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PineClan .
80% view recommended for iOS ; everything scrolls
founding Jan 30, 2024
founders Fiona, Rachel/Finn
platform Discord
realm Neutral
roleplay–style Traditional
sister–clan RavineClan
location North America

PineClan's territory consists of pine forests and wide stretches of moorland. Their camp rests hidden amongst the evergreens, keeping them protected from the harsh weather throughout the year. PineClan shares borders with RavineClan, and the two Clans meet for gatherings at every full moon. The Clan was founded when Vixenstar, known as 'Mary' in the past, found refuge in RavineClan and began receiving visions from StarClan commanding her to found PineClan.

members 9/30

  • Fiona [ozuray]
  • Rachel/Finn [mr.lizard.]
  • Heisha [moont__th]
  • Rose [.rosevines]
  • Asta [astasodope]
  • Zero [_demonicoverlord_]
  • Taylor [lortay]
  • Wyrm [woodwyrm.]
  • Wisp [wisp_song]

visitors 02/10

  • Luciel [madokapilled]
  • Bear [insanegiraffe]


  • Elfrid [elf6485] harassment
  • Jasmine [jasybomb] discrimination
  • Kurtis [kurtis444] art theft
Pineclan forest banner
regulations .


  • Birth, Gore, Etc. : Birth or extreme gore should not be roleplayed in PineClan. Under certain circumstances, mild gore may be roleplayed provided spoilers and TWs are used. Failing to follow this rule may lead to a ban if warnings are ignored.
  • Power-play : Power-play refers to roleplaying in a way that gives your character an unrealistic amount of power, especially against another roleplayer's OC. Multiple warnings will be given if this rule is broken, but ignoring this rule can lead to a ban.
  • Timeline : Only PineClan's current timeline is to be roleplayed. Past or future events are not to be roleplayed in the server, as they can lead to confusion. Warnings will be given if this rule is broken. Ignoring warnings may lead to a ban.
  • Narration : Much like the books PineClan is based on, roleplay must be done in the third-person. The only exception to this is when a character is speaking or their thoughts are being narrated.


  • Bigotry and prejudice : Any form of bigotry or prejudice is not welcome in PineClan and will result in an immediate ban. Furthermore, saying any slur may lead to a ban, even if it is a slur being reclaimed.
  • Sensitive topics : Sensitive topics should only be discussed in the provided venting channel with spoilers and TWs. Debates should never occur in the server, and attempting to start a debate or purposefully being problematic in the venting channel will warrant warnings and possibly a ban. For example, sensitive topics include, but are not limited to: suicidal ideation, self harm, domestic violence, etc.
  • Spamming and harassing : Spamming and harassing in the server or to users in direct messages is strictly prohibited and will likely lead to an immediate ban. For example, spamming and harassment can look like, but is not limited to: sending an excessive amount of emojis, sending repetitive messages in a short amount of time, unnecessarily commenting on someone's appearance or abilities, etc.
  • Age limit : PineClan follows Discord's TOS, meaning you must be at least 13 to join. If we are to discover anyone in the server is under 13, they will be kicked immediately. We generally recommend joining only if you are between the ages of 16-24 as that is our average age range.
  • Sexual content and remarks : Sexual content is strictly banned, including images or videos that are cropped/blurred, inappropriate audio, or sexual literature. Mild NSFW jokes can be made on occasion, but sexual remarks made directly towards another member may result in an immediate ban.


