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The alleys are no place for a feline. Yet you've been stalking through them for at least a day now. As you turn the corner, you hear the sound of cans toppling over. You sprint forward, only to be met by a feline— they're so small, you wonder how they're even alive. The feline stares at you with their large blue eyes, terrified of your presence. They quickly turn around and run down the alleyway as fast as possible, leaving you behind to wonder and laugh.

"If anything can go wrong, it will."
-Murphy's Law

Prince, a young loner with a calico pelt and once a kittypet, has been deeply traumatized in the past and is currently living on his own, learning how to fend for himself. He is often mocked by others for his small size and fearfulness, with one of his most common nicknames being "Mouse". Prince currently resides in a large town as an alleycat.

Owner and Operator CapriBitsy
Creator CapriBitsy
Status Alive/active
Allegiance N/A
Rank Loner/alleycat
Previous Rank(s) N/A
Gender Male
Sexuality Asexual
Beliefs Too young
Age 8 moons
Creation Date Original (not cat): July 15th, 2020
New (cat): June 25th, 2021
Theme Song Orewell, Beneath the Crags - Octopath Traveler

Prince ages one moon at irregular intervals, usually in accordance to in-roleplay events. Hence, his age will not be updated here until he ages in-roleplay.

Prince is an absolutely tiny cat, weighing just four pounds and standing at a diminutive height of five inches. As he is not yet one year old, he is not fully grown, but he will remain tiny for the rest of his life. Prince has a surprisingly stocky build for a cat so small, although his stockiness is barely discernible due to malnourishment. Furthermore, he has two small tufts of reddish-orange fur on the tips of his ears, and his tail is a mere stub because it had been severed when he was much younger.

Prince pixel
Base credit to Illigur! Colouring and modifications by CapriBitsy.
Primary Colour #e99c42
Secondary Colour #22272a
Tertiary Colour #f6ebde
Markings #de712e
Eye Colour #3bbcf6

Prince appears to have the build of a British Shorthair, although his unique coat pattern, small size, and ear-tufts suggest he is a moggy.

Voice Feminine and soft, with a distinctive British accent
Scent Smoke and metal
Prince picrew
Credit to this Picrew!

On the outside, Prince is incredibly fearful and shy, preferring to flee from frightening situations. It is very difficult for anyone to earn Prince’s trust without scaring him off. Loud noises frighten him the most— he seems to simply disappear whenever he hears something loud.

However, Prince has more to his personality than just a scared, traumatized feline. While it is certainly not easy for anyone to earn his trust, it is possible. Once he trusts someone he will warm up to them a great deal, letting his true colours show. When he trusts someone and feels at ease, Prince is curious and playful like a young cat should be. Towards those he trusts, he is loyal and encouraging and even though he is incapable of defending himself properly, he will refuse to leave their side and will try to help them in any way he can until the very end.

Positive Curious, encouraging, playful
Neutral Shy, wary, loyal
Negative Anxious, distrustful, timid
Likes Sand, warmth, fish
Dislikes Water, coldness, herbs
Fears Loud noises, automobiles, anything potentially dangerous

Prince formed a deep bond with five other felines and stayed with them for quite a while until they were all lost in a horrible tragedy. Now, he cries whenever he thinks about them, and is very reluctant about making new friends as he doesn't want the tragedy to happen again.

"Pa" - NPC - Father - 70%
"P-Pa...?" Prince looks side to side, not quite understanding.

"Ma" - NPC - Mother - 70%
"M-Ma...?" Prince stares blankly, not sure what to do.

Emperor - NPC - Fallen friend - 100%
"H-he was like... T-the leader for us..." Prince starts tearing up, pained.

Iron - NPC - Fallen friend - 100%
"S-she was so k-kind..." Prince looks away, tears streaming down his face.

Maximus - NPC - Fallen friend - 100%
"H-he liked my n-name a lot." Prince shivers, remembering something.

Bastion - NPC - Fallen friend - 100%
"S-she didn't t-trust them... T-the tall-paws... W-we should have l-listened..." Prince sits down, crying.

