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Green Forest by Zandraart
Rains Fall
Founded January 21, 2024
Founder Starsarepretty
Species Multiple
Platform Discord
Orientation Neutral-Realmed
Religion Gods & Goddesses
RP Style Descriptive Traditional
Member Count 5/40
Visitor Count 1/10
OC Limit 7
Season Wet Season
Status Open
News Center

Roleplay is officially open!

1/21 | Rains Fall is officially open, and seeking new members and staff!

1/23 | Tobi (Denali) has joined.

1/26 | Flynn (Asterix) has joined.

1/29 | Cloudy (Hope) has joined.

4/6 | Lexie is visiting.

4/7 | Lexie (Keeva) has joined.

5/4 | ReDDragon 888 is visiting.

OORP Regulations

1. Respect: Respect must be given at all times. Any kind of ridicule against race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc., will not be tolerated.

2. Language and NSFW: While swearing is permitted in the server, at NO POINT will any derogatory language, slurs, or NSFW be tolerated. This is a place for people of all ages, 13 and up. Please act accordingly.

3. Activity: We do not have any strict regulations on activity. All we ask is that you do your best to roleplay and participate in chats when you can. If you know you will be inactive for an extended period of time, please fill out a hiatus form to let us know. Prolonged absences of two months or more will receive friendly check-ins from staff, just so we know you're still around. Failure to respond to check-ins will result in a warning. If you are inactive and do not respond to any staff messages for five months or more, you will be kicked from RF for inactivity and will have to submit a new joining form to return.

4. Drama: Everyone loves drama. It’s what gets a roleplay started when things are running slow. However, excessive drama is not permitted, both in and out of roleplay. Occasional accidents and tussles can occur, but frequent attacks, disasters, injury/death, etc, are not permitted without staff permission.

5. Leaving and Rejoining: In Rains Fall, you are only able to leave twice before being suspended/exiled. In other words, when you leave the first time, you are permitted to rejoin only once. Being kicked for inactivity does not count as leaving and will not be held against you.

1. Permitted Species: The following species are permitted within Rains Fall:

  • Domesticated and Wild Felines
  • Domesticated and Wild Canines
  • Bears
  • Raptors/Birds of Prey (with some exceptions).

2. Limited Species: Limited Species are species, mostly scavengers, that the Tribe is more hesitant to welcome. These species are typically seen as dirty, bad luck, and/or untrustworthy.

  • Crows/Ravens
  • Vultures
  • Coyotes/Jackals
  • Foxes

You can find the availability of these species in the Limitations section of the page.

3. Hybrids and Hybrid Litters: A Hybrid can only be formed by two animals of similar species. For example, a lion and a tiger can have hybrid children, but a dog and a cat could not. There are specifications that might have to be looked into for certain species. Cross-Species pairings are still allowed, of course.

4. Character Beliefs and Backstories: Characters are permitted to have any beliefs you wish, but they cannot violate the Tribe's religion. This includes harming any living symbols of the gods. Doing so would result in severe punishment. It is also strongly recommended to have your character be Tribe-born, but it is not required. We also recommend refraining from having your character be a former Clan cat, as our species are not sentient in the Warrior Cats universe. But, again, we won’t stop you.

5. Encounters: In order for your character to have an encounter with a God, Goddess, or Entity, you must fill out an Encounter form. All Gods and Goddesses must be roleplayed by a staff member, but all Entities can be roleplayed by you, as long as your form was accepted. If multiple characters are involved, one of you can submit one form for all parties. You may only use one character per person during an encounter. Be sure to include when you'd like to have the encounter. If you do not schedule it before posting your form, it cannot be guaranteed that you will receive the date you desire. Encounters must also be meaningful, such as development in a personal plot. Encounters with Wisps do not require a form.

6. Accessories: Permitted accessories are anything made from natural resources. This includes, but is not limited to, anything made from seashells, rocks, flowers, etc. Any human accessories, such as collars, earrings, etc. must have a valid backstory. Any clothing such as cloaks, pants, or shirts are not allowed.

