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"I May Not Have A Voice But That Doesn't Mean I Am A Burden Or Pathetic. I Am As Normal As Anyone Here, The Only Difference I Have Is I Don't Physically Have A Voice. Learn The Difference."
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Rasmus Head Irl Photo
Created: October 1st, 2022 Creator: XBlueJaysX
Group: Salem Rank: Mercenary
Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 1 Year & 3 Months Voice: ???
Realm: Neutral Religion: ???
Mother: Arizona Father: Kenai
Offspring: None Siblings: Ivory (Sister), Kai (Brother)
Element: Air Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
Scent: Morning Dew x Pine Breed: Black German Shepherd x Black Timber Wolf
Zodiac: Libra Speech: None (Mute)
Gait: ??? Quirks: Sways Side To Side, Closes Eyes When Happy or Excited
Dark Mountain Wallpaper
Rasmus is a black long haired canine with a mixture of white in his scruff, with blue eyes. Rasmus resides in Salem as a mercenary, defending his pack with his whole heart. (Will improve as he grows)
Prefix: [ "To Love" ]
Given by his mother for his kind loving heart.
Suffix: [ Add ]
Add By Given Name
Previous Name(s): None
Has No Past Names
Reasoning: N/A
Future Name(s): Unknown
Going With Time
Nickname(s): Ras, Ras-Ras, Pretty Boy
How he is always thinking of others
Greek Naming
Matches His Personality
Alias(es): None
to be known
to be known
Dark Mountain Wallpaper
Rasmus is a black large broad canine. He has blue icy colored eyes with a white bandanna like scruff marking that reaches onto his shoulders from his neck-almost mimicking a thick Bandana tied around his neck that rests on the back of scruff and shoulders.
Base Coat [#1a1818] Top Coat [#353030]
Bandana Marking + Throat Shade 1 [#ffffff] Coat Marking 2 [#484747]
Paws [#efeded] Ears + Nose + Fore-legs [#303030]
Eye Color 1 [#5df0fd] Eye Color 2 [#5df0fd]
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Positive Neutral Negative
Content Merciful To Focused
Insightful Open-Minded Quick Witted
Courageous Focused Defensive (Due To Being Mute)
Loyal Intelligent Reckless
Very Keen Great Listener Steadfast
Before Rasmus became introduced to the Wild, Rasmus always has been steadfast to the kindness that's governed him while he lived with his two-legs in an animal sanctuary. Essentially, it's his kind, gentle spirit that has inspired others, younger kids especially to feel safe in his presence. Rasmus still carries his gentle spirit, after being introduced to the wild alongside his sanctuary best friend since Puppyhood; Silver.

Rasmus is introduced to Salem as Mute which the initial impression leads others to believe he's a quiet, aloof, and distant canine, although that's not the key. Some may at first find Rasmus intimidating and heartless. The truth is that Rasmus had developed to become keen and knowledgeable in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with his pack, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile or difficult it might seem. Rasmus has a straightforward mind, and often tackles issues with a "hands on" approach. His solution to problems often involve a beating or some scars. Even when disrespected or faced with obvious hostility, Rasmus rarely ever reciprocates the feelings, and often forgoes grudge-holding until he can get himself to accept it happened and itโ€™s over with. (Will change over time as he grows inside Salem)

-Mania [ Definition ]
-Phobia [ Definition ]
Dark Mountain Wallpaper
"If Love Exists Then Its Worth Fighting For." ๐Ÿž™ (Arizona To Kenai)
๐Ÿž™ Arizona was born a beautiful silver timber wolf who had been rescued after her mother was shot by a poacher. As a young pup she had a hard time socializing and was afraid of everything and everyone until her sanctuary owners took notice, adopting a handsome young black German shepherd pup who was about two months older then her, named Kenai. Kenai and Arizona grew up together, having a beautiful strong bond. One night Kenai was out with his owners, checking fences when he noticed Arizona happily tread to him where they nuzzled noses and happily wanted to be together. Two months later Kenai and Arizona were playing in the leaves before Kenai was called over to the fence door, his owners calling him. Four hours later Kenai returned being fixed but unfortunately, his owners were to late. Three weeks later, Arizona and Kenai were parents to four beautiful pups.
"Quote" ๐Ÿž™ Speaker
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Sexuality: Heterosexual Inclinations: 100% Female, 0% Male
Partner Status: Single Experience: None
Mate: None Previous Mate(s): None
Crush: None Previous Crush(es): None
Fling(s): None Previous Fling(s): None
Attracted to: None Previously attracted to: None
Canines attracted to Rasmus: Harper Canines previously attracted to Rasmus: None
"Quote Here"
Rasmus doesn't really have a preference for their looks. He just cares whats on the inside. Although he does find canines with light colored pelts pretty.
"No one can break us if we're bound together. Together we'll stay."
Rasmus will love her for who she is but what means the most is she loves him for who he is and meets him half way, finding ways to communicate with him and truly loves him even if he isn't like most.
โœ“ [Yes] / x [No] / ? [Maybe]
[โœ“] Long-lasting Relationship [x] Short-term Relationship
[?] Open Relationship [x] Quick Fling
[x] Pups (Fling) [โœ“] Pups (Relationship)
Dark Mountain Wallpaper
๐Ÿž™ Rasmus created his own way of sign language so that way it helps make it easier for his pack-mates to communicate with him. (Only teaches it to those who ask or wanna learn)
๐Ÿž™ Rasmus was supposed to be able to speak but the creator decided to make him mute, thus to make him more interesting and well developed.
๐Ÿž™ Rasmus uses his body and facial expressions to speak.
๐Ÿž™ Rasmus was a side oc but became an actual oc.
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