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o w l t u f t

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Owlright"Crawling back to you,"Owlleft
s k ö p u n

c r e a t i o n

  • creator: atticus
    • creation date: december 27,2020
  • roleplay status: active, open for roleplay!
  • roleplay location: discord
  • beliefs: Dao and Lei
    • patron: Dao
  • theme-song[s]: love, death, distraction- EDEN
    • theme-lyric[s]:
      • “And please don't go Drifter~”

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s j á l f s m y n d

i d e n t i t y

  • name: Owltuft
    • former names: Oakkit; Owlkit; Owlpaw
    • prefix - a nocturnal bird of prey with large forward-facing eyes surrounded by facial disks, a hooked beak, and typically a loud call.
      • [given to her by her dark unique fur and as irony for her lacking of eyesight]
    • suffix - a bunch or collection of threads, grass, hair, etc., held or growing together at the base.
      • [given to represent the tufts upon her ear tips.]
  • nickname[s]: Owl
    • disliked nickname[s]: Owlie, Grumpy boo
    • former nickname[s]: Squeaky
    • joke nickname[s]: -
a e s k u

b i r t h

  • age: 35 moons
  • birthdate: april 1st
    • birthstone: diamond
    • birthplace: orleanderclan
    • birth season: spring
  • zodiac sign
    • sun: aries
    • moon: aquarius
    • ascending: saggitarius
    • m.c: libra
  • element: earth

Owlright"Ever thought of callin' when,"Owlleft
h e i m a l a n d i

h o m e s t e a d

  • residence: Sunlessclan
    • “Family. That's all I got.”
  • rank: Nutritionist
    • "What else was I supposed to do?"
  • former residence[s]: Orleanderclan
  • former rank[s]: kit, apprentice, rogue
  • apprentice: -
  • former mentor[s]: Hazelmilk, Clyde
  • former apprentice[s]: Otterpaw
l a g a l i s t a

p l a y l i s t s

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main songs:

  • love, death, distraction - EDEN
  • the wisp sings - winter aid
  • where's my love - SYML
  • berlin - RY X
  • you're somebody else - flora cash
  • buy the stars - marina and the diamonds
  • do i wanna know - arctic monkeys
b l ó ð l í n a

b l o o d l i n e

  • mate: -
  • former mates: Thimbleberrybloom
    • "I love and miss you more than you'll ever come to know, Mossbrain"
  • adoptive mother: Wrensong
    • I'll never forget you, mom. Thank you."
  • adoptive father: -
  • biological mother: unknown
  • biological father: unknown
  • adoptive sister[s]: -
  • adoptive brother[s]: Blazinggaze
    • "He's chaotic, but its nice having an optimist in the family."
  • biological sister[s]: Grimwaters, Mouseear, Milkyway
    • "You've all changed so much.. I miss you guys."
  • biological brother[s]: Xerusfall
    • "Absolute idiot, but I love you."
  • biological son[s]: -
  • biological daughter[s]: -
  • adopted son[s]: -
  • adopted daughter[s]: Sheeppaw

Owlright"You've had a few?"Owlleft
l í k a m s b y g g i n g

p h y s i q u e

  • gender: female
    • pronouns: she/her
  • weight: 9.1 lbs
  • height: 11'3 in.
  • length: 18 in. (with tail)
  • breed: unknown mix
  • scent: black pine, eucalyptus
  • gait: large, intimidating
  • disfigurements: docked tail, born blind
  • voice: michelle rodriguez
    • dialect: common
Pixil-frame-0 (1)

t ö l f r a e ð i

s t a t s


  • offense:
    • ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • defensive:
    • ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • agility:
    • ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
  • hunting:
    • ★★★★★★★★★☆
  • speed:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • climbing:
    • ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • swimming:
    • ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • aim:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • balance:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • senses:
    • ★★★★★★★★☆☆
  • agility:
    • ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • stealth:
    • ★★★★★★★★★☆
  • awareness:
    • ★★★★★★★★★☆
  • endurance:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆



