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❝We're the hope of the Pack, y'know.
We just... have to keep going.
You can do that for them all, right?❞
Created: [3/12/20]
Creator/Operator: Lilacquil
Toyhouse: Link
Themesong: Don't Stop Me Now (remastered)
Name: Phineas
Previous Name(s): N/A
Nicknames: Phin, Phinny
Joke nicknames: Young Ed Sheeran, Phinnyman, Pheas <3
Residence: Lux
Previous Residence(s): New York
Rank: Alpha
Previous Ranks: Beta, Associate Hunter
Species: Dog
Breed: Irish Setter
Age: 6 Years
Birth Date: April 17th
Birthplace: New York suburbs

Phineas is an excitable dog with a lot of love in his heart for his Pack. He's fiercely loyal to those he aligns with, and he latches his positive attitude on the fact that as long as he has the deities to guide him he'll be fine! Phineas wants to be there for his members and hopes to be on good terms with everyone. His positive nature can be a bit of a spectacle to the more pessimistic members or the Pack because of all he and Lux has gone through. Despite his bright and happy demeanor, Phineas is able to hold his own in tense situations; he has a level head and a (hopefully) stable moral compass. He is very trusting though, which can make him not the best judge of character. This fact has given him a lot of self-doubt, and has a lot of anxiety about how his friends and family are feeling. He also has a tendency to blame himself for bad things, and can get snippy when things don't go his way.
Friendly, hopeful, charismatic
Loyal, energetic, emotional
Anxious, self-deprecating, gullible

Fun facts

  • Phineas was named after a character in the book 'A Separate Peace'
  • His favorite flower is a rose
  • He has 11 siblings!
  • Phineas is bisexual
  • He has a tendency to dance on his paws when he gets excited, a character trait kept consistent since his first use irp
  • His favorite season is spring, though he doesn't enjoy the pollen
  • Phineas's favorite pastime is hunting
  • Phineas's fastest running speed is 30 mph

Phineas has brilliant curly red fur, though his back and chest are dotted with white hairs because of excessive stress. He holds himself in a proud stance, though he is not built for great strength. Because of the harsh environment he's lived in all his life, Phineas is rather scrawny and bony, though you can't tell too well past his thick fur. He has happy dark green eyes, and has a few scars dotting his body.

Breed: Irish setter
Eyes: Olive green
Scars: Heavily scarred
Fur color: Russet
Height: 26 inches
Weight: Appox. 55 pounds

Russel | Former Alpha | 100%

“I don't know what has happened to him, but I miss him greatly. He was where I had put my most hope. Now I must be strong for the entire pack, and I can only hope I'm up for the challenge.” Phineas has a small smile on his face.

Stewie | Good friend | 62%

“I hope he's doing alright.” Phineas misses his old friend.

Zeus | Friend (dead) | 79%

“I had always thought we'd reach Final Home together, as a family. It hurts more than I can say to see him gone.” The Irish setter will never forget Zeus.

Dutch | Former Beta | 0%

“That wolf is a bigger monster than I had ever anticipated.” Phineas looks hopeless.

Onyx | Friend | 80%

“I miss her. I wonder how she is?” Phineas hasn't seen his old friend in a wile.

Alina | Enemy? (dead) | 0%

“I suppose we didn't get along while she was alive, though it fills me with great sorrow to see her go.” Phineas lowers his auburn head respectfully, a sad look in his eye. Perhaps he should have been a better Beta.

Latte | Vague daughter symbol | 50%

“I hope she can forgive me. I'm sorry.” Phineas cant really blame her for hating him. Bailey's death was his fault, after all.

Faye | Seer | 100%

“Faye has become a sort of mother figure to me, I suppose. She makes me feel like a young pup again,” Phineas laughs, wondering if admitting that makes him less manly. Oh, well, he adores her nonetheless.

Rain | Acquaintance | 60%

“Rain's just as feisty as ever. I hope she never changes.” Although it was a pain in the tail to keep her from getting into so many fights, Phineas respects the mother.

Evanna | Sister | 100%

“I care so deeply for my darling sister, I hope she knows that.” Phineas would do most anything for her.

Seirin | estranged acquaintance | 40%

“He always worried me a bit, but he kept me on my toes. I pray that the stars keep him and Rain safe.” Phineas won't miss his temper, but respected him nonetheless.

Pippin | false prophet | 0%

“A slinky little devil, he was. I hope to never see him again.” He doesn't trust the little dog whatsoever.