  • General representation : Representation is important to PineClan. However, serious issues such as mental illness or physical disabilities should be discussed and researched before it is even considered to be roleplayed. It is important we are not reductive towards anyone's struggles. If someone with said mental illness or physical disablity voices that what they are experiencing is being misrepresented or misused in roleplay, they must be listened to.
  • Serious topics : Potentially triggering subjects can and likely will be mentioned in roleplay. This is not done to trivialize these topics, but to create a realistic world and to allow creative writing. We take these topics very seriously and take great measures to make sure they're not used in inappropriate ways. We also hope to spread awareness through our story-telling.
Pineclan forest banner
hierarchy .
leader [closed] Given 9 lives by StarClan themselves, the leader is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the Clan safe and organized. The leader's word is law, and no decision can be passed without the approval of them.
user oc name pronouns moons mate lives pixel
mr.lizard. Vixenstar She/Her 36 moons Coyotestar 9/9
Pc pixel @ vixen3
deputy [closed] The deputy is second in command of the leader, tasked with taking over as leader if anything were to happen to them. Although below the leader, the deputy is highly respected amongst the Clan.
user oc name pronouns moons mate pixel
ozuray Cindertail He/Him 93 moons None
Pc pixel @ cinder2
medicine–cats [closed 3/3] Medicine cats are healers of the Clan as well as the Clan's strongest tie to StarClan. Not only are they well informed about herbs and medical practices, they also look for signs and visions from StarClan.
user oc name pronouns moons mate pixel
ozuray Lichenmist She/Her 27 moons None
Pc pixel @ lichen
astasodope Echoheart She/Her 39 moons None
Rc pixel @ echo
warriors [open] Defenders and hunters of the Clan, warriors make up the bulk of the hierarchy. Most train from a young age to get to this position, and all warriors swear to protect their Clan, even at the cost of their own lives.
user oc name pronouns moons mate pixel
moont__th Porcupinelisp He/Him 50 moons None
Pc pixel @ porcupine
mr.lizard. Blackfire He/Him 64 moons None
Pc pixel @ black
ozuray Cedardust She/Her 21 moons None
Pc pixel @ cedar
astasodope Honeybubble He/Him 17 moons None
Pc pixel @ honey
.rosevines Galeglare She/They 27 moons None
Pc pixel @ gale
background Lostnight He/Him 23 moons None
Pc pixel @ lostnight 2
lortay Myrtlegaze She/Her 60 moons None
Pc pixel @ myrtle
astasodope Dappledsnow She/Her 36 moons None
Pc pixel @ dappled2
_demonicoverlord_ Ravensoar He/Him 33 moons None
Pc pixel @ raven
woodwyrm. Dawnspots He/Him 25 moons None
Pc pixel @ dawn
lortay Palestripe He/Him 36 moons None
Pc pixel @ pale
wisp_song Sunflowerjump He/She 35 moons None
Pc pixel @ sunflowerjump
apprentices [closed 5/5] Apprentices are the trainees of the Clan. They get to choose between being a medicine cat or warrior, and are tasked with completing the chores around camp. All apprentices are assigned one mentor.
user oc name pronouns moons mentor pixel
mr.lizard. Cherrypaw She/Her 9 moons Galeglare
Pc pixel @ cherry
astasodope Asterpaw He/Him 10 moons Cedardust
Pc pixel @ aster
_demonicoverlord_ Falconpaw She/Her 11 moons Blackfire
Pc pixel @ falcon
lortay Whitepaw She/Her 10 moons Lostnight
Pc pixel @ white
wisp_song Treepaw He/Him 8 moons Echoheart
Pc pixel @ tree
kits [open] Youthful and fragile, kits are the future of the Clan and therefore are the most protected. All kits become apprentices at 6 moons old.
user oc name pronouns moons parents pixel
_demonicoverlord_ Maplekit She/Her 2 Sugarleaf x unknown
Pc pixel @ maple
astasodope Birchkit He/Him 2 Sugarleaf x unknown
Pc pixel @ birch
ozuray Twigkit He/Him 2 Sugarleaf x unknown
Pc pixel @ twig
_demonicoverlord_ Specklekit She/Her 4 Orangecreek x unknown
Pc pixel @ speckle
mr.lizard. Flintkit He/Him 4 Orangecreek x unknown
Pc pixel @ flint
queens and kings [open] Queens and kings are those who reside in the nursery and raise kits, with most being mothers or fathers. Although most queens and kings will return to their warrior duties once their kits have become apprentices, some may choose to take on the role of a queen or king permanently.
user oc name pronouns moons mate pixel
mr.lizard. Sugarleaf She/Her 49 moons None
Pc pixel@sugar
wisp_song Orangecreek She/Her 47 moons None
Pc pixel @ orange
elders [open] The eldest are some of the most respected members of the Clan. Although they no longer hunt or fight, elders contribute to the Clan with their wisdom.
user oc name pronouns moons mate pixel
#0000 name pronouns # moons mate pixel

