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Status Active/alive
Allegiance StreamClan
Rank Warrior
Previous Ranks Kit, apprentice
Sex Female
Age 20 moons

Peonysnow is a slender white and grey lilac-pointed she-cat. She is currently a warrior of StreamClan. She is social, intense, and reliable.


  • Name:
    • Peony [shrubby plant which has long been cultivated for its showy flowers; given due to her florescent and shiny nature], snow [given due to her beautiful white coat]
    • Next Names: Peonystar(?)
    • Former Names: Peonykit, Peonypaw
    • Nicknames: P, Little Flower, Pretty girl, Pen
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Birth Date: December 10th, 2021
    • Zodiac: Sagittarius
    • Birth Season: Leaf-bare
    • Birth Place: StreamClan camp, Estes Park, Colorado
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Date of Creation: December 5th, 2021


Peonysnow carries herself to the second-highest level of elegance, only just below her mother Whitewater - who she believes to be the epitome of femininity and grace. She is nearly a smaller copy of the she-cat with a pure white coat and an elegantly curved nose. They only differ in the way that Peonysnow possesses smoky gray markings on her tail, paws, and face.

  • Voice Claim: Padme Amidala
  • Height: 9.3 inches
  • Breed: Moggy, although she is thought to be partially balinese

Clan Standings

Peonysnow is a well-known character within her clan, her lineage being quite famous on both sides. While her mother, Whitewater, was not born of StreamClan she is well renowned for her beauty and caring of the kits in the nursery. Her father, Covemask, was never present in her life after having left the clan during Whitewater's pregnancy. Although Covemask was a particularly famous tom, being of ancient StreamClan heritage and being the former mate of Spiderstar's predecessor Aspenstar. Peonysnow, though, has little care for her heritage and thinks of herself more as an individual, because of this she's built herself the reputation of being StreamClan's "sweetheart". She is known for her beauty, elegance, and outstanding charm, Peonysnow is rather eye-catching, and thus made herself known for her appearance as well as her marvelous hunting skills.

  • Education
    • Mentored by: Witheredfrost
    • Apprentice: None


  • Positive traits:
    • [+] Gentle, Bright, Reliable, Charismatic
  • Neutral traits:
    • [=] Protective, Direct, Sociable
  • Negative traits:
    • [-] Bad temper, Rebellious, Intense, Unrealistic

Peonysnow always seems to have an impact on her immediate surroundings – the best way to find her if you don’t know where she’s gone is to look for the whirling eddy of people flitting about her as she moves from group to group. Laughing and entertaining with a blunt and earthy humor, Peonysnow absolutely loves to be the center of attention. She hates the ‘baby of the family’ role that has been placed on her by her brothers, and often pushes that boundary if possible, which sometimes becomes reckless and scary for others. Despite her loud personality, Peonysnow can actually be quite gentle and often takes a very maternal side to her. She makes friends with nearly everyone, which is probably the only reason any of her very introverted brothers actually know anyone. While Piketooth is the self-proclaimed leader between the four, Peonysnow is the one who takes hold of situations and becomes ringleaders when the four are faced with mingling in public. Despite her enthusiastic and friendly attitude that makes so many like her, Peony also has a temper and is unafraid to be blunt or shout no at you if you get on her nerves. Otherwise, however, Peony is a very bright molly and is very loving and affectionate with everyone, being seen as a perfect pupil by most and envied for her popularity by others.


