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Hello, this is a multiple religon thing. I got the idea of making this thing by The Five Prophets. So, here you go!

Here is a thing that can be used for Dark Realmed clans. Another realm of this and it wont really work out well.

Clan Of Starry Nights (Starclan) Clan of endless darkness (Dark forest)

There are 2 siblings. One called Lightstar, and one called Darkstar. Lightstar was a white tom with yellow glowing eyes with no pupils. He has a halo of a angel and wings of a angel. His tail was flaming on the tip of his tail its said he uses to light the sun to its brightness. He also is half blind for in history it is said that Darkstar in a fight had blinded his left eye. Lightstar leads the realm of the Clan of Starry Nights. He is said every time the sun raises it is Lightstar fighting with Darkstar for the light of his kingdom. It is said they fight all morning and afternoon and when night comes along Darkstar wins against the battle and creates night time for all to sleep. Darkstar is a black cat with glowing red eyes. He has the horns and wings of a demon. He has a dragons tail and sharp fangs like a vampire. But around his paws are chains, that are said in history when Lightstar wins in the battle for light the chains pin him to the ground and is banished to the caves till he comes back for revenge against Lightstar then wins and rises the moon. Cats often make sacrifices to Lightstar to praise the sun by trapping a cat in such heat that they die. They believe that its making Lightstar content seeing that his cats believe his kingdom is strong. They also make sacrifices to Darkstar so he, when he wins the endless battle with Lightstar he does not take away the stars to help guide them through the night and reach there ancestors. To do this, they kidnap a kit and the family of the kit. To keep them still, they must tie there paws to the ground with the vines so they cant run away and to represent Darkstar's chains that hold him to the ground from being banished to the caves. To please him, they dance a ritual dance with fresh blood markings on there cheeks to show the bloodshed they have faced and chant "Stars must stay tonight, so these cats must die. For the lord of the night we must, for we are the cats he looks over. So we will bow down to you and the night, and these cats will die." It is believed when the cats they use as sacrifices to Darkstar is that they will be turned to slaves for him. They will loose memory of the ritual, but will remember the chanting for it will haunt them in there endless slumber for Darkstar will be commanding there bodies. Then, they kill the cats all in weird ways. The kits will be drowned into the river with the parents forced to watch them. The death of the kits represents of how Darkstar as a kit almost died to drowning but then Lightstar saved him. Darkstar does not remember how Lightstar saved his life and he believes that he saved himself and swam back to the surface. To Darkstar it represents his strength and how he can live on his own without Lightstar. Darkstar believes that darkness should be lasting forever because the sun to him is cruel for the way it blinds cats. He thinks that the moon should be respected more. The mother is killed second for its the second weakest. They do it in the order of weakest to the strongest because it proves how easy the clan can kill cats who go against the too gods. And the She cats are assumed mostly by Darkstar as weak because his mother was very frail and old. Soon Darkstar as a kit killed them easily for he was tired of his mother bossing him around. His mother was called Dusk. It was Lightstar's too since they were both siblings. Dusk is a brownish she cat with oak brown eyes and darker brown dapples. She had long fur that went everywhere like she just went swimming in some water. Her eyes sometimes turn blue when going underwater or in water. Dusk was the goddess of the water. The water had made Darkstar almost drown in revenge for murdering Dusk at a young age, but when Lightstar came to save him, the water let him save them but it was the Earth God, Xeno, who made a agreement with the water warriors to drown Darkstar. Xeno is a gray tom with grey dapples and yellow eyes. He has a rocky mane like thing around his neck and paws. Xeno had a fiery temper. The water warriors got Lightstar and Darkstar into conflict to make up for the drowning to be failing. The water warriors did not know but they were also helping to create Night and Day. But in how the Father dies in the Darkstar ritual is that they are forced into the windiest place in the moor. They make him sleep in a den made out of snow for a night. If the cat survives, they can join. If they die, there body is thrown into the river to make the river run red with blood to show how Darkstar can make cats feel pain, like how the blood flows through the river. If the cat does not decide to join and rejects to the offer, they will be feeling endless pain. And they will die anyways.

