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“a pretty face doesn't mean a pretty heart.”
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rhubarbbite is a ginger and dull gray-brown tom with olive-amber eyes. he is lightly toned and acrobatic.
  • name: rhubarbbite
    • future name[s]: n/a
    • former name[s]: rhubarbkit, rhubarbpaw
  • creation date: 5.28.23
  • creator: jaiden
  • gender: cis male
  • nickname[s]: rue, rhuby, barb
    • disliked nickname[s]: n/a
    • former nickname[s]: n/a
    • joke nickname[s]: n/a
  • religion: starclan
  • voice likeness: marshall lee (adventure time)
  • roleplay status: active and alive
  • pixel: Rhubarbbite


  • age: 52 moons (approx. 4 years)
  • birth place: northernclan
  • birthdate: 12.29.18
  • birth season: leaf-bare
  • zodiac sign: capricorn
  • element: earth
  • birthstone: garnet


  • residence: northernclan
    • “it's comfortable - if you're borne of the clan. good clanfolk all-round.”
  • rank: prey-hunter
    • “though sometimes i grow tired and weary of the same daily task, it is pleasant to get out of the camp frequently, and i enjoy frequently being outside of camp.”
  • current mentor: n/a
    • previous mentor: tba
  • current apprentice: n/a
    • previous apprentice: n/a
    • education: prey-hunter apprentice, positive outlook


  • fn definiton
    • rhubarb - the fleshy, red stalks of a plant, traditionally of the dock family, which can be eaten as a fruit.
  • sn definiton
    • -bite - a cat who is a skilled hunter.


rhubarbbite is respectful, excitable and patient with the light touch of insecurity and close-mindedness.
  • positive: respectful, patient, excitable, compassionate
  • neutral: poetic, light-hearted, honest, brash, family-oriented
  • negative: skittish, insecure, close-minded, possessive


  • 1: snow
  • 2: personal space
  • 3: collecting little trinkets he finds (i.e. flowers, strange-looking twigs, feathers, and various rocks)
  • 4: being outside of the camp
  • 5: freedom for physical exercise
  • 6: nurturing the young


  • 1: being kept at home for too long. easily triggered to feel restless and claustrophobic
  • 2: being away from friends and family
  • 3: being pestered about trivial matters
  • 4: heights
  • 5: bossy or intolerable individuals


  • become an elite warrior [incomplete] {x/x}
  • find love or romance [incomplete] {x/x}
  • build a large group of friends, have a good support system [incomplete] {x/x}
  • catch a considerably large piece of prey, typically uncommon or difficult to catch [incomplete] {x/x}
  • protect someone in a physical battle [incomplete] {x/x}
  • become recognized and renowned within the clan[incomplete] {x/x}
  • get over his fear of heights [incomplete] {x/x}


rhubarbbite is a somali tom - a breed of long-furred cats. he is a warm golden-orange, with dull browns fading into dark grays decorating his shoulders and darkening near his spine. he is soft-furred, scarless and has olive-gold eyes.
  • weight: 9 lbs
  • height: 9 in
  • length: 12 in
  • breed: somali
  • scent: pinecones, a light, fruity undertone


  • 1: illigur on deviantart
  • 2: rookruff on
  • background by albert beirstadt


scroll for bullets [developed by apricate]
Bulletpink // slight crush BulletpinkBulletpink // crush BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink // love
Bulletred // trust BulletredBulletred // envy BulletredBulletredBulletred // regret
Bulletorange // like BulletorangeBulletorange // respect BulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorange // idolize
Bulletyellow // slight curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellow // major curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow // interested
Yellowgreenbullet // shy YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // nervous YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // discomfort
Bulletgreen // acquaintance BulletgreenBulletgreen // friend BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen // close friend
Turquoisebullet // unease TurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet // disgust TurquoisebulletTurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet // aversion
Bulletblue // wants to get to know BulletblueBulletblue // misses BulletblueBulletblueBulletblue // can't bear without
Bulletpurple // relatives BulletpurpleBulletpurple // family BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple // joint at the hip
Bulletwhite // slightly suspicious altBulletwhite // very suspicious BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite // distrusts
Bulletblack // annoyed by BulletblackBulletblack // dislike BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack // hate
Rose // offspring Heart-1 // mate Roseblack // fling/ex-mate
Question-0 // status unknown Dead-0 // dead


cantaloupeflurry | (npc) | father | BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueBulletblueDead-0
  • “though you were not my mentor, you were my greatest teacher.”


  • “thoughts”


  • “thoughts”


born and raised of northernclan, rhubarbbite has learned to grow accustomed and tolerate the cold climate, and has grown to become a compassionate hunter, a symbol of good sportsmanship within his clan.