Kithood (0-6 moons):

  • - Peonykit is born! Huzzah
  • - Peonykit is very close with her brothers, Pikekit in particular. They spend a lot of time together
  • - At the time of her birth, there were two other litters born to two other nursery queens, Peonykit and the other children become acquainted by their shared den
  • - Aside from herself and her brothers, the other children are: Mantiskit, Applekit, Briarkit, Timberkit, Webkit, all born to Spiderstar and Cardinalflame. There is also Tansykit, Skykit, Mellowkit, Twigkit, all born to Smokepath and Adderstorm. Peonykit and her brothers have created lifelong friendships already.
  • - During a game of cat and mouse, Tansykit and Peonykit get into a skirmish, the two from there on decide they despise one another.
  • - Peonykit takes a liking to Webkit and Briarkit, sisters from Spiderstar's litter.
  • - Tansykit continues to pick on Peonykit, Tansykit is a bit of a bully.
  • - Tansykit picks a fight with Peonykit, Peonykit ends up losing a bit of fur and Tansykit gets a wounded paw.
  • - At the age of 4 moons old, a ghost finds it way to the nursery, luring all the kits from the nursery during a blizzard. They are all stranded in different parts of the territory.
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Apprenticehood (6-12 moons):

  • When she became Peonypaw, assigned to the newer warrior Witheredfrost, she couldn't have been more excited. The pair worked well together, he seemed to understand the way her skills were presented. Instead of forcing her to be good at what she wasn't, he helped her excel at what she was good at. Peonypaw didn't exactly enjoy fighting, having a softer heart than most, but she was willing to learn. She learned how to overtake larger opponents in a fight and his her build as an advantage. A lithe and slim feline like she wasn't naturally propelled on the battlefield, so she had to learn to use it to climb ahead instead of hold her back. Hunting was where Peonypaw truly made her mark, becoming one of the most successful hunters in the clan. Her hunting techniques include, tracking, stalking, and short term bursts of speed. Witheredfrost was very proud when she was finally promoted as a warrior.

Warriorhood (12 moons-Present):

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  • Relationship status: Single
    • Mate: N/A
    • Ex-mates: N/A
    • Offspring: N/A
  • Current Fling: Twigpaw
    • Former Fling: N/A
  • Candy-Eye:

Peonysnow doesn't exactly care what someone looks like, although she does like interesting fur colors. If she had to pick, though, she would prefer someone with a tom with a strong build and enchanting eyes. For she-cats, Peonysnow finds sharp faces rather appealing, and a dazzling pair of eyes is always nice.

    • Mentally:

Anyone who can keep up with Peonysnow's brilliant mind is someone she'd like to keep around. She is a bit of a rambler and likes someone who will interrupt her never ending speeches with one of their own. This molly is something of an intellectual, prefers cats who strike up conversation rather than play hard-to-get. Although Peonysnow has no problem approaching someone, either.

    • Love Language: Touch
  • Attracted to: Mantisfang, Twigpaw
    • Formerly Attracted to: Mantisfang, Bluegill
    • Cats attracted to Peonysnow: Twigpaw, Tansybriar,
    • Cats formerly attracted to Peonysnow: N/A
  • Ships: PeonyXMantis


Key: ✓ (yes), ྾ (no), ? (unsure), ❦ (maybe), ❧ (leaning to no)
( ✓ ) Long-lasting Relationship
( ✓ ) Short-term Relationship
( ❦ ) Open Relationship
(✓) Quick Fling
(྾) Kits (out of a fling)
(✓ ) Kits (out of a stable, long-lasting relationship)

Peonysnow in Love

Peonysnow, like her mother, has a big heart. She cares a lot about everyone around her and chooses to see the best in everyone. She did not grow up with a father, and that has left a bit of a stain on her. While she doesn't recognize it, Peonysnow seeks to fill the void that Covemask left behind when he abandoned them. That being said, she falls easy and she falls fast. It takes a single conversation with someone for Peonysnow to see them in a different light than before, forcing her to seek them out again in the future. Her flirtatious nature and natural beauty does draw in attraction from nearly all sides of the spectrum, and Peonysnow is often said to have a line of suitors at her doorstep. But it takes a special someone to tie down this especially social butterfly, and once they have, she will never leave their side. Peonysnow is a caring lover, if she were to find a mate in the future she would shower them with affection and small gifts.



  • - Peonysnow is the only one of her siblings to actually look like their mother.
  • - Peonysnow stems from a long line of white she-cats
  • - Whitewater and Peonysnow are based off of Dutchess and Marie from the movie Aristocats!



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