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Skeletonbane is a male feline that is roleplayed by Red/Kody. Skeletonbane is bisexual and is 45 moons. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and was born on November 11th. Skeletonbane is a quiet tomcat who prefers to collect things in his free time. Skeletonbane has a neutral toned pelt with light blue eyes. Skeletonbane resides in LupineClan as a Senior Warrior. Skeletonbane has a fear of abandonment, and the name of their fear is called autophobia.

Support-(support) - Loyal, Trustworthy, Quiet

Neutral-(neutral) - Comfortable, Peaceful, Reserved

-(oppose) - Sneaky, Obsessive, Lonely

Skeletonbane is a very quiet and reserved tom, rarely talking and spending most his time alone or trying to gain others' trust. He has high ambitions, and will do everything he can to get to them, loyal to his clan and family/friends. He sticks to himself and usually avoid conversation, often making others disregard him as manipulative and evil.

Status: Single

Mate: None

Ex Mate(s): None

Crush(es): None

Former Crush(es): Willow'weed (M)

Biological Offspring: None

Adopted Offspring: Mourningwillow

Eye Candy (Mental): Ambitious, Quiet, Considerate, Stern

Eye Candy (Physical): Light and dark mixes, tends to find Siamese and Tuxedo cats more appealing than anything else.

Turn Offs (Mental): Annoying, Talkative, Overly-Active, Overly-Friendly

Turn Offs (Physical): Warm colours and Calico/Tortoiseshell tend to displease him, as he doesn't particularly enjoy the way it looks.


"Maybe you didn't take into consideration some of us grew up alone without others to such as look at us." - Skeletonbane to Amberpetal on their pasts.

"Why have you always carried a burden for us? Why don't you share it for once!" - Skeletonbane to Willow'weed on their relationship.

"Keep fishing for me, okay?" - Skeletonbane to Mourningwillow when he left MudClan.

(Refer to photo.) Skeletonbane is a large tom-cat with gentle blue eyes and a smoky-cream coat. He carries leopard like printing and short, soft fur.

Amberpetal | clairo | 34% (Acquaintance/Leader)

"Amberpetal and I are the same in some ways, and that infuriates me. She's constantly trying to one up me, too, which makes it worse."

Duskstorm | Averyiator | 12% (Acquaintance/Deputy)

"Duskstorm is alright, he's shy and gentle, but willing to learn, and I like that about him. I don't know him too well, though."

Tilapiatail | wtch | 67% (Brother)

"Tilapia is my brother, and I have faith he will change his ways someday. Until then, I don't think I'll be seeing him much."

Earwigstomp | wtch | 45% (Brother)

"Earwigstomp left when we were travelling to find a clan our father told us about, and I haven't seen him since. He was nice, though.."

Sagestone | wtch | 13% (Sister)

"I never really got along with Sagestone, she was always conniving or sneaking around. She blamed me for lots of things, too."

Slateswirl/Barney | NPC | 89% (Father)

"Dad was always kind enough to take me fishing and tell me stories when my siblings left, those are my fondest memories."

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