7. OC Creation and Removal: You can have up to seven OCs in RF. There is no cooldown for creating characters. However, to remove a character, you must have had it for at least two weeks. This is to promote the use of thought, creativity, and dedication towards creating OCs. If you create and remove too many characters without using them, you will be put on a character cooldown and be unable to create an OC for a week, possibly longer.

8. Limitations: Each member is able to use 5 limitations across all of their OCs. They can be applied to whichever OC you’d like. Please list any limitations your character has in the "Extra:" part of your form.

9. Aging System: RF has no real aging system. Youths can be aged up to Novices after 4 roleplay sessions, and Novices can be promoted to Warriors after 2-3 in-roleplay training sessions. Youths and Novices are not required to immediately rank up when eligible, but they cannot stay as Youths or Novices forever. All other ranks can age as you see fit. All we ask is that you keep it reasonable, and don't speed through a character's life cycle. This is to minimize complications, as not all species of the Tribe age at the same rate in real life.

10. Realism: You must remain realistic in roleplay. While RF provides a bit more freedom with character creation, we ask that you keep things reasonable. You may not have powers or bizarre coloring, such as neon green fur or purple claws. Eye colors are a bit more flexible, and naturally-made dyes are allowed. If you are unsure as to what is appropriate, you are welcome to ask. Powerplaying is also strongly forbidden.

  • Mosswood Forest is a temperate rainforest beside the coast. Not to be confused with a tropical rainforest, Mosswood Forest is cool and mild all year-round. It’s dominated by mosses, ferns, and other shade-loving North American plants. There’s a variety of wildlife in these woods, such as deer, elk, songbirds, rodents, etc. Along the coast is Breezy Beach, a popular spot to relax during the Dry Season.
  • Deadwind Desert is a broad, barren desert with little life. However, the few plants that do thrive here provide just enough food and moisture for the desert’s animals. It’s hot and arid all year long, but it can get pretty chilly at night.
  • The Dameiru Mountains make up a broad mountain range stretching across the territory. They have several ravines, cliffs, and caves. The Seaside Cliffs are a part of the range, as well as the Blooming Valley. The tops of the mountains have snow at all times of the year, and become particularly icy during the Wet Season.
Green Forest by Zandraart
Character Regulations
Gods & Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses marked with a ✦ are considered the First Gods.

The Divine

  • Innislita
  • Innislita is the Goddess of Rain and the Sea. Her form almost resembles that of a massive, spiked crocodile.
  • Beliefs: Innislita watches over the Tribe and their home from the After. Moisture from the sea comes in from the coast, and the mountains block moisture from reaching the desert. Instead, all of the moisture falls on the Tribe's home in the form of rain, and sometimes snow. The Tribe believes that this rain comes from Innislita, and is her way of keeping the land alive against Greldak’s heat on the other side of the mountains.
  • Symbols: Ocean, Rain
  • Dameiru
  • Dameiru was the God of the Earth and Stone. He had the form of a gigantic, four-legged, spiked reptile.
  • Beliefs: Dameiru is the creator of the Dameiru Mountains. He sacrificed the rest of his strength to create a protective barrier, and was then killed by Greldak.
  • Symbols: Dameiru Mountains
  • Perryn
  • Perryn is a playful God of Wind and Snow. He is white in color, with both scales and feathers covering his griffin-esque form. He has large white wings and a long feathered tail.
  • Beliefs: Perryn is most cherished by the winged members of the Tribe, or by the snow-lovers. His presence is felt the most high up in the wind and snow of the mountains. Birds could glide for hours on his winds. He is also blamed for the snow that occasionally falls in the territory. During the Wet Season, while Innislita’s Tears are falling, he will sometimes cool the air and turn them into snow to try and cheer her up.
  • Symbols: Wind, Snow, Frost
  • Kirima
  • Kirima is the Goddess of Mothers, taking the form of a giant bear. She is kind, gentle, and strong. She is most worshiped by the bears of the Tribe.
  • Beliefs: Those that believe in Kirima thank her for successful births and healthy offspring. She is believed to watch over all mothers, of any species, and their children.
  • Symbols: Birth, Healthy Youths, Mothers
  • Vashti
  • Vashti is the Goddess of Love. Her form has the appearance of a giant red newt.
  • Beliefs: Believers of Vashti thank her for leading them to love, or despise her for keeping it from them. Some have their own separate beliefs about Vashti, but she is believed to be responsible for romantic pairings.
  • Symbols: Love, Any Reddish Newts

