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he/him. 19 moons. warrior of SageClan (SilencedRose).


A slender tomcat who is a mix of a Russian Blue and a Oriental Longhair. His eyes are light brown, alert, and slightly slanted. His fur is mostly blueish grey, but some accents such as his ears, chest fur, one of the sides of his muzzle, and the tip of his tail are dark grey. He also has some lighter blueish grey accents around his nose, under his eyes, his chest fur, his paws, and his belly fur. He carries one scar on his shoulder due to a mishap from apprentice training.

Seasong does not like to speak much, but his lack of speech does not mean he is not devoted. Seasong is a hard worker, and puts his clan over himself. He is very quick to follow his authority figures, and he seems to value the lives of others over his own. If Seasong warms up to you, he is sweet and sometimes protective— as well as easily flustered. His full warrior name was decided as a result of his soothing, yet strong voice that made itself known like the waves of the sea. In general, Seasong is a mostly quiet and loyal Warrior who accomplishes his tasks to the best of his ability.



”…I don’t mind working with you.”

Seasong does not know how to react to friendship— all he knows is that he enjoys the presence of the other. He makes sure his friends are okay through being very observant of them; usually, this translates into intense staring.

Billowbay-“She is also a former rogue. It makes me feel a bit more comfortable about not being clan born.”

Grizzlytooth-"He puts himself down far too much. I like having him around."

Hummingkit- “A curious little kit who believes I am from Starclan. Its naïveté is entertaining.”

Jackdawbabble-“She is funny. I hope she is in good health. She has made me much more aware of birds…”

Owlkit-“Hummingkit and Owlkit seem to have a rivalry… I wonder how their mother is dealing with that.”

Pumpkinpounce-“I feel different around him and I do not know why. Something about him…”

Rowanbranch-“He used to be scary. Now he is not. I like talking to him.”

Sheepsong-“She is like the motherly figure I did not have. Her stories are interesting as well. I like her.”

Sootstrike-“Sootstrike gave me a tour of the camp, and asked to be my friend. Sootstrike is nice.”

Tigersnarl-“Tigersnarl acts funny. In a good way. His presence is nice.”

Violethawk-“She is friendly, and understands me. I will kill that hawk for her…”

close friends

”I am unsure how to describe it, but I feel…relaxed, when I am with you.”

When Seasong is close friends with someone, he feels at ease. He is more prone to laugh, smile, and show vulnerability. Seasong is protective of his close friends and wants only the best for them.

nothing here yet...


”The way I feel is beyond words.”

Seasong is unfamiliar with romantic love, and he feels utterly terrible that he cannot express his feelings through words. His love is expressed through physical touch, quality time, and gift-giving. Seasong usually has a hard time falling asleep in fear of being ambushed, but with his mate, he falls asleep in a matter of seconds. As per the suffix of his name, he enjoys humming tunes to the one that he loves.



”…I would rather not talk to you.”

Seasong does not act overly hostile towards his enemies, as he feels that growling and hissing at someone you dislike is pointless. Towards the ones he heavily dislikes, he refuses to speak to them unless if he absolutely must.

Fadingsong-“She does not seem to like me... that is fair, considering my background.”


Seasong was not raised in the forest; he was raised in the alleyways. He was raised in the city. He was raised as a rogue.

At birth, Seasong bore the name Mar. The name Mar is a Spanish word, meaning “sea”. Mar was born alongside a brother named Tsunami, and a sister named Mira. The fate of the three siblings were partially already decided, as their father, Caspian, was the leader of the rogue clan Carpe Mare. The rogue clan worked similar to a monarchy, in which one of the children would bear the responsibility of leading when they grew older, and the other children would still be held in high regard in a high rank. Caspian instilled a core belief into the rogue clan— showing true, positive emotion would only lead to downfall. The three siblings were especially fed this way of thinking; if they were to show any sign of “weakness”, they would be forced to sleep alone, outside, in the cold night. The mating of Caspian and Cordelia was loveless as a result of this belief— the only thing they sought was an heir to the highest position to take Caspian’s place in the future. Mar never experienced love from siblings, love from parents, nor platonic love from his peers. His peers were only taught to fear and respect him for his rank in the future.The only thing he reached for was to be the best warrior and leader of Carpe Mare.

Mar, Tsunami, and Mira were trained harsher than the other young cats of Carpe Mare. Every day, they had to spar against each other, fight strong currents in the sea, and practice climbing and jumping long distances. Even if they got harmed in the process of training, they were forced to keep going. Their father did not give them mercy in the face of harm; he acted as more of a commander than a parental figure. Mar did not see his siblings as true familial bonds either— to him, they were simply fellow trainees. In the back of his mind, however, he longed for some kind of love.

That love would arrive when Mar was already fully grown, when Cordelia finally snapped as a mother.

One fateful day, Mar was given the lead on a fishing mission in the sea they resided by. Cordelia would privately always make sure her children were safe, so she followed the group. She lurked in the distance, watching him and the other cats of the clan. Cordelia was especially worried, considering that the waters of the area were always deep. The intuition of the mother was correct. Mar was harshly bitten on the leg by a fish, pulling him down. His body sank as he could not swim to the top, due to the injured leg. Mar’s clanmates got out of the water, but they did not help Mar. Cordelia watched as her son almost drowned to his death. She could not bear to watch, and raced to the sea to save her son— something that would be considered vulnerability, something that would be considered an interruption of fate. Cordelia successfully saved Mar, but at a cost.

Cordelia was executed for saving her son. Caspian declared that if Mar was supposed to die, then fate was something that he could not combat. Cordelia fought back against Caspian’s words, but it did not shake the tomcat. By his own claws, Caspian executed Cordelia publicly, in front of Mira, Tsunami, and more importantly, Mar. Tsunami and Mira watched with indifference, but Mar watched in silent horror. He had experienced the feeling of familial love, only for it to be crudely taken away from him. For the rest of the day, he did not speak, out of a feeling of shock. In the dead of night, out of intense feelings he could not recognize, he ran away from the alley. He ran away from the only thing he knew. Mar did not know his destination, but he knew that he could not face leading such a cruel group. Mar ran as far as he could into the woods, his agility training allowing him to go far. Eventually, his legs gave out, and he passed out from exhaustion.

Mar woke up in a place that he did not recognize— a cozy medicine cat den, where he was given herbs to tend to his wounds. The cats of Sageclan decided to let him enter, as they figured he was too weak to do any damage if he was an assailant or a spy. Mar explained his story to the medicine cat, deputy, and leader. Partially, there was skepticism— but the even greater feeling that resided was sympathy. Mar was initiated into the clan under the name of Seasong— under the condition that he would be closely monitored until further notice. Some cats welcomed him, while others felt quietly doubtful of the former rogue.

Seasong needed time to get over the customs and practices of Carpe Mare, but he felt grateful to be a member of a true family after so many moons.


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