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This page will be continuously updated as Seekingkit grows.

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I am supposed to know how to continue forward when I do not even know where I come from. What is the point?


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Seekingkit is the 3 moon old kit of Silvertongue and Darkstride in Thunderclan (Look Beyond 2). She is destined to be one of 14 powered kits that will be part of a large prophecy that will help unite the clans and tribes, though neither it’s parents, her or her clan knows it yet.

  • Name: Seekingkit
    • Future Name[s]: Seekingpaw, Seekingsight
    • Former Name[s]: n/a
  • Nickname[s]: n/a
    • Disliked Nickname[s]: n/a
    • Former Nickname[s]: n/a
    • Joke Nickname[s]: n/a
  • Creation Date: 3/3/2022
  • Creator: Rainstories
  • Gender: AFAB Female [she/it]
  • Religion: TBD
  • Themesong[s]: add
  • Voice Likeness: add
    • Speech: Seekingkit's voice at the moment is quite squeaky, with a lisp. She's not able to pronounce everything quite right yet.
  • Roleplay Status: Open


  • Age: 3 moons
  • Birth Place: Thunderclan
  • Birthdate: March 7th
  • Birth Season: New-leaf
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Element: Water
  • Birthstone: Aquamarine


  • Residence: Thunderclan
    • Twundewclan is pwetty! My mommy tewws me that we're the best clan and she's always wight so I belweve her. Some of the cat I've sween have been scawy, but Silvewtonguw says that they'we not, just excited to see me. I can't wait to see the west of camp and explowe it...
  • Rank: Kit
    • I wike being a kit! Wots of visitors, even if some awe scawy.
  • Former Residence[s]: N/A
  • Former Rank[s]: N/A
  • Mentor: N/A
  • Apprentice: N/A
  • Former Mentor[s]: N/A
  • Former Apprentice[s]: N/A


Seekingkit is an elegantly disheveled molly that has a scruffily charming look about it. While she is considered small in Thunderclan, dwarfed in comparison to the large burly warriors that reside there, she is about average height in comparison to the other clans. Her small stature in its clan often causes it the need to scramble between long legs and large paws. Her paws and ears seemed to have outgrown it, being some of the largest parts of her body. She will often trip over her own paws, needing to take care to not step on things, though her gift of looking into the future will often warn her about anything sharp or potentially dangerous that she will step on. She is slender, with long powerful legs that might be more suited for running across the open moors rather than hiking through the thick forests.

She has unusual curls among her fur, which is laden with supple herbs and stray sun dried petals, things that she has collected while sitting in the medicine cat den listening to stories. Occasionally, she’ll have feathers decorating her fur. It’s pelt is colored in an array of browns, patterned through layering and fat dinosaur egg splotches. It is made pretty with a pair of deep lavender eyes that are often covered by the mop of brown fur on her head. Sometimes her unusually curly fur will allow thorns and brambles to get stuck in them. She is often decorated in various plants.

  • Weight: 4.5 ounces for the moment
  • Height: 3 inch
  • Length: 3 inch
  • Breed: add
  • Scent: Milky
  • Gait: Crawl mainly, but is starting to learn how to walk.



Seekingkit, like her name suggests, is constantly seeking out new knowledge. Specifically it is a history buff. Constantly it can be found trailing behind elders begging for stories of the past. She finds the future depressing, not liking, well, how clear it is, at least to her. Her power forces her to be able to be expectant of everything that is going to happen to her and therefore she is unable to be surprised, to be wowed with new experiences. But the past! That is an elating time, where the details are foggy, where anything that happened can be studied with the knowledge that everything works (or doesn’t work) out in the end. It can sit safely under a tree listening to her clanmates ramble on about their days without having to worry about the future rushing toward her. Seekingkit has a thirst for knowledge that is unparalleled, a need that overrides all other activities.

Rather than play mossball with her siblings, she’d want to know how the game of mossball was invented, how it came to be or even simpler, why are we playing this right now? She also has a special interest in Clan History, how the clans came to be, each battle fought in the history of the clans, etc. It doesn’t want to become a leader or medicine cat, but it is curious about what lies beyond, in Starclan. Starclan is an itch it cannot scratch, a curiosity she cannot access and so she spends a lot of time thinking about it. She tends to be an existentialist, thinking often about what it’s greater purpose is and what happens when cats die. She is always up for an intellectual chat about things she is interested in.

Seekingkit can be pushy when she wants to know something, hating to be left in the dark. “I’ll tell you when you’re older,” is not a satisfactory answer for her and she will pester her parents until they let the information slip out. Her favorite tactic to get cats to tell her what she wants is to use physical force, climbing up on cats and chewing on their ears. This is, while not a very nice way to get attention, is very effective. Her pushiness can often be perceived as annoying and sometimes drives cats away. Seekingkit leans more to the side of being an introvert, but is able to be sociable. Her introverted traits are more shown by her shortness of social battery and inability to be in a large group. She will talk to cats vivaciously, even eagerly, but after some time she will feel like she is tired of socializing and will want to crawl back into her nest, not feeling like she’s even able to go out hunting or training. This is hard for her considering the group-mentality of the Clans, where cats are constantly doing things together. Out of all the kits that are destined to be part of the prophecy she will feel like an outsider.