The Depraved

  • Greldak
  • Greldak is the God of Fire and Heat, and the ruler of the Abyss. He is a massive snake-like creature with hot, fiery breath.
  • Beliefs: Greldak and his heat rule over the Deadwind Desert. Those that step foot there should have caution. When his symbol, the Rattlesnake, is encountered, animals should keep far back, for it is a sign of his evil.
  • Symbols: Desert, Heat, Rattlesnakes
  • Aisla
  • Aisla is the Goddess of Sins. She is an evil, manipulative Goddess, residing in the Abyss. She has two forms, one being a giant bat with reddish eyes. Her other form is a monstrous vampire bat with several eyes and a fanged mouth for a stomach.
  • Beliefs: Aisla lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike. She preys on the souls of the weak, manipulating them to perform ill-doings for fun. When confronted by her victims for fooling them, she consumes them. The guilty often blame their misdoings on Aisla. She is the embodiment of corruption and evil.
  • Symbols: Bats, Sins, Darkness
  • Ragnar
  • Ragnar is the God of Terror. Once one of the Divine, he turned against them, corrupted by Aisla and her sweet lies. He used to be the God of Strength and Bravery, but now he only spreads terror and doubt in the minds of the weak. He has the appearance of a deformed, ravaged canine.
  • Beliefs: Ragnar is most commonly found in the dark, alongside his partner, Aisla. He preys on the faint-of-heart, drawing out their worst fears and feeding on their suffering.
  • Symbols: Fear, Darkness
  • Belfar
  • Belfar is the God of Disease. He has the appearance of a giant rat.
  • Beliefs: Death to sickness is usually blamed on Belfar. His most common victims are youths and elders.
  • Symbols: Illness, Disease
  • Wisps
  • Wisps are shy, peaceful souls that like to spend their days dancing and flitting around the forest, and aren't found anywhere else. They don’t have any real form, and look more like wispy clouds of fog drifting by. They’re very shy, and typically only appear at a distance. No one is quite sure of their origin, only that they were once one of the living. They’re presence is accompanied by high-pitched whispers.
  • Sprites
  • Sprites are friendly, playful spirits found all over the territory. Sprites have a bit more form than Wisps, resembling cloudy, foggy versions of small animals such as rabbits or squirrels, with glowing, unclear eyes. They’re more social than Wisps, and enjoy playing with anyone willing to keep their company. Some Sprites are more mischievous than others, and enjoy playing small pranks on the Tribe. Some say Sprites are young souls trying to keep their youth, and don't want to leave the mortal realm behind.
  • Phantoms
  • Phantoms are evil spirits that lurk in only the darkest shadows. They were once ordinary, living beings, but something in their life led them astray, and now their souls spend eternity in the Abyss. Phantoms aren’t able to physically attack living creatures, but they can alter the world around them. They lure their victims in with distorted whispers or crying, before setting off their trap. Death by landslides, falling trees, etc, may be the work of Phantoms. Phantoms can be banished back to the Abyss using the Divine Light.
  • Wraiths
  • Wraiths are evil, monstrous creatures that only roam at night. They’re made of a gooey, black mass that can take many forms. They hunt in packs, and are capable of ripping an animal apart within seconds, no matter the size. They are believed to be the most evil and cruel souls of the Abyss. The Divine Light only manages to slow them down, giving victims a chance to flee. The Tribe is forbidden from venturing out at night because of these monsters.
  • The Divine
  • The First of the Divine were Innislita and Dameiru, Rain and Earth, the first life. Innislita was born from a raindrop, emerging to find a barren earth. When she brought her rain down, she gathered the mud in her claws and sculpted her perfect companion: Dameiru.
