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SCB Option 1
SCB Option 1

SageClan has been up for . SageClan, founded on June 28th, 2016 by SilencedRose/Bella is a Discord-based clan that follows the traditions of the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter. The clan is located in the forests and marshlands of Washington state. Currently, lead by Duskaa/Cam, SageClan is also a fluid clan that roleplays unique plot-lines and stories created by our members and staff. As a group, we wish to be an open and welcoming community where everyone can find a place where they can roleplay, find comfort, and have fun!


  1. Bella
  2. Sprite
  3. Cam
  4. Spirit
  5. Clair
  6. Sprinkles
  7. Taylor
  8. Katie
  9. Lan
  10. Brenna
  11. SheepFox
  12. Artemis
  13. Huda
  14. Fae
  15. Aster
  16. Atlas
  17. Aaron
  18. Ghast
  19. Squirrel
  20. Nikki
  21. Ebonii
  22. Evumi
  23. Lab
  24. Twig
  25. Johnathon
  26. Willow
  27. Jacx
  28. Ghoti
  29. Atticus
  30. Famine
  31. Lynnia
  32. Payton
  33. Shrub
  34. Amaya
  35. Merpy
  36. Crisppin
  37. Prince
  38. Raith
  39. Kae
  40. Sam
  41. Samiam
  42. Quinn
  43. Ani


  1. Zuzu
SCB Option 1

At first glance, SageClan cats are reserved and will only make small talk with other felines. However, these cats come together to protect each other and will never leave anyone behind. They believe in unity and having tight bonds with each other and will always help those who need.
Unfortunately, these cats sometimes cannot swallow their pride. These felines can become very defensive and firmly believe in the Warrior Code. They value their reputation and beliefs, but will always fight for what they believe is right. Additionally, SageClan cats are known to hold strong grudges. If someone of their kind is hurt, they may even seek vengeance to protect their family.

SageClan cats are quite diverse, but have their own pure-blooded origins. Pure-blooded SageClan cats are known to have webbed paws for skillful swimming while others may have rougher paw-pads for tree-climbing. These cats also have muscular figures, best known for their bulky, broad builds with medium to thick furred coats.

With their physical build, SageClan cats are blessed in the skills of swimming, tree climbing, and self-defense. They possess strong-limbs and webbed paws that allow them to swim gracefully and are quicker in water than land. When it comes to tree-climbing, their rough-pads give them an easy grip on bark.
With their evolved physical build, self-defense is rarely a challenge. Their large figures make them appear intimidating and they can easily conquer their enemies with their size. They have advantages in fighting and their defensive skills are strongest in water.

SageClan cats are accustomed to a diet of fish and birds due to their territory consisting of mostly trees and water. Because of their bulky builds, it can be quite difficult for these felines to catch land prey such as mice and rabbits. However, with their webbed paws for water and rough paws for gripping tree bark, these felines can catch birds and fish without difficulty.

SCB Option 1

SageLeafIconWe are a PG 16 server, which means you must be of 16 years or older to be involved in the server. Any graphic NSFW content sent will be deleted immediately, this means comments and images. Though we do have an mature channel for suggestive topics.

SageLeafIconAll SageClan members are expected to be treated equally and respectfully regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and beliefs. Any bullying, harassment, or discriminatory comments and slurs may result in an immediate ban.

SageLeafIconThe use of story and plot is encouraged, but drama should not exceed beyond roleplay. Gossip or harassment towards any member is unacceptable. If there is an issue, please discuss it with an authority as soon as possible.

SageLeafIconPlease take into consideration that there are young roleplayers. Although we acknowledge older and mature members, we ask that certain subjects are kept in DMs, censored, or put in the mature channel of our server.

SageLeafIconEvery month, our staff performs an inactivity wipe. We encourage life > roleplay and understand personal situations. However, we will remove those who have not roleplayed for 30+ days without a hiatus. Staff members will message anyone who is inactive and will remove them if there is no response after 7 days.

