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Monarch of SunlessClan
  • Name: Scorchstar
  • Scorch [burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat; for her russet fur and aggressive mannerisms] -star [traditional leader suffix]
  • Next Names: None
  • Former Names: Scorchkit, Scorchpaw, Scorchveil
  • Nicknames Arson Girl | Scorch, Scor
  • Sexuality: Bisexual Biromantic
  • Status: Active; Alive
  • Gender: Cis. Female
  • Age: 37 moons
  • Birth Date: August 11th
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Birth Season: Summer
  • Birth Place: SunlessClan camp
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Date of Creation: March 26th, 2022
Scorchstar is a tall and elegant she-cat with a slender build. She is well noted for her slim body, as she is more than capable of using it to her advantage and her prowess always leaves cats surprised when they first meet her. She is generally considered to be extremely attractive, if slightly more odd in her appearance than her Clanmates, and has an elegant head and body. She has a long body and tail, covered with long, flowing, feathery fur that hides what muscle mass she does have and makes it hard to determine what her build truly looks like.
She stands out among the other forest-born cats, with her grace and sharp features. Scorchstar is tall and long-legged, and is rather fleet-footed, with small paws made for running. Despite the fact that none of her features seem like they would prove to be an advantage in battle, Scorchstar is not a cat others wish to cross in battle. She is extremely quick-hitting and knows how to use her slender, tall frame to her advantage. Due to this and her unusually long, curled claws, she often manages to avoid receiving serious wounds in battle while inflicting far more severe ones on her opponent.
With a long, flowing coat, Scorchstar’s fur already stands out among her Clanmates, and this is only furthered by her coloration. Her fur is predominantly a rich shade of russet, with darker russet tabby stripes running across her frame. She has a distinctive half-white face that runs from her right brow to her chin, covering her muzzle and right eye completely, as well as a single white forepaw. Despite this, her most notable feature are her eyes, a brilliant shade of green, the same color as the leaves in the summer.
  • Height: 10.2 inches
  • Breed: Moggy
  • Positive: Ambitious / Charismatic / Diplomatic / Intellectual / Loyal
  • Neutral: Aloof / Forthright / Honest / Rational / Workaholic
  • Negative: Arrogant / Insensitive / Manipulative / Possessive / Stubborn
Upon first meeting Scorchstar, some may make the assumption that the she-cat is too arrogant and abrasive, always saying what she thinks with a brutal honesty and the opinion that she is absolutely in the right. However, she quickly will prove to be a brilliant, ambitious she-cat who is completely unafraid to speak up about what she thinks is right and just. She is intelligent- always plotting and thinking about what will come next- and uses this to her advantage to become very confident in her mannerisms and her words. This confidence allows her to be very charismatic and well-spoken, yet she can occasionally become arrogant and self-centered as a result of it. Additionally, she is very resolute and determined, never changing her mind about a decision without an impeccable reason to do so. This determination stems from an early age, and has remained with Scorchstar throughout her entire life.
Scorchstar can occasionally be honest to a fault, always willing to tell the truth, no matter who it may hurt. This insensitive nature has led to several felines wanting to hurt her in the past, yet it is also what saved her Clan from destruction, and she therefore continues to be so brutally honest. Also due to her past, Scorchstar can be very possessive and manipulative, wanting cats to see the best in her and stay with her forever after losing so many cats that she cares about. However, she is still a level-headed feline, choosing to use her own intellect and rational nature to make decisions, rather than emotions. Over time, this rationality has become as much a fault as a benefit, as she has become rather unaware of others- and her own- emotions.
An extremely aloof cat, Scorchstar can be hard to get to know. She doesn’t trust others easily, having been hurt quite a bit in the past, and doesn’t like to open up about her emotions and past to others. Not only this, but the she-cat never seems to stop working for long enough to have a conversation with; she is constantly trying to better her Clan and its safety. From giving out orders to repairing the camp walls to hunting and patrolling, Scorchstar very rarely allows herself to sit still, and therefore can occasionally wear herself out to the point of exhaustion. However, all in all Scorchstar is merely a loyal, ambitious she-cat who wants nothing but the best for her Clan and every cat in it.
Scorchstar received her position as monarch of SunlessClan after the sacrfice of her grandfather, Hollowstar. She leads her Clan with an absolute certainty in her abilities, yet is careful to never take away the freedom of her warriors, and is well-respected by all the cats in her Clan. Some see Scorchstar as too undisciplined and feel that she needs to be more grounded to lead, yet she has begun to prove most of them otherwise, leading with a brisk efficiency, despite her unruly mannerisms. She is very intense, and does not welcome outsiders into her Clan easily, yet has begun to try and be more diplomatic towards others.
A highly praised warrior, Scorchstar is seen as one of SunlessClan's fiercest warriors, praised for her bravery and skill. She is a true warrior, graced with an unearthly elegance and speed, and while she might not be the strongest of cats, she more than makes up for this in speed, agility, and grace. After all, she did not become monarch by sitting back and letting it walk into her paws; much of her time is spent training and honing her abilities, and she has proven herself time and time again a worthy opponent. She uses her abilities to her advantage as well, and she is feared by any outside of her Clan.
Some see Scorchstar as reckless and childish, an apprentice trying to play the part of monarch, yet most view her as a true monarch and praise her for her grace and skill. Despite her quick-acting nature, Scorchstar far prefers peace to bloodshed, and is careful to train her warriors to use their words before they use their claws. However, she is never the type of cat to back down once she is challenged, and will fight tooth and nail for what she believes is right. All in all, the she-cat is a generally respected warrior and is a fierce and effective monarch who has proven herself worthy of her position time and time again.