  • Innislita and Dameiru sculpted other creatures together, animals and plants, bringing life to the earth. However, they realized that their creations needed more than Rain and Earth to sustain them. They needed strength, hope, joy, and love. From these realizations came Ragnar, the God of Strength and Bravery, Perryn, the God of Wind and Snow, Kirima, the Goddess of Mothers, and Vashti, the Goddess of Love.
  • Together, the Divine protect the earth from darkness, and ensure that their creations live in harmony. However, the Divine could not protect everyone from darkness. There were some who succumbed to it, and some even embraced it. From this darkness rose the Depraved.
  • The Depraved
  • Those that embraced the darkness were full of hatred, anger, and all things terrible. From these dark feelings came a vile fire, from which Greldak was born. He sought to dispose of Innislita and her rain, to turn the earth into a desert wasteland to rule as his own. However, he knew he'd need help.
  • Greldak ventured to the darkest corner of the earth, and found Aisla, a bat full of hate and jealousy. She shared his disdain for the Divine, and so Greldak gave her power, making her the Goddess of Sins. Together, they found Belfar, a rat who had grown tired of the ridicule he received from other creatures. The manipulative Aisla fueled Belfar's rage, and he soon joined the Depraved as the God of Disease
  • Ragnar's Ruin
  • The Depraved knew that they would need more help to take on the Divine, so Greldak sent Aisla to find Ragnar, the God of Strength and Bravery.
  • Ragnar was one of the Divine, and was most known for giving strength and bravery to those who needed it. However, he always craved the chance to put his strength to use, and fight in a real battle. The Divine refused to let him partake in the conflicts of mortal creatures, fueling his frustrations.
  • Aisla cornered Ragnar while he was alone, creeping out from the dark. She sang him sweet songs of fame and purpose, promising him glory if he joined her in overthrowing the Divine. Ragnar agreed, and would end up fighting alongside Greldak in the Battle of Beasts.
  • Battle of Beasts
  • The Battle of Beasts was an epic battle between the Divine and the Depraved. Innislita lead the Divine against Greldak and his Depraved, who were on a destructive rampage, with Greldak scorching the earth with his flaming breath. Innislita did her best to douse his flames, but, even with her allies by her side, he couldn't be defeated.
  • Greldak grew closer and closer to destroying the entire continent, but Dameiru found a solution. As the Divine fought to slow down the Depraved, Dameiru used the last of his strength to raise the earth and create the towering Dameiru Mountains. The massive mountain range served as a barrier between Greldak's flames and the last sancuary left on the continent. However, weakened, Dameiru fell victim to the serpent.
  • Fueled by grief and rage at the loss of her love, Innislita, with the help of her allies, defeated Greldak and the Depraved, and banished them to the Abyss. Over the next couple hundred years, Innislita used her rain to heal the earth of Greldak's destruction. However, while some life was able to recover, the burned land was never the same and soon became the Deadwind Desert.
  • Innislita continues to grieve her lost Dameiru, her sorrow pouring down on Mosswood Forest in the form of sustaining rain.
  • Dameiru Mountains
  • The Dameiru Mountain Range is sacred to the Tribe. These mountains shaped the entire territory, and made it possible for life to thrive. Every year, Innislita brings her rain from the coast. The Mountains serve as a wall, catching the rain. With no where to go, it falls on Mosswood Forest, creating a temperate rainforest full of life. This forest is home to several species of animals and plants, including the Tribe.
