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Founding June 11th, 2019
Founder(s) Rachel/Finn
Platform Discord
Realm Neutral
Roleplay–Style Traditional
Sister–Clan PineClan
Location North America

RavineClan is a discord-rp-group running through a pre-developed timeline. Through this story, we hopes to provide our members with an encouraging, care-free environment to share their own stories, develop and explore various characters, and take part in the clan's events; because of this, it is highly encouraged that all RC members share their opinions, indulge in character related discussions, and make many suggestions! Although we were originally founded June 11, 2019, the clan was disbanded and then officially revived July 30, 2021.

Beliefs & Customs
Being a highly traditional clan, RavineClan follows the same traditions as the clans that came before it; gatherings, apprentice ceremonies, half moon gatherings, and other old traditions.

RavineClan is set near a large lake, somewhere in North America. Here, the terrain is known to be dangerously rocky and covered in rivers where various species seek shelter. The most notable landform in RavineClan's territory, however, is the large ravine where the clan has made camp.

PineClan Ally
The Cats of God Hostile

The Beginning: A Dream Come True
Some moons ago, prophecy of the clans future fell upon the shoulders of a small cat that'd been born into what two-legs liked to call the "pet-shop." Here, this maine coon befriended a moody, siamese tom, and the two speculated all that lay beyond the walls of their home. These chit-chats eventually led the pair to plot away their escape, motivated by the "star-traced cats" that often frequented their dreams.
Their official journey led them to meet an older tom, going by the name of Michael(D), who brought them into town and introduced them to many others including his mate, Tawny; soon after, this small group made their home beneath a ravine (resting in fox-burrows).
Once Moonie and Puddle reached their six moons, they were once again visited by star-traced-cats, all of which explained to be part of StarClan. These cats, claiming to be their ancestors, sent messages out to all the cats of two-leg place with information concerning different legends, codes of conduct, and methods of survival suited for life near the ravine; practice of such took many years before being perfected, at which StarClan revealed their master-plan: the cats were to run away from their soft homes and take on the name of RavineClan.

  • Moonie was made leader (Hailstar), Puddle a medic (Robinsight), and Tawny was elected as deputy (Goldenfur); the only cat to keep his original name was Michael.

Completed Plot: Caged Songbird
Being the young, naive she-cat she was, Featherstep fell for Snowpuddle's mysterious, dark charm. However, quickly into the relationship, it began to fall apart. Snowpuddle was not ready to have Featherstep's kits when she had persistently asked for kits, and this led Snowpuddle to act resentfully towards her, often ignoring her while playing a deeply hurt persona to keep her attention on him. At the time, Featherstep was too emotionally immature to end the relationship, and instead began courting Foxtooth behind Snowpuddle's back as a means of emotional comfort. Eventually, Featherstep became pregnant with Foxtooth's kit, but hid it from Snowpuddle all the way up until birth. Of course, Snowpuddle immediately recognized that the kit was not his but Foxtooth's. Out of anger and pain, Snowpuddle demanded Featherstep give her son to someone else, making her feel as though she owed it to Snowpuddle to do so. During the birth, Foxtooth had ran away from RavineClan to avoid responsibility, leaving Featherstep feeling abandoned and dependent on Snowpuddle's mercy. Desperate for Snowpuddle's forgiveness, she gave her kit to Butterflywish, the only cat who volunteered to adopt the tom-kit, who he then named Thunderkit.

Completed Plot: Goose Plucking
After Hailstar became disabled from a fox attack, she became more aggressive in a desperate attempt to avoid appearing weak. As a show of strength, she relentlessly attacked GooseClan, keeping prisoners and even starting a war where Snowpuddle supposedly took one of the GooseClan's leader's lives in self defense. After awhile, some of her clan would go against her word to help the GooseClan cats as they began to recognize the injustice. Hailstar soon realized that true strength came in unity, and she became less aggressive, though not necessarily friendly, towards other clans.

Completed Plot: Butterfly Effect
Thunderstrike, being raised by the kind and loving Butterflywish, for a short amount of time he found it in himself to forgive Featherstep for giving him up and he became more and more comfortable around her. This was the opposite of what Snowpuddle wanted. To keep Thunderstrike away from her, knowing that he could not take on Thunderstrike himself, Snowpuddle murdered Butterflywish at a FrostClan border and blamed it on a FrostClan cat. However, Thunderstike was sent a vision from StarClan pointing to Snowpuddle being the murderer. Hailstar did not believe in this vision, leaving Thunderstrike hungry for revenge...