  • mental stability:
    • ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • herbal knowledge:
    • ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • empathy:
    • ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • sympathy:
    • ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
  • intelligence:
    • ★★★★★★★★★★
  • patience:
    • ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • temperament:
    • ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
s a m a n t e k t

s u m m a r y

  • Owltuft is a massive, broad and carob/umber lynx-point shecat. While her genealogy is unknown, it is commonly agreed upon that Owltuft exhibits traits of American Bobtails. These traits include her bulky, muscular, and well-toned physique that hides beneath her scruffy pelt. Other traits exhibited include her down-turned, round, and cataract-blocked blue eyes that sit deep on her face. Owltuft was born as what's considered a “rumpy”, meaning instead of the standard 2-4 inch tail length, she has under an inch.
  • While Owltuft is broad in build, she’s well-toned and athletic as every well-toned nutritionist should be. Owltuft’s back legs are on the longer side, like most American Bobtails, or those with the genes of one. This has allowed her to succeed properly in the hunt, as she has the advantage of speed on her side. Unfortunately for her, her biggest downfall and hindrance is her lacking of sight. Owltuft was born seeing, but developed cataracts not long after birth. This has given Owltuft the disability for her entire life. Besides agility, Owltuft does not let her disability define her. She’s more than capable to succeed in a hunt, as she uses other methods like her heightened sensitivity, sense of smell, and auditory processing.
  • Owltuft’s coat is beige, and it fades into a softer off-white as it extends down to her inner-limbs and belly from her chest. Herhead, majority of flank, and shortened tail are a dark umber in color. Down her spine Owltuft exhibits a dorsal stripe that extends from between her ears, all the way down to her tail’s tip. Long, stocky limbs portray minor tabby markings from about the elbows/kneecaps down to her dark umber mitts. Owltuft’s blind eyes are an iced blue in color; one can assume they would have been bright in shade if not for the clouded appearance. It can be noted that Owltuft exhibits quite the array of scarring due to mainly her apprenticeship; a long 6 moons she spent through trial and error as she discovered her own unique techniques when it comes to tracking, hunting, and surviving. Along with the same scars of any seasoned warrior, nutritionist, etc; Owltuft portrays a missing right ear, and a very tattered left. Her left flank exhibits a large jagged scar that runs from her left shoulder down to the hind quarter. Her right exhibits 3 big, claw-like markings on the shoulder from running into one angry badger.
  • Growing up blind, Owltuft has had to adjust to a clouded and dim world; because of this, she’s adjusted to the life of a nutritionist differently than most. Owltuft is extremely sensitive to the world around her, especially through olfaction, auditory processing, and physical sensitivity. Due to her cataracts, Owltuft has a preference for hunting at dawn and dusk, where lighting is minimal and she doesn’t have to worry about the light she can see getting in the way of her other senses.

Owlright"Cause I always do,"Owlleft
g a l l e r í

g a l l e r y

Owlright"Maybe I'm too busy,"Owlleft
p e r s ó n u l e i k i

p e r s o n a l i t y

  • positive: Intelligent, loyal, protective
  • neutral: Reserved, sarcastic, driven, opinionated
  • negative: Short-tempered, silver tongued ,easily aggravated


  • Few know the true Owltuft, but at the very least those find out she’s intelligent, protective, and loyal beyond her years. Owltuft is very protective towards those she cares for, so much so that it can be said that Owltuft would gladly put herself in front of danger for the lives of her clanmates. Those who get to know Owltuft can attest and account for her subtle sense of humor and willingness to try new things for the sake of her friends
  • Owltuft’s soldier-type nature and short temper often lead to her coming off as unapproachable, when that is well... not always the case. Oftentimes, those who come to her count on her courtesy when first approaching Owltuft are met with difficult times and hardship; when really she’s focused on other matters like her next hunt, training session, or her self-guided tours around the territory. Due to her disability, Owltuft spends the majority of her freetime going over routines, movements, and places around Sunlessclan in an effort to strengthen her other senses. She tends to remain reserved, but will heartedly hold a conversation if given the respect she thinks she deserves. Those who manage to gain Owltuft’s respect gain a comrade for lifetimes to come.
  • Owltuft is aware of how often she’s looked down on or misled to be due to her permanent disability. Unfortunately, this has fuelled an unending pattern of trying to push herself to the limit on a regular basis in order to prove she’s worth the time. Owltuft has no time for nonsense, and easily gets aggravated by what she thinks is a time waster, or plain stupidity. She’s not afraid to put someone in their place when it’s warranted. Despite wanting to do more with her life, Owltuft tends to lean into solitude. She likes to listen from a distance, or keep herself around the edge of camp to not disturb the peace.
f ó b í u r

