving server suicide notes. 

9.This server is only for people ages 15 and above, if you are found to be younger you will be banned from the server.
โ„๐•†๐•ƒ๐”ผโ„™๐•ƒ๐”ธ๐• โ„๐•Œ๐•ƒ๐”ผ๐•Š
1. Keep all OCs respectful. Naming disabled OCs after their disabilities is strictly prohibited (deadeyes,limpleg,oneear.) As is putting feathers in a characters fur, adding a headdress, etc. Prefixes/names such as c//n , sp//k are absolutely not allowed, and neither are "tribal" names such as "brook where fish swims"

2.Be respectful. Do not burst into someones roleplay, or have your kit oc die in a tragic way infront of everyone while theres already drama going on, keep the roleplay classy and fun. 

3.One liners are 1000% off limits, this is a SEMILITERATE roleplay sever, at least 1 paragraph is required. Only ends of roleplays may be TWO lines of text.

4.Be somewhat realistic, I know this is warrior cats, and talking cats who worship the stars is FAR from realistic, but kits must stay in camp, apprentices would not fight a warrior, cats wouldn't scream at their leader without punishment etc.

5.You must finish one roleplay before you start another, and once a roleplay is finished you must have your character exit the scene, teleporting cats isn't really our thing.  

6.ONE active roleplay per OC, you cannot have your OC in two different places at one time.

7.Lone roleplays are prohibited, so are lone relationships or friendships, if you need a roleplay partner check in ask-to-roleplay 

8.Only use the RP ping once every 24 hours, after 48 hours a roleplay is considered stale, both parties will be warned for this if staff if not notified of the abrupt ending. (vacations, being busy etc.)

9.ALL art or traceable images (images from someone's pets Instagram, any artwork that isn't yours.) used must be credited if used for a face claim. WCUE models are allowed as long as you source the game.

10.The OC limit is FOUR! If your OC dies and you ask for them to join SC or the DF, your OC will still take up a spot.

We do not hand out mutes, if you cannot stay quiet when told to do so via an @โœงStaff Member  you will be removed accordingly.

Warnings will not be handed instantly, users will be told to stop what they are doing / saying / conflicting against and should they not agree or continue to offend warnings will be given. Should you dislike what an admin has told you to stop, you are to private message the @โ˜†Server Founder  with screenshotted evidence showing the entire conversation.

This is for  @โœงStaff Member alongside @SC MemberANY cropping, altering, distortion or editing of evidence will be grounds for repercussions or your end of the 'argument' being invalidated. Same goes for @โœงStaff Member  where, should the reason for warnings be invalid, the warning will be removed from the given recipient.

WARNINGS/KICKS/BANS 3 warnings= a kick, 2 warnings after a kick= a ban.

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โœงTHIS IS A 15+ SERVERโœง 
Are you looking for a semi-literate, stress free clan to roleplay your favorite OC in? Well look no further! SolsticeClan has everything you could want in a clan.

We offer:
โœงFun roles with interesting perks
โœงCreative freedom
โœงHigh ranks
โœงA safe, fun space to roleplay!
โ„๐•’๐•Ÿ๐•œ๐•ค โ„• โ„๐• ๐•๐•–๐•ค
Leader:: 35+ moons Leaders can be appointed at any age, as long as they were deputy at the time of the previous leader's death/banishment/retirement. Their word is the law of the Clan, as proclaimed by the warrior code, but the younger the leader the more they will struggle to gain complete respect from the Clans, even their own. (this may vary if the clan was FOUNDED by a young leader)

Deputy:: 25+ moons Deputies are chosen either by the leader of the Clan or by StarClan. They can be chosen as young as 18 moons old, as long as they have trained their first apprentice, though in rare cases this is overlooked if StarClan chooses the deputy through a dream to the leader or medicine cat. Deputies can become a leader at any age, once their leader has passed, but this can look poor to the Clan cats if the ceremony is not followed through correctly or something went wrong.

Medicine cat:: 16-100+ moons: Medicine cats are Clan cats who treat diseases and injuries, and who receive directions and guidance from StarClan. They have their own den in their Clan's camp, where they sleep, store herbs, and treat wounded or sick cats. Medicine cats are not allowed to take mates or have kits. A medicine cat MUST heal any cat if they know they are sick and injured, no matter the cat's clan or rank. If a medicine cat is found to be lying or breaking the code they will be stripped of their role and exiled from the clan.

Senior Warrior:: 90+ moons: Senior warriors are picked by their leaders at any age, but after reaching 120 moons old warriors are sometimes automatically given the title of senior warrior. As they are older and so have more experience, senior warriors are given responsibility over the younger warriors. They are able to set up their own hunting patrols with only a quick confirmation to the deputy or leader of the Clans, can train more than one apprentice if the time calls for it, have more freedom in the Clan, and have more chance of becoming a deputy.

Daytime/Nighttime Warrior:: 13-100+ moons: ceremonies are held once an apprentice has been assessed and it is agreed that they are ready to become a warrior. This can rarely occur in a warrior under the age of 12 moons, but this is very rare and usually is the decision of the leader of the Clan, unless kits are trained younger than the usual apprentice age. They attend the next Gathering as a warrior, where theyโ€™re announced as warriors and join the warriors from the other Clans. In cases of a kittypet or loner becoming a warrior, this is a special case where the leader has agreed that the cat has already proven themselves capable of being a warrior.

(Daytime warriors patrol and work during the day, while Nighttime warriors take out their duties at night. This keeps the clan safe and balanced.)

Apprentices:: 6-13 moons: Apprentice ceremonies are held once kits become 6 moons old, unless there are exceptions, and ceremonies are usually held soon after the last Gathering, allowing apprentices to train before the next Gathering, where they will attend and be announced, in normal cases. The above exceptions for a kit not being made an apprentice at 6 moons old apply. For kittypets who enter the Clans, age does not matter, as they will always become an apprentice first before they are allowed to become a warrior of their chosen Clan, except in special cases denoted in the following ranks. Apprentices usually train for 6-7 moons, of which the first moon involves familiarising themselves with the territory and learning crouches, and hunting for the first time. In the next four moons, apprentices are taught everything that their mentor can teach them: perfecting hunting, perfecting fighting, respecting the elders, learning the warrior code, and so forth. In the last moon, the apprentice is assessed once the mentor believes that they are ready, and it is decided whether they have what it takes to become a warrior. Due to delays, this assessment can be pushed back another moon, but it is common for apprentices to have their warrior ceremony between 12 - 13 moons old.

The following exceptions apply: the apprentice is not ready to become a warrior; the apprentice exhibits poor behaviour/disrespects the Clan; the apprentice is a medicine cat apprentice (the medicine cat and/or StarClan make the decision when the apprentice is prepared to take on the responsibility); the apprentice is injured and training is delayed; the apprentice becomes ill and training is delayed; the mentor is forced to delay training because they became injured/ill/weak; an apprentice is given a new mentor. The latest that apprentices would become warriors is usually 16 moons.

Kitten::0-6 moons: The following exceptions apply: illness prevents the kit from being able to begin training as an apprentice; injury prevents the kit from being able to begin training as an apprentice; the Clan decides to train kits from a younger age; other reasons deem the kit too weak to begin training.


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