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Ren is a male rogue cat that roams the forest. Ren is extremely violent and usually kills anything or anyone that comes in contact with him, with the exception of mothers and kits, due to him having small amounts of empathy and due to his history. He usually keeps parts of what he kills as a trophy and/or for fashion.

NICKNAMES: The man behind the slaughter (Jokingly, by his kits), Leader (By his clan), That one cat who learned how to use a phone (By other clans), Murderer (By twolegs), Poison Ivy (By other rogues).



Ren, before the outbreak and after he joined LushClan

Ren is a charcoal grey cat with deer antlers, socks, a skunk tail and a bow and arrow. The deer antlers are dyed by moss, leaving a sea green-ish color. The socks were a trophy after killing a two-legs hunting for some dinner, that is also where he got his bow and arrow. He wears a skunk tail to show he's not afraid of anything, even the wretched smell of skunk. He also uses it like a skunk, even though he doesn't have the scent glands, the skunk tail has left over scent.


Ren wasn't always a rogue, he owned a clan and was the father to 3 kits. His mate, Stella was mistaken for a fox and was shot by a hunter. Enraged, Ren charged at the hunter and murdered him violently. He grabbed the bow and arrow and put it on, he thought the socks would look nice as well, so he put them on, too. He rushed over to Stella and shook her, she wouldn't get up, he screamed for the medical cats while his kits were sobbing. He started to go through the hunter's belongings and found a phone. It didn't have a password attached. He couldn't use it well, but he could. His kits were amazed and started playing with it, learning to use the internet.

After a few days, the medical cats came back and Stella was there. The entire clan was cheering. Showing Stella his discovery, everyone wanted in on it! He started ripping apart hunters and using them for food and using their phones. He then started hearing his kits scream. He ran over and it was just them loving a song called "It's been so long". He was relieved. His kits and some clan members called him "The man behind the slaughter".

On one horrible day, he went to kiss his kits goodnight. While sleeping, he woke up to crying. One of his kits was dead, news started going across clans that a deadly disease had spread across almost all the clans' ponds, including the pond Ren used to clean the blood off objects he stole. He burnt the antlers and almost everything he stole in a campfire. The whole clan started getting sick, including his wife and his last 2 kits. Only he and 12 other clan members survived the outbreak, out of the 173 that were in the clan.

Devastated, He decides to blame twolegs. He murders every single one in sight. One day, while he was crying in his cave, now with nobody else, a mob chases after him. It was too many people, he ran and abandoned his clan. The memories kept flooding back to him, he started pausing while he ran, but kept going because they were going to kill him.

He sent up camp by killing animals like deer and bears. He used the skin for shade and would still murder twolegs, however, not as often as usual due to everything that happened. One day, one of his clan members found him, Rusty. He ran off, he didn't want to deal with his clan members after he abandoned them. Now, if you wonder through the forest, theres a slight chance you'll find a stack of items such as phones, binoculars, jackets and glasses along with a tent made out of animal skin.

8 Months after abandoning his camp to avoid Rusty, he joined LushClan and remade his outfit. He ended up using rain water, even after the outbreak for his new clan's safety. Ren is doing much better now, but he is still trying to find new ways to cope with his PTSD.