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"Don't question my scar you pesky little demon."

Rowan is a large, black timber wolf with hints of gray furs. His long fluffy tail and large paws are the only parts of his body that don't contain gray. His rippling, bulging muscles come off as threatening to most, of which they should, and his vertical pink-ish scar over the left eye is normally scary to most pups. His fur clings closely to his muscles and his snout is long, but not grotesque to any extent. His eyes have bright yellow iris and dark pupils.


"My puphood is none of your concern, pup, and besides, its too dark and grusome for your small mind."

Puphood: His backstory is violent and cruel. As a young wolf, his father abused him and his mother died from giving birth to him. He was underfed and frail, not having very much energy or strength, despite his father's desires. His father tortured Rowan his entire life and gave him the scar over his eye with a human knife. The next night, while his father slept, Rowan used the very same knife to slit his father's throat and watched in horror as his father drowned and suffocated in his very own blood. He ran off, not sure of who he was or who he was supposed to be. He ran off, and was captured by animal control.

"Back off, stupid rat demon. I don't care about your questions. My juvenile life was dark as well. Buzz off you pest."

Juvenile Life: As a Juvenile, Rowan ran around the great cities of Switzerland, and got into a lot of trouble. Living out of dumpsters practically his entire midlife, he hated who he had become. Rowan was chased down daily by the animal control