Completed Plot: Unlucky Clover
The tension at the gathering is high as Hailstar and Amberpetal compete to see who can make who snap first. While the two are bickering, coyotes manage to sneak into the gathering before everyone could get prepared to run or fight. However, Cloverflight sacrificed herself to give everyone else time to run away, and to give Hailstar the opportunity to take the lead coyote by surprise and scare it off. Although Cloverflight died, her sacrifice saved many, and even cats of LupineClan mourn her death.

Completed Plot: A Clan's Pride
During leaf-bare, RavineClan was hit with an intense freeze. Not only did this spread whitecough throughout the Clan, but it also wiped out most of the herbs that could treat it. Among the cats who caught whitecough was Michael(D), and despite the medicine cats being able to treat most of the clan with their remaining herb supply, Michael remained sick the longest, and gradually grew worse with time. The only herb that would be able to save him now was catmint, but it was one of the herbs that was completely wiped out from RavineClan territory. In fear of Michael's death, Emberpaw- Michael's grandson- set out an expedition for catmint outside of RavineClan's borders behind Hailstar's back, recruiting Dawnpaw, Roosterpaw, and Shadepaw to join him. Although the group found patches of catmint not far from RavineClan territory, they were met by a patrol of unknown cats, and taken away the night before the gathering. When the gathering came, the unknown cats arrived, and returned RavineClan's apprentices, and revealed themselves to be "HoltClan", a once isolated Clan. Hailstar immediately became defensive at their arrival, demanding they explain why her apprentices were held captive. HoltClan's leader, Wolfstar, explained that the group of apprentices had intruded on their territory to steal their herbs. Emberpaw spoke up in defense of the rest of the group. He argued that HoltClan was at fault for neglecting their borders so much so that their existence was unknown for so long. He also argued that what they did shouldn't be considered stealing because they had no way of knowing that the territory was already claimed. Already furious, Hailstar proceeds to berate HoltClan. Wolfstar says that if they had sent a medicine cat to take the herb, they would have given it to them. But when Hailstar asks if they can send a medicine cat to retrieve the herb, Wolfstar refuses, even when Hailstar had explained Michael's dire situation. Hailstar took this as Wolfstar allowing Michael's death. Many days later, Hailstar sends Coyoteprowl and Dawnpaw to take catmint from HoltClan's territory, though Coyoteprowl is apprehensive as he knows it will cause more tension between the clans. After they return with the catmint, it is given to Michael immediately, and he is soon cured of white-cough. However, Coyoteprowl and Dawnpaw had left traces of their presence in HoltClan territory, and it wasn't long before Wolfstar, along with her deputy, Ruinbringer, and another warrior, made their way into RavineClan territory. Hailstar, who had already taken it as a threat that HoltClan sent a patrol straight to RavineClan's camp instead of waiting for an escort at the border, would only allow a conversation if she could talk to Wolfstar alone in her den. Hailstar admitted that she had sent Coyoteprowl and Dawnpaw to take the catmint, but shows no remorse. Hailstar warns that she will not back down if this were to start a war, which Wolfstar takes as a threat. HoltClan takes their leave, and despite their wishes to be left alone, Hailstar sends them away with an escort. Since then, tensions between the two clans have remained high...

Completed Plot: Blurry Stars
After chasing away the coyotes who killed Cloverflight, Hailstar had been put into a coma from a severe injury. During her coma, she was able to visit StarClan. But much to her surprise, the StarClan she knew, who had trained her to become leader, had left them many moons ago. Hailstar discovered that the original StarClan left them behind to continue creating clans, and now RavineClan has their own StarClan grounds with only a few RavineClan cats. This leaves Hailstar silently questioning the validity of hers and her clan's religion. After many moons had passed, Michael's old age finally caught up to him. However, before he passed, Michael left Hailstar one last message: "All of you, I know you struggle to find yourselves buried under all of the responsibilities you've been handed- you especially, Hailstar. My dying wish is for everyone to be able to crawl their way out of their burdens, and learn who they truly are." To Hailstar, this meant stepping down as leader to discover who she finally is. After days of consideration, Hailstar decided to step down as leader, and allow Coyoteprowl to take over as leader as Coyotestar.