p h o b i a s

  • athazagoraphobia: fear of being forgotten
  • atychiphobia: fear of failure
  • badgers
ó s k i r

p r e f e r e n c e s


  • winter
  • snow
  • thunder
  • sparring
  • alone time
  • rabbit


  • summer
  • high heat
  • bees
  • crowded areas
  • mice
  • medicine/herbs

"Owlright"Bein' yours"Owlleft
r ó m a n t í s k

r o m a n t i c


♚ = yes | ♛ = no | ♜ = unsure

♝ = maybe | ♞ = leaning to no

  • long-lasting relationship:
  • short-term relationship:
  • open relationship:
  • quick fling:
  • kits [out of a fling]:
  • kits [out of a stable, long-lasting relationship]:
l í f i ð

l i f e

  • mentor[s]: Hazelmilk, Clyde
    • "You never did get mad at me, just accepted me for who I was, Hazelmilk... Clyde, well, you were ah- not as loving."
  • apprentice[s]: Otterpaw
    • "You were a good apprentice, Otterpaw. You deserved better"
  • family figure[s]: Wrensong
    • "My mom."
  • adventure buddy[s]: Nymphstar of ZephyrHollow
    • Best goddamn friend a foxheart like me could ask for."
  • crush[es]: -
  • mate[s]: -
  • ex-crush[es]: Honeyheart
    • "I don't know why, but you were once more than a friend in my mind."
  • ex-mate[s]: ThimbleberryBloom
    • Always makin' me smile-heh... I will see you again, ThimbleberryBloom"
  • ex-friend[s]: -
  • enemy[s]: -
p l a t ó n s k t

p l a t o n i c


♚ = yes | ♛ = no | ♜ = unsure

♝ = maybe | ♞ = leaning to no

  • adventure buddy:
  • wise mentor:
  • sibling/child figure:
  • parental figure:
  • acquaintance:

"Owlright"To fall for somebody new,"Owlleft
k ú l u r

b u l l e t s

  • attracted: Bulletpink
    • crush: BulletpinkBulletpink
    • love: BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink
  • trust: Bulletred
    • envy: BulletredBulletred
    • regret: BulletredBulletredBulletred
  • like: Bulletorange
    • respect: BulletorangeBulletorange
    • idolize: BulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorange
  • curious: Bulletyellow
    • intrigued: BulletyellowBulletyellow
    • interested: BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow
  • shy: Yellowgreenbullet
    • nervous: YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet
    • uncomfortable: YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet
  • acquaintance: Bulletgreen
    • friend: BulletgreenBulletgreen
    • close friend: BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen
  • unease: Turquoisebullet
    • disgust: TurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet
    • aversion: TurquoisebulletTurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet
  • misses: Bulletblue
    • longs for: BulletblueBulletblue
    • can't bear without: BulletblueBulletblueBulletblue
  • distant family: Bulletpurple
    • close relative: BulletpurpleBulletpurple
    • family: BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple
  • wary: Bulletwhite
    • suspicious: BulletwhiteBulletwhite
    • distrusts: BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite
  • annoyed: Bulletblack
    • dislikes: BulletblackBulletblack
    • hates: BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack
  • offspring: Rose
    • mate: Heart-1
    • fling/ex-mate: Roseblack
  • status unknown: Question-0
  • dead: Dead-0

"Owlright"Now I've thought it through,"Owlleft
f j ö l s k y l d a

f a m i l y

format: character | #tag | rank | relation | clan | bullets “thoughts”

  • name | #0000 | rank | relation | clan | Bullets
    • “quote.”
a e t t

c l a n

format: character | #tag | rank | relation | bullets “thoughts”

a n n a ð

o t h e r

format: character | #tag | rank | relation | bullets “thoughts”



  • Thorn | #1096 | elite warrior | acquaintance
    • BulletorangeBulletorange
    • “I can appreciate your openness. Thank you for the conversation.”
  • Thorn | #1096 | elite warrior | acquaintance


  • Sora | #0000 | acquaintance
    • BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueDead-0
    • “Damn, Sora, you were really annoying, you know?”
  • Clyde | #0000 | mentor
    • BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueBulletblueBulletblueDead-0
    • “I-I failed you, Clyde.. I failed all of you.”
  • Azalea | #0000 | acquaintance
    • BulletredBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueDead-0
    • “You were amazing, that's all I got.”