  • Education
  • Mentored by: Embertongue [Previous]
  • Apprentice: Faunashade [Previous]
  • Goals:
  • To rebuild SunlessClan to its former glory
  • To mentor an apprentice
  • To become respected by her entire Clan
  • Three Lives: [3/3]
  1. Acceptance [Given by Nightstar]
  2. Fortitude and resilience [Given by Dao]
  3. Love [Given by Lei]
  • Abilities
Offense: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Defense: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Leadership: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Hunting: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Speed: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Climbing: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Intelligence: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Swimming: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Kithood [0-6 moons]
  • Scorchkit was born to two well-respected SunlessClan cats; her mother, Mahoganywatcher, was the current heir under her brother, and her father, Splitface, was the Sundancer of the Clan at the time. She was born alongside Ryekit and Aspenkit, and the kits have one older sister, Rowanpaw.
  • All three of the kits are vastly different in their personalities and mannerisms; Ryekit, the eldest, is gentle and mature, constantly following the medicine cats around; Scorchkit, the secondborn, is intelligent and yet determined and reckless, always doing things that put herself or others in danger; and Aspenkit, the youngest, is anxious and quiet, and is the most mature out of the litter.
  • All three kits are spoiled by their parents and the Clan, being the only kits in the nursery at the time. As a result, they become fiercely competitive with one another and slightly arrogant, each trying to gain the attention of their Clanmates.
  • Scorchkit grows up restless and competitive, feeling overly coddled by the cats of her Clan. She is a reckless dreamer, and wishes for nothing more than to become a well-respected warrior- yet well-respected for her own abilities and not for her parent’s legacy.
  • Rowanpaw becomes a warrior known as Rowanflicker, leaving Scorchkit very jealous of her older sisters status.
Apprenticehood [6-12 moons]
  • Scorchpaw is apprenticed to Embertongue, a fiery and brash young knight, while Ryepaw went on to be apprenticed to Briarsnout, the current medicine cat, and Aspenpaw was apprenticed Tawnyblush, a slightly arrogant and domineering scavenger.
  • Soon into their apprenticehood, Scorchpaw meets Tumblepaw, and quickly befriends the feline. They begin to do everything together, and their mentors quickly befriend one another as well, so they can spend even more time together.
  • As time goes on, the young cats begin to pick up on one another's habits, and become very synchronized in their movements. They use this to become great pranksters within the Clan.
  • Aspenpaw decides that they cannot take the pressure of Clan life any longer and flees from the Clan, only a moon before their warrior ceremony.
Warriorhood [12-30 moons]
  • Scorchpaw is made a knight known as Scorchveil, for her long fur that sometimes sweeps over her eyes like a veil. To her surprise, the first cat to congratulate her is Rowanflicker, causing Scorchveil to have a great deal more respect for her sister.
  • Tumblepaw becomes Tumblewhisker just a few moons later, and Scorchveil quickly congratulations her.
  • Scorchveil is chosen to mentor a bright young apprentice named Faunapaw. The two patrol the territory together, with Scorchveil showing the apprentice various techniques for hunting as they go along, and they bond quite a bit over the experience.
  • Ryepaw receives his full medicine cat name, Ryesneeze, proving herself worthy of it by helping Squirreldapple after she broke her leg and Ryeneeze was the one who helped bring her back to health.
  • A small group of rogues passes through BoscageClan's territory, leaving behind a lack of prey in the area they passed through and an unknown illness. The cats are unaware of the passing until a patrol, led by Mahoganywatcher, comes across scattered remains of several different prey species.
  • The patrol ends up falling ill, and despite Briarsnout and Ryesneeze's insistence that they can heal them, Hollowstar decides to sacrifice all the warriors on the patrol, leaving SunlessClan enraged.
  • Mantisvenom is appointed to deputy, and his poisonous whispers convince Hollowstar that Briarsnout should die- after all, she could have saved the cats, but she didn't try hard enough to do so. This leaves Ryesneeze as the sole medicine cat of SunlessClan far too soon, and the Clan even more enraged.
  • Ryesneeze flees the Clan.
  • Confused and lonely with one sibling gone and another dead, Scorchveil turns to Tumblewhisker about her doubt. The feline gratefully helps her, yet she still feels very alone.
  • As a result, Scorchveil turns to her sole remaining sibling, Rowanflicker. The two help one another quite a bit, despite still being very competitive towards one another.
  • Faunapaw becomes a warrior known as Faunashade, much to Scorchveil's pride. She is the first to cheer the feline’s name, and shares prey with ver in honor of ver ceremony.
  • After heavy rainfall for long periods of time, the rivers that cross BoscageClan’s territory overflood, spilling out into the territory. The cats are forced to evacuate the camp, yet while they are doing this, a rogue wave overtakes Mantisvenom, and the tom sinks beneath the floods.
  • Hollowstar goes mad with rage at the death of his brother, and begins to lash out at his warriors. He ends up killing Splitface, leaving the entire Clan ready to get rid of him.
  • The new Sundancer and the Moondancer sacrifice Hollowstar, begging the deities to forgive them for whatever wrongs they might have commited.
  • Irritated and confused, Tumblewhisker says goodbye to Scorchveil and then flees the Clan. Several other warriors follow her, including Embertongue and Faunashade, leaving the remaining Clan cats shattered and confused.
  • Eventually, the cats decide to choose Scorchveil as their leader. She was a Royal, after all, and well-respected by the Clan; she would do well in the leadership position. Desperate as the cats were, she had no choice but to accept.
Monarchy [30 moons-Present]
  • Scorchstar goes to receive her three lives.
  • Upon returning to camp, Scorchstar greets her warriors, and calls for a Clan meeting. During the meeting, she swears to lead the Clan to the best of her ability and to always lead with kindness and compassion.
  • At the conclusion of her ceremony, Scorchstar appoints Rowanflicker to be her heir, stating that there is no other cat she would rather have by her side.
  • Present