Completed Plot: Melting Snow
Being the kind of tom he is, Snowpuddle holds a grudge on his mother who had given him up to Michael(D) and Goldenfur(D) at a young age, though for the most part, it had always been at the back of his mind... After murdering Butterflywish(D) in hate of Thunderstrike for reminding him of what Featherstep did, he begins having dreams in the dark forest and meeting two mysterious cats: Snakewhisper and Falsetruth, spirit cats who live in the dark forest. The spirit cats promise to help Snowpuddle find his mother and get his revenge on her as long as he helps them take control of RavineClan, though their motivation is unknown...

Completed Plot: Terror's End
After many moons of avoiding the dark forest cats, Snowpuddle started seeing them again in his dreams. They've threatened to plot against him and have him exiled, or even worse, from the Clan. By now, Snowpuddle had come to terms with his mother abandoning him, so he had given up on trying to become leader and fulfilling their wishes. He lies and tells the dark forest cats he still has a plan, and he just needs time to enact it. However, when he hears from Sunspots that Hailstar is stepping down as leader for Coyoteprowl to take her place, he realizes that the dark forest cats know he will never be able to fulfill their plans with Coyoteprowl as leader. Out of desperation, he planned to kill Coyoteprowl, tricking his son, Egretcall, into helping him by lying about a vision. However, when the time came, Egretcall realized Snowpuddle had lied about the vision, and defended Coyoteprowl, ultimately leading to the death of Snowpuddle.

Completed Plot: Cutting Ties with StarClan
When Coyoteprowl returned to camp with Snowpuddle's body, Hailstar was devastated. Her faith in StarClan, already dwindling before, had now vanished seeing one of her closest friends dead. Although she understands why Coyoteprowl had to do it, she must come to terms with it and find it in herself to forgive Coyoteprowl.

Completed Plot: Lies at Dawn
As Roosterplume and Dawnlight spend more time in RavineClan, the two once very close siblings have grown very distant. Through this distance, Dawnlight has realized clan life is not for her. However, she feels conflicted, as she does not want to leave behind her brother Roosterplume, who has loved clan life ever since they had joined RavineClan. To cope with her feelings of conflict, Dawnlight snuck out of camp on multiple occasions to meet with her old friend, Eryx, who she'd known back when her and her brother still lived in twolegplace. After many visits with Eryx, Dawnlight discovered she was pregnant with his kits. Terrified of how her brother might feel, and wanting her kits to be respected amongst the clan, she asked her friend, Coyoteprowl, to pretend to be the father. Coyoteprowl agreed, but only if she promised to tell the truth eventually. When the kits were born, many noted that they do not take on Coyoteprowl's features at all, though few are suspicious despite it. Dawnlight gradually began to realize her fears were pointless, as RavineClan is rarely ever stern about outsiders and how they interact with the clan. When the kits became warriors, she told the Clan the truth and left to live with Eryx just outside of the border.

Ongoing Plot: The Rivers of Hope
On a regular morning patrol, Coyotestar, Emberwish, and Blackfire discovered a she-cat passed out in the shaded forest. Blackfire was quick to recognize her, Mary, an important figure in The Cats of God. Coyotestar offered Mary shelter at RavineClan's camp at least till her sprained paw she got while running healed. Although hesitant, Mary eventually agreed to stay at RavineClan's camp, not only for her own sake, but to catch up with Blackfire, who she'd known as Abaddon, brother of Moses. When they'd arrived at camp, Coyotestar questioned Mary and Blackfire. The two explained the cult that resided in twolegplace and how its members were more than could be counted, and how they were even capable of creating fires. Mary was sentenced to death for speaking out against Moses, leader of the cult, and on her execution day, a ghost named "Goldenfur" had descended from the heavens to help her escape, giving her the strength to jump over the fire. The mention of a Clan cat made Blackfire curious, but there was nothing him or Coyotestar could do only knowing that. However, Mary soon received a vision in her sleep with Goldenfur. She saw fire ravaging the forest, but she was given a stream of water to control. "With just a few drops of hope, you can extinguish this doom." Mary confronted Coyotestar, furious that she was receiving visions about a "destiny" when promises of a destiny were what kept her in the cult for so long. Coyotestar told Mary it was her choice on whether or not she'd stay to help RavineClan solve this mystery, although he feared that without her help, RavineClan would be doomed. In hopes to find clarification, Coyotestar sent Bugwing to The Moon Tree to speak with StarClan. He dreamed of RavineClan's territory completely ravaged by a fire. Michael led Bugwing through the territory, and they found the fire was at the very edges of RavineClan's borders. When they crossed the wall of flames, the other side was completely safe from the fire. Michael told Bugwing, " No one Clan can control the entire forest. Instead, a second must come to command the waters of hope." Whatever doom may be after the forest is a mystery, but it's clear Mary's destiny is to save everyone from it.

