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100x100 RookPaw

10 moons

Transgender Tom / he/him






Rookpaw is a paranoid, soft spoken pessimist by nature who has lived a hard life and is trying to survive any way he can; he comes across as a shadow, hardly noticed unless he makes himself heard. He has a heavy stutter which often overshadows his immense intelligence, hard work and stoic nature; he is emotionally empathetic and knows people in and out even though they know nothing about him. He likes to keep it so no one knows him well, avoiding holding others close because of his trauma. Where the tom is immensely intelligent, this is predominantly street smarts; he can smell a car from miles away and seems to know when people have bad intentions for him and others long before most cats do. Take this intuition with a grain of salt however, as his distrusting and nervous nature means he often lumps a lot of people under one umbrella.

Rookpaw has not been in Ravineclan long; it is a new territory to him and he is scared to cause problems and make himself known to the felines within the clan, as many of them are older than him and despite not overtly presenting threats, he is terrified of them/. (30/12/2023)

FictionChaser - Mother - Deceased

2/10 "Oh.. Mom.." *He looks upset, glancing away*

Lorel - Father - Deceased

9/10 "Dad- Oh Starclan what I'd do to be back in his paws.. I was just a kit.. Oh dad.. I miss you.."