  • rhubarbkit is born to cantaloupeflurry and an unknown mother - though he never pried and asked his father who his mother was, he assumed it was likely a fling. the most that he was able to weasel out of his father about his mother was that she left him, and that she had given the sole kit to him to raise. northernclan had always been his home, and the young kit was often excited and thrilled to go exploring, meet the new apprentices and warriors of the clan with hopes that someday he could meet the same rank and prestige. he was well-behaved in his youth - a symbol of what perfect parenting could build. he never snuck out, got into mischief or trouble during kithood, and was always polite to his peers, becoming well-liked even during his youth. though some say rhubarbkit was too sternly raised, and had no life - no exploring and no rebellion, rhubarbkit was pleased to make his father proud, and did his very best to inspire.


  • when rhubarbkit - now rhubarbpaw, finally reached his ripe age of six moons, to say he was thrilled was the very least. he was ecstatic, unbearably happy that he could begin learning. an eager one, he was. he was mentored under the guidance of one of the clan's more average prey-hunters. though the tom looked forward to his days of warriorhood, participating in the more exciting side of clanlife, he was content with his role as a prey-hunter's apprentice. over time, rhubarbpaw became skillful with catching prey and feeding the cats of northernclan. he found that being outside of camp frequently, the freedom to explore and wander the territory far and wide was far more exciting than any other duty. he got to be outside! he couldn't imagine how boring it must be for camp guards... sitting and watching the entrance for hours - eat, sleep, wake up, guard; rinse and repeat. rhubarbpaw felt overwhelming gratitude he was placed in a position where he could feel the thrill of hunting, stalking unsuspecting animals, and the chase he got to feel rushing in his veins so much. though rhubarbpaw was no extraordinary cat nor apprentice, he did find that his eagerness to impress carried through his youth and into adolescence. cantaloupeflurry died near the end of rhubarbpaw's apprenticeship, causing the tom to become riddled with grief, but sticking to his promise to his father to do his very best in his honor, he never let it crush him, and pushed through with the entirety of his mental willpower.


  • rhubarbpaw completed his apprenticeship rather early on, excelling at all things hunting-esque. granted a traditional suffix for those skilled in the region of hunting and the lyrical chime, rhubarbpaw was granted the warrior name rhubarbbite. this tom utterly hated his first night sitting vigil. it drove him utterly insane; how claustrophobic he felt! unable to walk around, do nothing but sit! of course, the tom was grateful for his promotion and adeptness with hunting, he couldn't believe that vigil-sitting was necessary to warriorhood. as life went on, rhubarbbite felt disappointed his hunting abilities were not recognized. he fed the clan, but was disregarded. instead, all thanks for the food went to starclan instead of the cats who worked their tails off to collect it. he never became bitter or resentful from this fact, remaining patient and eager to please, as always, but this was something that was like a little flea in his fur. over time, without the company of a mentor, hunting (usually alone) became mundane and boring for rhubarbbite somedays. he pushed through some of the days that felt completely pointless and exhausting with the excitement he felt from being outside and having freedom to walk the territory to his own liking. rhubarbbite often gets distracted on his bored-days, wandering off and collecting little trinkets to hoard under the bedding in his den, away from the prying eyes of someone who might try to steal his beloved collectibles, but always ensures to return home with prey, and refuses to go home empty-pawed.


rhubarbbite is a poetic, family-oriented tom, and he's lookin' for love, sweetheart!

  • sexuality: unlabeled
  • relationship status: single
  • relationship role: caretaker
  • love language: acts of service, quality time
  • fertility: 98%
  • current mate[s]: n/a
    • former mate[s]: n/a
  • current crush[es]: n/a
    • former crush[es]: n/a
  • current fling[s]: n/a
    • former fling[s]: n/a
  • biological offspring: n/a
  • adopted offspring: n/a
  • physical interests: none
    • rhubarbbite doesn't care for looks, and he finds them to be quite trivial. he looks into the personality and behavior of cats he takes interest in, and does not let appearance sway his attraction. he can grow to love any cat for their looks depending on their treatment towards him and others.
  • mental interests: likeness, compassion
    • rhubarbbite looks for good cats with moral values and ingenuity. he looks for cats who share likes and interests with him, and looks to bond with those who share a passion for hunting as him, typically those in a similar/same ranking.
  • physical disinterests: none
    • personality is higher within his values. rhubarbbite does not care how disfigured or visually unappealing a cat is; what matters is their heart.
  • mental disinterests: arrogant, bossy, insufferable
    • rhubarbbite values forming his own opinion and having his own freedom, and does not like to bow to the authority of someone not in power. though he maintains respect and patience, he can't stand cats who are bossy or pushy. he sees them as rude and annoying, and though he grants them his time, it is not out of his own willingness, but out of his own moral values.