Ongoing Plot: Severing Family Ties
After much consideration, Mary decided she would stay in RavineClan and train with Coyotestar to become a Clan leader. The two would often travel to the border for their lessons. During their lessons, Mary found herself growing closer to Coyotestar. With no signs of the church cats chasing her, Mary believed it would be best if she just stayed in RavineClan with Coyotestar. However, during their lesson at the shaded forest, Mary and Coyotestar were ambushed by a patrol of two cats from the church named Esther and Cain. Mary and Coyotestar just barely managed to escape, but during their attack, Mary discovered that everyone she'd grown up with and considered family was after her, seeking her execution. Distraught by this, Mary decided then that she no longer wanted to keep her name. She chose the name Vixenbell for herself and put all of her focus on becoming the leader of a new Clan. When she went to receive her nine lives, Goldenfur revealed the name of Vixenstar's Clan: PineClan. Vixenstar departed from RavineClan to discovery PineClan's territory just beyond RavineClan's borders.

"Can I roleplay as a visitor?"
Because you are not an official member, you may not partake in any sort of roleplay with a character of your own; however, visitors are encouraged to hop into both casual and plot-related roleplay using RavineClan's background characters (will be labeled in the hierarchy and listed in the server along with their description)! These characters have been created by our existing members but will be knocked out of their official oc-toll and opened to the public.

"How do Background Characters work?"
Background characters can only be warriors and elders. They can have mates but not developing relationships (crushes, failing relationships, ect.) and they can only be within the clan. It is possible to claim a background character as one of your own, but only with the permission of the character's original owner. They cannot play an important role in any plots. Only members with full slots can create background characters, but we can refuse to make a character a background character if an individual is making an excessive amount of background characters.

"How many ocs am I allowed to have?"
RavineClan allows for the creation of 6 characters in total (keep in mind that we often auction off litters to our members). However, we are working on implementing background characters—characters used only for convenience by the entirety of the clan, meaning anyone can roleplay as said characters—and they will not count towards the overall oc-count of anyone.

"What are Spirit-Cats?"
Spirit-Cats are the spiritual remains of fallen cats. Some Spirit-Cats choose to drift in the real world, even though they are incapable of interacting with it. Some spirit-cats will align themselves with either StarClan or The Dark Forest. Spirit-Cats can only interact with the living through dreams unless an individual has supernatural powers. Spirit-Cats can also take on the physical appearance of any age they feel most comfortable in, so it is often unclear how old a Spirit-Cat truly is. Spirit-Cats cannot kill or be killed in the real world, but they have the potential to kill or be killed on their own realm, even if the cat they are killing or the cat killing them is alive in the real world. The locations in spirit realms do not always correlate with the real world, so it is possible for a cat to meet others from a distant land through the spirit realm; it is thought to be determined by destiny where your dreams land you in the spirit realm

Members [13/30]

  • Rachel/Finn [mr.lizard.]
  • Heisha [moont__th]
  • Fiona [ozuray]
  • Kody [legosheesh]
  • Zero [_demonicoverlord_]
  • Rose [.rosevines]
  • Quill [quill_05]
  • Taylor [lortay]
  • Squid [star.squid]
  • Asta [astasodope]
  • Cedar [cedar_sketches]
  • Flynn [deathofbeauty]
  • Brutus/Judas [usernameredacted]

Visitors [01/10]

