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Founding Date 06.07.2022
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  2. Pomelo
  3. Xena
  4. Valentine
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  6. The Crescent Forest Collective
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  8. Clover
  9. Moon
Alignment True Neutral
Platform Discord
Visitors Theme song Stranger Things Theme - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
  1. Plover | 7/19/22
  2. Vic | 7/24/22
  3. Bee | 7/25/22

Visitors will be removed from the server at midnight of their last day.

Status Open, Accepting
Species Traditional Feline
Location Woods South of Hawkins, IN
Style Traditional Descriptive Exiled
Overseer Ronnie
  1. Rue (celerybat#4448) | Breaking rules 3, 7, and 8, general misconduct and/or disrespect
Shaman Pomelo
Roster 9/20

The air is damp and clammy around you as you feel the fur traveling up your paws clumping together as it brushes through the dewy flora. Evening has almost passed as the sky gets darker and darker the further you travel along those cold hollow trails of metal. It's as though the scents within the forest are muddled behind the humidity- there's no sign of prey nor life, and nothing but a quiet, suspenseful sense of curiosity lingers in your mind. As you stumble down the maze of tracks, your gaze travels to a ginormous, seemingly-empty twoleg building not-too-far from where you stand.

As you make your way through the entry point, a hollow silence meets your ears. The empty corridors, rooms, floors- their abandonment hangs high in the atmosphere. It smells of copper and old must as you pad over the cold floor beneath you. The presence of eyes following you flashes in your mind, and your ears flick nimbly in different directions. Your fur stands on edge as you stop, patiently searching for friend or foe to emerge.

You hear the sound of a sharp jingle of a bell, followed by a harsh and unintelligible whisper. Before you react, a short, stocky blur of deep hickory fur falls in front of you. Sharp amber eyes meet your own with a defensive stare. "You're not supposed to be here. It's dangerous." The cat spoke to you, their tail thrashing. "Leave." You part your jaws to respond, before another voice interjects. "Wait." The new voice said, accompanied by that same jingle you heard before. A calico cat with a slim collar presents itself next to the other cat. They take a gentle sniff from the air momentarily, before blank eyes look in your direction.

"This one was sent." The calico emphasized the last word with a gentle nod. The shorter of the two let out a short sigh before gesturing toward you, signaling for you to follow as they begin to walk outside.

"Sent by who?" You ask. You aren't met with a response. Instead you are left with a choice; continue your comfortable but lackluster life as usual, or take a chance and dive in with Runeclan.

The choice is yours, traveler.