outsiders [open] Beyond the Clan's borders many outsiders can be found. They can range from harmless loners to aggressive rogues. It's best to avoid them all to be safe.
user oc name pronouns moons mate pixel
background Curse He/Him 60 None
Revamped rc pixel@curse
background Leo He/Him 60 None
Revamped rc pixel@leo
background Eryx He/Him 34 None
Revamped rc pixel@eryx
background Dawn She/Her 33 None
Rc pixel @dawn2
spirit–cats [open] Spirit-cats are those who died in the living reality and now exist in the spirit-realm. If one was a Clan cat in life, they will either go to StarClan or The Dark Forest depending on how they lived their life.
user oc name pronouns moons alignment pixel
#0000 name pronouns # moons alignment pixel
Pineclan forest banner
character creation .

PineClan warriors are well adapted to their environment, and so is the prey that shares their territory. The prey in PineClan territory have keen senses, attuned to the fast and quiet predators that hunt them. Because of this, PineClan cats tend to be lean, flexible, and nimble, able to make quick turns to catch up to their prey before they have the chance to hide. In battle, PineClan will strike with a flurry of attacks, not allowing their enemy time to retaliate. They favor open land that allows them to overwhelm their enemy. An ideal PineClan cat has long legs, a lean body, and a weightless coat that doesn't drag against the wind as they run.

prefixes . . limitations


  • Aster


  • Black
  • Birch


  • Cinder
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Curse


  • Dappled
  • Dawn


  • Echo
  • Eryx


  • Falcon
  • Flint


  • Gale


  • Honey


  • prefix


  • prefix


  • prefix


  • Lichen
  • Lost
  • Leo


  • Maple
  • Myrtle


  • prefix


  • Orange


  • Porcupine
  • Pale


  • prefix


  • Raven


  • Speckle
  • Sunflower


  • Twig
  • Tree


  • prefix


  • Vixen


  • White


  • prefix


  • prefix


  • prefix


  • Blind [1/3] Treepaw
  • Deaf [0/3] oc, oc, oc
  • Missing/injured body part [2/4] Cedardust, Dappledsnow
  • Albino [0/2] oc, oc


  • Antagonist [0/3] oc, oc, oc
  • Memory loss [0/3] oc, oc, oc
  • Debilitating mental illness [0/2] oc, oc
  • Prophet [1/2] Vixenstar
  • Outsider [0/5] oc, oc, oc
Pineclan forest banner
applications .
joining [open] visiting [open] leaving
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • discord tag:
  • character name: remember to check the taken prefixes !
  • rank:
  • age, in moons:
  • gender + sexuality:
  • character debriefing:
  • limitations:
  • reference:
  • pixel requests:
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • discord tag:
  • expected time: limit is 2 weeks !
  • reason for visiting:
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • discord tag:
  • character(s) + their leaving: how would you like your character's departure to be referenced in-roleplay?
  • feedback: this is optional

new oc [open] ban appeal
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • character name: remember to check the taken prefixes !
  • rank:
  • age, in moons:
  • gender + sexuality:
  • character debriefing:
  • limitations:
  • reference:
  • pixel requests:
  • oorp name or nickname:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • discord tag:
  • reason for being banned:
  • apology, statement, or explanation:
Pineclan forest banner