  • Luciel [madokapilled]


  • Elfrid [elf6485] - harassment
  • Jasmine [jasybomb] - discrimination
  • Kurtis [kurtis444] - art theft
  • Sav [sandsurge] - left without filling form
  • Arthic [pandekageee] - left without filling form

New RavineClan Banner
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Leader [closed] Given 9 lives by StarClan themselves, the leader is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the Clan safe and organized. The leader's word is law, and no decision can be passed without the approval of them.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Lives Pixel
Ozuray Coyotestar He/him 39 moons Vixenstar 9/9
Rc pixel @ coyote2
Deputy [closed] The deputy is second in command of the leader, tasked with taking over as leader if anything were to happen to them. Although below the leader, the deputy is highly respected amongst the Clan.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Pixel
Quill_05 Shadefeather He/him 37 moons None
Rc pixel@shade
Medicine–Cats [closed] Medicine cats are healers of the Clan as well as the Clan's strongest tie to StarClan. Not only are they well informed about herbs and medical practices, they also look for signs and visions from StarClan.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Pixel
Moont__th Robinsight He/him 78 moons None
Revamped rc pixel @ Robinsight
Quill_05 Bugwing He/him 31 moons None
Rc pixel @ bug2
_demonicoverlord_ Owlfern She/her 27 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@owl
Warriors [open] Defenders and hunters of the Clan, warriors make up the bulk of the hierarchy. Most train from a young age to get to this position, and all warriors swear to protect their Clan, even at the cost of their own lives.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Pixel
Mr.lizard. Hailstorm She/her 78 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@hail2
Ozuray Featherstep She/her 60 moons Meadowsong
Rc pixel @ feather2
Background Darkcloud He/him 54 moons None
Revamped rc pixel @ Darkcloud
Mr.lizard. Meadowsong She/her 60 moons Featherstep
Rc pixel @ meadow4
Moont__th Thunderstrike He/him 48 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@thunder2
Moont__th Sycamorerain He/him 47 moons None
Revamped rc pixel @ Sycamorerain
Ozuray Lilyriver She/her 44 moons None
Revamped rc pixel @ Lily
background Crowstorm She/her 52 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@crow
_demonicoverlord_ Hibiscusreef He/him 39 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@hibiscus
.rosevines Sunspots She/her 53 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@sun
Moont__th Minnowpool She/her 54 moons None
Revamped rc pixel @ Minnowpool
_demonicoverlord_ Roosterplume He/him 34 moons None
Rc pixel @ rooster2
Ozuray Emberwish He/him 35 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@ember
Legosheesh Wisteriayowl She/her 72 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@wisteria
Legosheesh Typhoondance He/him 31 moons None
Typhoon rc pixel
Legosheesh Dovespeckle Any 49 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@dove
.mr.lizard. Swiftpoppy She/her 36 moons None
Swiftpoppy rc pixel
Background Silverstorm He/they 26 moons None
Silverstorm rc pixel
Quill_05 Egretcall He/him 27 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@egret
Background Heronflight She/her 27 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@heron
Background Mushroomnose They/them 23 moons None
Rc pixel @ mushroom
Quill_05 Driftwither She/her 23 moons None
Drift ravineclan pixel
Moont__th Onyxspark He/him 23 moons None
Onyx ravineclan pixel
Ozuray Chickadeechirp She/her 17 moons None
Rc pixel @ chickadee
Quill_05 Beeflower He/him 17 moons None
Rc pixel @ bee
_demonicoverlord_ Softrain She/her 17 moons None
Soft ravineclan pixel
.rosevines Mintlight She/her 17 moons None
Rc pixel @ mint
Quill_05 Mars He/him 17 moons None
Rc pixel @ mars
Lortay Araine He/him 52 moons None
Rc pixel @ araine
Lortay Hazelwish He/him 28 moons None
Rc pixel @ hazel
Astasodope Fernpool She/her 30 moons None
Rc pixel @ fernpool
Cedar_sketches Sunsetsplash She/her 28 moons None
Rc pixel @ sunset
Deathofbeauty Juniperjive He/him 33 moons None
Rc pixel @ juniper
Cedar_sketches Halfshadow He/they 30 moons None
Rc pixel @ half
Redacted username Partybite She/her 18 moons None
Rc pixel @ party
Astasodope Yarrowpelt He/him 34 moons None
Rc pixel @ yarrow
Astasodope Valerianwish He/him 41 moons None
Rc pixel @ valerianwish
Deathofbeauty Slumbersun They/fae 61 moons None
Rc pixel @ slumber
Apprentices [open] Apprentices are the trainees of the Clan. They get to choose between being a medicine cat or warrior, and are tasked with completing the chores around camp. All apprentices are assigned one mentor.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mentor Pixel
Ozuray Riverpaw He/him 11 moons Hailstorm
Rc pixel@river
Mr.lizard. Puddlepaw He/him 11 moons Fernpool
Rc pixel@puddle
Star.squid Cricketpaw She/her 11 moons Hibiscusreef
Rc pixel @ cricket
Deathofbeauty Rookpaw He/him 12 moons Araine
Rc pixel @ rook
_Demonicoverlord_ Curlpaw He/him 8 moons Featherstep
Rc pixel @ curl
Astasodope Sparrowpaw She/her 7 moons Robinsight
Rc pixel @ sparrow
Kits [open] Youthful and fragile, kits are the future of the Clan and therefore are the most protected. All kits become apprentices at 6 moons old.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Parents Pixel
mr.lizard. Frogkit She/her 0 Sorrelstrike
Rc pixel @ frog
astasodope Chamomilekit She/her 0 Sorrelstrike
Rc pixel @ chamomile
lortay Horsekit He/him 0 Sorrelstrike
Rc pixel @ horse
Queens and Kings [open] Queens and kings are those who reside in the nursery and raise kits, with most being mothers or fathers. Although most queens and kings will return to their warrior duties once their kits have become apprentices, some may choose to take on the role of a queen or king permanently.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Pixel
Lortay Sorrelstrike She/her 44 moons None
Rc pixel @ sorrel
Elders [open] The eldest are some of the most respected members of the Clan. Although they no longer fight or hunt for the Clan, elders contribute to the Clan with their wisdom.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Pixel
user name pronouns # moons mate pixel