Fidelis - NPC - Fallen friend - 100%
"...S-she... S-she thought t-the tall-paws were g-good friends... W-we all believed h-her... She m-meant no harm... W-we were all f-friends. G-good friends..." Prince sobs painfully, remembering something tragic.

Sun - Happynyss - Stranger/Acquaintance - 10%
"...N-not an alleycat...? S-she gave me a m-mouse... I-I'm glad about t-that..." Prince seems puzzled by her.

More relationships will be added as Prince meets more cats.

Prince had many horrible things happen in his short life, leaving him traumatized. He currently wanders the alleyways of a small town in England, trying his very best to merely survive.

Backstory contains mentions of death, kitten death, car accidents, explosions, animal kidnapping, starvation, and child abandonment

Click to read backstory

Kittenhood (0-6 moons)

Prince was born in the outskirts of Rome to a stray father and a kittypet mother. He was barely weaned at 3 moons old when both of his parents abandoned him without warning. Prince, who didn't have a name at the time, was left to wander until five other lone kittens found him and they all quickly bonded and travelled together. Just a moon and 2 weeks after Prince's parents suddenly left him, Prince and the five other kittens were captured by twolegs, and taken to London. It was from the twolegs that the kitten got the name Prince.

Adolescence (6-8 moons)

Prince was 6 moons and a week old. Him and the other kittens were suddenly put into the back of a large monster (a moving van), although they weren't caged like they were when they were first captured and were allowed to freely roam around the inside of the large vehicle. Prince and the other kittens were scared, when suddenly, everything shook wildly. The kittens were knocked off balance and the vehicle fell onto its side, causing the furniture within to tumble and snap Prince's tail off. Moments later, everything was on fire for a split second before the vehicle's engine exploded. Prince fell unconscious due to the explosion, but he was the only one who woke up. Before he could take the time to process what had happened, he escaped from the mess of debris and death.

Prince spent the next moon travelling. Nightmares haunted him every night, and sometimes he could've sworn he heard the voices of the other kittens calling to him from afar. Prince was no longer who he used to be— Prince was traumatized from the terrible event. He would never be the same again. Prince eventually ended up in a town and decided to stay there, as he was unable to hunt or defend himself and he was starving. Prince has been wandering through the town's alleys ever since.


Sun - Happynyss - Archive

Prince meets a mysterious she-cat near the edge of town.

[July 12th-21st 2021]
A mysterious she-cat discovers Prince under a staircase and talks to him. One of her questions triggers his PTSD. Prince learns that the she-cat's name is Sun.

[July 22nd-August 6th 2021]
Sun offers to catch a mouse for Prince. Prince accepts the offer. She catches the mouse and gives it to him before leaving. Prince then gets chased away by a rat.

Staticfrisk - Localoof4 why cant i stop making accounts already - in-progress, will not be archived yet.

Prince literally bumps into an unfamiliar tom.

[August 9th-? 2021]
Prince runs right into a cat in an attempt to escape from the rat. More TBA

Message CapriBitsy if you're interested in roleplaying with Prince! The creator highly encourages anyone who is interested in the slightest to request a roleplay with Prince!

Unlike his original counterpart, Prince is not seafood intolerant, which is why his favourite food is fish. However, he is still lactose intolerant, like any other feline.

Prince enjoys dust-bathing, as it cleans his fur without him needing to get wet.

In Prince's town, there is a male twoleg who plays a long golden instrument (a saxophone) from his balcony every evening. Prince occasionally listens to the twoleg's music.

Prince refers to twolegs as "tall-paws" because the stray cats in Rome have a different culture than the feral cats of the forest.

Prince will remain aroace for his entire life.

Prince got his name from the meaning of his original counterpart's name— Aruns is a Roman name that means "prince".

Prince, as well as his original counterpart's birthday (in actuality, creation anniversary) is July 15th! Happy birthday, Prince!

Prince is currently open to private thread roleplay and semi-open to private discord roleplay.

Prince is currently not open to joining any groups.

Message CapriBitsy if you would like to know more about Prince's original counterpart!

The link for a blog post for asking Prince (and the creator's other characters) questions will eventually go here. In the meantime, hold your questions until then!

Fanart of Prince is highly appreciated!

This format, and character, was created by CapriBitsy. It is NOT F2U!