For neutral clans, here's a religon

The early settlers

These are tales of the first cats who set there paws on the arctic, deserts, tropical areas, rainforests, and the forests. The cat who first set paw on the arctic is called Blizzard ' cry. A fluffy white she cat with icy blue eyes. Since being the first to go to this land, she claimed it for her own. Its said that her fluffy tail can grow large enough to block snowstorms from harming a cat. Her claws can be so sharp they can break open ice easily so her cats can drink in the Arctic. And she is so light that when she walks on ice it does not give away to her paws. And she can walk on water to make ice if the water is overflowing. And she can create icebergs in the flick of a whisker. Blizzard ' cry was called Fluffy for she was a kittypet. She was the first cat to go out of the house. Blizzards do not happen very much at where she lived. She lived in a country close to the Arctic. But no cat knows how she got all the way over to the Arctic. She refuses to tell her secret. Blizzard ' cry was also the cat to make 'snow' and the season 'winter.' The cat who first set paw on the deserts was a cat named Desert ` Fur. He was also cooped up in a cage, and had a sandy colored pelt. He had yellow eyes like lemons. So he was called Lemon after his eye color in his kittypet life. He lived in Egypt. He was lonely, for it was a very quite house. It was abandoned. Even after his owners died a week ago, nobody came to visit him. One day, he realized his lock that kept him locked in his cage was rusty. So it was easy to lock pick with his claw. Then, he ran down and pushed open the door with his head. Then, he ran out into the desert sand and that was how he became first cat to set paw on the desert. The first cat to step paw on the tropical lands was a kitty pet, called Coco. She was a brown and white she cat who lived in Hawaii. That was her kittypet name, Coco. She later renamed herself Milk Belly. After she was named after as a kittypet after the thing called "Coconuts." And how they gave milk that you can drink if you crack it open. And she became a mother to kits and they took milk from her belly so that's where she got the belly part. Some say she was the first cat to have kittens, but others don't believe that rumor. The first cat to step paw on the rainforests was a tom named Stormy. He usually stormed around and was really grumpy. He does not talk much. Stormy was his kittypet name. He lived in Arizona and his owner as a kitty pet was a explorer twoleg. He soon renamed himself Storm ` Cloud, Storm after his kittypet name and Cloud after how it was very cloudy the day he left for the rainforest. He has a blueish gray pelt. And dark blue eyes. He likes to stay away from his twoleg for he does not like having to change territories every time his house folk decides to go explore another place. He lived in a tent with his twoleg. So it was pretty easy to escape. He still lived in a cage, but he used to not live in a cage. He used to be following his twoleg around as a kitten but then he moved toward a place very close to a town and there was a shop that you can buy cat cages and other supplies at. So when he bought it he shoved them into a cave. Stormy at first scratched the cage and mewed loudly to get there attention to ask to get out and bite the bars but soon learned it was useless. Stormy inside still felt like he could have a chance to get out, but he did not show it to himself. He started starving himself a little bit, when he made a plan. When he starved himself a little bit, it concerned his house folk which adds to his plan. He started eating which made his house folk seem relived. So the house folk was happy and not stressing out, it would be good. If they were stressing out, it would keep them awake at night worrying like he did in the past few nights. Then, when his house folk was sleeping he slipped through the bars of the cage and ran out of the tent and explored the rain forest what was his own kingdom for his to be keeping. The first cat to step on the Forest lived in North America. It was a she cat. She was gray with yellow eyes. She was called Leafy as her kittypet name. Her name she soon renamed herself was Wild ` Heart. Wild for how inside she was destined to be a warrior of the forest, and heart for how her heart longed for the forest every time she sat on the fence of her backyard and stared into the forest. Many cats were scared to go there for it was said to have animals like foxes and badgers that can murder you and no house folks to feed you and you have to hunt and eat live prey. And how hard Winter can be in the forest! She lived in a house with a dog and a family of too legs. The dog was called Bone. A white and black dog with floppy ears. He had brown eyes, and was completely mouse brained, Wild ` Heart had described Bone as. One day when she was hanging on the fence, she accidently leaned too close that she fell face first onto the forest floor! A embarrasing way to become the first cat to set paw on the forests. Her twolegs saw her and dragged her back to her twoleg nest. She did get no dinner that night as a punishment for going too close to the forest. She was very hungry, but she longed to explore the forest. So at the middle of the night, she escaped her cage and leaped through a broken window into the backyard and charged into the forest. And for then on, she was known as the first cat to set paw on the forest. These cats are gods to the clans kind and will be respected.

For a light realm religon,

Flower cat

There is the tale of a she cat called Blossom and wherever she goes flowers follow her in a trail. She is known as the flower god. She smells like roses and has a bad side. She can break hearts easily. And she rejects all requests for her love. She grows flowers and raises the sun and moon. She is a white she cat with a reddish like tail that's curled in the way of a half of a heart. She forms love, but does not take any loved ones. She does not want any cat to follow in her footsteps. She is very quite and is said was born mute but was able to talk later in her life. She still refuses to talk most of the time and is very secretive. She likes to watch from the shadows and does not like to talk. She has social anxiety, so she goes crazy when she talks to a tom. But, without her the clan would not be able to have the beautiful forest it has. She guards it like a mother guarding its kits. Twoleg waste she can not make vanish into thin air though. She can control any cat in moments there feeling anxious to confess there love to there crush. She has pink eyes and red hearts for pupils. She gives advise to medicine cats and sometimes she can revive cats from the dead or grant a cat feeling loss a new mate after there old one died. But she made sure everyone was happy. She was the first cat to discover and create the emotion of happiness, content, joy, etc. Spring is when she is wished upon to give flowers to the clan and make the forest greener then ever. She is like a mother to the clan she guards. And she will guard them like her kits for the rest of her life as a spirit. She is immortal, but she can vanish. If she breaks the rules that her mother had set for her to follow for the rest of her life she will vanish to thin air and not be able to talk or see life again, with no questions asked. They cant even say goodbye to there children, family, and loved one.

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