SageLeafIconBefore joining or associating with SageClan, we highly suggest our page is read carefully and thoroughly. There is an abundance of information that is extremely important to consider.

SageLeafIconIf a member has left once previously, they are allowed to join for a second time before being blacklisted. We ask you to inform us of when you decide to leave so we can properly remove you from our page.

SageLeafIconPowerplaying, god-modding, or having a Mary-sue character is not allowed. Every character should be realistic and have their own flaws.

SageLeafIconMembers should follow the Warrior Code in exception to some plots that may occur within our clan.

SageLeafIconMedicine Cats are considered staff members and are chosen carefully. Therefore, newcomers will not be accepted if they apply for this rank.

SageLeafIconSageClan members are allowed up to 6 OCs. This amount is considered a privilege and if abused, will be limited. Please make sure you have enough Cattail Points to purchase another OC if you desire.

SageLeafIconTo kill off or delete an OC, staff members must be informed and members must receive approval.

SageLeafIconAlthough 2 Weeks = 1 Moon in SageClan, we change this when considering aging up Kits and Apprentices. Both ranks will only have to wait 6 weeks before moving up unless told otherwise.

SageLeafIconKit OCs must have at least one SageClan parent. Few exceptions may be made for plot purposes.

SageLeafIconKits and apprentices are not allowed to be in romantic relationships. These young cats should not have a concept of romantic or sexual attraction.

SCB Option 1

Open image for better quality!

Sageclan map by andi

The Woodlands
The Marshlands
The Hollow
Sleeping Grove
The Woodlands is another home with tall trees, different types of herbs, plenty of undergrowth, and birds, the land is suited for SageClan cats. Their rough paw pads and strong builds allow them to climb the Woodland trees in order to catch their secondary prey source. The place also provides plenty of shade during times of Greenleaf where the scorching sun takes a toll on SageClan cats thick fur coats.
Rumble Road

The Rumble Road is a twoleg road that borders one edge of the Woodlands; it is where monsters are found, which can kill a cat if they happen to get too close. Apprentices and young Warriors are advised to stay away from the road for their own safety. Prey around the area includes roadkill and birds.


The Campgrounds are where twolegs normally stay during Greenleaf and Newleaf; they cause a lot of racket and leave a lot of trash and unfinished food behind when they leave. Most cats are advised to stay away from here during those seasons, but if prey gets really scarce, leftover twoleg food could be their best bet despite the risks.

Great Oak

In the center of the Woodlands lies the Great Oak, the oldest and largest tree in the Woodlands. SageClan cats are known to gather under the tree for traditional purposes, believing that due to it's height, it is tied to StarClan. Although it is a traditional and sacred symbol to SageClans history, the height is deadly and those who fall from even half its height will inflict damages. Yet despite the tragedies that have happened, risk-taking cats enjoy challenges as to who can reach the top.

Training Meadow

The Training Meadow is where cats often go to train. It is a large open space surrounded by trees and is home to many birds. Unlike Rumble Road and the Campgrounds, there aren't normally any twolegs this deep into the forest.

The Marshlands is where SageClan cats have adapted since the beginning. The swamp trees, flowing water, undergrowth and moss-covered stones makes the land one of the ideal places to own. With their webbed paws and thick fur, felines swim and roam the wetland graciously. The land provides SageClan cats plenty of prey, herbs, a water source, the entrance to SageClan camp, and a burial ground for the deceased.

The ruins are old, having been here since before Sagestar. Somehow, it still stands, despite falling apart in some places as ivy and moss took over. The smell of sickness wafts from within, moss covered steps leading the way down. Within the ruins, there is a large room with a natural pool of water flowing in. The inside covered with moss, just like the outside. You can see graves here, of our fallen clanmates, where they reside peacefully in the afterlife.