Bullet Guide


 // Attraction Bulletred  // Trusts


 // Likes


 // Slight Curiosity


 // Crush


 // Envies


 // Respects


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 // Loaths/Regret


 // Idolizes


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Bulletwhite      // Slight Suspicion


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 // Dislikes
BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple  // Joint @ Hip

BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite  // Distrusts          


 // Hate

Dead-0 // Dead

Question-0 // Missing/Status Unknown

Rose // Offspring

Heart-1 // Mate

Roseblack // Fling/Ex-Mate

Format adapted from Apricate.
Rowanflicker [#8148] (Sister/Heir) - Bulletred/BulletpurpleBulletpurple/BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink/BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen
Stars, she irritates me half to death... Yet she is a competent heir, and it is great when we do get along. I look forward to seeing how she does as heir moving forward- and how much she argues with me. I am quite proud of her so far- she does good.
Ophidiandream [#7777] (Aunt) - Bulletpurple/Bulletorange/Bulletblue
Pansyglower [#6235] (Nutritionist) - Bulletgreen/Bulletblue
Pansyglower isn't a bad cat, all things considered. I would like to get to know him better.
Gingerskip [#9107] (Knight) - Bulletgreen/Bulletyellow/Bulletblue
Gingerskip... she's interesting. She seems a very kind cat, and I would like to interact with her more.
Badgershine [#2734] (Knight) - Bulletgreen/Bulletyellow/Bulletblue
Badgershine is... a bit of a flirt, yet he still intrigues me. I wonder what he really thinks, although he doesn't seem very hard to read.
Tigereye [#7844] (Scavenger) - Bulletgreen/Bulletblack
That idiot... Disrespecting the ceremony and the deities! He still has a lot to learn about SunlessClan, that's for sure...
  • Sexuality: Bisexual Biromantic
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Mate: N/A
  • Ex-Mates: N/A
  • Current Fling: N/A
  • Former Fling: N/A
  • Attracted to: N/A
  • Formerly Attracted to: N/A
  • Cats attracted to Scorchstar: N/A
  • Cats formerly attracted to Scorchstar: N/A
  • Candy-Eye:
  • Mentally: Scorchstar prefers the company of those who are equally as intelligent as herself and that are not afraid of their own emotions, as she herself is a very emotional cat. She finds herself drawn towards dedicated, level-headed, and patient cats, and dislikes the company of those who are vastly different from her. However, the most important thing to Scorchstar is that her partner accepts her for who she is and understands that it is very hard for her to trust after all that she has been through.
  • Physically: Generally, Scorchstar enjoys cats whose appearances compliment her own, preferably cats who look vastly similar or vastly different from herself. She likes long, soft coats, finding them easy to cuddle with, yet doesn’t care too much for pelt color. However, Scorchstar absolutely adores green eyes, finding that she can lose herself in them.
  • Love Language: Physical touch and words of affirmation

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