Sitka | mate/Beta | 100%

“He's always here for me when I need him. My dear Sitka, what would I do without you?” Phineas looks bashful.

Apollo | former friend | 85%

“I respected him greatly. In a way, he reminds me of Dutch, but friendlier.” By Dutch, he means the Beta he had respected and looked up to, not the one who killed his own mate. Was there ever a difference?

Rat | Former Head Scavenger | 59%

“I wish things had been different.” Phineas stares at his paws.

Gou | Acquaintance | 65%

“Gou seems very kind! I always enjoy a good chat with the fellow.” Phineas thinks Gou is a nice guy.

Bailey | Former son figure | 100%

“Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a dad.” Phineas stares at his paws.

Cristo | Packmate | 50%

“A curious fellow, he is. Seems very standoffish, yet oddly entangled in the Pack's drama.” Phineas isn't sure how such a sophisticated guy could get himself into so much drama.

Jazz | Old friend | 100%

“I missed him! I can't believe I get to hang out with Jazz again.” Phineas smiles brightly, tail waggling like a puppy.

Soup | Head hunter | 70%

“He seems like a nice fellow, very talented. Yet a bit timid. I'm curious to see how he handles the head position.” Phineas hopes Soup will come to like him.

Alvaro | Head fighter | 70%

“A strong young dog. I trust him with his new position.” Phineas wags his tail.

Quince | Packmate | 60%

“Quince seems a tad troubled. I hope he knows I don't blame him anymore. If we want to evolve from our past mistakes, we need to forgive and forget.” Phineas hopes to be friends with Quince.

"Of course you do. Murderers and cheats never stray far from the side of lies."

-Phineas, to Thorn after he found out his secret

"I don't think that's how it works. I promised that I'd give my body and my life to keep the pack safe. I cant be the reason for more deaths, not so soon after.... everything."

-Phineas, to Dutch after Thorn's death

"Listen, Dutch. I know I'm not perfect. Far from it. Frankly, I'm a terrible dog. I- I've made so many mistakes. But none of that excuses what I've said to you, because it's not true. What happened with your brother isn't your fault, and I trust your judgement more than anyone else here. I trust it more than my own, at the moment."

-Phineas, to Dutch after Thorn's death

"Bailey was a hero, but he shouldn't have died as one. He... he blessed us with his tireless energy and positive spirit. I only wish I could have taught him more. I pray to the spirits that Bailey watches over us, and will bless the rest of us during our journey to our dream home."

-Phineas, after Bailey's death

"We're the hope of the Pack, y'know. We just... have to keep going. You can do that for them all, right?"

-Phineas, to Dutch

"I miss being full. Really full. Of course, that was rare living on the streets but whenever you were you knew you were on the top, y'know? I wonder if we'll get that feeling again. One day! I'm sure we will! Eventually. Once we get out of this place, Russel says, we'll have open fields and all the food we can eat."

-Phineas, to Onyx

"Zeus was one of the first members of this Pack, alongside me, Shadow, Stewie, and of course, Russel. He and I, we had stuck together as friends, through all this time. Through the good and bad, Zeus has been here to support me and helped to raise this Pack from nothing, back so long ago when we united at that alley. I will never regret us all meeting, I will never regret our union as a Pack. I will, though, forever feel a hole in my heart where the two dogs, Dutch and Zeus, had lived. I encouraged them to become mates, to eventually fall in love, to adopt a lovely daughter. At the loss of such a vibrant life like Zeus, I cannot help but feel a little bit empty. Zeus's memory will carry us onward. His strength, his intelligence, his humor, will live on in this Pack. He symbolized hope to me, just like I hope to spark in you. We're the hope, not one dog, not some distant image in the future, not Polaris. We are what carry us forward in times like this, when it seems like there is nothing but death and pain in our future. I promise to carry you to the end, to Final Home, to salvation. You will not lose me, like we lost Dutch, to the darkness. I dedicate this night, now, to Zeus."

-Phineas, to his pack after Zeus's death

"I cannot hide the pain I feel at the loss of this vibrant young dog. After all she had went through; losing her sister, her mother, and her brothers, and at such a young age. Vela had symbolized to me the light within the dark, the hope where there is none."

-Phineas, after Vela's death

"I'd like to think I could have kept her happy. And Latte. I dunno... We-we just hafta keep going, Sitka."

-Phineas, to Sitka
Character belongs to Lilacquil. Format is also by them and is not f2u
Banner art is by the amazing Dom
Phineas is not open for private roleplay, but feel free to visit Lux any time :)!