Outsiders [open] Beyond the Clan's borders many outsiders can be found. They can range from harmless loners to aggressive rogues. It's best to avoid them all to be safe.
User OC Name Pronouns Moons Mate Pixel
Background Curse He/him 60 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@curse
Background Leo He/him 60 moons None
Revamped rc pixel@leo
Background Eryx He/him 34 moons Dawn
Revamped rc pixel@eryx
Background Dawn She/her 33 moons Eryx
Rc pixel @dawn2
Spirit–Cats [open] Spirit-cats are those who died in the living reality and now exist in the spirit-realm. If one was a Clan cat in life, they will either go to StarClan or The Dark Forest depending on how they lived their life.
OC Name Pronouns Moons Alignment Pixel
Snakewhisper He/him ??? moons Dark-forest
Revamped rc pixel @ Snakewhisper
Falsetruth She/her ??? moons Dark-forest
Revamped rc pixel @ Falsetruth
Snowpuddle He/him 67 moons Unaligned
Snow rc pixel
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Creating a Character

RavineClan cats are, although mostly friendly, very defensive and territorial of their clan. They rarely attack outsiders but they are hesitant on trusting anyone outside of the clan and are quick to chase away anyone who's gotten too comfortable stepping over borders. RavineClan cats have developed fur accustomed to swimming, with a thick outer layer and a glossy coat. Their paw pads are hard and thick to help them traverse rocky terrain and their claws are generally hard and short. In battle, RavineClan tends to set traps before catching their enemies by surprise. Although their thick coats make for great protection, this also makes them slower than the average cat. They make up for their lack of speed by attacking with brute force, which is why RavineClan cats have an advantage in terrain where speed is only useful for running away, such as forests, rivers, or rocky land. In open terrain such as moors, RavineClan cats are at an extreme disadvantage as it gives their enemies more openings to dodge attacks and circle around them.