  • Innislita’s Tears
  • After losing Dameiru in the Battle of Beasts, Innislita was overcome with grief. She poured out her sorrow and rained down on the earth. Her tears helped to heal the land, but not her heart.
  • During the Dry Season, Innislita ventures off to heal other lands that Greldak destroyed. However, she always comes back to Dameiru Mountains to grieve, bringing the Wet Season. Perryn, the God of Wind and Snow, occasionally dances around Innislita, cooling the air and turning her tears to snow in attempt to soothe her.
  • The After
  • The After is the home of the Divine and the dead. Those who led lives of darkness or evil are not welcome in the After. It is essentially a paradise, full of fields and forests and rivers, beautiful landscapes of every kind. Some souls live in different areas of the After. For example, those that prefer colder weather may live in a snowy After, whereas those that prefer warmth may live in a green, flowering After. Souls are free to visit each other's After whenever they like, and may even visit the Divine themselves. There is no hunger or disease in the After, so no life needs to be harmed. Predator and prey are able to share the After in peace.
  • The Abyss
  • The Abyss is the home of the Depraved and all dark souls. Mortals who have committed acts of evil, and have not been redeemed, are sentenced to spend eternity after death in the Abyss. The trees are dead and dripping with black goo, the ground wet and sticky, and the lakes full of tar. There is no joy in the Abyss, only constant hunger, thirst, and despair. It was created as a prison for the Depraved and all of their corrupted, but there are still some cracks. Some souls are able to claw their way up from the Abyss and slip through the cracks to the mortal world in the form of Phantoms, while the most vile and evil souls patrol at night as Wraiths, searching for victims in order to enrage the Divine.
  • Chieftains
  • When a Successor becomes Chieftain, they must visit the Lightstone and commune with the Divine to seek their approval. The Chieftain is then blessed with a small trickle of Divine power, giving them increased strength and resilience to assist them throughout their reign. However, Chieftains are still vulnerable like any mortal.
  • If the Successor is unfit to be Chieftain in the eyes of the Divine, they will not be granted power. If the Successor deems themself Chieftain without Divine approval, they curse themselves for the entirety of their reign, bringing misfortune to the entire Tribe.
  • Sentinels & the Divine Light
  • Divine Light is the Tribe's only defense against Phantoms, Wraiths, and any other beings that might crawl out from the Abyss. It is a cool, blue flame, and can only be summoned by Sentinels due to their strong connection to the Divine. They do so by carving the Divine Sigil in the ground or in the air before them. The Light is then summoned within seconds, and only lasts as long as the Sentinel's strength lasts.
  • In order to become a Sentinel, one must first display signs of a connection with the Divine. If worthy, they will be brought to the Lightstone by the Tribe's Chief to commune with the gods. The Divine Gods will then put them through various trials testing their strength and faith. If they pass, they will be gifted with the power of Divine Light and given a Sentinel's ceremony.
Green Forest by Zandraart
History & Lore
Limitations Taken Names
Crows/Ravens: 0/3
Vultures: 0/3
Coyotes/Jackals: 0/3
Foxes: 0/3
Fully Blind: 0/4
Partially Blind: 0/5
Fully Deaf: 0/4
Partially Deaf: 0/5
Amputee: 0/4
Polycaudal 0/2
Albino 0/3
Gigantism: 0/2
Dwarfism: 0/2
Green Forest by Zandraart
A Akello, Asterix
B -
C -
D Denali
E -
F -
G -
H Hope
I -
J -
K Keeva
L -
M -
N -
O -
P -
Q -
R -
S -
T -
U -
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z -
Green Forest by Zandraart
Green Forest by Zandraart
1/1 (Closed)

