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A rustle of leaves, a scent of rye grass, a flash of tortoiseshell fur. A beautiful lanky tortie molly pads up to you, her jade eyes narrowed out of pure curiosity. "Name's Ryebreeze, and you are?
Ryebreeze streamclan
Status Active.
Roleplayer Katleidoscope/Kat#8787
Gender Female
Age 29 moons
Allegiance Streamclan
Rank Warrior




Mate None
Leadership 4/10.
Defense 8/10.
Offense 6/10.
Speed 8/10.
Hunting 9/10.
Climbing 5/10.
Swimming 4/10.
Stamina 7/10.
Intelligence 8/10.
Agility 10/10.
Stealth 10/10.
Herbs 1/10.


Voice Mischa Barton
Theme Song Show Me How- Men I Trust

Your heart is so pure, why choose me?


Name Breakdown:
Rye [a grass grown extensively as a grain, a cover crop and a forage crop.]

breeze [a gentle wind.]

Former Names: Ryekit, Ryepaw

Gender Identity: Female


Ryebreeze is a silky and lanky tortie patterned molly. Her pelt is a mixture of charcoal gray, deep brown, and light russet shades. Her chest is lighter colored with tan and brown shades as well as her tail. Ryebreeze has illusive jade green eyes that have a darker green circling the pupil. Her overall frame and stature is long, taller, and lanky as well as medium-furred.


She tends to seem very mysterious as a way to be non-confrontational, but this always ends in the opposite. Her heart is very troubled, but this does not stop her from a goal-driven attitude. Past trauma has ended in her spirit being fractured, so she can come off cold and closed off, but once opened up she is the best feline to become close with.


Relationship Status: Single.

Mate: None.

Ex-mate/s: None.

Flings: None.

Former Flings: None.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Candy Eye [Mentally/Behavior-wise]: A very confident and carefree feline with a comforting aura.

Candy Eye [Physical]: A nice groomed pelt, usually lighter colors, and striking eyes.

Experience: Virgin

Currently attracted to: TBA

Formerly attracted to: N/A

Shippings:Mistbreeze, Ryetrail

Felines attracted to Ryebreeze:Mistcatcher, Onyxtrail

Felines formerly attracted to: None.


Mother: Dahliawing/Deceased

Father: Sleetfall/Deceased.

Siblings: Yewtongue/Deceased


Ryekit was born from Dahliawing, mother, and Sleetfall, father in a beautiful clan, Peakclan. She shared her kithood with her only sibling and sister, Yewkit. Ryekit was born first, a bundle of dark brown and black and orange. Yewkit was second. Dahliawing always sang to them. She had such a perfect voice, smooth like ice and soft as roses. Ryekit and Yewkit would sit together and listen, all purring together. A happy family. Everything went downhill from there. Many tragedies arose in the clan, family based, and the once light-hearted fantasy of a life turned into a dark consuming traumatic home. This caused Ryepaw and Yewpaw to forcefully be trained in the clan after their parents were brutally murdered in front of them. Peakclan trained them to be assassins. Ryebreeze for her stealth and silence on her paws, and Yewtongue for her quick witted sly lies emitted from through her teeth. Luckily Ryebreeze fled the clan with her sister, and found a safe space in Streamclan. However, the looming darkness remained over Yewtongue's head. This resulted in a killing frenzy in Streamclan by her own sister, Yewtongue. Never in a million years did Ryebreeze think her own sister could cause so much pain. They thought they had left it behind. After Yewtongue was executed, Ryebreeze felt cold and empty. It is only now, moons later, that she has gotten back onto her paws, regaining her once peaceful spirit next to close friends such as Onyxtrail, and Mistcatcher.