Owlright"Crawling back to you,"Owlleft
l o s t a

l u s t

“Where are you?”

  • sexuality: Homosexual
  • fertility: 89%
  • physical interests: smaller shecats who Owltuft can care for.
    • Being blind, Owltuft doesn't give much attention towards physical attraction rather personality, though Owltuft wants to be the larger molly; the protector, to put it simply.
  • physical disinterests: hairless felines, larger than herself.
    • She needs a fluffy cuddle buddy her size or smaller.
á s t

l o v e

  • relationship status: Single
  • relationship role: dominant
  • love language: touch
s a m s k i p t i

r e l a t i o n s

  • current mate: -
    • former mate[s]: ThimbleberryBloom
    • former crush[es]: Honeyheart
  • mental interests: Gentle nature with a feisty attitude.
    • Personality is what matters to Owltuft. She wants someone easy to talk to; and pushes her boundaries. Being so closed off, Owltuft needs patience in a relationship.
  • mental disinterests: Lack of stubbornness
    • Owl doesn't need someone who doesn’t try to get through to her/bond with her. She has a tough shell that needs to be broken.

Owlright"So you have the guts?"Owlleft
a e s k u

y o u t h

kithood: 0-6 moons

Along with her 3 sisters and her brother, Owlkit was born to a military-style clan unlike most. This clan was ruthless and ran closely to Sparta in ancient history. Not long after the kits began to walk, the clan was destroyed-obliviated-by a pack of wild dogs that struck in the night. A week or so went by with just her, her siblings, and her Mother before tragedy struck. Their mother had left her kits on the borders of Hiraethclan where a shecat by the name of Beansprout happened to stumble across them in a solo hunting mission. The kits were swiftly taken to the camp where they were given food, shelter and warmth through the love and support of a permanent queen who was more than thrilled to take them in as her own. During her time with that clan, Owlkit and her siblings were reintroduced to an apprentice from their own pack: Poisonpaw. Adopted by a queen named Wrensong, the five kits were raised in the sanctuary of Hiraethclan. While Xeruskit, Mousekit, and Milkykit had quickly learned to trust Wrensong, Beansprout, and the rest of Hiraethclan, Grimkit and Owlkit took a different route. For a long time, Owlkit resented Wrensong, along with Grimkit, because they believed that their mother was out there. Owlkit and Grimkit wanted the truth. They wanted to know who they were; and they just wanted who they used to call mom. The two sisters often found themselves occupying a different nest than their other siblings and Wrensong. They chose to remain in solitude upon the opposing side of the nursery, most of the time. It wasn't until Xeruskit's accident, that Owlkit began to trust in Wrensong. Xeruskit, who had grown close to Wrensong, had attempted to follow her into the woods, but got lost in the midst of the Caiman Swamp that occupied Hiraethclan borders. After an interaction with a caiman, Xeruskit had lost his leg as result. After healed by Cordyline and Poisonpaw, Wrensong swore her life to the protection of the five, she nursed Xeruskit back to full strength just in time for the apprentice ceremony. While Owlkit had grown to adore Wrensong for all her affection and the protection, Grimkit grew apart. She came to resent Wrensong, and in turn her siblings for trusting Wrensong after the accident.