Runeclan life takes place in a setting and lifestyle based off of Stranger things. The clan lives in the wilderness outside Hawkins, Indiana. Clan life takes place in modern day, unlike the show, but it is as if the settings of the show happened in present day to lead us to clan life now. Runeclan cats have a less traditional religion which they refer to as "the realms beyond." This includes two beliefs; the realm below, and the realm above, associated with a sort of hell and heaven accordingly. The realms beyond communicate directly with the shaman and their trainees to warn, advise, or threaten.
The clan is located south of Hawkins. The territory includes mostly forest terrain densely packed with narrow redwood sprigs, as well as a small cliff, a lake complete with a beach, and numerous streams which run thru the forest. The clan camp is located at the heart of the territory in an abandoned cabin -yes, the one straight from the show!- with each room dedicated to a different clan role. Enforcers and Providers inhabit the bedroom, Trainees in the kitchen, Youths and Governess in the livingroom, etc.
This realm is based off the upside-down, as seen in Stranger Things. The realm below is the source of all things evil, ruled by deceased cats with corrupted minds spend their afterlife. These ancestors spend their days sending demons in the forms of natural disasters, possessions, illnesses, and whatever they can think of towards Runeclan and ultimately the world. The realm below interacts with the world around, as previously stated. The shaman knows most about the realm below, and more is known about it than the realm above.
This realm is the positive counterpart of the realm below. Cats with genuine intentions, who made better decisions with their life end up here, where they use their time to counter the realm below and protect clan cats from evildoing. The only connection with the realm above is thru the Shaman. Not much is known about the realm above, besides what is stated here.
  1. Reporting a Problem. If you find that a member or visitor is breaking these rules or making you uncomfortable in any way, please let a staff member know. We will handle your situation anonymously (if so requested) and figure it out! We want this to be the safest environment possible.
  2. Swearing. Swearing is permitted in RuneClan, but not excessively. We want this to be a safe space for anyone interested, which means providing a moderately lighthearted and clean atmosphere.
  3. Drama. Unnecessary drama is prohibited in Runeclan as we are meant to be a welcoming and warm environment. Drama between ocs must stay within roleplay; do not let it effect your personal relationships with others!
  4. Activity.We understand schedules fill up quickly, breaks are needed, etc., but we must have consistent activity in order to thrive as a group! If you will be away for 4 or more days, consider filling out a hiatus form. Additionally, try and participate in plots and clan-wide events. If you can not participate in these events, feel free to let staff know.
  5. Character Limits. Runeclan has a limit of 3 OC slots. A 4th slot may be obtained by filling out the additional character slot form found in our server.
  6. Limitations.Your first OC may not have a limitation upon joining. After that, you may request that a current or future OC be granted a limitation by filling out the limitation form found within our server.
  7. Conduct. Both in and out of roleplay, BE RESPECTFUL. RuneClan will NOT tolerate any forms of racism, homophobia, or general harassment/discrimination toward anyone of any identity. If you are found to break this rule or generally disrespect anyone in any way, consequences may result.
  8. Graphic Content. Although based on gruesome stories, RuneClan will not contain strictly sensitive topics. It is possible for them to be included in plots, but nothing severe. However, NSFW is NOT permitted under any circumstances. NSFW consists of, but is not limited to, excessive gore, sensuality, etc.
  9. Powerplay. God-modding and powerplay are forbidden. Self-explanatory.
  10. Inclusion. While it is totally normal and fine to have private one-on-one roleplay plots with other members, please remember to be accepting and allow other people to join in if and when possible.
  11. Disabilities. If your character has any sort of disability, remember to accurately portray the disability in question. Be sure to properly research in advance so you may fully understand what it is you're roleplaying.
  12. Naming. OC naming in Runeclan is both traditional clan and rogue. There is no limit as to the number of rogue names. Uniqueness -within reason- is promoted here, so choose whatever naming suits your character!
  13. Editing. Please leave the page alone if you have NOT been given permission to edit it by a staff member! In the "Extras" portion of your form, answer with what your favorite flower is.
The overseer is the head of command amidst the group alongside the Shaman, as these two roles are co-directors of the group. The overseer is the secular leader of the group, making decisions regarding promotion, punishment, recruitment, etc., dealing with nearly all matters that do not include religion. At any point in their life the overseer may retire to the position of "retiree." If the overseer retires or dies, the successor is generally one of their past or current trainees. Ultimately the replacement is selected by the Shaman, however it is rare that this replacement is not the novice. The overseer is marked with a ♠.

Overseer trainees are held to a high regard. They are expected to closely shadow the overseer whenever possible. As a traditional trainee, overseer trainees graduate into a traditional provider or guardian at the appropriate age. The overseer novice is marked with a ♤ (but is still listed under trainees).

This role is earned.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Frondbackpx Frondback Ronnie N/A N/A 39

The shaman is the religious leader of the group. They are the co-director of the group alongside the overseer. The shaman is the advisor with all things religion-related, as they have a direct connection with the other realms. This could be in the form of visions, dreams, or in sensory experiences such as hearing sounds, seeing otherworldly beings, etc. The shaman is marked with a ♣.

A shaman may take on trainees who have been found to possess the necessary abilities and supernatural communication. The shaman is generally succeeded by their trainee, however the current overseer has final say in who the replacement is. The shaman trainee is marked with a ♧.