  • Positive: Determined, curious, smart
  • Negative: Pushy, invasive, unfiltered,
  • Neutral: Introverted, honest, collected


  • Prey: Seekingkit has only eaten mouse so far.
  • Colour: Silver, just because that's the color of her mother
  • Plant: Sunflowers.
  • Season: Seekingkit has not been alive long enough to experience all the seasons.
  • Weather: Warm cloudy days


  • Prey: Seekingkit has only eaten mouse so far.
  • Colour: Seekingkit doesn't like the color yellow, she says it's too bright.
  • Plant: Seekingkit doesn't have a least favorite plant yet.
  • Season: Seekingkit has not been alive long enough to experience all the seasons.
  • Weather: Sunny an Humid


  • add [incomplete/in progress/complete]
  • add [incomplete/in progress/complete]
  • add [incomplete/in progress/complete]


  • fear/phobia [Mild/Moderate/Severe]
    • reasoning. symptoms experienced [if phobia]
  • fear/phobia [Mild/Moderate/Severe]
    • reasoning. symptoms experienced [if phobia]
  • fear/phobia [Mild/Moderate/Severe]
    • reasoning. symptoms experienced [if phobia]


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Bulletred // Trust BulletredBulletred // Envy BulletredBulletredBulletred // Regret
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Bulletyellow // Slight curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellow // Major curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow // Interested
Yellowgreenbullet // Shy YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // Nervous YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // Discomfort
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Bulletpurple // Comfortable with BulletpurpleBulletpurple // Enjoys company BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple // Joint at the hip
Bulletwhite // Slightly suspicious altBulletwhite // Very suspicious BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite // Distrusts
Bulletblack // Annoyed by BulletblackBulletblack // Dislike BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack // Hate
Rose // Offspring Heart-1 // Mate Roseblack // Fling/Ex-Mate
Question-0 // Status unknown Dead-0 // Dead


Silvertongue Mother | Female | Played by Ghost | alive |BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueBulletblueBulletblueBulletpurpleBulletpurple| ★★★★★

My momma is wawm and pwetty. She seems a bit upswet when cats come to see us, but she wikes it when Daddy comes to see us. I heawd some of the othew qweens say that Silvewtongue is two young to be in hewe. I dunno what that mean. They said she's wasting hew life, that she just became a wawwior a few moons ago. But I don't think momma is wasting hew life, I'm gwad she's hewe to take cawe of me and my sibwings.

Darkstride Father | Male | Played by Ana | alive |BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueBulletblueBulletblueBulletpurpleBulletpurple| ★★★★★

Daddy comes to see us awwwwww the time! I wike it when he bwings us stuff. He bwought me a fwower and it smelled fwunny. Dawkstwide comes and sleeps with momma sometimes, I wike it when he does, cause that means I getta listen about outside. He always has the best stowys! I can't wait to go out explowing with him.

Juniperkit Sister | Female | Played by Aster | alive |BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreenBulletblueBulletblueBulletblueBulletpurpleBulletpurple| ★★★★★


LavenderkitSister | Female | Played by Dovey | alive |BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreenBulletblueBulletblueBulletblueBulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple| ★★★★★


Aspenstar Grandfather | Male | Played by Beani | alive |BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletyellowBulletyellowYellowgreenbulletBulletblue| ★★★★☆

She's scawy! And she made momma sad...

Ottersplash Grandmother | Female | Played by Grey | alive |BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletyellowBulletyellowBulletblue| ★★★★☆


Thunderclan [CURRENT]

Leafspark Deputy | Female | Played by Cat | Alive / YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletTurquoisebulletaltBulletwhite | ☆☆☆☆☆



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  • Sexuality: add
  • Relationship Status: Single/not looking
  • Love Language: add
  • Fertility: ???%
  • Current Mate/Crush[es]: add
    • Former Mate[s]/Crush[es]: add
  • Physical Interests: add
    • summary of physical interests
  • Mental Interests: add
    • Summary of mental interests
  • Physical Disinterests: add
    • Summary of physical disinterests
  • Mental Disinterests: add
    • Summary of mental disinterests



  • Seekingkit is born in Thunderclan to two young warriors named Silvertongue and Darkstride, along with her sisters Juniperkit and Lavenderkit After suckling her mother for the first time, Seekingkit begins to crawl toward the edge of the nest, trying to wriggle away in an attempt to explore the den, her nose twitching furiously. Silvertongue quickly picks up the kit who once again tries to escape. Eventually she tires herself out and curls up next to her siblings to sleep.
  • Seekingkit wakes up from her sleep and begins to try to wiggle her way toward the edge of the nest, blind but eager to experience the world. She hears pawsteps, not recognizing the scent. She is fearful as she was not aware there were other cats outside of her mother, father and siblings. The deputy of Thunderclan, Leafspark, comes to visit the newly born kits. Leafspark is quite upset after a patrol had found a dead Skyclan kit, Leafkit, on the border, the previous day.
  • Seekingkit's mother, Silvertongue, is defensive about her kits, being a new mother, conversing with Leafspark in a dismissive manner, pulling her kits closer to her. Curiosity gets the best of Seekingkit and she attempts to peek out at Leafspark, though she still is not able to see. She uses Juniperkit as a step, accidentally kicking her sister in the face. She manages to look up over Silvertongue's tail to get a good sniff. Juniperkit stirs and Seekingkit slips off of her, landing on the soft nest with a dramatic yelp. Leafspark quickly retreats.
  • Seekingkit's powers begin to develop,slowly at 3 moons.


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  • “quote”
    ― [character] to ???


  • Seekingkit - Looking for, to explore
    • given for the way that the moment she was born she began to crawl around, exploring the world
  • Kit - Kitten
    • Standard suffix for kits in the clans


  • Fact #1: Seekingkit was the first of her litter to open her ears and her eyes.
  • Fact #2: add
  • Fact #3: add