The Chieftain is the leader of the Tribe. They hold the highest authority and should be respected as such. When a Chieftain steps down or dies, their Successor will take their place.

OC Name Username Gender Species Mate
Akello starsarepretty Male (He/Him) Lion N/A
0/1 (Earned)

The Successor is the second in-command of the Tribe. They fill in for the Chieftain when they are not present, and take their place when they step down or pass away.

OC Name Username Gender Species Mate
- - - - -
1/3 (Open)

Healers are responsible for taking care of the sick and injured. They are also responsible for training Novice Healers and collecting herbs. Please make sure you have enough experience with this domain if applying for this rank.

OC Name Username Gender Species Mate
Asterix Deathofbeauty Male (He/They) Wolfdog N/A
- - - - -
Novice Healer
0/1 (Closed)

The Novice Healer is a Novice that has chosen to pursue an education in medicine. Novice Healers are promoted to Healers after four IRP training sessions.

OC Name Username Gender Species
- - - -
1/10 (Open)

Sentinels are responsible for warding off Phantoms, Wraiths, and any other threats to the Tribe. They have a special connection to the Divine that allows them to summon the Divine Light, which helps to ward off creatures from the Abyss. Sentinels take turns guarding the Den throughout the night. Read more info in "History & Lore". The Elite (✶) status is earned and considered a staff role.

OC Name Username Gender Species Mate
Denali phoqnixx. Male (He/Him) Dingo x German Shepherd N/A
- - - - -
2/∞ (Open)

Martials make up the majority of the Tribe. They are skilled in both hunting and combat, and are responsible for training Novices. Martials may become Sentinels if worthy. The Elite (✶) status is earned and considered a staff role.

OC Name Username Gender Species Mate
Hope cumulusclouds Male (He/Him) Gray Wolf N/A
Keeva sunkissed_rose Female (She/Her) Brittany Spaniel N/A
- - - - -
0/10 (Closed)

Novices are young Martials in training. Novices are not assigned to mentors, and instead may receive training from any Martial or Sentinel. Most Novices become Martials, but some may become Sentinels if gifted enough. Novices must have at least 2-3 IRP training sessions in order to graduate.

OC Name Username Gender Species
- - - -
0/3 (Temporary Open); 0/3 (✶ Permanent Open)

Nursemaids are those who are expecting or caring for youths. Temporary Nursemaids can return to their duties when their young are old enough to eat meat. Permanent Nursemaids (✶) are members of the Tribe that permanently watch over the youths of busy mothers, or care for youths that lack them. It is unusual for males to become Nursemaids, but it isn’t forbidden

OC Name Username Species Mate Youths
- - - - -
0/10 (Closed)

Youths are the youngest and most important part of the Tribe. They are to be protected and cared for at all costs. All Youths without mothers will be a assigned to a Permanent Nursemaid unless otherwise specified.

OC Name Username Gender Species Siblings Mother/Caretaker
- - - - - -
0/∞ (Open)

Elders are the oldest members of the Tribe. They spend their days telling tales and lounging about. Elders are given a great amount of respect for their wisdom and service.

OC Name Username Gender Species Mate
- - - - -

Blacklisted individuals are people who have violated our regulations or the regulations of other groups to the point of a ban. If any blacklisted individuals have questions or concerns regarding their ban, they can contact Starsarepretty on her message wall or in Discord DMs.

Username Nickname Reason Expires
- - - -
Green Forest by Zandraart
Green Forest by Zandraart
Green Forest by Zandraart

Discord Username:



OC Name:

OC Gender:


Desired Rank:



Brief Background (optional):

Extra (optional):

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OC Name (optional):

Duration (4 weeks max):

Reason (optional):

Discord Username:

Current OC(s):


OC Name:

OC Gender:

OC Species:

Desired Rank:



Brief Background (optional):

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Discord Username(s):

OC(s) Involved (Username / OC Name):

Name of God, Goddess, or Entity:


Preferred Date of Encounter:

Discord Username:


Reason (optional):

Duration (optional):

Discord Username:





What Happens to Your Characters?:

Green Forest by Zandraart
New OC
QNA Credits
  • Q: Can visitors roleplay?
  • A: Yep! However, your visiting OC must be an outsider and cannot be an existing member of RF.
  • Q: Can I be in other groups while in RF?
  • A: You can be in as many other groups as you'd like, as long as you do your best to meet our activity requirements.

More TBA

Green Forest by Zandraart