Prefixes Limitations


  • Araine


  • Bug
  • Bee


  • Coyote
  • Crow
  • Cricket
  • Curse
  • Curl
  • Chamomile


  • Dark
  • Dove
  • Drift
  • Dawn


  • Ember
  • Egret
  • Eryx


  • Feather
  • Fern
  • Frog


  • prefix


  • Hail
  • Hibiscus
  • Heron
  • Hazel
  • Half
  • Horse


  • prefix


  • Juniper


  • prefix


  • Lily
  • Leo


  • Meadow
  • Minnow
  • Mushroom
  • Mint
  • Mars


  • prefix


  • Owl
  • Onyx


  • Puddle
  • Party


  • prefix


  • Robin
  • River
  • Rooster
  • Rook


  • Shade
  • Sycamore
  • Sun
  • Sunset
  • Swift
  • Silver
  • Soft
  • Sparrow
  • Sorrel
  • Slumber


  • Thunder
  • Typhoon


  • prefix


  • Valerian


  • Wisteria


  • prefix


  • Yarrow


  • prefix


  • Blind [0/3] oc, oc, oc
  • Deaf [0/3] oc, oc, oc
  • Missing/injured body part [3/5] Hailstorm, Slumbersun, Frogkit
  • Albino [0/2] oc, oc, oc


  • Antagonist [0/3] oc, oc, oc
  • Memory loss [1/3] Meadowsong
  • Debilitating mental illness [0/2] oc, oc, oc
  • Prophet [1/2] Vixenbell
  • Outsider [0/5] oc, oc, oc
New RavineClan Banner
Rules & Expectations
Pixel white lily by alyssdream dc8oons-fullview


  • Birth, Gore, Etc. : Birth or extreme gore should not be roleplayed in RavineClan. Under certain circumstances, mild gore may be roleplayed provided spoilers and TWs are used. Failing to follow this rule may lead to a ban if warnings are ignored.
  • Power-play : Power-play refers to roleplaying in a way that gives your character an unrealistic amount of power, especially against another roleplayer's OC. Multiple warnings will be given if this rule is broken, but ignoring this rule can lead to a ban.
  • Timeline : Only RavineClan's current timeline is to be roleplayed. Past or future events are not to be roleplayed in the server, as they can lead to confusion. Warnings will be given if this rule is broken. Ignoring warnings may lead to a ban.
  • Narration : Much like the books RavineClan is based on, roleplay must be done in the third-person. The only exception to this is when a character is speaking or their thoughts are being narrated.


  • Bigotry and prejudice : Any form of bigotry or prejudice is not welcome in RavineClan and will result in an immediate ban. Furthermore, saying any slur may lead to a ban, even if it is a slur being reclaimed.
  • Sensitive topics : Sensitive topics should only be discussed in the provided venting channel with spoilers and TWs. Debates should never occur in the server, and attempting to start a debate or purposefully being problematic in the venting channel will warrant warnings and possibly a ban. For example, sensitive topics include, but are not limited to: suicidal ideation, self harm, domestic violence, etc.
  • Spamming and harassing : Spamming and harassing in the server or to users in direct messages is strictly prohibited and will likely lead to an immediate ban. For example, spamming and harassment can look like, but is not limited to: sending an excessive amount of emojis, sending repetitive messages in a short amount of time, unnecessarily commenting on someone's appearance or abilities, etc.


  • General representation : Representation is important to RavineClan. However, certain topics such as mental illness or physical disabilities should be discussed and researched before it is even considered to be roleplayed. It is important we are not reductive towards anyone's struggles. If someone with said mental illness or physical disability voices that what they are experiencing is being misrepresented or misused in roleplay, they must be listened to.
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Joining [open] Visiting [open] Leaving
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • discord tag:
  • character name: remember to check the taken prefixes!
  • rank:
  • age, in moons:
  • gender + sexuality:
  • character debriefing:
  • limitations:
  • reference:
  • pixel requests:
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • discord tag:
  • expected time: limit is 2 weeks!
  • reason for visiting:
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • discord tag:
  • character(s) + their departure: how would you like your character's departure to be referenced in-roleplay?
  • reason for leaving: this is optional!
  • feedback:

New OC [open] Ban Appeal
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • character name: remember to check the taken prefixes!
  • rank:
  • age, in moons:
  • gender + sexuality:
  • character debriefing:
  • limitations:
  • reference:
  • pixel requests:
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • discord tag:
  • reason for banning:
  • apology, statement, or explanation:
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