Stone ledge

Above the Stone Stream lies Stone Ledge, a cliff that hangs over the water with large stones below. Cats are warned to stay away from the ledge, the area known for killing several cats who have fallen and died of blunt-force trauma when landing on the sharp rocks. The ledge is extremely unstable, few survive when falling, and those who do always return with injuries

Stone Stream

The Stone Stream is a smooth running, deep stream with stones poking out of the water. The stream also runs around small stone pebbles in the water for dry-pawed cats. The Stone Stream is said to have formed moons ago when the early cats were gifted the stream by StarClan in ancient stories. The waters provide a plentiful store of fish and a drinking source.

Frog bog

The Frog Bog is a quaint little area in the Stone Stream that is safe for kits and young apprentices to play in. They can chase frogs, step on the small stepping stones that are littered around the area or play with their friends. This area is popular for relaxing and playing safely without the rushing water of the stream.

The Hollow is a large marshland consisting of a beautiful waterfall, trees, and an almost mystical atmosphere. Prey that is often found here consists of fish, lizards, and frogs. There also may be predators such as snakes or rogues staying in the abandoned twoleg structure. It is very similar to the marshlands, but has more fresh water and an abundance of different types of prey.
Moonlight Bridge

Surrounded by Cattails, Moonlight Bridge is generally a very peaceful area during the day with plentiful fish in the stream below it. At night, the bridge transforms into a vastly beautiful area that's in direct moonlight. Many cats confess their affection to others on this bridge, due to the romantic atmosphere that is created by the setting. Some say that if you confess your love here, it will stay true forever.

Whispering Willow

Within the Hollow lies The Whispering Willow, a large, hanging Willow tree near the edge of the territory, below the Sapphire Temple and above Moonlight Bridge. The branches of this tree are large and sturdy, a perfect place to train apprentices to climb and fight within the trees. Yet, when the wind blows, it sounds almost as if spirits are speaking.

Lilypad falls

Lilypad Falls is a large and beautiful waterfall that flows under the Moonlight Bridge and leads into the Stone Stream. Many Warriors and older apprentices are challenged to climb to the top of the falls as a test. But be careful as to not get too close; the water can be deadly if you get swept into the falls.

Sun Stones

These are stones that cats enjoy lying around on, and they are in direct sunlight. They're often warm and are spots that apprentices play around. However, due to the stones being sharp, they can be quite dangerous when cats play too rough. In the daylight, the stones glow and in the Moonlight, fireflies can be seen lingering by.

There are many vines hanging from the trees in the Sleeping Grove, accompanied with stumps, rocks, fallen trees, overgrown grass, and fog. The odd call of a spirit can be heard occasionally, and you'll often see a cat out of the corner of your eye. Upon closer investigation, sometimes cats will trip and fall from things that aren't actually there.. and it looks like there are symbols on the stumps? It's dangerous to go here alone...

The Smoldered District is an area that consists of old, run-down twoleg homes. At a closer look, it seems that a fire hit the village; burned furniture and personal items litter the homes. It's clear that this happened a while ago—most of the ash is gone and there are trees and other plants sprouting in the village's homes. Although it was once feared by the cats of SageClan due to the possibility of twolegs being there and strange occurrences with spirits in the area, it's quite safe now. The village can serve as great protection and herbs and flowers thrive in the warmer seasons. Wait, watch out..! Oh, no, that's just a bird. Nothing to fear here.. not anymore.


The Aimless Stones are an odd place. In the center lies a strangely perfect circle, with several worn paths straying away from it in various directions. If not careful it is easy to get lost, it is recommended to only travel here with an experienced Warrior.


The Creeping Thicket is an area of thick undergrowth with vines and ivy consuming the trees. Cats are warned to watch their step from hidden thorn bushes and vines. Overtime, the trees have begun to regrow with the ivy and flowers bloom among the formerly haunting territory.


A few steps straying from a long winding trail, lays the sparsewood strand, a seemingly endless grove of thin and gnarled trees. the grove, formerly a barren and eerie thicket, now displays lush greenery covering the forest floor beneath the canopy of the oaks. a refreshing mist hangs just midway between the crawling branches and dense vegetation, and keeps the forest cool. however, the mist tends to hinder the sight distance, and gives the forest an endless feel if you’re not careful.