f y r i r g e f n i n g a r

a d o l s c e n c e

Part 1, apprenticeship: 6-11 moons

Training had begun, and with the training came Owlpaw's will to improve and pull above the rest. While the other apprentices snoozed at night, Owlpaw was out in the forest. Most nights, it was just Owlpaw, the forest, and the dark skies. She trained tirelessly, day and night to not only improve her form, but her speed, her agility and her strength. With Hazelmilk, she learnt the needs of a warrior, then at night she worked to perfect them. Lunge, swipe, roll, lunge, swipe, roll. That pattern had soon engraved itself into her head, along with the countless other sequences she forced herself to perfect night after night. Owlpaw, at this point in her life, had completely separated herself from the clan- besides in training sessions. Her siblings, though acknowledging the change in Owlpaw, avoided her. While Owlpaw had been improving radically physically, her mental health began to decrease. Owlpaw became distrustful, and she pushed herself away from her family and her friends. Then, everything seemed to change with the arrival of Honeypaw. The young apprentice often found herself in the presence of Honeypaw, unintensionally. Honeypaw seemed to be everywhere Owlpaw was. Honeypaw often forced Owlpaw out of her comfort zone. Not only with her friendship, but with her care. Owlpaw was dragged everywhere by Honeypaw, all around Hiraethclan lands... but things changed for Owlpaw once more after her last fight with Grimpaw. Grimpaw, of course, was still bitter about Xeruspaw's accident, but Owlpaw had enough of Grimpaw's attitude. The two faught for quite a while, going back and forth about their brother, Wrensong, and how Grimpaw felt Owlpaw had betrayed her... That was Owlpaw's last undoing. That night, Owlpaw left Hiraethclan; for good.

Owlright"Been wonderin' if your heart's still open"Owlleft
f y r i r g e f n i n g a r

a d o l s c e n c e

Part 2, rogue: 11-20 moons

Owlpaw spent a solid moon-moon and a half with herself and herself only. She'd eaten, well, nothing due to the area she had discovered. Being alone, Owlpaw had time to reflect on herself. She was still young, but she'd come to understand her grave mistake in leaving Hiraethclan. The apprentice thought often of her old friends, and her family. She thought about how she shouldn't have fought her sister so roughly, and how she deserted them there. As time passed on, so did the weather. The fall brought the winter, and with winter came the snow and storms. As conditions worsened, so did hunting. Owlpaw found herself lucky if she caught even a mouse in these conditions. But soon enough, the cold got the best of Owlpaw... she blacked out there, in the deep snow.

Days passed until Owlpaw awoke... but she wasn't where she once was. Owlpaw had awoken to a war bed of moss with two lilac ragdolls above her. Once she had food and water, the two introduced themselves as Sora and Azalea. Azalea seemed to be taller than her brother, and held herself softly. Sora, on the other hand, could only be remembered as a short spitfire with an adorance for Owlpaw's attitude. Later that evening, came the presence of a daunting auburn maine coon by the name of Clyde who had tufts of fur on his ears, much like Owlpaw. Unlike the twins, Clyde was everything but cuddly and welcoming; he was tough; lowkey scary too. Most days involved Owlpaw with the twins, while Clyde prowled around in the distance. He didn't usually make an effort to talk to Owlpaw, but he intrigued her. It wasn't until that spring, that Clyde began to talk with Owlpaw. He was.. scary, to put it simply. The massive maine coon was just as scary as Albatrossstar was when she was in a mood... but Clyde was.. always this way.

Eventually, Owlpaw's curiosity grew. She began stalking Clyde, while he went upon his day, silently following him to see where he went. When he confronted her about it, Owlpaw was- stricken. How long had he known she was there?.. it still is a mystery to her this day. Owlpaw began to question the grumpy rogue, pester him about what he did during the day. She pestered him about how he hunted, and his skills in combat; she observed his tracking and his climbing capabilities. Finally, she asked; Owlpaw wanted to finish her training, and was determined to be taught by Clyde and Clyde alone. After what felt like moons upon moons of begging (more like one moon), Owlpaw finally broke through to Clyde. He was to train her, but not unless she worked for it. Clyde pushed Owlpaw farther than she'd ever been forced before. She was a hard worker, but even for her standards, Clyde was absolutely insane. With the Azalea and Sora in tow as cheerleaders (and reason between Owlpaw and Clyde's bickering), Owlpaw often trained all day, then that night to follow; crash for a few hours, eat, then repeat. Fast forward to the present, and the same techniques that Clyde taught her are still present in her fighting and hunting techs.

f u l l o r ð i n s á r

e a r l y a d u l t h o o d

early warriorhood: 20-29 moons


Owl was almost two by now. Though she now plainly went by Owl, she had the skills of a well seasoned warrior. Owl had learnt how to 'see' with her other senses. She learnt how to hone in audibly and how to sense things using the vibrations against the ground. Everything seemed, well, great really. That is, until a storm rolled in one summers evening. Storm clouds rolled in, and the showers of summer-warmed rain pelted down from above. Thunder echoed and lightening slashed in the outrage of the sky above. As Azalea, Clyde, Sora, and Owl hid in their cave, they watched as the weather worsened. Wind howled and the cracking, snapping sound of tree branches breaking slashed through Owl's sensitive ears. To make matters worse, a lonesome badger had made its appearance in the clearing that the four had turned into their homestead.

