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Status Alive
Allegiance TawnyClan
Rank Tunneler
Previous Ranks Apprentice, Kit
Sex Female
Age 22 Moons

Rabbitruse, once called Rabbitpaw and Rabbitkit, is a slender and rangy she-cat with a blend of calico and Japanese Bobtail features. Her wide orange eyes and oversized paws add to her distinctive appearance. Despite her sarcastic wit, Rabbitruse's sharp mind and keen intelligence are evident in her analytical nature. She now calls TawnyClan home, where she serves as a valued member of the Tunneler faction.

  • Name: Rabbitruse
    • Rabbit- [a burrowing, gregarious, plant-eating mammal with long ears, long hind legs, and a short tail; for her literal appearance of a rabbit with large ears and a stubbed tail], -ruse [for her misguiding and enigmatic nature]
    • Next Names: N/a
    • Former Names: Rabbitpaw, Rabbitkit
    • Nicknames: Rue
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Birth Date: August 2022
    • Zodiac: Leo
    • Birth Season: Summer
    • Birth Place: FinchClan
  • Alignment: Chaotic good
  • Date of Creation: November 2023


Rabbitruse is a lithe, lanky calico she-cat. With a long wildcat lineage, she is classified as a moggy mix, though she exhibits several characteristics that are typical of the Japanese Bobtail; for example, she stands at average height, approximately 11 inches, and weighs a lean 7 lbs. She has a long, slender torso and a powerful, compact body underneath her long, thick coat. Similar to her Japanese ancestors, her hindquarters are slightly longer than her fore legs, making hunting a rather awkward task. Her bobbed tail, high cheekbones, oval eyes, and long nose give her a sweet-faced, cunicular expression, hence her name.

As an easily excitable she-cat, it would be rightfully assumed that Rabbitruse is an excellent runner. Of course, it's one of her primary strengths, and she often zips about the territory with unparalleled exuberance. She is lighter than the average cat, and her long hindquarters give her an advantageous boost when making her rounds through the snowy pine forests. However, because of her build, Rabbitruse faces many challenges when hunting, and she recalls never being able to perfect her hunting crouch during her apprenticeship.

Rabbitruse's most distinctive features are her tall ears, her high, arched brows, and wide orange eyes, all of which serve to make her an incredibly expressive character. She always has a little smile on her face, with her upper teeth protruding over her lower lip, as if there is always a joke or a witty remark on the tip of her tongue. Her ears and bobbed tail are always twitching and jittering with excitement, demonstrating how aware of her surroundings she is and, again, her excitable personality. Another frequent mannerism is, when in deep thought, confused, or frustrated, the molly taps her paws against the ground. It helps her think, really!

Rabbitruse possesses a calico coat of a range of different browns and tans. Her face is adorned with a half-mask, the left side dark brown, the lower portion of her face obscured by a light cream, and the right a lighter saddle-brown. The darkest shade in her pelt, a warm, almost black, spruce tone runs down from the centre of her forehead to the end of her nose in an irregular blaze. Her coat is littered with spots of the aforementioned dark brown and black-brown, such as a dorsal stripe, a half-cape on her rump, and freckles on her shoulders. [written by Sprenkeln]

  • Voice Claim:
  • Height: 11 inches
  • Breed: Japanese Bobtail and calico mix


  • Positive traits: Intelligent - Enthusiastic - Altruistic
  • Neutral traits: Systematic - Observant - Analytical
  • Negative traits: Impatient - Overzealous - Pedantic

Rabbitruse is a fascinating and multifaceted character. As a tunneler, she exhibits a unique blend of traits that shape her interactions and approaches to life.

Rabbitruse is exceptionally intelligent, often the sharpest mind in any room. Her intelligence is not just in raw knowledge but in her ability to think several steps ahead. This makes her a formidable strategist, always analyzing situations from multiple angles to find the most efficient solution. Her enthusiasm is infectious; she tackles challenges with an energy that can inspire those around her. Rabbitruse is also deeply altruistic, motivated by a genuine desire to help others. Her selflessness often drives her to put the needs of her community above her own, and she derives great satisfaction from making a positive impact.

Rabbitruse's systematic nature means she approaches tasks methodically, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. This makes her an excellent planner and organizer, able to break down complex problems into manageable steps. Her observant eyes miss very little, allowing her to gather crucial information that others might overlook. Combined with her analytical mind, she can quickly piece together data to form coherent and effective plans. This analytical approach means she's constantly engaged in strategic thinking, always considering the best course of action. Her inquisitive nature drives her to question everything, seeking a deeper understanding of her environment and tasks.

However, Rabbitruse's intense focus and high standards can make her impatient, especially when others cannot keep up with her rapid pace of thinking or do not grasp concepts as quickly as she does. Her overzealous nature can also be overwhelming; her passion for her work and her ideas sometimes borders on obsession, making it difficult for her to take a step back or relax. This enthusiasm, while often a positive force, can become overbearing, causing her to push her agenda or assistance onto others, even when it's not wanted or needed. Additionally, her pedantic tendencies mean she can become overly concerned with minor details, sometimes missing the bigger picture. This attention to detail, while often beneficial, can sometimes bog her down in trivialities and lead to unnecessary friction with those around her.


The Tunnelers of TawnyClan are tasked with exploring the underground tunnels and alerting the Leader or Wingman to any unusual or suspicious activity. They are eager to expand their knowledge of the tunnels, discover new locations, and investigate any items found within the walls or dirt floor of the passages.

  • Previous Clans: FinchClan
    • Previous Ranks: Apprentice, Kit
  • Education
    • Mentored by: Willowstream
    • Apprentice: N/a
  • Goals:
    • ⋯ Make amends with her brother
    • ⋯ Join a clan in ranks



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(❦) Quick Fling
(✓) Kits (out of a fling)
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Rabbitruse in Love

In love, Rabbitruse would bring the same level of intensity, intelligence, and altruism that she applies to every aspect of her life. She would be deeply committed and loyal, viewing her partner's happiness and well-being as a top priority.

Her analytical nature would likely lead her to approach romantic relationships with a methodical mindset, carefully considering compatibility and long-term prospects. She would seek a partner who can match her intellectually and emotionally, someone who can keep up with her rapid pace of thinking and engage in deep, meaningful conversations. Rabbitruse's tendency to be impatient and overzealous might manifest in her romantic endeavors as well. She may become frustrated if her partner doesn't share her level of enthusiasm or struggles to keep up with her intellectually. However, she would also be willing to invest time and effort into helping her partner grow and develop, as she genuinely wants the best for them.

In love, Rabbitruse may struggle to balance her intense focus on her relationship with her other responsibilities and interests. Her tendency to become obsessive about her passions could sometimes overshadow her romantic relationship, leading her partner to feel neglected or overwhelmed by her constant energy and drive. Overall, Rabbitruse would be a devoted and caring partner, always striving to support and uplift her loved one. However, she may need to work on finding a balance between her passion for her work and her romantic life, ensuring that both aspects of her life receive the attention they deserve.



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