The Ritual Square is probably the oddest area in the Sleeping Grove by far. This is a place where you can reach out and speak with spirits. When looking at the ground, it looks like there are stones in the ground that are engraved with strange symbols that cats now can't seem to decipher. Legend says that there used to be an old cult here that worshipped a peculiar force that wasn't StarClan or the Night Forest. However, none of them are to be found anymore.. perhaps they're all long gone.

SCB Option 1

SageLeafIconLeadership Ceremony
The Leadership Ceremony is a sacred tradition for every clan and takes place the day after the death of the previous leader. With the help of the Medicine Cat, the deputy will leave to the Moonpool where they earn the gift of nine lives from StarClan who will judge whether the chosen cat can take the responsibility of leadership.

SageLeafIconDeputy Ceremony
When a deputy retires or dies, the replacement must be chosen before Moonhigh. Few cats get to experience being the chosen one for the Deputy Ceremony and be honored in front of the clan. The deputy from there forth will stand at the leaders' side until they take up the position.

SageLeafIconMedicine Cat Ceremony
The Medicine Cat Ceremony is when the Medicine Cat Apprentice has earned their official name and is taken to the Moonpool by their mentor. These cats are passionate about healing and StarClan, and their passions are gifted when their official name is given. This ceremony is one of the few traditions that is performed by the Medicine Cat.

SageLeafIconMedicine Cat Apprentice Ceremony
The Medicine Cat Apprenticing Ceremony is performed by the Medicine Cat and Leader who take the apprentice under the wing of a Medicine Cat to learn the art of healing and prophecies.

SageLeafIconSenior Warrior Ceremony
Whenever the Leader and Deputy find and approve of certain cats, they will often wish to appoint them to become Senior Warriors. Senior Warriors share the same responsibilities as Warriors, however they are next in line to become Deputy or Leader. They are extremely respected and act as the voice for all other Warriors.

SageLeafIconWarrior Ceremony
The Warrior Ceremony is an honorable ceremony most cats follow. The ceremony takes place after an apprentice has completed their final assessment and is ready to transition into a Warrior's life. Apprentices get to experience earning their Warrior name and after the ceremony, sit a silent vigil and guard the camp.

SageLeafIconApprenticing Ceremony
The Apprenticing Ceremony is performed by the leader when a kit reaches the age of six moons and is ready to train as an apprentice to become a Warrior. Most cats experience this ceremony when they are on a Warriors path and will train under the wing of their mentor.

SageLeafIconDying Apprentice Ceremony
The Dying Apprentice Ceremony is another tradition that is rarely performed. The leader conducts the ceremony when a dying apprentice who should have transitioned into a Warrior didn't receive the chance. The ceremony is done so StarClan accepts the apprentice as a Warrior.

SageLeafIconRetirement Ceremony
The Retirement Ceremony is performed by the Leader for felines who feel as if they can no longer carry out the regular Warrior tasks due to age or disability. Many cats do not live to experience the tradition where cats pay their respects as the retired feline moves to the Elders Den where they will live the rest of their life in peace.

SageLeafIconName Changing Ceremony
The Name Changing Ceremony is rarely performed but is done when a cat is unhappy with who they are and wished to have a new title with a name that suits them.

SageLeafIconThe Ceremony of Joining Hearts
This ceremony is the act of true love. Two cats join their hearts forever in front of their clan and Starclan, showing their utter devotion and love towards each other. To join your heart with another to vow to love them forever, even in death, making this ceremony a highly respected event. Only cats who gain the approval of their Leader and Medicine Cat may go through with this ceremony as it is something you can not take back.

SageLeafIconThe Spirits Swim
The Spirits Swim is for kind-hearted and loyal cats who have passed away. These cats are given a vigil where they are covered in flowers before being buried at the Restored Ruins as a symbol of respect and remembrance. SageClan cats believe the spirits of the cat will rise to find their way to StarClan along the Stone Stream.

