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Ripper the killer kat or just simply Ripper, is a black cat that haunts the Dark Woods, a place where everyone never dares to go.

Twisted and Predatory, Ripper is easily recognized for his habit of tearing apart his victims and sometimes even eating them.

Ripper was once a honor member of an unknown clan but after his clan was killed by another clan while he was on a hunt, he became vengeful and insane before he killed the leader in a vicious fight and threated to eat his followers which scared them to death before they ran away.

Despite the battle being over, he still hunts down anyone who dares to come his clan's former land, but he does try to give them a head start of running away due to him still retaining his honor of the other cats but during this time he slowly start to realize his errors and decides to move away from his old home to find his own destiny.



Physical strength

Great speed



Great hearing



Slaughtering everyone he sees.

A Good Chase


Scaring others

Counting the stairs



His victims getting away

Having to kill without ambushing or chasing his prey


People coming to his land without permission


Kids getting hurt [they are the only things he won't kill]

Be told what to do

Be forgetting about his legacy

Any mention of his dead clan [it hurts his heart to talk about it and he often breaks down when mentioning them]

Things he says:


Better start running.

You got yourself killed son.

Why are you here?!

Who summon you here?

Too easy.

I'm just getting started.

Dang it.

Why, why do you do that?


I'm going to kill you.

My honor is just as bright as my hunting spirt is.

It will take more than that to kill me.

It is time.

What happened to good old stabbing?

Better luck next time.


Ripper is based on the character, Rip from the Goosebumps Cry of the cat and his personally is based on Ghostface.

Ripper is so far the only cat seen without a group which shows that he has not only social and trust issues but also how bad is his insane predatory state is.

While not truly evil, Ripper enjoys see others lose and harshly comments about their deaths.

Sometimes Ripper can be seen enter out of his territory to explore the outside world which suggests a possible chance that he might be planning move to somewhere else seeing how pointless it is to defend a now empty home.

Ripper is strangely sometimes seen as handsome than scary lately by some female cats which causes him to run away, He always wonders why how he is even attractive.