Bloodshed, death, and chaos is all that Owl remembered from that fateful night. She remembers the screams of the twins, followed by the crushing of bones and cut out voices. She remembers the battle cry of Clyde as he ran to avenge the two young ragdolls, and Owl being too scared and confused to help. She remembers the scent of fresh bloodshed, from Clyde, as the Badger's jaws ripped out his throat, the gargling, followed by silence. Owl remembers running from the scene, leaving the badger, and her family behind.

Not long after the incident, maybe a moon and a half later, Owl had stumbled across Zephyr Hollow lands. In agreement with the clan, Owltuft took back a warrior name (Which she chose herself in memory), and reclaimed her life. Owltuft often ponders about the past to this day, but she's trying her best to move on.

Owlright"And if so what time it shuts?"Owlleft
m a r k m i ð

g o a l s

  • make friends:
  • explore more:
  • make an impact on someone's life:
  • become deputy: incomplete
  • find a mate:
  • avenge Clyde, Sora and Azalea: incomplete
s t a ð r e y n d i r

f a c t s

  • fact #1: Her Name
    • Owltuft's birthname was Oakkit, but after they discovered she was blind, her mother was distraught. In anguish, Owlkit became her new and permanent name as irony.
  • fact #2: Tracking
    • For someone who can't see what so ever (not even light, dark, simple shapes, etc.), Owltuft is what could be known as an expert in tracking. She's learned to hone in her other senses and has mastered them to the point where when driven, she's an unstoppable force.

Owlright"Simmer down and pucker up,"Owlleft
f r é t t i r

n e w s

1 . 16 . 21

  • Owltuft and Thimbleberrybloom have become mates! <3
t i l v i t n a n i r

q u o t e s

  • quote
    • reasoning


  • "I know, I deserve it. Go ahead, get it out of your system."
    • -Owltuft to her sister, Milkyway, after they're first encounter after over a full rotation

"Owlright"I'm sorry to interrupt but I'm tryin'.."Owlleft
s p u r n i n g a r

q u e s t i o n s

To Owltuft:

  • Xerus:
    • "i miss you sister, is there any way for you to come back? this was your home... and you just left us like that?"
      • “I- I can't.. Hiraethclan is your home, always has been, but not mine. I-I'm happy though, you know? I miss you guys endlessly; especially you, Xexe. But ZephyrHollow doesn't know me or my past, and this is where I feel at home. I love you, Xexe, I hope.. I hope you can forgive me.”
  • Milky:
    • "Why did you have to go I thought we would all stick together but if it was for the best I accept that... just know if you come back we will all welcome you with open paws and maybe we can see each other again some time... I just really miss your grumpy face.. love the best little sister, Milky"
      • "Are you tryna make me cry, dammit? Im sorry I left.. I miss you too, Milky.. Please forgive me. I'll um- I'll see you at the gatherings, I love you Milly"
  • Nymphstar:
    • "Superb character."
      • "... Nymph that's not a question- but sure."
  • Bug:
    • "What do you think of Goblinpaw?"
      • "Why the hell do you eat rocks... you're a cat, Goblinpaw. You're pretty decent otherwise though... I guess."
s p u r n i n g a r

q u e s t i o n s

To Atticus:

  • @Quiet Melody:
    • "What does Owltuft think of Slowdance? And will they ever actually dance together?"
      • There's a possibility! Owltuft is still figuring out her emotions. So far, Owltuft sees Slowdance as nothing more but a friend, but enjoys Slowdance's uniqueness and her company a lot! -atti-1.15.21
  • @LilolChuu:
    • "Owl's thoughts on Thimbleberrypaw? . ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
      • Owltuft often wishes that Thimbleberrybloom liked her the way she liked Thimble. -atti-1.19.21

To ask Owltuft a question, please put @Owltuft in the comments! To ask Atticus a question about Owltuft/her relations, please put @icarusandthesun in the comments with your queston!

"Owlright"To kiss you~"Owlleft

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