SageLeafIconStoning of the Dead
The Stoning of the Dead is for cruel cats who have shamed SageClan. The vigils for these cats involve placing stones on the body of the cat and letting them sink into the Stone Stream, allowing them to rot at the bottom of the stream. SageClan cats believe the spirits will sink down into the Place of No Stars and never find StarClan

SageLeafIconSharing Tongues
Sharing Tongues is a common activity that can be done at any time and is popular during the hot days of Greenleaf. The activity is popular among friends, mates, and relatives while they gossip or discuss the news of the day while they groom one another to cool off under the sun. Sharing Tongues is a great way to develop friendships and strengthen relationships

Training is an activity that occurs especially when preparing for battle but is encouraged to do as much as possible to keep your skills fresh. However, claws must always remain sheathed when doing activities such as sparring. Training can include practicing hunting, tree-climbing, swimming, and different types of combat.

SageLeafIconMossball Toss
Mossball Toss is a common game among kits and young apprentices. The game includes gathering moss and shaping it into a ball to toss around to one another. Kits often use it to pass the time and have some fun.

SageLeafIconMinnow Chaser
Swimming is one of the strongest skillsets among SageClan cats and one of their favorite activities when off duty. Minnow Chaser is a popular game where apprentices and Warriors race in the Stone Stream, chasing minnows to be their guide as they have friendly competitions. The game is a great way to practice their skills in swimming and exercise.

SageLeafIconOak Runner
Tree climbing is another talent SageClan cats own, and is an activity to practice skills and have a friendly competition. The game, Oak Runner, involves cats racing up the oak trees of the Woodland to see who can get to the highest point first. The activity is common among risk-taking, experienced Warriors, and is discouraged towards young cats.

SageLeafIconPinecone Toss
Pinecone toss is essentially Mossball but for Warriors. In this activity, a group of cats will gather in the Woodlands and compete against each other. They toss a pinecone back and forth to one another at random, and if that becomes too easy, another pinecone is added. The winner(s) of this activity gets to choose the biggest piece of prey from the prey pile, and the losers stay behind in the forest to hunt for the clan.

SCB Option 1

1. Are you a main group or a side group?
We identify with neither, as we are a Discord group. We do not penalize our members for being involved in other groups on Discord or any other platform. Therefore, please do not ask this question nor punish your members for their involvement in our group.

2. Can I sign up to be a Medicine Cat or Medicine Cat Apprentice?
No, we consider both positions to be high-ranks that are only for staff members. You can always work towards becoming staff when joining SageClan, but promotions are rare.

3. Can I join with a limitation such as a mental/physical disability or rogue name?
No, but you can gain access to these once you join the clan and earn enough Cattail Points!

4. Can my group form an alliance or system with SageClan?
The answer is most likely not; SageClan has been involved in systems before with multiple groups and many times they have not worked out. We may only form systems/alliances with groups that have a staff we are extremely trusted and familiar with.

5. Where can I see the list of taken prefixes, or the hierarchy?
We have most of our information listed in our server! Once you join you'll see the list of our warriors and other ranks, and whether they're open or not, and a list of our taken prefixes!

6. Can I roleplay as a Visitor?
Yes! We encourage it but you can also just observe if that makes you comfortable.

7. How long am I able to visit for?
You can visit for a max of 2 months.

8. How often should I be expected to roleplay?
We ask our members to participate in roleplay for at least a minimum of once a month.

9. How many times can I join back after leaving?
You can return to SageClan twice before being permanently banned. There are very rare situations where we allow someone to return for a third time.

10. How many limitations can I have on one of my OCs?
You can have two limitations on one OC including mental and physical.

11. What is the time system and when are ages updated?
2 Weeks=1 Moon (in exception for Apprentice & Kit aging) We update everyone once every two weeks. However, Apprentices and Kits are aged faster in order to avoid a long wait to move to the next rank.

12. Can I reserve a specific prefix?
Each member can reserve one prefix for themselves. If you'd like to reserve a prefix, please notify us either in ask-us-questions or page-updates.