This role is earned.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee/Guide Mate Moons
Murdockpx ♣Murdock Pomelo Thrushpaw N/A 66
Scrungly bab ♧Thrushpaw Ronnie Murdock N/A 10

The practitioners serve as doctors for the clan. Their job is study herbs and learn to heal, treat, and assist in the overall recovery of all clan members. They are to be treated with respect, as they outrank enforcers, providers, councilmembers, etc. The practitioner is marked with a ♥.

Practitioner understudies are selected when they become a trainee. A practitioner trainee graduates to an actual practitioner when their mentor determines it so, meaning they will likely remain a trainee longer than traditional trainees. A practitioner trainee is marked with a ♡.

This role can not be your first oc, and requires an additional form found in the server.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Blank pixel Curved

Councilmembers are considered elite or senior warriors. This rank is selected by the overseer and are generally considered his or her best friends. They are the primary assistants to the overseer, shaman, and practitioners when necessary and are respected over enforcers and providers. Councilmembers are marked with a ✢.

This role can not be your first oc, and requires an additional form found in the server.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Blank pixel Curved Details Details ♂/♀ Details Details Details

Enforcers and providers are the bulk of the clan. These are the adults who have completed a traditional training, and now serve as protectors or hunters for the clan. The two roles overlap some, in that either role may do the others job if they so wish.

Enforcers are the border patrol, who walk the territory of the clan daily and make sure scent markers are taken care of. They are known to be the better fighter of the two roles. Enforcers are marked with a ♦.

Providers act as the hunters for the clan. They spend their day gathering prey for the clan. This role is known to be more stealthy and intelligent. Providers are marked with a ✶.

Generally the trainees of either role become the role of their mentor (ie. an enforcer trainee will most likely become an enforcer), however the mentor must teach their trainee the basics of both roles.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Oriolefinderpx ✶Oriolefinder Clover N/A N/A 67
Creekwaypx ✶Creekway Ronnie N/A N/A 55
Pixlr-bg-result (12) ♦Dissolvedshadow The CFC N/A N/A 40
Condorsplashpx ♦Condorsplash Pomelo N/A N/A 26
Ivyshine ✶Ivyshine Xena N/A N/A 25
Gingertuftpx ♦Gingertuft Moon N/A N/A 19
Venuspx ♦Venus Cherry N/A N/A 17
Evergrovepx ✶Evergrove Ronnie N/A N/A 15

The trainees are the bulk of the clan who are not yet old enough to become an enforcer or provider. Each trainee is assigned a mentor whom they routinely practice and study with until they are experienced enough to graduate. Trainees do a significant amount of the homely jobs for all of the clan, such as replacing bedding, repairing the den walls, tending for the retired, etc.

Trainees are marked with a ★.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Mentor Mate Moons
Echopawpx ★Echopaw The CFC N/A N/A 11
Eveningpawpx ★Eveningpaw Valentine Wolfseer N/A 10

The governess are the females of the clan who provide for and take care of the youth. These are generally females who have recently had their own litter of kits. Governes are marked with a ✿.

Some are designated as permanent governess, who dedicate their entire adulthood taking care of kits that are not necessarily their own. They care for orphaned youth or help to mentor other governess in all things motherhood. Permanent governess are marked with a ❀.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Blank pixel Curved Details Details ♂/♀ Details Details Details

The youth are the youngest members of the clan ages newborn to 6 moons. They spend their time building strength tousling with siblings or nursing from governess. Youth are required to stay within the walls of the cabin, usually within the room designated for governess and youths. During this time, a youth may be selected to be a shaman. As they are developing individual personalities, practitioners and the overseer may interact with the kits and select one who will become their trainee.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Blank pixel Curved Details Details ♂/♀ Details Details Details

Retirees are the oldest members of the clan. They are considered to have spent their life dedicated to the group, and have now earned a life of luxury for the rest of their days. Retirees are considered wise and are to be treated with respect. Frequently trainees are assigned to look after retirees and their basic needs, such as bringing them food and keeping them company.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Blank pixel Curved Details Details ♂/♀ Details Details Details
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ptsd (1/2)
thrushpaw | anxiety, ptsd

murdock|partially blind, accessory

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