13. Can my character have accessories?
While SageClan does allow simple/natural accessories, any unnatural accessories are not allowed. If you're not sure if something is allowed or not, it's always best to ask in ask-us-questions beforehand.

14. Can my new OC be found in the territory and brought in?
When you bring in a new character, in your first roleplay they must already be a member of the Clan unless given permission before from Staff. You can describe in roleplay that they just joined if you want, but we don't do first interactions with characters as rogues or anything. Alternatively, you can say they were born and raised in SageClan if you wanted!

15. How many characters can I have at once?
You can have 6 characters at once! The cost of each character is listed in the shop! Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before adding another character? No, you don't! As long as you have the required amount of Cattail Points to purchase the character, you don't need to wait a certain amount of time between purchasing new characters. We only ask that you make sure you'll be able to use all of them and try not to get rid of them so suddenly.

16. I'd like to have one of my characters get pregnant, how do I go about doing that?
You can create a form for your character and provide all the details by going to queen-waitlist! You'll be contacted by Zen and Zen can help arrange a calendar for you with all the details from when they can start expecting, finding out, and when they'll deliver! The Medicine Cat(s) will take it from there afterwards and do these things with you irp if you wanted.

17. How do the seasons work in SageClan? When do we change seasons?
We go by real weather/seasons with a few changes here and there. SageClan is located in Washington, so we try and have accurate displays of what it would be like there. Here is what you can expect:
• Winter/Leaf-bare ;; December, January, February • Spring/New-leaf ;; March, April, May • Summer/Green-leaf ;; June, July, August • Fall/Leaf-fall ;; September, October, November
The last & first month of every season is the shift into the gradual change of the season. Example: in March the snow will not be immediately melted, however days will get sunnier and the banks will melt.

18. How can my OC find out they're pregnant?
There are a few ways you can go about this! You can skip to the good part and say they found out without having it shown irp, but the methods we use are the following: Permanent Queens & Medicine Cats. They are both equally as knowledgeable to diagnose a pregnant cat. If your OC has been pregnant before they may also be able to recognize the signs and ask for their mate/companion/friend to confirm by feeling their belly.

19. How many points does each OC cost?
The amounts are listed in the shop, and they all cost points unless they're born into a litter. The only exception with the freebie is if the kit is born and filling your 6th OC slot. Because it's a major investment we are trying to limit the amount of people that may try and fill their slots rapidly quick with free kit OCs.

SCB Option 1
Yes if...
No if...

SageLeafIconYou can operate and be active on Discord

SageLeafIconYou can keep up with ongoing plots

SageLeafIconYou wish to participate in planned storylines and traditional roleplay similar to the books

SageLeafIconYou are looking for an inclusive group that acts as a family

SageLeafIconYou prefer operating on other platforms such as Animal Jam or AGRW Discussions

SageLeafIconYour activity is low and inconsistent

SageLeafIconYou cannot keep up with storylines and plots

SageLeafIconYou enjoy constantly being the center of a plot or story

SageLeafIconYou do not feel comfortable interacting with other characters and groups

SageLeafIconYou enjoy nontraditional, multi-species, and/or fantasy groups

SageLeafIconYou dislike Discord notifications for plots and events

SCB Option 1
★ Cam ☆ Zen ❁ Lan ❁ Sprite ✦ Bella ✦ Spirit
SCB Option 1
Sage icon by sydneymr
Our Discord!
Anyone that shows interest in joining or visiting SageClan may join the server without filling out a form on our page. Once you've joined the server, you'll be able to find the "joining-application" channel under the Welcome category. From there you can fill out the form of your choice! If you would like to know more before joining, you can ask us questions on the page if you can't find the answer in our FAQ. Once in the server you can use our channel titled "ask-questions" to contact our staff!
⇦ Are you ready to get started? Join by clicking the icon!
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Banner & Border Artwork by Disney's Bambi || Leaf Icons & SageClan symbol by SydneyMR
Map by CondensedSprite || Written by... SilencedRose
Formatted by... SilencedRose & Duskaa

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